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Follow the dark path or use the light
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition


Harvest Moon walk through

by Harvest_Moon _Gurl

         Harvest Moon:
                 A Wonderful Life *Special Edition*
                                               Talk to me at: [email protected]
 I will answers anyones questions if they tell me there email so I can write you an answer I will not use it  for other than that
I.  Things to know         
  A.Memory Card info and saving             
  B. Controlls                           
  C.About the Game                

II.  Charater
           A. People in town
         B. Girls
III. Caring
   A.Caring for animals
      B.Caring for crops
      C.Caring for yourself (Main Character)


IIII.  Animals
     A. Cows (Prices included)
        B. Chickens
        C.Hints for animals
IIIII. Harvest Sprites
      A.Where the live 
           C.What they give you

IIIII. Child and Wife
          A.How to get what baby you want (son daugther)
    IIIIII.  Other Hints
            A.Marring Nami
               B.Marring Muffy
               C.Marring Lumina
               D.Marring Celia
               E.Blue feather and asking to marry
     I.  Things To Know
                                                  A. Memory Card Info and saving

   Most people like to save this game because it is impossible to finsh the game in a night. It has to be a ps2 Memory card as you may know and there are only three spots to save on the game. But this game only takes up 569 KB. Compared to most games 569 KB is really not that much. You can save by going into your house. There is a little journal on the side table by your bed. There are three choices ( later there may be more) Save, Sleep and Assets. If you do ethier Save or Sleep you can save it both ways. By clicking X the main control for about everything.

              Traingle =Train dog and snuggle. (To train you must be in front of dor to snuggle ethier pick up you baby or infront of your animals not chickens or dogs)

Circle = Cancle or put away a item. 

X = Talk,Open door,Eat Harvest,Milk, Giving things to people,and much more (it would take up this whole page to explain all what  X does)

Square = Look at you item inventory 

L1 = Switch view points to behind the character 

L2 = Whistle for horse (Horse comes in summer)

R1 = See views from your charatcer perpective

R2 =Whistle for dog (Get him first time you play dog house is next to your house.The dog can't go off your farm)

left analog stick = Move Character

right analog stick = Move camera

Start =Open menu and close (When you open it shows you all your items)

Select = Map

                                                         C. About Game

        This game is a pretty serious game but is fun. You play as a Guy who dad died and never got to farm though he wanted to. He bought land to farm. His friend trys to get you to farm you chose if you want to farm or not. If you say no the game ends. When you start you get a Dog and Cow. Later on in the summer you get a horse they can be white or brown or almost black. You can buy sheep,chickens and more Cows across from the barn.


                                                                II: Characters
                                                - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                                         A.People in town

Carter - Archeological site by waterfall . He likes help with digging. If its nothing important you digg up you keep it.                     * He likes Food*

Celia <3 - Can marry . She lives at Vesta's farm .  You can buy seeds from her when she at Vesta's farm.                       *She likes flowers,food, and Moon ore*

Chris - married to Wally and son is Hugh . She lives in the last ville house if your going to the villa . Works in the day. Well tell the future of your child if you show it to her.    *she likes Food,Flowers and Moon Ore*

Cody- He is the artist . He lives by the swamp in the metal house. With the big thing infront of it (his art work). You can't really give him anything unless he is walking around. Talking to him alot and give him stuff and he may give you something!          *Likes Food,Flowers and thing from the digging place*

 Daryl -  Crazy Scientist who lives behind the blue bar. He likes Flora . He wonders around at night think of idea's mostly on the path that goes behind your house. Where there is that big tree and small lake. When he is wondering around give him things it could go a long way and you may get something!   *He likes Bones from the digging place and fish*

Dr.Hardy - Comes second year and lives in Galen's old house. *He likes almost everything*

Flora - Assistant to Carter at the digging place. Live in the tent with him.    *Likes food*

Galen - Old man who lives in the house across from the blue bar. Like to walk around  at day time . Moves the second year from across Vesta farm. *Likes food and flowers also digging place stuff*

Griffin - lives at the blue bar back room. He  works at the blue bar from 11 am to  2 am or so. He likes to play his guitar every now and then. *Likes fish*

Gustafa- Play his guitar all the time. Lives in the yurt behind the inner inn. *Likes Milk and Flowers*

Hugh- Runs with his father Wally. His mother is Chris. He likes to play guessing games and milk drinking contest when he is oldier. *Likes Milk and Eggs*

Kassey - Firework maker. He plays mini games in his house by Cody's house. It is round and in the air. You have to climb the latter to get up there. *Likes Flowers and food* only give him thing when he not in his house.

Lumina <3 -Can Marry . She lives at the Villa. Plays paino . *Likes Some foods not milk,Flowers and Moon ore*

Marlin -Lives at Vesta's farm. Well sell you seeds. *Likes Eggs and Milk*

Muffy <3 -Can Marry. Lives at the blue bar and works there. *Likes Pretty much everything*

Nami <3 - Can marry. Lives at the inner in up stairs. She is a little grumpy but not that hard to get her heart !         *Likes Trick flowers,Food and Digging place stuff*

Nina - Not much to say here . *Like pretty much everything* husband Galen.

Patrick - Brother of Kassey .  They are the same as each other.

Rock -  Lives at the Inner Inn . Across from Nami . *Likes Coins and Some Food*

Romana - Lives at villa and takes care of Lumina. *Likes milk and flowers*

Ruby-Lives at the inner inn. Likes to cook. *Likes Food and Flowers*

Sebastian - Lives at Villa. Serves Romana and Lumina . *Likes Food and stuff from the digging place*

Tim - Inner Inn is where he lives. Wife is Ruby Likes to travel. *Likes......Not sure*

Vesta-Live at her farm and sells you seeds. *Likes Flowers and Food*

Wally - Husband of Chirs Father of Hugh. Runner. *Likes Milk and Eggs*

                                              B. Girls
These are the girls you can Marry =Muffy 30,Celia 26,Lumina 18,and Nami 28. I think the easiest to marry is Muffy and Celia. Then its Nami then finally Lumina. If you look up you'll see more information on the girls. Its in order starting with C.

                                         C. Friends

You can be friends with everyone. That is what you want to do! When your friends with someone they will give you something. If you talk and give them thing that they like then you may become there friends. You can get animals like turtles,Cats and Racoons.


                                                       III.  Caring
                            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                                     A. Caring for animals

Different animals have diferent needs as you may already know. When you first wake up do not mess with any of your animals milk,pick them up or snuggle them because if you wake them the get really mad. So wait till about Nine O'Clock. The easiest animal to take care of are Chickens,Horse,and Dog. The Horse and Dog cannot get sick so you really don't have to feed them. Chicken food last quiet awhile depending on how many chickens you have. It could last up to a season or maybe a little more. Cow,Goats and Sheep are the hard one. Cows need to be feed more than any of them. Twice a day. They also love to snack on Good Folder which you can buy from the place across from your barn. Goats are pretty much the same way. Same with sheep. Heres what I would do with Cows,Goat and Sheep. Feed them right after they eat milk them or sheer them. Then wait about a hour or two and let them out in the pasture. After that do whatever you need done. Then about 5-8 pm Let them back in to the barn Feed them and milk them. That has worked well for me. You can buy a Goat from Van starting in the second year. Try to haggle him down on the first price. Cow are about 3000-8000 or 7000 G. Depending if you get a normal or star.The more they cost the better the milk is. If you brush your sheep,Goat and Cows your quality will be better and youmay get more milk depending on how much they like you and what season it is. If you make a Cow have a calf make sure you have other cows to give you milk because the won't be able to milk for a year. Same when you first buy them. Good Luck with your animals! There is more on animals below.

                                                  B.Care for Crops
Make sure you put your plants in the right season or they will die. Also you have to hoe the ground before you plant them. The field farther away from your house is better for your plants. Remember to water you plants.  If you need help with the season fro the right plant ask Vesta also its in the booklet you get with the game. Tree's can be planted any time and don't need watered. DON'T PUT A PLANT RIGHT NEXT TO A TREE! They will die. Seedmakers help your plants. It gives you better quality and if you sell your seeds you can get a great duel of money!

                                         C.  Caring for yourself (Main character)

If you get hungry it can get really annoying if your in the middle of someting all of the sudden it will say GRR and you will stop whatever your doing. Exspecially fishing! Also if you work to hard you will get tired. That will also stop you you will stop in the middle whatever your doing and star will pop up over your head. So If you plan to do hard work in your feilds You should eat and buy better tools!


                                                                    IIII. Animals
                                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

                                                                 A. Cows (prices included)

 Cows are probably one of the most important thing on your farm the more the better! Happy and Loved Cows will give you more milk and better Quality depending on the season as I have already said up in Caring for animals. You can commenly milk a Cow twice a day. In the morning and at night. Don't ever let your cows out all night or in the rain or snow. They will get sick. But just in case I would stock up on medicine. It always helps to have atleast one. If something happens to all your animals don't sell your animals unless you have to. When your cow has a calf you can't milk ethier one of thm for a year! When you start your game remeber to fertilize your pasture so you can get flodder and never run out!
The prices for cow and bulls are Normal Bull -3000 G,Normal Cow-4000 G, Brown Bull-4000 G, Brown Cow-5000 G, Star Bull- 6000 G, and Star Cow -7000 G.

 All Chickens are the same price 900. I would say that you should get the hen first so you can have eggs to pay for the Rooster. When you have a Rooster you get fertilized eggs so you can get more Chickens. I would say not to get chickens until the second year. Chickens really don't need that much care. Put food in there bin and check on them every now are then and they will be fine.

                                                  C. Hints for animals

    Let's say you have ten animals. I would have more than twenty flodder. Also I would keep about ten Medicine. Once you use one buy another one it really helps. Also hugging them brushing them and letting them outside really helps! If a animal is sick the only way you can keep it from dieing (yes dieing) is gave it Medicine. Medicine is only 200 G.


                                     IIII. Harvest Sprites
                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

                                                             A.Where they live
  You know the trail that goes behind your house to the waterfall and the spring and the huge tree with the little door ? Well the Harvest Sprites live there! In the tree. There are two mushrooms by the tree and it asks 'Do you want to eat this?' If you say 'yes' you going into there house!


 In the game you get scene talking about 'nice' and the Goddess. All a 'nice' is is a friend you must be friends with everyone in the town before you get the Harvest Goddess out of the spring.

                                                                            C.What they give you

 They help you lots! They give you a Blue feather which I will explain later in this walkthrough. Also When you cow is having the Calf the Harvest Sprites will help you so you know what to do. 


                                                             IIIII. Child and Wife
                                     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                     A.How to get what you want (son or daugther)

   As I told you about the Harvest Sprites (up) they live in the tree. Once you get in there turn to Flak (fat one and go behind him. There are three or two pots there. Go up to them and click X a million times. Finally he will say something like 'You win' Go talk to one of the Sprites and the will ask 'do you want a Son or Daugther'. Then leave and you'll get it. Only work in First Chapter and  It happens in the second chapter.


     You really don't have to pay much attention to your wife. Gave her gife every now and then. Also If I were you don't talk to your wife that much she really starts to get annoying after the third or fourth year. Sometimes even the first year if you talk to her enough. Also If you marry Muffy be ready.......She's always happy!

                                                                        C. Child
 Your child you must pay attention to them if you want them to go in the  right path. also be friends with as many people as possible! So your child can chose what job he/she wants. When your childs a baby if you talk to Chris (Wally's wife) she will tell you most likely what your kid will do!


                                                                IIIIII.Other Hints
                                         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                                                  A. Marrying Nami

      Nami is very easy! She is the thrid easiest. You may not think she will be buts she is! She loves Trick blue flowers which come in the fall and lots of things from the digging site. Once you get one heart you will walk outside one morning and she will be standing there whatever you do don't say so your just going to stand there. Talk to her and you will be able to do it!

                                                                                             B.Marrying Muffy

 Now Muffy you can get a heart in one day! She is the all time easiest! The first day give her moon ore or a flower. The talk to her (has to before 11 in the morning) The she will ask why you came say to see your face. That gives you a heart usualy it only works on the first heart. Then go to your house and come out with out sleeping but you could save and a scene will come up she will say he looks mad. You say ethier "He always like that or don't woory about it" I'd recamend don't worry about it. There you can say "So what are you here for? or are you hurt.' do not chose what are you here for!

                                 C.Marrying Lumina

  Lumina is the hardest  I think. It takes  awhile to get one heart once you get one heart its easy. Vist her house a lot when she playing paino and in her room. Also pick what you would want said to you. She likes moon ore and flowers pretty much she will take about three thing a day if there all not the same.

                               D.Marrying Celia

                Just give her flowers and you'll have it. She really easy! When she asks you to go to the spring go even if you have work. Go her house and the Spring alot if you want to marry her she is there alot!

                                               E. Blue feather and asking to marry

 You get a blue feather in the summer by the Harvest Sprites (look up for more about them) and they put it in your shed which is near your barn and house. The shelf where you thing you buy go. If you ask a girl and she say no a heart will go away. I have never had that hppen to me.So make sure you have four hearts before you ask! If she say no get her hearts up and at the end of the year she will come to you.

                                                       F. Recipes

                   Right now I only have a few so I hope I help a bit.

                               Potato +Carrot + Milk = Stew
                               Potato + Wild +Plant = potato soup
                               Three Turnip =Light Pickles
                                Fish =Good Sidedish