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Kingdom Hearts Pack Shot

Kingdom Hearts

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Quick Leveling in Destiny Islands cheat for Kingdom Hearts

Quick Leveling in Destiny Islands

Okay, so normally you would select the sword to keep and the staff to give up, and the first option of all the questions. This enables extreme strength and quick leveling throughout the game.

The V.S. Characters on destiny islands, Selphie, Wakka, Tidus, and day 1 Riku all give you experience points. However, you can use some of their attacks against them. Selphie gets you the most exp.

Selphie: 3 main attacks. Her movements and speech tell you exactly what shes about to do. Throughout the battle with her, keep LOCK ON and try NOT TO HIT HER. You want to deflect 2 of her attacks and run away from 1.
-"Are you ready?"= She's going to swing the rope in circles above her head. As soon as she says this, run a little ways away and wait for her to come to you. When she gets really close, attack Once. She will spin in circles, but takes no damage.
-Jumps back and away from you= shes going to crouch, and then jump at you. You can run away from this easily, but you should just attack when shes right in your face. Try not to hit her, but her rope. It will hit her in the head and inflict 1 damage to her. You get 2 xp each time she does this, and she will do it repeatedly. If you actually hit her after a while though, the battle is over.
-Runs toward you without attacking- this is the only one you want to run away from. Its hard to block, even with LOCK ON. She would circle you and hit you in the back, and sora can rarely counter this.

Wakka: 3 main attacks. The blitz ball is his only weapon, but you can easily deflect it. As with selphie, you want to deflect 2 and run from 1. At the very beginning of the battle, don't move at all! Just LOCK ON.
-"Ha!"= hes going to use his normal attack. It takes a while to get used to deflecting it, but it's not too hard. When he throws the blitzball, attack when it's a little past halfway to you. You will deflect it, and it should hit him in the head and stun him.
-He will keep throwing blitzballs at you after hes stunned, so don't move, just keep hitting them back. He will only throw three. When hes cornered, run to the back wall and he will come towards you. You can also run up to him and hit him three times, but try hitting him more than 3 times and he will punch you in the stomach. Avoid that. I suggest just deflecting the balls he throws for more xp points.
-Rolls his shoulder, "TAKE THIS!!!"= he's going to try and hit you with a massive attack. You can deflect it, but it's not as easy as the regular attack. If you get hit by this 3 times, the battle is over. You get 2 xp for deflecting this, and 2 if it hits him.

Tidus: 3 main attacks. He Likes to close range combat, which, right now, is all sora can do. Deflecting any of his attacks is near useless, and fairly pointless. So just slash away and try not to get hit. However, he will occasionally groan and lean on his sword thing, and you can hit him with about 2 combos here.
-Deflect= if he deflects your attack, he will flip backwards and then forwards hitting you hard.
-all else= it's just like battling another sora. Be careful.

FinFan Trio: don't know what else to call it. After defeating tidus, selphie and wakka, in no particular order, at least once, you can talk to tidus, and you have 2 battle options. 3-on-1 or 1-on-1. Oh my god this kid is so full of himself.
-they don't have any team attacks, but I guess their strength is that selphie usually circles you while wakka is using his mega attack. I normally go for selphie first, not bothering to get extra xp from her, then tidus, luring your battle with him away from wakka, then battle wakka. Hit all the balls back at him and you win 10xp and a potion.

Riku: 3 4 main attacks. He doesnt attack much, but rather counter-attacks. I don't suggest battling him until you've managed to defeat the trio twice and tidus 1-on-1 three times. This is just to get used to someone who's used to close combat and someone who jumps around. You can only battle him on day 1, because day 2 is racing him for pretty stones that are worth 5 munny each... Or just to settle the rivals' record...
-"What are you afraid of?" Hit him 2 times then jump backwards/sideways when he says "MY turn!" (You can then attack him from the side) You don't want to lose too much hp right now. Attack him until he falls backward, then get the heck out of the way!
-If hes on his back on the ground, he's using a counter attack. You do not want to get hit by this AT ALL! Jump to the side, or start up a tree, or just jump right before he moves. Even though you can still attack him when he's like that, it's a bit of a death wish.
-"You still don't got it." Riku's really just being a jerk right now, but he will jump down and try to attack you. Attack him instead. Winning this battle gets you xp, and a potion. (and points to their rivals' score)

Hope this helps!
Edited: May 11 2014

Added by: Dark_Dryad17
Feb 4th 2010, ID#32646


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4 comments, latest first.
May 9th 2014 Dark_Dryad17
Ah, i'd forgotten about that. i'll add these in.
ID #382796
Apr 30th 2014 Guest
Also if u stay a little bit further away from wakka, he won't be hit when u deflect the ball and the match can go on forever
ID #380125
Jul 11th 2012 Dark_Dryad17
Thank you guest. That never worked for me, though. I usually try to just get out of the way.
ID #162988
Jul 10th 2012 Guest
when riku says "my turn!" you can move to the side and hit him
ID #162538