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Follow the dark path or use the light
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition


Marrying Celia Walkthrough

by clarissasy03

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition for Playstation 2
Marrying Celia FAQ
E-mail- [email protected] or [email protected]
Copyright clarissasy03 2008

1. Intoduction

Hi!, I wrote this FAQ for those who have a hard time marrying Celia and catch her scenes
so that it will somehow increase your hearts with Celia. So, let's begin...

2. How does she look like?

Age: 26
- has brown hair, a green dress, and a yellow-orange bandana
- lives at Vesta's farm, in the attic
- loves plants and crops
- Likes: flowers, vegetables, moon ore
- Diary: In the attic of Vesta's home, on Celia's bed
Not long ago Celia moved in at Vesta's Farm to help tend the profitable
vegetable fields. Try as she may, she still struggles to fit in with
Vesta's business style.

Celia - flowers, crops, moon ore

3. Info

Give Celia lots of flowers. One flower a day should be good enough.
Celia's diary is in the attic of Vesta's house (where they usually sell
the seeds and such) under Celia's bed. Check to see how many hearts she
has for you. Each girl will start with a green heart for you. A pink
heart will stand for 1 heart in this gamefaq.

4. Scenes

1 Heart CS - Celia's Love for Plants
This scene will occur on Vesta's farm. Once Celia has a pink heart for
you, go to Vesta's farm on a sunny day. Enter the house, and go back
outside. This is when the CS starts. Celia will tell you that she loves
working at the farm. She'll ask you if your farm bothers you. Select
option 2 and Celia will be happy. Then Celia will start talking about
the plants. After, Celia asks you if she sounds weird or something. You
have no say in this because your character does the head-shaking for
you. This CS can be triggered as early as early spring.

1 heart CS - Shopping Date?
Go to Vesta's farm. Press X on the door of Vesta's house. This will
trigger a CS. Celia will come out, startled to see you there. Celia
then says that she's very happy that it isn't raining. You will have an
option box. Choose "Are you free?" Just then, Marlin comes out and
hears Celia say "What did you have in mind?" Marlin, being the evil man
he is (lol) will remind Celia that she has to do some shopping for
Vesta. Celia embarassingly remembers and apologizes to you. You will
have another option box. Choose to go with her. Celia will be happy,
but Marlin definitely won't be. He says that he didn't know that you
came to this village to try and win girls' hearts or something. Celia
will be mad at Marlin and tell him not to be so rude. Vesta then comes
out of the storage room demanding what all the commotion is about.
Marlin, being a bit immature at this point, points his finger to you
and say, "He's stopping Celia from going!" Celia gets angrier at Marlin
at this point and yells that you weren't. You will have another option
box to say whether Marlin is right about you or to just apologize.
Apologize to Celia and this will be her reaction (Name)..... Then she
will ask you to escort her part of the way there. She will tell you
that she is sorry for Marlin's behaviour and that he isn't all that 
bad. She says that he is probably just worried about her. Then you and
Celia part so that she can go buy whatever she needs to buy. This CS
can be triggered as soon as early spring.

2 Heart CS - Celia's Walk
Go into your house and out at around noon (it can be 1 or 2 o'clock, it
doesn't really matter as long as it's around noon). When you exit,
you'll see Celia walking on the path leading to the spring from your
farm. You will follow her (man, this guy is such a stalker). When she
finds out that you followed her (stalker!) she'll be a bit surprised
(cuz you stalked her! nah. just kidding... well you never know). Well,
anyways, she tells you that this is her favourite spot because she
feels very relaxed and peaceful here. Then she'll tell you be quiet.
You'll get an option box to move or not. The right answer: don't move.
Celia will then tell you that nature seems so peaceful and such.
You'll get another option box (man, there's a lot of options in this
CS!). Agree with her and she'll be happy. This CS can be triggered as
soon as spring.

3 Heart CS - Celia's Problem
Go to Vesta's farm. Press X on the door of Vesta's house. This will
trigger a CS. Celia will come out saying that you are just in time.
She asks you if you would like to come to the spring with her. Choose
"Sure". You and Celia will then be at the spring. You will then see
Celia looking distracted. You ask her what's wrong. She says that it's
nothing, but... You will then have the option to say "If you have a
problem, you can tell me" or "Cheer up!". Choose the first option.
Celia will tell you that Vesta has Celia in an arranged marriage. Celia
doesn't really want to be in an arranged marriage, but Vesta had been
so kind to her, that she doesn't want to disappoint her. You can either
tell her "Don't knock it until you've tried it" (or something like
that) or "You have to refuse". If you choose the second one, Celia will
apologize for bringing this on you and leave upset. If you choose the
first one, Celia will feel a little bit better. So choose the first
option. (I'm not sure but I think that Celia has to be the only one in
the house, so go at around 9 AM?) This CS can be triggered as soon as
late spring or so.

4 Heart CS - Celia's Undecided decision
Enter Vesta's house when they are all in the house (around 11 AM).
You will hear Vesta scolding Marlin saying that it's none of his
business (ya! go Vesta!). Then they will continue arguing until Vesta
notices you. Say "Uh, I didn't hear a thing". They will then explain to
you about the situation they are in. Celia has gone to meet the guy
that she is supposed to marry. Vesta asks her about him, and Celia says
that he is very nice, but she is still not sure as she looks at you.
Celia says that she will need more time. This CS can be triggered as
soon as late spring or early summer.

4 Heart CS - Runaway Celia?
Exit your house at after 6 AM. Vesta will be talking to Takakura. She
will then tell you that Celia has gone missing. Marlin will come and
say that she isn't there (wherever there is). Vesta tells Marlin to go
back home while she looks for Celia. Marlin asks why he should go home
and Vesta tells him "Why? What if Celia comes back?" Marlin reluctantly
says "Fine." (ha!). Vesta then asks you to help look for her. You agree
and head towards the spring. You look around, but you don't find her.
Saddened, you go back. As you pass your farm, something catches your
eye. You turn around to see Celia playing with your dog. Your character
goes dot-eyed and then smiles. You meet up with Celia and she tells you
that she broke off the arranged marriage. She then tells you that she
loves you. If you don't then... You now have the option of saying "I
love you too" or "I'm sorry..." If you say "I love you too", that means
that you're gonna marry her. So if Celia is the one you're after,
tell her that you love her too. Celia will be really happy and say that
she'll be the best girlfriend ever. This CS can be triggered as soon as
early summer or so.

5. Finally, Proposal...

Proposal - (may be slightly different if you didn't get the previous 
cut-scene) Celia will ask if the feather is for her. Say yes if you want to
propose to her. You and Celia will now be at the Spring. Celia will
tell you about how she would never thought that she would receive a
blue feather because blue feathers are so rare these days. That's
pretty much it. (You and Celia will be married by the end of chapter 1)
If you already had the previous scene, then you'll just end up at the
spring if you gave her the blue feather.

6. Married

Just wait the end of chapter 1 and watch your wonderful marriage. Good luck!


Now, it is my end to end this FAQ. If you have any questions, just e-mail me
at [email protected] or [email protected] Just enjoy and have 
a happy reading it. Thank you for those who have time to read this FAQ.
Thank you so much!

Copyright clarissasy03 2008