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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition

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We have a collection of cheats that includes unlocking records, how to marry Zack the shipper and how to unlock the territory mini game.

More Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Cheats and Tips

We have 40 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition please send them in here.

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Unlock Alarm Clock:
On Summer day number 8 go to Grants house when he's at home and he'll give you an alarm clock even without being your friend.
Unlock 'Town Spirit' Record:
Become Sebastian's friend and enter his room.


Unlock 'Town Spirit' Record:
Become Sebastian's friend and enter his room.
Unlock Entree and Dessert Dishes:
When you have cooked 20-25 seperate dishes of any type the Entree and Dessert options become unlocked.

Want have a Daughter?? HVM A wonderful life

To have a daugter:first go to harvest spirit's house then check the pot near flak(yellow elf) then keep talking to the pot until it says "ok you win" then talk to the spirit to grant your wish... i've tryin my self..

Unlock Records

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding record.
Unlock 'Joy of Fall' Record:
Befriend Mukumuku to get the record.
Unlock 'The Bride' Record:
Befriend Chris and when she is at home talk to her.
Unlock 'Summer Memories' Record:
Befriend Carter and when he is at the beach talk to him.
Unlock 'Butterfly' Record:
Befriend Marlin and talk to him when he visits the waterfall.
Unlock '64 Memories' Record:
Beat Kassey and Patrick at the Territory Capture game a combined total of 10 times.
Unlock 'Marine Jazz' Record:
Befriend Griffin and when he is alone in his room in the Blue Bar talk to him.
Unlock 'Winter HM' Record:
In Chapter 2 or later befriend Kate and talk to h..

Marry Celia in one season.

If you give Celia the godess drop by vesta's farm once every day after awhile you'll Get all four hearts at once and walla you can propose.

Do you want to be married? Quickly? Get one of the 2 easiest wiv

The 2 easiest girls are Mufy and Celia. Although none of the eligible women actually do any WORK around, (Lumina and Nami included) Some are more annoying than others. Getting Muffy is really easy, although I reccomend Celia because Muffy is really annoying. Her main words are " I'm going to make our child smart if it makes me stupid!" so yeah.... But if you actually DO want Muffy, give her flowers. She will be yours soon enough. Celia is pretty easy as well, give her flowers and eggs. Ores work for both of those ladies as well.

Want cutscenes from Daryl???

If you want cutscenes from Daryl (scientist), then here's how. Most likely you must Befriend him (you will know he's your friend when he cranes his neck to look at you when HE'S walking, not you)To get the first cutscene, go to his house at 2:00P.M-4:59P.M and when it's raining.You should get a cutscene were he is trying to get alot of power for your town, but it fails. (it doesn't matter whether you choose "stay" or "run away") and the next day go at the same time (2:00-4:59) and he should have another one, (it doesn't have to be raining)and it should either be about trying to stop global warming, or trying to get the town's water supply up, and once you've done this, you should be pretty good friends with him, and you get to see him fail... :P
P.S, this should trigger you getting ..

Free Cat

Hey guys, do any of you guys LOVE cats? Well you can get one in harvest Moon AWL SE, here's how: Sometime in Chapter 2 (year 2) Romana will visit your house with a black cat, and she''l say that she has too many cats and this one was found at her door Step, and she'll ask if you want to keep it, say "yes" and you will get to name it, and it eats out of your Dog boll, but like the dog and horse, It cannot die, so don't worry about feeding it (this happened to me on Chapter 2, Fall 3)
Hope this helps you guys out :D

Flower Power

As you may know almost everyone likes flowers in that game. What you do is pick all the flowers in the whole game everywhere. There will be a lot so i'd ssay do it when you have nothing better to do. When you have them all give them to the people that like them like Muffy or Lumina. Like a day or so later all new flowers come back so you have a endless stock.

Free Turtle (pet)

Hey guys, do you want a turtle? Well you can get one in Harvest Moon AWL SE, here's how: Step 1: befriend Cody (metal artist) (He likes eggs, any crop you grew,Coins:silver or gold,)when you do this, go to the murky pond next to his house and wait till' him and the turtle are both there, and try to fish there. You will hav a scene where you start to drown, and hiim and the turtle save you, then you find out he was the one to put the Red thing around his neck. He will give you the turtle shortly after that.
(P.S, you can only get this in Chapter 1, if you are past that, you wasted your time reading this)
Hope this helped you guys :D

Get muffy fast

Ok so you like the oldest girl in the game do I but if it's hard to get her il tell
U. Starting from the first day give her those crystals you find at the excavition site
And find any flower[not wild] and give her both of them.1nce you start gettin good milk
[B,A,] start givin it to her with the flower and the starting of fall you will be able to purpose [just in case chek her diary].

Not having to water your crops

Tired of watering your crops, thinking that they take up to much time out of your day? Well heres a hint: If you have a kid, when he's not a child (toddler), if you wake up later than him,which isn't very hard to do, he will talk to you when you wake up saying, "Dad, I watered the crops for you" and you don't have to water them, giving you a bit of time doing other things
Hope this helped you guys :D

More of a hint

Never ignore a pregnant cow mine got sick and died.

Marrying the Girls

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition
Hey All!
This is a walkthrough for everything that I know about the girls and what you have to do to marry them!
By the way this is my first walkthrough I have ever made I hope it helps!!***

She is the oldest eligible bride in this game she is 30 years old. She works at the Blue Bar with the owner Griffin. She Likes:
Flowers (any kind that you can harvest on the ground: happy lamps goddess drops mist moon ect.)
Moon ore ( you can dig up on the dig site they are otherwise known as pretty ore)

She Also likes anything else that a girly girl would like.
(*If you didnít know she is the blond girl*)
If you go into her..

Unlockable: territory mini game

To unlock this mini-game, go to patrick at aroung 12:00 and keep talking to him until he asks if you want to play a game

Muffy's Hearts quickly!

If you go to the house/blue at 10:00a.m.(Not after 11:00). You can talk to Muffy before she start to work. First give her a flower or Moon Ore. I would give her Moon Ore. After give that to her talk to her until she say why did you come there are three choices. I think they are.... "I want to talk to you," "I want to see the Griffin(I not sure about that choice..)" and " I wanted to see your face." Chose "I wanted to see your face." That usually give you one heart. Then go to her Dariy/journal (IN THE BAR WHERE THE FLOWERS ARE.) and if she has one heart go to your house and in it. You don't have to go to sleep just go in your house. Then come out of your house and there sould be a scene between you,Muffy and your Dog. You will be talkin to Takakura and your dog starts to bark... Its Muff..

Easy money

Plant tree's like :Banana,apple and so on. Any of them will do. But I would say that Banana helps the most. By as many as you can. Then get a seed maker. It doesn't matter wither given to you by Daryl or you you buy it from Takakura. Once the fruit on the trees is ready they will fall off. Then you put them in the seed maker wait three days and check on them. If they are done sell them! You can get losts of money this way. But it cost a lot of money to start but once you get past that in the long run you make a lot of money!

Children's Future

Here are all of the children's futures:
Nami's Child:Anything but social, and will most likely be an artist like cody
Muffy's Child:Will be Out-Going, and will most likely be an athlete with Wally
Celia's Child: Will be Down-To-Earth, and will most likely be a farmer like you
Lumina's Child:Will be more in tone with music, and will most likely be a musician like Gustafa
Hope this helped you guys out :D

Racoon (pet)

If you want a racoon in Harvest Moon AWL SE, here's how you can get one: If you know Vesta,and Marlin,then you just completed the first step to this operation.The next step can be trickey (not very) but you have to befriend them, and you will know because they will give you stuff. Marlin will you a vegetable beverage, and Vesta will give you..... A baby Racoon :P you can see this animal sometimes around their farm near the green houses.
(P.S, you can only get this animal during chapter 1, if you are past this chapter, you wasted your time reading this)
Hope this helped you guys :D

Want to know what crops grow good in what part of year???

Hey, I'm here to show you what crops grow good in what years.
Tomato:Spring through Fall Cost:30G
Watermelon:Spring through Summer Cost:60G
Strawberry:Fall through Spring Cost:30G
Melon:Summer throgh Fall Cost:50G
Turnip: Summer through Winter Cost:20G
Potato:Winter through Spring Cost:40G
Carrot:Fall through Winter Cost:30G
Yam:Fall through Fall Cost: 40G

Want a Chiuaua???

If you want a chiuaua (IDK if I spelled this right) then here's a hint on how to get one: If you know Carter (excavater), befriend him, which means going to excavate every day and dig up every hole no matter what, and in the years try really hard to try and find a stone tablet with writing on it, there will be 1 every year for 6 years, if you give them to him and befriend him, at the 6th year, he will give you a chiuaua. (you can see this chiuaua in the first year if you go by the dig site,he should be in the middle of the place you excavate and tent)
Hope this helped you guys :D

Seed maker

You don't have to buy the seed maker from the order form. If you befriend Daryl( the scientist guy) he should give you a seed maker, and you would save 6,000 G.

Nina's grave

Talk to nina's husband at 7:00 or 11:00 near the house and he'll ask you if you want to clean nina's grave say yes press the x botton fast to clean the grave.

My name is rick in harvest moon

Strange sickle

To get the strange sickle you have to befriend cody the painter (he likes fossils and other stuff from the dig) and eventualy hewill give it to you.

HMAWL Special Edition (PS2) Money-Making Guide

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition (PS2)
Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition (PS2) Money Making Guide
I) Introduction
II) About The FAQ
III) Top Ways Of Money Making
V) What NOT To Do
VI) About The Author
VII) Copy Rights
I) Introduction
Harvest Moon is a game of Role-Playing, farm game where you start of as a farmer. Your character will be able to get married and have a son or daughter. In this game there are various choices of making money and slowly building and extending the farm.
Ii) About The FAQ
A lot of people have asked me about the ..


If you want to play Mini-Games, here are how you can play 2 Mini-games. First, If you talk to Rock (blonde)or Hugh (brunette) when they are in the Inner Inn, they will say that you aren't doing anything, and will ask if you want to have a Milk drinking contest, the objective to this Game is to press the X button as fast as you can to drink milk, you can get Various prizes by winning this Mini-Game. Another one is territory capture, to get this Mini-Game, talk to Patrick or Kassey (firework engineers) when they are in their house they will ask you to play Territory Capture, the objective is to capture as many diamonds as you can by making individual lines,you can win Various prizes by winning these games.
Hope this helped you guys :D

Want to get Married to any spouse easily?

If you want to marry a spouse easily,but don't want to waste time getting all the things they want? Here's a hint: if you love a spouse,and get her up to about maybe 1-2 red hearts,or any,at the end of the first year,the spouse you have the most hearts will appear at your house, and they will notice you have a blue feather, and they will ask if you were going to give it to them, you can either give it to them and get married (RIGHT CHOICE) or you can choose the No option (FAILURE CHOICE)and they will storm out of your house, very mad at you, and you will be returned to the title screen, IDK if it erases your file, I've never done it, but I wouldnt suggest anyone try it...
Hope this helped you guys :D

Dhibe Cakes

To make easy money here's what you need to do: should have tartan should pick up more than 40 happy lamps during summer need to have the seed maker from daryl or from ordering in the ledger to tartan as many times as possible until the "I want to hybridize" option comes out sould have more than 40(or lesser) turnip and strawberry seeds because tartan may sometimes fail at hybridizing
6.go to tartan and use the seeds for hybridizing and you will have dhibe seeds
7.after hybridizing bring out your happy lamps and use them with your dihbe seeds ( by hybridizing ) need the happy lamps to help the crops grow in any season
9.plant your dhibe seeds
10.wait for them to grow and ready for harvesting

Seed maker

In the game, you can get a building called the seed maker. I've got a secret that I am going to tell you... to get the seed maker, you need to harvest more than 50 crops. To do this, go to town and sell anything you don't need. When you have enough money, go and buy about 20 seeds, and plant them. Now, you might think this is a lot of work, but it works!
So anyway youve harvested over 50 crops soon, and then takakura will talk to you or you will talk to him, and he will say about a seed maker. Now you have to get 6000 gold to afford it, I suggest selling all the crops you grew at the shop site... The place between the blue bar and the inner inn.
Properties of the seed maker:
Put a crop in the seed maker, and it will make 2 sets of seeds, doubling y..

Mushroom Money!

When fall comes around and you don't have anything to sell, just go to the tree where the Harvest Sprites live. On the left side of the tree there will be two mushrooms, Pick them and sell them when Van comes. They are each $100 and they grow back every day!

Muffy Is Easy!

Alrigth Muffy is the easiest girl(and most annoying) but go to the blue bar (whaere she lives) before 11 am in her room and show her a flower and when she asks if it`s for her say if you like it feel free the first time you ever give her a flower but after that say of course ( I can`t remmemer if thats what it says) and talk to her and when she asks why you came to see her say I wanted to see your face and show her a moon ore and say it`s for her. She also likes milk and your cooking (not a failed attempt).

Want S ranked Milk???

Hey guys, do you ever want your milk to be the best? Well the best rank is S,and I'm here to tell you how to get this super milk from your cow (you can do this in beginning of game) First, buy a brush from van (500G) and go back to your farm. (cows like to be outside when not snowing or raining) and take your cow outside, push it to the trough and brush it 5x, and Nuzzle (Triangle button) it 5x, if you do this you should be able to do it really early in the morning and really late at night, and should get a total of itleast 5x S milks.
P.S, don't leave your cows out overnite (especially if you have 2 or more) because the Hobo might steal them, unless you have trained your dog enough.But you might also get a funny cutscene from Daryl (scientist)
Hope this helped you g..

Easy one Heart for Muffy firat day you play!

O.K. Firat yuo have to know where she lives. She lives in the Blue Bar. Her dariy is in the flower pot in the bar. Now you will go to her house at 10:00am no later than 11:00am. She will be in her room... Well Griffins room. Go in there and Give her a flower or Moon Ore.... I would give her Moon Ore (which you get by digging at the Archeological site near the water fall.Wrok there from 10 am to 5 pm... The digging site inside gets bigger thoughout the years.) Then you talk to her until she say something like"Why are you here?" there are three choices "To see Griffin" (I think), "I wanted to talk to you." and "to see your face." Chose to see your face. She should ssay "My your making me blush."or something like that. Check her dariy if she has one heart go home and go inside your house...

To Get Horse Faster

I got Horse in Summer,Well it's also at summer.
Here to get horse faster
You need to care your Animals Everyday:
Just Feed,Love,Care and Feed,love,care and again.
If you have enough money. Buy Sheep!
And Care And Care And Care Again..
You will got Horse Later. But only in summer.
Hope this help :-)

how to mary zack the shipper.

Always give ore to Zack.
Give some truffles to Zack.
Give Zack orichalcum.
Dont give him Grass.
Hates rocks.
Dont like being gived flowers.
Bithdate: Summer 20
Favorite food:tomato

If you marry lumina

Lumina will give a big influence on your children when you marry lumina

Shipping bins

Here are some of the items you can put in the shipping bins.
Dairy Shipping Crop Shipping
Milk Any crops.
Eggs Any seeds
Goat milk
Fertilized eggs

Muffy to marry u

Propose with the bluflower and then on the last day of the 1st year you will get married (this goes for everyone. If you don'tpropose before the end of the first year celia will ask you and she is the only one you can marry after that.


I would suggest you not marry Nami, people might say she's the best bride, but she takes 1,000G every year to go to college and leaves you to take care of kid, so I would suggest you not marry Nami if you're low on money.

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