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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition

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HMAWL Special Edition (PS2) Money-Making Guide cheat for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition

HMAWL Special Edition (PS2) Money-Making Guide

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition (PS2)
Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition (PS2) Money Making Guide
I) Introduction
II) About The FAQ
III) Top Ways Of Money Making
V) What NOT To Do
VI) About The Author
VII) Copy Rights

I) Introduction
Harvest Moon is a game of Role-Playing, farm game where you start of as a farmer. Your character will be able to get married and have a son or daughter. In this game there are various choices of making money and slowly building and extending the farm.
Ii) About The FAQ
A lot of people have asked me about the ways of earning quick cash in Harvest Moon. There is various ways of earning quick cash. Like fishing, Milking, Eggs, Digging and so on and so on. There is also some spoilers involve. The spoilers would be disturbing to some viewers who prefer to find the ways of Money Making themselves.
III) Top Ways Of Money Making
Now, to get into detail about Money Making.
1) Fishing
Fishing would be very profiting in the early years because it could make at LEAST 4000-5000G within 5days if you fish at least 8 to 10 hours a day in harvest moon. True, there are also some less profiting fish like Colombo and Snelt. Those are common fish and their value are very low so try to find a fishing spot that could get you a better and more valuable fish like Yamame, Sharshark and a few others. Yamame can be found at the waterfall near the digsite. Sharshark can be found at the lower part of the river or the middle part of the river. In the early years they would be your main money-makers.
2) Milking
Cows are the next best money-makers. A female cow can give you milk for 40days after they are have given birth. Give your cows plenty of love every day and they will produce higher ranks of milk which could be sold at a very high price.
3) Trees
You will be able to earn a massive amount of money with trees especially after getting the seed maker from Daryl or buying it for 6000G. Plant them and wait until they bear fruits. A tree will give you around 25 fruits. DON’T sell the fruits. Turn them all into seeds with the seed maker and sell them to Van when he comes to town. Keep a few seeds if case you want to plant more and earn more money the following season.
4) Chicken
To be frank, chicken could earn you a lot of money if you have a lot of them. They produce golden egg which sells for 300G after you give them 10 hearts. I personally have 8 chickens. 5 female and 3 male. I recommend you to keep more females as they are the one who really get you some money. And at the very least, 1 male chicken to produce fertilized egg if you want more chickens just in case. If the fertilized egg hatches and it is a male one, wait until it is fully grown and you can sell it for 450G.
5) Sheep
Sheep are not actually a perfect choice for getting real money. They can give you some money but that’s it. Unless you can actually make sure they give you golden wool every season then it’s fine. There’s a way in getting golden wool every time you shave it. I tried it a couple of times and it works so I guess I can share it with the readers. Every time the sheep is available to shave bring it outside and push the sheep to the place where you can wash them and wash them for 5times and give them 1 heart. Then, SHAVE them! I think this works considering that I never wash the sheep’s fur only until the day I can shave them. And I get a golden wool that sells for 600G and perhaps even more if you haggle the price with Van.
6) Digging
Digging can only bring you a small amount of money. In Spring the first year digging is the only thing you can do when you finish your farm chores. I don’t recommend you to dig anymore once you can buy the fishing rod from Van somewhere around Summer. Fishing gets you triple the money you get from digging so I suggest you guys try fishing unless you really want to get a dog from Carter then just go ahead. Carter will give you his Chihuahua after you collect all the stone tablets.

7) Hybrid
To hybrid seeds, first you need to unlock Tartan who is inside Takakura’s house. Befriend him to unlock the hybriding option. After that you can start to hybrid seeds and turn them into different kind of seeds with the seed maker. Plant these seeds and once you can harvest them turn the fruits into seeds and sell to Van for a massive amount of money.
IV) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: I’m not sure how to fish. Every time I pull the fishing rod it is empty. Is there actually a way to fish them?
A: As a matter of fact, yes there is a way to fish. Aside from that, this is a Money-Making guide not a Fishing guide but since you ask I’ll give you a round figure on how to fish. Once you throw your fishing pole into the river you wait until you can feel the slight nibble on the fishing pole. DON’T pull it out yet! You will feel the nibble a couple of times more and then the big splash will come. Press only when the big splash comes in. I hope I cover the basics of fishing here. If not then you should try looking at other people’s guide about fishing.
Q: I noticed you wrote something about a seed making under the hybrid section. Is there a way to get this seed maker?
A: Yes, in fact there is 2 ways to get it. The first way is befriending Daryl(The mad scientist). Once you befriend him he will give you the seed maker. The second way is buying it in chapter 2 for 6000G. I recommend you to try to get it free.
Q: My cow isn’t giving any more milk in chapter 2. She isn’t sick or anything, I even tried to buy a new cow but every time I try to milk it, it will look at me with a question mark on it's head. I also give them plenty of love and a constant meal every day. Is something wrong?
A: No, nothing is wrong. The cows in harvest moon is not so different with the cows in real life. The cows just needed to be given a miracle potion for it to get pregnant. 10days after the calf is born your cow will give you milk again. But after 40days it will stop again and you need to repeat the process.
Q: You said something about getting golden wool with just brushing the sheep 5 times and giving them one love on the day you can shave them. Does it really work?
A: As I stated up there, I tried it a couple of times and it works but I’m not 100% sure it works. But you can try it and perhaps give me a feedback on this.
Q: Do I really need to fish at least 8 hours a day to get 4000G-5000G every 5 day?
A: From my experience, yes. Unless you think you are a really lucky guy and can get at least one huge Yamame within the 5days every time you fish then maybe you can shortened the fishing time. But I doubt you can really get the huge Yamame every time because so far I tried I only got by with 2 to 3 huge Yamame every 2 season. Which I consider myself very lucky already.
V) What NOT to do
1. Do NOT constantly give your cows good fooder. Sure it makes them able to give you a higher ranked milk but if you give them too much they will fall sick and it would be more troublesome then.
2. Do NOT ever try to kill your animals. It’s bad, not to mention that you could also sell them if you really don’t want them.
3. Do NOT fish by the spring beside Daryl’s house or the sprite’s house. They have very low quality fish there. Try the waterfall by the dig site. The worse possible fish you could come by there is also Nyamame which is not too bad.
4. Do NOT sell your fertilized egg unless you have too many chickens and don’t want any more of them. Fertilized egg can let you hatch some more chicks to sell or to keep.
VI) About The Author
I personally have 2 gameplay. My first gameplay has already completed all 6 chapters after marrying Celia and having a son who is running the farm. My second gameplay is just starting the 1st chapter on day 1 of summer. On this gameplay I plan to marry Nami and correct all the mistakes I have done in my first gameplay like buying the seed maker, not befriending Romana etc etc. Also if anyone of you have question regarding this money-making guide feel free to mail me your questions through email. [email protected]
VII) Copyrights

First off, I take no credit in the making, distributing, programming, or any
Other task assigned to an employee of the Nintendo company of this game.
Furthermore, this document is Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee.
This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
Private use. It may not be, nor may any section be, placed on any web site or
Otherwise distributed publicly without advance, written permission from myself,
Brian McPhee. Use of this guide on any other web site or as part of any public
Display is strictly prohibited, and is a violation of copyright.
I hope everyone who read this guide is contended with it and certainly happy about it. I would like to thank the readers. Without you guys this guide wouldn’t be this successful.

Added by: Yuji
Feb 17th 2013, ID#34215


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