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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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We have plenty of cheats for you to look through and includes defeating the Goul, killing Salamander, defeating Hinkypunks, unlocking the locked door and chest and a secret passage.

More Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 27 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : GameCube : Xbox : Gameboy Advance

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Defeating Hinkypunks

On the same level as the Goul you will meet Hinkypunks which are ghost-like creatures who have one foot and a lantern.

Have Ron shine Lumos Duo in their faces and when they become solid and zombie-like shoot Flipendo at them to defeat them.

Kill Salamander

Use a Glacius spell on a Salamander to put out the fire on it's back and turn it to ice then hit it with a Flipendo (Knockback Jinx).


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Character special abilities

Harry, Ron and Hermione have each the following special ability:

Harry - Jump long gaps

Ron - Finds hidden passages

Hermione - Crawls under small spaces

Free Wiggenweld and Antidote potions

When you come across a moving bush when you are exploring the grounds of Hogwarts move up close to it and shoot Flipendo at it.

A jelly bean, Wiggenweld or Antidote potion will pop out of it for you to pick up.

Defeating the Goul

Once you have completed all the tasks and have opened the chamber on the Neville and Goul level light Lumos Duo in the Gouls eyes and then lead it into the chamber to lock it in.

Unlocking the locked door and chest

Return all of the lost objects from the notice board in the Gryffindor common room untill you find the key.

In order to unlock the locked door on the sixth floor and the locked chest in the Muggle Studies area.

The key is located behind the statue on the first floor.

Fred and George's challenge for Ron

When Ron buys stink pellets from Fred and George, they set him a challenge.

Ron has to find 20 of these snake things on the walls and throw a stink pellet into them to turn them up the other way.

For every 5 you get Fred and George will give you a special Collectors Card.

The locations are as follows:

7th Floor

1. North Wing

2. Next to the Fat Ladies portrait

6th Floor

3. In Fred and George's bathroom

4. East Wing

5th Floor

5. Through the first door

4th Floor

6. Forth Floor Coridoor

7. Above Hospital Wing door

3rd Floor

8. Third Floor Coridoor

9. Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom

2nd Floor

10. Secret Passagway

1st Floor

11. ..

How to kill Hinkypunks

When you are trying to save nevele from the ghoul.

You will encounter 3 hinkypunks use ron to get them in a corner, use lumos duo keep using it until there visible then use flipendo.

Twice on each one.

Then 4 will come out and you have to do the same again.

Go through a few doors and you will encounter a toy robot to beat it

when it shoots missiles at you quickly use flipendo when it shoots at you.

After you beat the robot use lumos duo on the crystal ball then you have to face the ghoul, beat the ghoul shine lumos duo make sure you get it in the cage.

Hope it helps.

How to float on the game harry potter and the prisoner of azcaba

when you are getting the moroders map harry has to push 3 buttons jump to the first platform and in the chest will be a folio bruti page jump the the secand platform and get the house points then jump once more ignore the switch for now jump to the right and push the switch then jump back to the middil then walk on the narrow path on the wall right under the statue purposely fall then tap x rapeatedly if done correctley harry should float up and through the statue [THE GLICH HAS ONE DOWNSIDE ONCE YOU DO IT YOU WILL HAVE TO QUIT THE GAME AND START OVER.

A secret passage

To find the secret passage just go out into the 7th corridor.

It is the big book shelf use ron to open it.

It will take you down to the 4th floor.

PS this is great for getting past prefects.

Giant Card : Goliath

If you fix the vase on the 6th floor, you'll receive Goliath.

Harry Potters finest glitch's


do you want hermionie to walk in the water?

Well here's your chance on the charms challenge were you have the big pool of water freeze it and get to the middle, now when you wait the ice will melt and you might have a chance of walking beneath water (this does however involve a reset)


When you get to a treasure chest if you can get a teamate behind it now when you open the chest your teamate will have its feet stuck!(the teamates feet do come out!)


When you go on buckbeak go to the big lake then drop. the water is so steel like you can't fall in it but you go bouncing instead!!!



When you go to fred and georges shop and ..

Cards in the fires

If you use Glacius on the fires in the school you'll most likely get a wizard card.

But it is most likely a 50-50 chance.

After school activeties

After you completed the game you get to do mini games like dueling and owl racing and the hippogrif challenge.

When you have finish the game don't talk to the ..

When you have finish the game don't talk to the head master to count up the house point's. Go to Fred and George's shop and they will sell a spellbook.

PS. I think you will need 50 beans.

Easy beans

If you go to the rack of coats in fred and georges bathroom and press search and keep on doing that.

Make harry blue

To make harry or ron blue you cast the glaceir spell on them for a few secodns then you see them as blue

Expecto patronum

When you get to the very last bit of the game a whole load of dementors will go after sirius black they wont be looking at you.

You have to power up expecto patronum shoot it at the dementors before sirius blacks health drops, then you have completed the game.

PS: the level is very hard.

Funny ****

I have some funny **** you'll laugh your *** of!!!

Go into the boys dorm with Herminioe and talk to a boy in the dorm.

Go out, then go back in he'll say wait a minite come in, in a minite.

Leave then go back in and he will be on the bed!!!

Talk to him and he will say come on baby!!!!

hahaha but you can't do any thing.

Defeating the knight

Use Harry when it stops spinning pull its sheilds down one by one then eventually it will die.

The best owl

The best owl to pick is the black owl because he's the fastest.

Secret Chest

When you have the Carpe Retractum Spell go to the shortcut through to the fourth floor.

Beat the Pixies and use Carpe Retractum on the hook.

When you have go behind it and open the chest.

It should be a Folio Bruti Page or a Wizard Card

Hope it Helped.

How to get to sirius

Go and get buckbeak and quickly fly to the tall tower you have 2 minutes.

The last giant card

When hermione uses glacius on that puddle on the 6th floor climb up on it and open the chest.

Security trolls

Use ron to get stink bombs and chuck them at the trolls then run for it.


On the dueling club mode, if you keep switching you can get invincibility.But if you use Expelliarmus you will lose invincibility.You'll know when you have it when there is a purple veil around one of the characters.

Note: This will only work on one character at a time.


If you are stuck on the fary part then you have to freese the fairy's and then flependo them!

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