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Follow the dark path or use the light
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition


The Ultimate Guide 1

by DeadWing


%%%Harvest Moon:%%%%%%

%%%A Wonderful Life%%%

%%%Special Edition%%%%


%The Ultimate Guide 1%


%Written By: DeadWing%


%Version Number   1.4%



#CRI# Copyright Information

#GEI# Game Information

#MWT# Main Walkthrough

#TBE# The Beginning

#SP1# Ch1 Spring

#TCH# The Characters

#TAN# The Animals

#CTB# Crop/Tree Basics

#1SG# 1st Gen Crops/Trees

#BDS# Buildings

#EXS# Expansions

#TOL# Tools

#RAC# Recipes and Cooking

#WPF# Wild Plants/Flowers

#FHG# Fishing

#TMG# Mini-Games

#VSH# Van's Shop

#FAQ# Frequently Asked Questions

#VSI# Version Information

#SPT# Special Thanks

#PIN# Permission


%%%%%%%%%%#CRI# Copyright Information%%%%%%%%%%%%%


This guide may not be reproduced, redistributed,

remade, republished, or taken apart in any way,

form, or manner, unless it is for personal,

private use. This guide may not be distributed

pulicly in any way without express written consent

from the owner. Use of this guide, except for

personal and private use, as part of any public

display is strictly prohibited, a violation of

copyright, and is illegal. Consequences will be

made. This guide is copyrighted to DeadWing. All

trademarks and copyrights contained in this

document are owned by their respective trademark

and copyright holders.


%%%%%%%%%%#GEI# Game Information%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%



A lifetime of farming takes on new meaning in

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition.

Besides planting crops, raising animals, and

rebuilding your father's farm, you'll make friends

in Forget-Me-Not Valley, find your future bride,

and hopefully cultivate a happy family!


Triangle Button- Function/Train Dog/Snuggle

Circle Button- Function/Cancel/Put Away

X Button- Function/Talk/Open/Eat

Square Button- Toggle Quick-Item Inventory

L1 Button- Center Camera Behind Character

L2 Button- Whistle for horse

R1 Button- 1st Person View

R2 Button- Whistle for dog

Directional Buttons- Scroll through menus

Left Analog Stick- Move Character

Right Analog Stick- Move Camera Left or Right

START Button- Open and close menu screen

SELECT Button- Open the map of Forget-Me-Not Valley


Saving-Go into your house and go to the left of

your TV. There is a book. Examine it and you will

have three (or four if you have the alarm clock)

choices.  One of them is save. Click that to save.

If you click on 'Sleep', you will have an option of

saving before going to sleep.

Time Passage-This may seem unimportant, but you

never know who may need this explained. Each

second in real life is one minute on the game.

Each minute in real life is one hour on the game.

That means a full day is 24 minutes. There are

four seasons, each season is ten days. There are

seven years, each year is called a chapter. The

first six years are titled. The seventh year will

appear that you are advancing from winter to

spring at the end, but you really won't.

Naming-Another seemingly unimportant thing, but

this can be important depending on your creativity.

Basically, the only things you need to name are

yourself, your farm, your son/daughter, your pets

(dog, cat), and your animals (cows, sheep, etc.).

You will also name 3rd generation crops when you

get that far in the game. When naming yourself,

just choose your real name. Naming your farm, you

basically decide that for yourself. When naming

pets, you can name them after your real life pets

(if you have any), or you can just make one up.

When naming your son/daughter, you can name him/her

after what you would like your real life kid to be

named. Animals, either be creative and come up with

one, or name them in code, like Cow1, Cow2, etc.

Takakura's Notebook-If you are inside your house,

go to the right wall (your right) and then move

towards you (clicking down on the joystick). The

bookshelf next to you contains the configuration

screen (vibration, etc.) and Takakura's Notebook.

Takakura's notebook gives you more information on

your animals, crops, and business. A good resource

for starters.

Rucksack-by clicking the START button, you will

pause the clock, and open your rucksack. Your

rucksack contains all of the items that you have.

You can see more information about whatever item

you have highlighted by clicking the triangle

button. There is even a unique sorting system

that sorts your items into categories such as

seeds, crops, and food.

Shipping Bins-the shipping bins are found in the 

food storage room. You can ship dairy products,

seeds, and crops to the city. Takakura will sell

them there and give you the money. To collect the

money, go to the ordering form in the same

building. The ordering form is where you go when

you want to buy a new animal, extension, or tool.


%%%%%%%%%%#MWT# Main Walkthrough%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


The following sections are the main walkthrough.

They cover the main aspects of the game. Cheats,

hints, tips, and FAQs will be included. Any

spoilers and cheats will be noted, for those that

don't want to be 'spoiled' or that don't want to

cheat. Any other thing included, you will most

likely notice, unless you skip sections.


%%%%%%%%%%#TBE# The Beginning%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


When you first click new game, you will have a cut

-scene right away. Takakura is talking about the

weather and Forget-Me-Not Valley. He's bringing

you to a place that he promised your Dad he would

take you. You are broughten to your farm. Takakura

explains about your Dad's dream to farm before he

died. He asks you if you want to farm. Saying 'yes'

will continue the game, saying 'no' will end the

game, which is completely pointless. He then shows

you around the farm. You learn about the various

buildings first.

After you learn about the chicken coop, two dogs

will run at you. You get to choose between the

point-eared one and the floppy-eared one. No matter

which you pick, the game won't be any different

then if you chose the other one, other then the dog

itself. Takakura says the dog is a boy, but it

doesn't matter if you give it a girl name. There is

nothing that happens in-game that would make it

weird to have a boy dog with a girl name. Don't

worry about the other dog, it gets an owner in the

city. Takakura will build you a dog house also. You

then get introduced to your house, followed by the

location of Takakura's house.

You then get introduced to your first cow. It's a

female, so give it an appropriate name. You're

then told that you have about 30 days of milk left

before you need to impregnate your cow again. You

now need to name your farm. Doesn't matter what

you choose. If you type "Farm" as the name, you'll

end up having a farm named "Farm Farm", keep that

in mind. You'll then get to choose whether or not

you want to be shown around the village. Either

way, you'll end up naming yourself. If you choose

'no', the game will not be any different then if

you choose 'yes'. You do not get an extra boost in

your friendship with the village's people. The

only difference is that if you choose 'no', you

will save some time in the introduction part of

the game.

That's all for Takakura's part in the introduction.

It's time for you to go to bed. But before you do,

you meet the Harvest Sprites Nik, Nak, and Flak.

And that is all. You will enter gameplay now. The

first chapter is called "The Beginning".


%%%%%%%%%%#SP1# Ch1 Spring%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


Now that you have the long introduction over, you

can now play the game. First thing you want to do

is save your game. Just examine your journal near

the TV and select 'Save'. It takes longer to save

the first time you do. After your first time,

saving goes a lot faster. After saving, go to the

bookshelf along the right wall to change the

configurations if you wish. You can also get some

hints from Takakura's Notebook. Now go ahead and

check your TV. You have four channels. One is the

weather channel, another is a channel telling you

how lucky you will be, another is a news channel

which explains different things like fields and

seeds, and the last channel changes from things

like music and fishing news. After that head


When you step outside, go to your immediate right.

In the background, you will see a green plant.

Walk up to it and harvest it. It is called

'Mugwort'. There is another one near the other

field. Put one of these in your dog's food dish.

Feeding your dog isn't required. If you don't feed

it, it won't die. But feeding it will help it's

training level go up quicker, along with its

feeling towards you. Save the other one for next

time you're hungry. Feeding yourself is necessary,

or you will constantly get an annoying "Guu~"

message and your stamina will lower quickly.

Mugworts grow everyday, so you shouldn't have to

worry about running out.

Now you want to go into your barn. Get two squares

of Fodder (go to the back left to get it) and put

them into your cow's food bin. After that, if your

cow isn't sleeping or in the middle of eating,

talk to it and nuzzle it. Then milk it. You can

either milk it by hand, or by using the cow milker.

Not sure if it makes a difference, but I use the

Cow Milker. Now go into your Tool Shed. There is a

door in the back right of the barn that you can

use to take a short cut. Get out your Tomato Seeds

(and your Winter Breeze record if you want) from

the shelf in back right corner of the tool shed.

Then go to the shelf on the left and get out your

tools (watering can, heavy sickle, and heavy hoe).

Now go out to your field (the one that's near the

water fountain). Fill up your watering can. Take

out your hoe and till two squares of the field.

Plant your tomato seeds and then water them. Your

dog will most likely be awake by now. Walk up to

hit and pick it up. Talk to it and then set it

back down. Now you can train it. There are four

different tricks. For three of them, you just need

to hold down either the square, triangle, or

circle button to do. The other one, you need to

rotate the left joystick until it is done. Click

circle when you're done training. After all that

is done, you can do whatever you want until around


When it comes to be 6PM, go back to your farm and

go into your barn. Talk to your cow and then milk

her. After that, I usually go and order some animal

medicine and good fodder. If it's after 7 by now,

I go to bed. On day two, I do basically the same

thing that I did on day one, except there are no

flowers to harvest. Since you have most stuff done,

you have more free time today, so you can talk

with fellow villagers.

When it comes to be the third day, I watch the TV,

water my plants, and milk my cow. Then I just do

extra stuff until Van opens his shop. When he does,

I buy the brush and the fishing rod, a total of

1000G. If I don't have enough, I sell some milk or

flowers. Then, once again, I have free time until

around 6PM. At 6PM, I milk my cow and then I go to

bed at around 7PM. On days four and six, basically

do the same thing that you did on day two. On days

five and seven, do the same thing that you did on

day one. Day eight is the same as day three,

except there is nothing new to buy from Van, and

there are no flowers to harvest. Day nine is

basically the same thing as day one. Day ten is

basically the same thing as day two. So, that's it

for Spring Chapter 1.


I think of Chapter1 Spring as sort of a tutorial.

It isn't a "give you directions, and you follow"

tutorial, but it's the first season of the entire

game, and you basically just learn...the basics.

From this point on, I will only mention days of

importance. For example, getting the horse, or

getting the tartan. You notice that I told you

how to do each and every day of the first spring.

After 10 days of playing the game, you should know

how to play. So, just a heads up. If I'm missing a

day from now on, it isn't because I haven't

finished it, but it's more likely because nothing

special happens on that day.


%%%%%%%%%%#TCH# The Characters%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%



*-eligible bride

Carter-41-Carter's Dig-Always seeking an extra

hand with digging. Dr. Carter lives at his

archeological site near the waterfall. He pays his

hired help with unearthed relics and artifacts.

*Celia-26-Vesta's Farm-Not long ago Celia moved in

at Vesta's Farm to help tend the profitable

vegetable fields. Try as she may, she still

struggles to fit in with Vesta's business style.

Chris-33-Village Houses-A former news reporter,

Chris continues to commute daily to work in the

city. She likes to stop at the market stall on her

way home--especially if you have flowers.

Cody-36-Cody's Studio-Brilliant and elusive, Cody

spends much of his time away from other folks,

although he doesn't mind sharing his artistic

observations with a trusted friend or two.

Daryl-35-Laboratory-Daryl has a reputation for

strange experiments, but he still seeks his first

elusive breakthrough. He often wanders around

while thinking through his ideas.

Dr. Hardy-52-VIllage Houses-Mysterious Dr. Hardy

makes his daily rounds to check on Romana and the

rest of the villagers. There's all sorts of local

talk about his strange glowing eye.

Flora-34-Carter's Dig-Plenty of folks wonder why

Flora and Dr. Carter live in a tent near the

archeological site, but this charming assistant

insists that it's all about the artifacts.

Galen-68-Village Houses-Boredom is retirement's

curse. Galen still laments the day he left his

job and moved with his wife Nina to Forget-Me-Not

Village. He's glad that Nina likes it here.

Griffin-46-Blue Bar-Ultra-cool Griffin is older

than he looks. His youthful expression might come

from the energy-restoring drinks that he mixes

behind the counter of the Blue Bar.

Gustafa-28-Gustafa's Yurt-Enjoying life one verse

at a time, Gustafa is a guitar-strumming poet who

lives in a colorful yurt near the beach. Girls

swoon over him at his summer concerts.

Hugh-8-Village Houses-Hugh likes to run and

exercise with his father. Wally. If Hugh remains

serious about his training, he might have the

talent to make it in professional sports.

Kassey-51-Fireworks Studio-He might be the world's

greatest pyrotechnician, but some folks whisper that

Kassey and his twin Patrick landed in Forget-Me-Not

Valley after an explosive accident.

*Lumina-18-Romana's Villa-Lumina usually spends

her day practicing the piano at Romana's Villa,

althrough she wouldn't mind doing other things--

especially if she could find someone special.

Marlin-32-Vesta's Farm-Gruff and sometimes grumpy,

Marlin left the city to live with his siter Vesta

on her farm. He often spends his spare time

studying advanced agriculture techniques.

*Muffy-30-Blue Bar-Muffy has never been lucky in

love, but she won't give up. Griffin thinks that

she's the best thing that's ever happened to the

Blue Bar. Most customers agree, too.

*Nami-28-Inner Inn-Few people understand Nami

because she rarely opens up around people. It

would take a special listener to win the heart of

this quiet and intelligent globetrotter.

Nina-67-Village Houses-Cheerful Nina came to

Forget-Me-Not Valley to live out the remainder of

her years. She likes it here, but she worries that

her husband Galen might be bored.

Patrick-51-Fireworks Studio-If you didn't know

about the patch on his pants, you might confuse

Patrick for the greatest pyrotechnician in the

world. He likes games almost as much as fireworks.

Rock-22-Inner Inn-Other kids might jump at the

chance to work in a successful family business

like the Inner Inn, but Rock just wants to party.

Tim and Ruby don't seem to mind.

Romana-62-Romana's Villa-Next to Galen, Romana

might be the oldest resident in the valley--but

don't tell her that. Some think that she expects

perfection from her granddaughter Lumina.

Ruby-47-Inner Inn-The business dynamo behind the

success of the Inner Inn, Ruby constantly

searches for secret cooking spices and unusual art.

Everyone raves about her cooking.

Sebastian-63-Romana's Villa-Sebastian's family

served ROmana's Villa for generations. That's why

he's treated like a family member instead of a

butler. Any other reason would be scandalous!

Takakura-?-Your Farm-Takakura is the link to your

father's dream. He helped build your farm and

he'll do everything he can to help you turn the

place into a successful business.

Tim-48-Inner Inn-Innkeeper at the Inner Inn, Tim

looks after business while his wife Ruby seeks out

fresh ingredients to cook up winning meals in the


Van-50-Cities-A traveling merchant with a healthy

appetite, Van wanders between towns and buys

almost anything villagers want to sell. Check your

calender for his market days.

Vesta-39-Vesta's Farm-Vesta speaks her mind and

vegetables are usually on it, but lately she's

preoccupied with the notion of finding a suitable

husband for Celia. Marlin might do.

Wally-34-Village Houses-Fitness fanatic and former

sports star, Wally dreams of seeing his son Hugh

aspire to great athletic accomplishments. Could he

train your kid to be an athlete, too?


%%%%%%%%%%#TAN# The Animals%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


Now, here are some details about the animals you

can get in the game. Just follow what is said

here as best as you can, and your animals will

love you quickly.

BASICS-each animal needs to eat unless stated

otherwise. All of the animals have some type of

resource or help that you can use. Cows give milk,

horses give transportation, etc. There have been

rumors about getting some animals that you see

around the village, like the turtle and raccoon.

These have not yet been confirmed by me, so I'm

not sure if they are true or not. In my opinion,

I think that these animals are only acquirable in

the gamecube version of the game. To care for

animals, you just need to talk, cuddle, feed, and

basically just pay attention to them. They like to

be let outside on sunny days too. I recommend not

selling your animals. If you do, other animals will

lower their feelings towards you. Only sell animals

if you really need the money or if you need to make

room in your barn.

Now, on to the detailed part for each animal.

Chickens-All you need is a rooster and a chicken

to start your egg empire. Hatching your own chicks

can save some money, bu this could add up to a

coop full of roosters and only a couple of egg-

laying hens.

Cows-Readily recognized as the best money-maker on

any farm, happy cows can produce milk twice per

day. The big challenge is keeping up with all the

feeding, brushing, and cuddling every happy heifer


Dog-your first pet. You are not required to feed

the dog, but doing so will make its feelings

towards you rise quicker. It can also help with

its training. You can have either a floppy-eared

one or a pointy-eared one. The game does not change

at all no matter which one you choose. The only

difference is the appearance of the dog. You can

stick any type of edible wild plant in the food

dish to feed it. To talk to it, you first must pick

the dog up, and then you can talk to it. Training

your dog is simple. There are four different types.

One you rotate the left joystick in a circle, the

others you must either hold down the triangle,

square, or X button, depending on which one you

want to do. Circle cancels training. If you can get

the dog's training level all the way up, he might

protect your freezer (the one in the food storage

room) from Murrey. I'm not sure if this is true,

but I will update the guide when I find out.

Sheep-Sheep eat half as much as cows and don't

demand much attention, but you won't be able to

trim their wool more than once per season.

Increase their wool sale value by washing them at

the outdoor trough.


%%%%%%%%%%#CTB# Crop/Tree Basics%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


First of all, there are three generations of crops.

1st Generation: The crops and trees that you can

buy from Vesta, Celia, and Marlin. 2nd Generation:

Hybridizing two different 1st Gen Crops or two

different 1st Gen Trees together using the Tartan.

3rd Generation: Hybridizing two different 2nd Gen

Crops or two different 2nd Gen Trees together

using the Tartan. Each crop/tree has a different

length of time that it takes for it to grow. The

soil type will vary also. You can change the

ranking of a crop (B, A, S) by hybridizing it with

a certain flower. There are two types of crops,

one being a root crop (EG-potato), and the other

being a vine crop (EG-tomato).


%%%%%%%%%%#1SG# 1st Gen Crops/Trees%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


First, these crops and trees can really be grown

in any type of soil. Even though by examining the

crop/tree, it will say what type of soil, that is

just the recommended type. If it says to plant in

relatively rich soil, you can plant in poor soil.

Also, I do recommend putting all 1st gen crops in

your middle field and all 1st gen trees in your

first field (the one closest to your house).


Tomato-Spring through Fall

Watermelon-Spring through Summer

Melon-Summer through Fall

Turnip-Summer through Winter

Strawberry-Fall through Spring

Carrot-Fall through Winter


Potato-Winter through Spring


These can all be grown all year, so I will only

list the different trees.







%%%%%%%%%%#BDS# Buildings%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


First, there are two types of buildings. The

first-all of the buildings in your farm. The

second-the buildings of Forget-Me-Not Village,

excluding those in your farm. This section is used

to describe each building.


Your House-the place you live. Cook meals, sleep,

watch television, and check your farm's assets

here. This is a really important building on your


Takakura's House-this is where Takakura lives. When

you unlock the Tartan, it will be stored here.

Fields-There are three fields. You start with two

of them. The third is unlocked some time in the

second chapter. The farther away from the house

the field is, the more fertile the soil is.

Old Shed-this is not used for anything. It is

replaced by the Chicken Yard if you choose to buy

that extension.

Chicken Coop-this is where your chickens stay when

they are inside. You put bird feed here too, when

you want to feed your chickens. If you have ducks,

they will go here too.

Food Storage Room-You order tools, animals, and

extensions here. You can send Takakura to the city

to cell crops, seeds, fruits, and dairy products

also. There is a freezer in the back, but storing

food in it poses a small risk. Sometimes Murry

will steal food from it.

Tool's a tool shed. All of your

tools, be it sickles, hoes, or watering cans, are

stored here. The calf hutch and storage pen are

stored here also. If you get a Seed Maker, it is

stored here. The shelf is used to hold seeds and

other items like flowers and dig site items.

Forget-Me-Not Village Buildings:

Romana's Villa-Romana, Sebastian, and Lumina live

here. It's a big mansion.

Village Houses-there are two to three different

houses in this group. The residents are Cris,

Wally, and Hugh. At one point Galen and Nina live

here, followed by Dr. Hardy. Later in the game,

Grant, Samantha, and Kate live here too.

Blue Bar-Griffin and Muffy live here. It is a bar,

and you can by drinks. But the drinks refill your


Inner Inn-Nami, Rock, Tim, and Ruby live here.

It's a two story building. You cannot rent a room

here, but it isn't needed anyways.

Fireworks Studio-Kassey and Patrick live here.

It's an elevated house that looks slightly like

the tip of a rocket.

Studio Trailer-Cody lives here. It has some weird

iron around it.

Gustafa's Yurt-Gustafa lives here. It is a yellow


Vesta's Farm-Vesta, Marlin, and Celia live here.

You can buy seeds and fertilizer from here. It

looks like a farm.

Carter's Dig-Flora and Carter live here. It is up

by the waterfall. There is a tent, and next to it,

a lowered area with a tarp over it. Climb down the

stairs to go into the lowered area and you can dig.


%%%%%%%%%%#EXS# Expansions%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


Okay, now here are details about the expansions.

Pond-if you buy this in the first chapter, and it

is built by the beginning of summer in the second

chapter, you can get free ducks.

Seed Maker-you can get a free one from Daryl if

you befriend him before Takakura tells you about

it. If you put a crop in this, you will get two

seeds from it after a few days. Very profitable.

Great Field-the third field. It has the most

fertile soil and its size is equal to the other

two fields combined.

Chicken Yard-a miniature pasture, but it's for

your chickens and ducks. If they are in here, they

eat food automatically. And, rumor is, if it

starts raining while they are in here, they will

automatically go into the chicken coop.

Fertilizer Maker-get this to make free fertilizer.

Put two trash items into the trash bin inside the

barn and you will get one square of fertilizer.

Milking Room-when you first buy this, you have to

manually push your cows in the building. But after

a while, they will automatically walk in and get

milked. Then you won't have to waste your time

milking them. You only have to walk in the

building and pick up the milk.

Food Processing Room-when you have some spare

milk, stick it in one of the two machines in

this expansion. The food processing adds on to the

food storage room. One machine turns milk into

butter, the other turns milk into cheese.


%%%%%%%%%%#TOL# Tools%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


There are various tools in this game. And for each

tool, there are also newer, and better versions of

it. You start with some, you buy some, and you can

get some as gifts from other people. But, to get a

tool as a gift, you have to make friends with the

person first.

Heavy Hoe-start with. Uses a lot of energy. Can

till one unit of soil at a time. Can till over

harvested plants. Can till over trees that haven't

been fully grown yet.

Heavy Sickle-start with. Uses a lot of energy. Can

cut down one unit of fully grown grass. Can cut

down fully grown trees and above ground plants.

Cow milker-start with. Milks cows. Doesn't use as

much energy as hand milking. Does take longer than

hand milking.

Watering Can S-start with. Holds up to 35 units of

water at a time. Waters one unit of ground at a

time. Used to water plants and not fully grown

trees. Refill at the well.

Brush-buy from Van. Used to brush your animals.

Can't be used on chickens, ducks, cats, or dogs.

Can be used to wash animals by the water in the

pasture outside. Can't wash chickens, ducks, cats,

or dogs either.

Fishing Rod-buy from Van. Used to fish. You can

fish at the spring, the Turtle Swamp, and all of

the river.


%%%%%%%%%%#RAC# Recipes and Cooking%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


In this game, you only get to cook soups and

salads at the beginning. You have to cook about

15-20 to unlock the next group of recipes. Then

you have to cook about 10 more to unlock the last

group. If you cook a "Failed Attempt", it will not

add on to your total cooked recipes. You have to

cook a successful meal. So, now I will list the

different recipes from the game.


%%%%%%%%%%#WPF# Wild Plants/Flowers%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


While playing the game, you will most likely see

various items laying on the ground. Walking near

them, and clicking the 'X' button, you will

'harvest' them. There are different flowers and

plants that you can do this to. Each season, there

are different ones. This section will list them,

and have a bit of information about each.

Spring Flowers and Wild Plants

Mugwort-edible wild plant

Toy Flower-flower

Goddess Drop-flower

Summer Flowers and Wild Plants

Royal Fern-edible wild plant

Mist Moon-flower

Happy Lamp-flower, hybridize


%%%%%%%%%%#FHG# Fishing%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


There are four different sizes of fish you can

catch. They are Tiny, Regular, Big, and Huge. It

is easier to fish if you have the vibration turned

on, and if you have the sound loud enough that you

can hear it. To fish, you approach the edge of a

river or pond, and you click the 'X' button. You

will cast out your hook and wait for a bite. At

first, there are tiny nibbles on the hook, and

then, after a few nibbles, you will get the big

bite. When you get the big bite, press the 'X'

button. You do not have to hold the button down.

Right when the vibration ends after the big bite,

that's when you hit the 'X' button. And now, I

will list each fish, and some information about



%%%%%%%%%%#TMG# Mini-Games%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


There are a few extra things you can do in this

game. These mini-games take your mind off of the

hard farming work that you must do throughout the

rest of the game. These mini-games can be fun, and

they aren't required to do. Just a little extra

items in the game.

Territory Capture-when Kassey or Patrick is in the

fireworks house, talk to one of them. Sometimes,

they will ask if you want to play a game.

Milk Drinking-


%%%%%%%%%%#VSH# Van's Shop%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


On the third and the eight of every season, a man

named Van comes to town. In the game, it says that

he will occasionally come to town on other days,

but I have never had this happen to me. Around

noon to 3PM, Van will set up his shop next to the

Inner Inn. He usually closes the shop around 6PM.

Every time he opens and closes, you get a cut-

scene that tells you. There is no way to turn it

off. After a year of having this cut-scene, it is

annoying, as you probably know by now when he

opens and closes. All of the items that Van sells

are not available anywhere else, so it's best that

you buy all of them that you need. You can sell

almost any item that you may have to him. Now, I

will list the different items you can buy from

him, and some information about each.


%%%%%%%%%%#FAQ# Frequently Asked Questions%%%%%%%%


Q-If I give gifts to someone other than a

  potential bride, can I eventually marry them?

A-No. But you can become friends with them, and

  eventually get a gift from them. But you can

  only marry one of the four potential brides.

Q-What if I don't like these available women? Can

  I go it alone as a single guy?

A-No. If you don't romance and propose to someone

  by the end of Chapter1, your game will be over.

  In some cases, if you don't propose to someone

  by the end of Chapter1, one of the brides will

  come and ask you.

Q-I proposed and she refused. Then her diary lost

  a heart. What gives?

A-As in real life, timing your question is

  everything. Just give her gifts to get hearts

  back again.

Q-I don't have animal medicine for my sick animal.

  Will he get better if I just keep him indoors?

A-No. Sick animals will die if they are left

  untreated. Order some from Takakura. If you need

  money, make it quickly.

Q-Can I mix a brown cow with a star bull, or do I

  have to match cows according to their type?

A-You don't need to pair the same breed of cows.

  You can mix them and try experimenting.

Q-Can I make the rucksack icon in the upper-right

  corner of the screen stop flashing?

A-Yes. Just go to the configure section in the

  book shelf that's in your house.


%%%%%%%%%%#VSI# Version Information%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


Version 1.0~February 2, 2009~First version. Added

basic crops, animal, and character information.

Added the 'Main Walkthrough', 'The Beginning', and

'Ch1 Spring' sections. Added copyright, game, and

version information sections. Added 'Special

Thanks' section. Lastly, added the 'Permission'


Version 1.1~February 5, 2009~Changed the format of

the headers for each section. Formatted each

section's body a little better. Future edits

coming up. Added the 'Buildings' section. Will be

adding an 'Expansions' section soon.

Version 1.2~February 7, 2009~Changed the format of

the bodies. Will change header and body format in

the future again. Added the 'Expansions' section.

Will be adding a 'Tools', 'Vans Shop', and 'Mini-

Games' sections in later versions.

Version 1.3~February 13~Formatted the bodies

slightly different. Added the 'Recipes and

Cooking' section. Also added the 'Fishing' and

'Vans Shop' sections. Also added a 'FAQ' section.

Will be adding a 'Wild Plants/Flowers' section, a

'Dig Site' section, and a 'Cut-Scene' section in

later versions. Still planning on adding the

'Mini-Games' and 'Tools' sections.

Version 1.4~March 10~Added the 'Mini-Games' section

and the 'Tools' section. Another section that I

added is the 'Wild Plants/Flowers' section. Will

be adding a 'Dig Site' section and a 'Cut-Scene'

section. Will be adding a section on how to make

money. Will be adding a gift guide, including

gifts to give people and gifts you recieve. There

are a few other sections I'm planning on adding

also. Lastly, I will be updating current sections,

mainly because there isn't that much information

in each section.


%%%%%%%%%%#SPT# Special Thanks%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


So far, I have made this guide without any help

from other people.


%%%%%%%%%%#PIN# Permission%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


Here I will list the sites that are allowed to

host this walkthrough/guide/FAQ. If you are not on

this list and you have this guide, you are

breaking the law of copyright.

1) Supercheats~


%%%%%%%%%%THE END!  HOPE IT HELPED YOU!%%%%%%%%%%%