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Follow the dark path or use the light

Sephiroth FAQ

by skatefreak33

K I N G D O M                     PLAYSTATION 2                     H E A R T S

Sephiroth (SEF-he-ROTH), Kurt Zisa (CURT-ziza), Phantom (FAN-tum) 

and Ice Titan (ISE-titen)   Battle Guide                  
E-mail:[email protected]



3.How-to/the attacks

4.Weapons of choice

5.Items & Abilities

6.The battle!!


C     CCCCC|
C    C    /
C    C    \
C     CCCCC| 
Well! Hey, all you Kingdom Hearts fans! Is this game to easy?! Do you have all the Keyblades, all side quests completed and you're probably around lv. 100? If you have reached all above requirements, you need this guide! Hidden Bosses are for you! Read this guide (or look at it) to help you through the hidden Bosses!

|            |
|    ________|
|   |
|   |________
|            |
|____________| hapter 2

So, decided on Sephiroth, old chap? Well, you are about to face the hardest enemy in Squaresoft's history! Sephiroth has returned, and he's hard as ever!


Dark and Fire damage

Firaga Rings and Dark Armlet (or whatever they're called) will help here.He mostly takes Dark damage.5 accessory slots with rings that will take off 20% damage (...5x20%=100%) You will not take damage from Sephiroth (hopefully)

Attacks take out tons of HP

Gaia Bangles will help (they increase Defense and HP by alot).Curaga and Aeroga are spells of choice in this battle, attack magic doesn't do any damage.Your shortcut should include those two spells.

*        ***********
*       *
*       *
*       *
*       *
*        ***********
******************** hapter 3
You want to face Sephiroth, eh? Did you SEAL THE HOLLOW BASTION KEYHOLE? If not, you can't take the challenge. You might not want to, anyway. You are probably too weak. ONLY face him when you're level is 72 and up! Remember, this is just advice. Face him when you're at level 60-65 for a big challenge.I beat him at level....68. Here is the craziest attacks of Sephiroth (all of them)^_^

Sword Swing:
At the beggining, he will just try to get close to you and attack.This is his most basic attack. Attack him back. I'm good at rhyming. ^_^ Purple/pink HP

Pillar of Fire:
After some attacks missed or attacking him a couple times, he'll say something (sounds like "power") and three HUGE pillars of Fire come up. Jump out and cast Curaga. Later in the battle, he'll say "Time to defeat you." All Battle

Sephiroth swings his sword like mad while levitating to cause MAJOR damage if Sora's not moving. Dodge or do something to not get hurt. After that, he jumps, slams his sword on the ground and says, "Show me what you've got!" He will always follow up with DHA.If you hit him when he gets up (not while he's on the ground, he will follow up with Pillar Of Flame. half of Pink/rest of battle

Descend Heartless Angel [DHA]:
The worst attack ever! Once you are half through the Pink HP, he will teleport away and say "Descend Heartless Angel" while moving his hand. This spell will deplete all HP and MP. The more damage he takes, the harder it is to hear the spell. Pink/rest of fight

Meteor Storm:
Sephiroth will move to the center of the battlefield and have a glow. He is invincible for now. Now, HUGE meteors will drop from the sky and circle Sephiroth.Run in a circle to take less damage. The meteors will fall and create a huge impact. Orange/Rest of battle

Dark Meteor:
Dark balls of energy will circle Sephiroth. If you are close to him, they will close in on you and take HUGE damage. Yellow/Rest of fight

I don't know what this attack is called, but he spins in the air and says, "Dodge This!!" Someone E-mail me if you know what this attack is called. It will really help. Yellow/Rest of fight.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> hapter 4
The most basic part of any battle will probably be the weapon. It's not like you're going to go to Sephiroth with the Kingdom Key in hand. But my friend beat Sephiroth with the Kingdom Key. I saw it with my own eyes! No, You need some major weapons. Here are my choices of weapons: 

Lionheart           / (This is the Keyblade I chose and won!)
Divine Rose        /
Oathkeeper    <----
Lady Luck
Ultima Weapon

You're probably thinking, "Oblivion is awesome! I choose Oblivion!"
Yes, Oblivion has "colossal power" but you lose MP. You want more MP. Unless you have 20-something MP with Oblivion, knock yourself out! =) Remember, 
"The more the merrier!"

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ hapter 5
You are going to need items and abilities to survive this fight. Here is a list of Items and Abilities you'll want to choose before this fight. * marks MUST HAVE abilities and abilities that will be talked about in the Battle chapter.


[You don't neccesarilly need Elixirs because you can just use a Hi-Potion after DHA]

Dodge Roll*
Air Combo Plus [1or2]*
Combo Plus [at least 1]*
MP Rage [2]*
MP Haste*
Second Chance*****
Critical Plus
Sonic Blade
Ars Arcanum*
Strike Raid*
High Jump    

Counterattack will be the least used ability in this fight but it is still useful.

Second Chance has 5 *s because it is the most important ability. If you get by DHA, you will still have 1 HP left and you can use a Hi-Potion or an Elixir.

Blitz and Critical Plus will get you more critical damage.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hapter 6
First of all, you HAVE to make sure that you need 18,000 EXP or less to level up. Otherwise, you won't level up if you win! That would really stink. I leveled up 2 times after I beat him!


Travel to Olympus Coliseum and speak to Philocetes. (the really tiny guy)Select "Platinum Match" from Phil's list of options.[If this is your first time and you didn't beat the Hades Cup, select the ???s] After the amazing scene, the battle finally starts. Note the strange music. Cast Aeroga and jump away. You should cast Aeroga every time it runs out. That's what the Ethers and MP is for! Land a combo on his sorry buttwhen he misses his attack and he'll teleport
behind you and try to attack. Keep doing this and he will do Pillar of Flame. Dodge Roll out or use Ars Arcanum to attack and you're invincible, too. Keep using this strategy until you get to the Pink HP bar. Get his HP bar down  of the way and he'll charge like a bull and try to find a weak spot. If he  teleport. He will use DHA so either get and Elixir/Hi-Potion ready or Superglide toward and attack! If you get hit, he will either charge toward you and attack or teleport at you and attack. Make sure you use a Hi-Potion or Elixir. If you use a Hi-Potion, the MP Rage will take effect, giving you more MP when he attacks, then you can use Curaga. He will follow this strategy until his Yellow bar. MOre Coming Soon...