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by GordoHug

FAQ/Walkthrough for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Created by: Gordon Hughes ([email protected])

Posted on: GameFAQs only!!!!!!!!!


* The Story
* Controls
* Game Features
* Special Character Features
* Spells
* Pick-up items
* Walkthrough
1. Aboard the Hogwarts Express...............-->[#HOGEXP]
2. The Marauders Map.........................-->[#MARAUD]
3. First Day of Term.........................-->[#FIRSDT]
4. Neville and the Ghoul.....................-->[#THEGHO]
5. Black Deeds...............................-->[#BLDEED]
6. Carpe Retractum...........................-->[#CARTRM]
7. The Patronus..............................-->[#PATRON]
8. Hollow Victory............................-->[#HOLLOV]
9. Expecto Patronum!.........................-->[#EXPECT]
10.The Last Day of Term......................-->[#LASDTR]
* Description of things not mentioned in guide

Note: to find the walkthroughs quickly, simply go to the EDIT menu above, go 
to Find and type in the combination of letters above. For example, if you want
to look at the walkthrough for the Marauder's map, you would type in the 
search box [#MARAUD]. This will take you to the relevant walkthrough for that

The Story

Harry Potter longs to get back to Hogwarts. During the summer holidays, Sirius
Black escapes from the wizard prision Azkaban. His target: kill Harry Potter 
and restore Voldemort to full power. Our young friend is in mortal danger and
the Dementors at school looking for Sirius make Harry even more worried.


Left analog stick - Move Harry
Left analog stick - Move Hermione/Ron (when available)
Right analog stick - Move the camera/Zooms in or out in Birds Eye view
Square button - Cast an assigned spell or other item
Triangle button - Cast an assigned spell or other item
Circle button - Use the character swap (only available from the Marauder's map
                section onwards)
Cross button - Action button (open doors, secret passages, talk to people etc)
L1 button - Call your companions
L2 button - Birds Eye View (only availale in some areas)
R1 button - Target enemy
R2 button - no use
SELECT button - Opens the Remembrall

Game Features

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans - Use at Fred and George's shop on the sixth
floor in the disused bathroom. You can carry up to 250 beans.

Folio Bruti - Contains the information about all the monsters in the game. 
Look in treasure chests or trunks to find them. Hermione can buy one from Fred
and George's shop for 100 beans.

Folio Universitas - Contains all of the Famous Witches and Wizards cards that 
you collect. For every 4 you collect, a player's endurace is increased or you 
earn 30 points.

Monster Book of Monsters - Attack you at various parts of the game (one on the
train to Hogwarts and in challenge areas, such as spell challenges.) The ones 
after the train one require the use of the Expelliarmus spell to defeat them.

Mirrors - Used for reflecting light to an eyeball in the room. They normally 
open locked areas or reveal hidden steps, but they only last until you have 
past through by them.

Push buttons - Reveal steps or create a light source for eyeballs.

Spellbooks - Contain knowledge for new spells. For the game to continue, you 
must pick the book up.

Special Character Abilities

Harry Potter - Can jump short distance gaps to get to the other side.
               Spells: Flipendo, Expelliarmus, Expecto Patronum, Carpe 

Ron Weasley - Finds secret passages and can search bookcases for useful items.
              Spells: Flipendo, Expelliarmus, Lumos Duo.

Hermione Granger - Can squeeze under gaps and usually finds another way out. 
                   She can also cast more spells than the others.
                   Spells: Flipendo, Expelliarmus, Glacius, Reparo, 
                   Draconifors, Snufflifors (bought from Fred and George's 
                   shop for 50 beans)


Flipendo - This spell should always be equipped to the Triangle button, unless
otherwise. Use this spell to gain items from anywhere or use them in duels.

Expelliarmus - Disarms all spells and rebounds them to the origanator.

Carpe Retractum - Harry can use this spell to get to very hard-to-reach 
places. Normally used for a long distance gap that Harry cannot jump over.

Draconifors - Hermione can use this spell to burn down tapestries and reveal 
secret entrances. This spell has a very short distance, so use it at a very 
close range.

Expecto Patronum - Harry can use this spell against the Dementors. For fun, 
aim them at teachers or prefects and watch their reactions.

Glacius - Hermione can use this spell to cool hot opponents such as flaming 
torches, salamanders, fire pits or to get to another area over a large span. 
For fun, use the spell on teachers and their face will go blue and they will 
make a comment for you to stop it.

Lumos Duo - Ron can use this spell on crystal balls to light them and also on 
the ghoul on the 5th floor. This spell is very rarely used in the game.

Reparo - Hermione can use this spell to repair broken boxes and bridges.

Pick-up items

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans - You can find these in bookcases and in 
vase pots.

Challenge Shields - Pick them up and earn 10 house points.

Folio Bruti Pages - Contains information about the monsters in the game. 
Usually found in treasure chests.

Cards - When you complete a set of cards in the Folio Universitas, you 
increase a players endurace twice or earn house points. There are 4 sets of 
cards for every section of the Folio Universitas. The 5th card is given to you
when you have found the four cards for a set. 



<*> Cut Scene
--> Refer to a specific section of the guide or another part of the 
%   Task can only be completed once

I will not give a full walkthrough on how to complete the spell challenge 
levels. Look at the guide from Su-Eun-Yin for this information.

Make sure that the vibration is turned off!

1. Aboard the Hogwarts Express
2. The Marauders Map
3. First Day of Term
4. Neville and the Ghoul
5. Black Deeds
6. Carpe Retractum
7. The Patronus
8. Hollow Victory
9. Expecto Patronum!
10.The Last Day of Term

1.                Aboard the Hogwarts Express                        [#HOGEXP]

**Tasks to be completed**

a) Find Scabbers with Ron
b) Duel with Malfoy and Company
c) Get away from the Dementor

<*> Harry, Ron and Hermione are on their way to Hogwarts. During the trip, Ron
    brings up about how Sirius Black killed 13 people with a single curse. 
    Harry is not keen on the subject. Crookshanks suddenly lunges at Scabbers 
    and they run off down the corridor. Hermione tells Ron to pipe down, so as
    not to wake Lupin.

                          Task A

                %\FIND SCABBERS WITH RON/

You gain control of Harry. Follow Ron since the compartments are empty. 

<*> Ron sets off a Monsters Book of Monsters while finding scabbers.

Target the book with R1 and press Square to use Flipendo when the book is 
open. 3 hits and the book is dead.

<*> Ron makes sure that the book is down for good.

Grab the trunk and move it away from the door. If you lost any stamina, use 
Flipendo on the crate near the carriage door to earn a Chocolate Frog.

<*> Harry and Ron find that Scabbers has made it into the hands of Malfoy and
    Co. Ron tells Malfoy to give Scabbers back. 

                          Task B  


You are locked in a wizards duel with Crabbe and Goyle. Just keep using 
Flipendo and Dodge to kill them. --> To end of walkthrough for information 
about wizard duels.

<*> Malfoy jumps over the bar counter and continues the duel.

Just use the same tactics as you used for Crabbe and Goyle.

<*> Malfoy and Co walk off, but before they can, the train stops. Everyone 
    falls to the floor. Time to investigate.

Just walk towards the carriage door to continue the story line.

                          Task C

                %\GET AWAY FROM THE DEMENTOR/

<*> Harry is unconcious and Ron tries to awake him. Hermione comes along and 
    tells Ron to get Harry out. The camera shows you the way to go.

Just pull Harry back to the finish line to continue. You'll be attacked before
the end of the carriage, but just keep wiggling the left analog stick to free 

<*> Lupin comes in and conjures a spell which gets rid of all the Dementors. 
    Harry wakes up in the compartment and asks what that thing was. Lupin 
    tells him that is was a Dementor from Azkaban. He also gives Harry the 
    Folio Bruti.

**Tasks to be completed** 

a) Find Scabbers with Ron         DONE
b) Duel with Malfoy and Company   DONE
c) Get away from the Dementor     DONE

2.                The Marauders Map                                  [#MARAUD]

**Tasks to be completed**

d) Show the Folio Bruti to Ron
e) Go to Hermione in the common Room
f) Practice Expelliarmus outside Gryffindor Tower
g) Go to Fred and George's shop on the 6th floor
h) Get to the Marauders Map
i) Get back to Glanmore Peakes Corridor

<*> Harry has arrived at Hogwarts at last. Harry fears that Sirius Black is 
    looking for him and that Dumbledore's warning about the Dementors 
    protecting Hogwarts only confirms his fears. Ron comes up and asks Harry 
    if he has looked at the Folio Bruti and Harry says that he hasn't yet. Ron
    says that you should show it to him.

                         Task D

               \SHOW THE FOLIO BRUTI TO RON/

To open up the Remembrall, you press the SELECT button. The Folio Bruti is 
already selected for you so just press X. Now close the Folio Bruti.

                         Task E


Now that you have read the Folio Bruti, the two want to show their cool book 
to Hermione. Exit the dormitory and go through the door into the common room.

<*> Hermione says that she is too busy to speak to them at the moment (but she
    isn't doing any work. I still don't understand it.) Before continuing to 
    ignore them, she says that things would have been so much easier for 
    yourself if you had Expelliarmus. She points to the spellbook. Harry 
    remembers about the Expelliarmus spell.

                         Task F


Equip Expelliarmus to the Square button and Flipendo to the Triangle button.
Read the notice on the notice-board then exit the common room.

<*> Ron says that to start off, you should cast Flipendo at him to practice.

Target Ron and use Flipendo. If you are too close ie. further than the carpet,
Ron will tell you to move back.

<*> Ron successfully casts Expelliarmus and the spell rebounds to Harry, 
    knocking him over. 

Do the same process two more times.

<*> Now it's you turn to practice Expelliarmus. Ron will cast Flipendo and you
    must use Expelliarmus to knock the spell away (in other words, back to 

Target Ron and wait for the spell to come to you. Just before it hits you, 
cast Expelliarmus. Do this twice more and you are finished.

<*> Ron said that was cool and has an idea to go and see Fred and George.

                         Task G


Go through the unlocked door and then through the door near Sir Cadogan. This 
is the Grand Staircase. Here is a list of all the floors:

Ground Floor: Door to Entrance Hall
1st Floor: Transfiguration Corridor, Transfiguration Classroom
2nd Floor: Charms Classroom, Secret Passage to the 4th Floor, Secret Passage 
           to the 3rd floor, Study Area
3rd Floor: 3rd Floor Corridor, Gunhilda of Gorsemore Corridor, Storeroom, 
           Defence against the Dark Arts classroom.
4th Floor: Study Area, 4th Floor Corridor, Secret Passage to the 7th Floor, 
           Secret Passage to the 2nd Floor, Hospital Wing, History of Magic 
5th Floor: Just a classroom.
6th Floor: 6th floor corridor, Glanmore Peakes Corridor, Disused Bathroom, 
           East Wing
7th Floor: North Wing, Secret Passage to the 4th floor, Fat Lady's Corridor, 
           Gryffindor Tower


Just go down to the 6th floor.

<*> Peeves greets you and asks why you are not in bed. Ron says "What's it to 
    you?" Peeves says that if you're going to be like that, that there is a 
    bedtime story to keep you busy. The book knocks Ron out.

Flipendo's do nothing here, so don't use it. This is just a chance to use 
Expelliarmus. When a spell comes towards you, cast Expelliarmus while still 
targeting the book to send the spell back to the book. Do this 3 times to kill
the book.

<*> Peeves blows a raspberry and floats off. Ron congratulates Harry for 
    sorting out Peeves and tells you that you really know how to cast that 
    Expelliarmus spell.

Open the chest near the statue of Glanmore Peakes to get a card. Cast Flipendo
twice at the crate near the door to proceed. There's a broken jar ahead of you
and a puddle of water beside the bookcase, but do nothing with them because 
you do not have Hermione to complete the job. Go through the door to Fred and 
George's shop. Walk through the arch.

<*> Ron asks if Fred and George have anything to show them. They do and it's 
    something very special. They ask you to follow them. Fred and George say 
    that there is a secret passage to the Marauder's Map somewhere in the room
    and want you to find it.

Character swap to Ron by pressing Circle.

<*> Ron says that there is something odd about the wall behind his two 

Search the bookcase and the robes to get beans --> to End of walkthrough for 
information about Bertie Botts Every-Flavor Beans. Also, look above the 
bookcase and use Flipendo to get a bean as well. Then go up to the wall and 
press the X button.

<*> The secret passage opens up.


                          Task H

               %\GET TO THE MARAUDERS MAP/

<*> Harry and Ron see the map at the top of a big obelisk in the middle of the

Go through the door to the first challenge. 

<*> "Those that dare to take the leap, must also take care of their friends." 
     The camera shows 3 buttons that need to be pressed.

Character Swap back to Harry and walk to the edge of the floor. Jump over the 
gap. Collect the beans and open up the chest. Jump over the next gap, grab the
challenge shield and press all three buttons.

<*> The door opens behind Ron and a gang of Pixies fly out. One of them grabs 
    Ron and hauls him into the air. 

Keep using Flipendo at the Pixies 

**NOTE** A good tip is to make sure that the Pixie is over the gap and using 
Flipendo means that they will die instantly.

Go over to Ron and use Flipendo to get rid of the Pixie. Character Swap to Ron
and look at one of the walls inside the door area. One of them will have a 
shining light over it. Press the X button to open up the passage. Continue 
into the next challenge.

<*> "Friends must work together." The camera shows a mirror and two crystal 
     balls and a source for the light to go.

Pick up the trunk and use L1 to call Harry over.

<*> The golden crest turns round and a light source goes to the crystal ball 
    in front of it. It charges up and goes to the mirror and by chance, it is 
    not facing the right way.

Pull the trunk over to the wall where the first crystal ball is. Climb up and 
go to the left of the ball and get a card from the chest. Go over to the 
mirror and turn it so that the light faces the crystal ball that you can see.
That light bulb will shine onto the crest thing at the top of the room.

<*> The room shakes and steps form for a way out.

Climb up and get the beans and also get the challenge shield. Enter through 
the door to the next challenge.

<*> Ron grumbles about another challenge.

**NOTE** There are 4 walls at the back of the room, 2 of which when opened by 
Ron, will net you 3 beans and a card. The other 2 will release a Pixie. 

Notice a turntable thing in the middle of the room: use Flipendo on it 3 times
and the block in front of it will lower. Character swap to Harry and climb the
rope. Grab the beans and ignore the Pixies. Slide down the other side and grab
the beans.

<*> Right before Harry can grab the Shield, a gate comes down and separates 
    the two. Character Swap is temporairily disabled. 

Go through the door.

<*> "Know that help is always at hand, for every true mischief maker."

Go over to the chest and get the owl treat inside, making sure that you have 
the beans collected too.

<*> A Monster Book of Monsters appears.

Run by it and go up to the owl perch. Go to the balcony and target the book. 
Just before the pages hit you, use Expelliarmus to defeat the book. When the 
book is defeated, call Hedwig. Feed her the owl treat.

<*> The camera shows you the Marauders Map.

Hold down the Circle Key and fly to the Marauders Map.

<*> The camera shows Hedwig picking up the Marauders Map.

Now you must fly back to Harry.

<*> Hedwig drops the map to Harry who says, "I solemnly swear that I am up to 
    good." The map disappears and a Challenge Shield appears next to a 

                         Task I


Go over to the portrait and speak to him.

<*> "Surreptitiousness!" The portrait opens and Harry steps forward.

Now you must get back to the Weasleys with the map. You will see two statue 
Guards with their heads turning from side-to-side, looking for intruders. You 
will be fine, so long as you don't step into their scanning area. If you go 
into birds eye mode, you will see a button, which will open up the next area.
When you have pressed the button, make your way to the door. When you go 
through it, the door will shut you in. Now you must find the way to the door 
on the otherside of the bookcases. Along the way there are 3 chests that 
contain 1 bean.

<*> Harry notices Snape guarding the door to the corridor.

The idea here is that you must make your way all the way around the fire to 
the door. Make sure that Snape is not in the way before rusing to the door.

<*> Ron asks about the Marauders Map and Harry says that it is brilliant. Fred
    and George say that they're job is done and that you can come anytime. Ron
    points out that your Remembrall is flashing, and that you should look at 
    your Task List to see what it means.

Open the Remembrall and the Task List opens up. Ron says that you have done 
everything that you need to do. 

You can explore or end day.

**Tasks to be completed**

d) Show the Folio Bruti to Ron                     DONE
e) Go to Hermione in the common Room               DONE
f) Practice Expelliarmus outside Gryffindor Tower  DONE
g) Go to Fred and George's shop on the 6th floor   DONE
h) Get to the Marauders Map                        DONE
i) Get back to Glanmore Peakes Corridor            DONE

3.                The First Day of Term                              [#FIRSDT]

**Tasks to be completed**

j) Go to Defence against the Dark Arts
k) Go to Potions

<*> Everyone has awoke to the first day of term, but it looks like that Harry 
    and Ron have to give Hermione a wake up call to get her up for class.

                         Task J


Open up Hermione's chest to get a Folio Bruti page. Then exit to the 
dormitory. Behind the bookcase in the dormitory there is a Folio Bruti page in
the chest. Now make your way to the 3rd floor. Go through the door on the 
other side of the bookcases and into Gunhilda of Gorsemoor corridor. Then go 
through the door where everyone is crowded around.

<*> Lupin starts the lesson by asking Harry, Ron and Hermione to get the 
    Glacius spellbook. 

After the challenge...

<*> Lupin congratulates them for getting the spellbook and awards 50 house 
    points. Harry asks Lupin if he can show him how to make the Dementors back
    off. Lupin says that he'll get round to preparing a lesson, but not right 
    now, since he is not well. Ron reminds Harry about Potions class.

                         Task K

                \GO TO POTIONS/

It's time to go to Potions, which is in the Dungeons. Go down to the Enterance
Hall and down the stairs on the right of the Hall. Go through the door. Then 
go down more stairs and through another door. Between the students, there is a
door. Go through this door and into the Potions classroom.

<*> Snape is telling everyone about the Wiggenweld Potion, but Ron is not 
    listening and is trying to get Hermione's attention. Hermoine looks at Ron
    and he says that he was right about Potions. Hermione becomes 
    disinterested with Ron. Snape tells Ron off and in the process knocks over
    a dungbomb in it. Harry is unconcious because of the accident and Snape 
    tells Ron to bring Harry to the front.

Open the chest to get a Folio Bruti page. Then drag Harry to the front of the 

<*> "Now, Mr Weasley, if you pay attention, you might actually learn 

Pick up the two vials, then go to the inventory and equip the Wiggenweld 
Potion to Square, then exit the Remembrall. Drink one Potion and then stand 
close to Harry and administer the potion to him.

<*> Harry asks what happened, and Snape lets Ron give a full explanation. Due 
    to this stunt, the lesson has finished. He asks to gather the ingredients 
    to the Antidote for Uncommon Poison, ready for the next lesson. You will 

                      * Chizpurfle Carapaces
                      * Horn of a Graphorn
                      * Fire Seeds
                      * Billywig Stings

You can either explore or end day.

**Tasks to be completed**

j) Go to Defence against the Dark Arts  DONE
k) Go to Potions                        DONE

4.                Neville and the Ghoul                              [#THEGHO]

**Tasks to be completed**

l) Go to the Fifth Floor to rescue Neville
m) Find Lumos Duo
n) Get rid of the Ghoul
o) Go back to Gryffindor Tower

<*> Harry and Ron are in the common room when a girl comes up to them and says
    that Neville is locked in the Muggle Studies classroom by Malfoy's lot, 
    while wandering around there. They've already released a ghoul. Hermione 
    is up in the girls dormitory as it is quieter up there for her to study.

                         Task L


You now must go to the fifth floor to rescue Neville. Go out of the Tower and 
onto the Grand Staircase and go through the door marked "Fifth Floor (Muggle 

<*> While Harry and Ron enter, Malfoy comes out of the classroom and spot 

You are locked in a wizards duel with all three Slytherins. My advice would be
to avoid the glass boxes as some of them have dungbombs in them.

<*> All 3 of them run off. Harry and Ron congratulate themselves, but remember
    Neville is still locked in the classroom.

Go over to the Challenge Shield. Pick it up and go through the door. Open the
chest to get a Folio Bruti Page, then go through the door. Go right and open 
another chest with another Folio Bruti Page, then walk near another door that
is locked.

<*> Some musical instruments come to life.

To get rid of the musical instruments, just keep casting Flipendo at them 
until the door is unlocked.

<*> Neville pleads with the ghoul to leave him alone. The ghoul spots Harry 
    and Ron and loses interest with Neville.

If you haven't already done so, character swap to Ron and look at the box with
a jack on top of it. Search this box.

<*> Ron opens the box and it flings Ron up to the balcony above Neville.

                         Task M

               %\FIND LUMOS DUO/

Some toys are trying to hurt you; just keep jinxing them with Flipendo, then 
go through the doors. This room is in a mess, but one thing interests us and 
that is the Lumos Duo spellbook. Pick up the spellbook.

<*> A box of fireworks topples over and one of them flies at the wall, bounces
    off it, off another and heads towards Ron. He ducks and the firework hits 
    an empty glass box, full of Hinkypunks, which smashes to the ground and 
    the Hinkypunks are released.

                         Task N

               %\GET RID OF THE GHOUL/

You must get rid of 3 Hinkypunks before you can get out of this room. To do 
this, cast Lumos Duo and hold down the button you've assigned it to, target a 
Hinkypunk (make sure that their lanterns are not spinning round in circles) 
and wait 5 seconds, then go Flipendo crazy 2 times.

<*> Three more Hinkypunks appear.

Repeat the tactics you did with the first set.

<*> The camera shows you a crystal ball and an eyeball above the gate.

Charge the crystal ball with Lumos Duo to light it. You now must get the light
to the eyeball with the use of the mirror. When the gate is raised, step 
through the gate, collecting the Challenge Shield.

<*> Just before you get more than a dozen paces away from the gate, it closes.

Open the chest to get a Chocolate Frog, then go through the door. More toys 
will attack you, but keep using Flipendo to get rid of them or get them to go 
over the edge. Go through the door. Go around the bookcase and through the 

<*> Harry asks for help, but before Ron can come down, he must defeat a robot.

Use Flipendo when the missile launcher opens and avoid the missiles and you'll
be all right.

<*> The toy blows up and the head lands on the track. The train has to take a 
    new route, which ends up going nowhere, which results in the train 

Use Lumos Duo on the crystal ball to charge it and to open up a locked up 
area. Walk off the edge and use Lumos Duo on the Ghoul. Direct it into the 
loset to lock it up.

<*> Ron suggests that they should go back to the common room.

                         Task O



Just go back to Gryffindor Tower.

<*> The Fat Lay has disappeared from her portrait and Peeves was an 
    eye-witness. He says that Sirius Black attacked her because she wouldn't 
    let him in to the Tower.

<*> Due to all this, Sir Cadogan is temporairily guardian of the Tower.

You can either explore or end day.

**Tasks to be completed**

l) Go to the Fifth Floor to rescue Neville    DONE
m) Find Lumos Duo                             DONE 
n) Get rid of the Ghoul                       DONE
o) Go back to Gryffindor Tower                DONE

5.                Black Deeds                                        [#BLDEED]

**Tasks to be completed**

p) Go to Hagrid's Hut
q) Follow Ron
r) Get out of the Dungeons

<*> Next day, the school continued to talk about Gryfindor's attack by Sirius 
    Black the previous night. Harry, Ron and Hermione want to get to Hagrid's 
    Hut a.s.a.p to support their new teacher.

                         Task P

               \GO TO HAGRID'S HUT/

Hagrid's Hut is in the Grounds so you will have to go all the way down to the 
bottom of the Grand Staircase and out of the Enterance Hall to get there. 
Hagrid's cabin is easy to spot, since Hagrid is walking back and forth in 
front of his cabin.

**NOTE** The North Wing is unlocked, so you may go that way if you want. The 
North Wing is the door that is just outside the portrait hole to the Tower.

<*> Hagrid introduces Buckbeak, the Hippogriff. He also says that for 
    Hippogriffs to trust you, you must bow and wait for them to bow back. He 
    asks Harry, Ron or Hermione to go first.

**NOTE** Buckbeak doesn't like Ron, so don't try.

Character Swap to Harry or Hermione and bow to the Hippogriff.

<*> You now have a little game to play and that is to catch as many bats as 

To get full marks, you must catch all 20.

<*> Draco Malfoy thinks that the Hippogriff is harmless, and pokes fun at it, 
    but get injured in the process. Harry plays Quidditch later in heavy rain, 
    but spots a black dog in the stands. 100 Dementors swarm onto the pitch 
    and Harry falls from his broom and learns no-more. Harry is in the 
    Hospital Wing, nightmares flowing through his mind. Ron awakens him and 
    tells Harry that he knows where Sirius Black is and that he is in the 

                         Task Q
               %\FOLLOW RON/

You must follow Ron to stop him getting into trouble.

<*> Peeves has got Ron stuck in some goo.

Harry must now save Ron from Peeves. Just run up to Ron and a battle starts.


<*> Peeves groans and floats off. Ron get unstuck and continues on. 

Just keep following Ron down to the Dungeons.

<*> Harry insists that they should get Professor Dumbledore, but Ron ignores 
    you and wants you get over there anyway.

Avoid the statue Guards and get over to the Gate.

<*> Harry now pleads with Ron to get Professor Dumbledore, but Ron ignores you
    again and tells you that he is in the corner. Harry sees nothing and Ron 
    pushes you into the open circular area. He laughs and changes into Malfoy.
    He mentions about Sirius Black dragging Harry off into the night, but 
    before he can finish you off, the real Ron appears and jinxes Malfoy. 
    Harry asks about how Ron knew where Harry was and said that Peeves knew 
    about Malfoy. Ron has brought all your stuff and the Marauders Map.

                         Task R

               %\GET OUT OF THE DUNGEONS/

Because of Malfoy, there is no way that you can climb out of the hole; so that
means that the only way is forward, but there isn't a way forward. Consult the
Marauders Map, it shows a secret passageway out of the hole. Swap to Ron and 
open this passageway.

<*> An army of Red Caps greets you.

Just keep using Flipendo to get rid of them. Or you can bypass them all.

<*> Harry/Ron drops off the edge.

Climb up and then go right, down to the end of the storage area. Open the 
chests to get one card and an owl treat. If you're not playing as Harry, swap 
to him and call Hedwig. Feed her the Owl Treat and then fly Hedwig back up 
the stairs.

<*> Someone coughs and they don't know who it is, until Hermione aks why Harry
    is down here. Ron says that it is a long story, involving Malfoy. Hermione
    suggests that they get out of here.

Using Harry and Ron, lift the gate up and swap to Hermione and get her 
underneath the gate. There's a switch high up and some planks, but don't worry
about them. Equip Flipendo and Glacius, then extinguish the fire balls, go 
right at the intersection, extinguish more fire balls, then, you'll meet more 
Red Caps.

**NOTE** When you are getting rid of the Red caps, get rid of them before 
going up the levels.

start going towards the bridge.

<*> Hermione thinks that all the Red Caps are gone, but two of them appear 
    behind her and collapse the bridge.

Follow the path to the REPARO spellbook. Now equip it to the Square button.
To get back to Harry and Ron, you will need to repair the bridge and planks.
When you get back to Harry and Ron, repair the pile of planks and press the 
button. This means that everyone is back together. Repair the bridge, then 
extinguish the fire balls. Swap to Ron and defeat the Hinkypunks. Open up the 
chest and get a Folio Bruti Page. Defeat the Red Cap, then escape from the 
Dungeons. You are back in the Storeroom. To get out, you'll need to avoid the 
Prefect and the Guards. Here is a diagram:

           |   P          |Planks|       |     Y    |    Legend:
           |  ~~~  |      |      |       |          |    G = Guards
           | ~~~~~ |      |  ~~~~|~~~~   |          |    ~ = Scanning zone 
           |       |      | ~~~~~G~~~~~  |          |    Y = You
        Way out    |      |   ~~~~~~~~~  |          |    S = Statue
           |       |      |    ~~~~~~    |          |    C = Chest
           |       |      |                         |    P = Prefect
           |       |      |                         |
           |       |      G              |    S     |
           |            ~~~~~            |          |
           |            ~~~~~            |         C|

You must find a way to get out of the storeroom. When you get out of the 
storeroom, you must get by the guards, then up to the Enterance Hall.

<*> Hermione remebers that they don't have the Graphorn horn for Snape's 
    lesson tomorrow. Ron pulls out a Graphorn horn and tells them that Malfoy
    had dropped it earlier.

You can either explore or end day.

**Tasks to be completed**

p) Go to Hagrid's Hut        DONE
q) Follow Ron                DONE
r) Get out of the Dungeons   DONE

6.                Carpe Retractum                                    [#CARTRM]

**Tasks to be completed**

s) Go to Potions
t) Go to Charms Class

<*> Winter has arrived at Hogwarts. The grounds turn an opaline white, but 
    Christmas is marred by Snape's forthcoming lesson.

                         Task S

                \GO TO POTIONS/

Before your Charms lesson, you have to attend Potions, but before you can do, 
you will need to get the other ingredients. The ingredients are in the 
Grounds. When you have them all, go to the Dungeons.

<*> Snape tells you that the Antidote to Uncommon Poisons will heal the venom 
    from a Doxy bite. He sets you another task; that is to get the ingredients
    for the Girding Potion. They are:

                      * Fairy Wings
                      * Toasted Dragonfly Thoraxes
                      * Doxy eggs
                      * Flying Seahorses

                         Task T

               %\GO TO CHARMS CLASS/

As usual, you have to attend a lesson; this time, it is Charms on the Second 
Floor. Make your way to the Second Floor, then go through the Study Area.

<*> Flitwick introduces the class and tells them about Carpe Retractum, the 
    grabbing spell. He asks for Harry, Ron and Hermione to go into the Spell 
    Challenge to get the spell.

After the challenge...

<*> Flitwick congratulates them with 50 points. Hermione suggests that they go
    look for potion ingredients, but Ron says that better get off the Second 
    Floor, before the Prefects starts their rounds.

You can either explore or end day.

**Tasks to be completed**

s) Go to Potions        DONE
t) Go to Charms Class   DONE

7.                The Patronus                                       [#PATRON]

**Tasks to be completed**

u) Go to History of Magic
v) Go to the Shrieking Shack
w) Go back to Gryffindor Tower

<*> Harry has got his note from Lupin about his Dementor lessons. It says that
    he should go to the History of Magic classroom for the lesson. Hermione 
    thinks that it is fascinating and asks if they can come along as well. 
    Harry can't think of any reason why not.

                         Task U

               \GO TO HISTORY OF MAGIC/

History of Magic is on the Fourth Floor; so that means you'll have to go to 
the Grand Staircase, or if you want to take a shortcut, use the Secret 
Passageway to the 4th floor from the 7th floor corridor.

<*> Lupin welcomes you and your friends and starts the lesson by telling you 
    what the spell you will be learning is. He also tells you what is does and
    sends you into the spell chamber. He also points out that you'll be facing
    a Boggart, which will take on the thing you fear the most: a Dementor.

After the challenge...

<*> Lupin wakes Harry up, who cannot remember a thing about the Dementor, but 
    he remembers that he heard his father voice. Lupin says that he heard 
    James. Harry asks how he knew his father. Before Lupin can give an 
    explanation, Snape arrives at the door. Lupin tells you that you'll have 
    to make your own way out of the fourth floor. He also says that you must 
    try not to be seen. Ron questions why Snape gives them impossible homework
    tasks. While Harry was in the challenge, Hermione tells them that they can
    get Fairy Wings by the Shrieking Shack. Harry also says that there is a 
    secret passage TO the Shrieking Shack on the 3rd floor, behind the statue 
    of Gunhilda of Gorsemoor.

                         Task V 

               %\GO TO THE SHRIEKING SHACK/

You now must find a way to the Shrieking Shack. Swap to Hermione and crawl 
underneath the gate to get the DRACONIFORS spellbook. Now that you have the 
spell, you must use it to burn down the tapestry that is blocking your way 
out. Use this spell on the dragon nearby to burn it down, then crawl back 
underneath the gate. Swap back to Harry and exit the classroom. Now go all the
way back to the 4th floor corridor.

<*> Harry spots Snape and Lupin (doing absolutely nothing at all). Hermione 
    looks round at the tapestry in the corner and has a plan.

Swap to Hermione and run to the tapestry and burn it down. Now go through this

**NOTE** If you want to have some fun with Snape and Lupin, send Hermione over
to the tapestry to burn it down. Then go back to the others. Now send Harry 
over to stand in front of the door with Ron. Now use Flipendo on a bookcase 
with make the two teachers go to where the spell came from. While they are 
running, send another spell to another bookcase while you are standing by the 
door. While they just start running, swap to Harry and enter the door. Now 
swap to Ron and exit the passage. Snape and Lupin start coughing as soon as 
you exit the passage.

Open the chest to get a card, then run down the passage. Half way, there is a 
chest full of beans. Now burn the tapestry in this room. You can also Flipendo
the books or use Snufflifors on them. Also, open the chest to get a card. Now 
find a way to the Grand Staircase. When on the Grand Staircase, go up to the 
Third Floor, then go through the corridor, and into Gunhilda of Gorsemoor. 
Make your way down oto the statue of her to get to Hogsmeade.

**NOTE** In the Third Floor Corridor, there is a passage that goes to the 
Second Floor. In this passage there is a card and a chest.

<*> Harry says "Dissendium" and the passage opens.

<*> All three of them spot the Fairies, who are startled by their appearance. 
    They run after them, but don't realise that they are being watched by 

Run to the other side of the house

<*> The Fairies are still startled by the trio, but Malfoy and Co appear and 
    start a wizards duel.

Just use the same tactics as you've used for other duels.

<*> Malfoy and Co run off. Hermione proposes that they get the Fairy Wings now
    and get back to school as the Dementors will be patrolling soon.

Repair the dragon with REPARO, then use Draconifors to blast the Fairies out 
of the bush. Now Flipendo a Fairy to the ground then use Glacius to cool 
them. Then collect the Wings of the Fairy.

<*> Ron congratulates Hermione, but the Dementors appear. Harry tells the 
    others to break down the fence.

Just keep using Expecto Patronum until the fence breaks. All the time you are 
protecting the others, the fence metre is dropping.

<*> The fence breaks and the three slide down the hill back to school.

<*> The three come out of the passage and want to get back to the common 
    room, but Snape is blocking the way.

                         Task W


You must now find a way back to the Tower, without being spotted by Snape. 
There are two ways of doing it.

--> Option 1
Go along the way past Snape (this way is a lot harder as you have to avoid the
statue Guards and Snape), or

--> Option 2
Go up the stairs and through the storeroom (this way gives you 3 cards)

Either way is fine, then go back to the Grand Staircase and up to the Seventh

<*> Peeves tells them that Sirius Black has broken into the tower, only this 
    time he found the passwords that Sir Cadogan had made up on a piece of 
    paper. Because of this, Sir Cadogan was sacked and the Fat Lay was 
    returned, but security trolls were placed in the North Wing for security 
    and that the door that bypasses the North Wing was locked.

You will now have to go through the North Wing to get to the Tower at nights 
from now on. To get by the security trolls, you will need to swap to Ron and 
use the Dungbombs to distract them. When you exit the North Wing, you find 
Neville standing in front of the Tower.

<*> Neville let Sirius Black in because he wrote down the passwords that Sir 
    Cadogan made up, but left it lying around. Professor McGonagall was so 
    furious with Neville that he was given a detention, banned from all 
    Hogmeade visits and forbidden everyone to give him the password to the 

You can either explore or end day (you'll have to go through the North Wing)

**Tasks to be completed**

u) Go to History of Magic       DONE
v) Go to the Shrieking Shack    DONE
w) Go back to Gryffindor Tower  DONE

8.                Hollow Victory                                     [#HOLLOV]

**Tasks to be completed**

x) Go to Potions
y) Get the Ball crate, then go to the Quidditch Statium

<*> No-one sleeps well for a long time since Sirius Black entered the 
    Dormitory. Ron and Hermione are concerned about their pets, but they must 
    find the potion ingredients first.

                         Task X

               \GO TO POTIONS/

Before Potion class can start, you will need to find the ingredients for the 
Girding Potion. As usual, they are all outside, so go out into the Grounds, 
then get them all. Once you have, you can go to Potions.

<*> Snape tells you that the Girding Potion can only be taken twice and that 
    it gives you extra endurance.

<*> Harry has Quidditch now and dashes off. While Ron is waiting for Hermione,
    he catches Malfoy scheming with a Slytherin Prefect about the Quidditch 
    balls. The accomplices switched the real balls with jinxed ones and moved 
    the real ones to the Clock Tower Courtyard. They walk off thinking that 
    the Cup is theirs. Hermione exits the classroom and Ron tells her what he 
    just heard. Ron also suggests that they tell Dumbledore, but Hermione says
    that they need evidence of this. Ron says that the real balls were moved 
    to the Clock Tower Courtyard.

                         Task Y


Go outside to the Clock Tower Courtyard.

<*> Ron and Hermione see the crate in the middle of the courtyard. How on 
    earth did they get the crate in the courtyard, since the only way is to 
    fly in?


You will need the assistance of Buckbeak. As Hermione, fly into the courtyard 
and free the crate using DRACONIFORS on the statue.

<*> The dragon bursts into life and the crate falls to the ground.

Pick up the crate, then fly to the stadium. The Quidditch Stadium has lots of 
flags around it, so it is very easy to spot.

<*> Hermione and Ron tell Dumbledore that the crate was switched with jinxed 
    balls. Dumbledore changed the balls quietly and allowed the game to 
    continue. With their help, Harry won the Quidditch Cup. Afterwards, the 
    joyous celebration ends, when Harry, Ron and Hermione see Hagrid crying. 
    Buckbeak has been sentenced to death at sundown. They can't do anything 
    and Hagrid suggests that they turn in.

You can either explore or end day.

**Tasks to be completed**
x) Go to Potions   ------------------------------------->>   DONE
y) Get the Ball crate, then go to the Quidditch Statium      DONE

9.                Expecto Patronum!                                  [#EXPECT]

**Tasks to be completed**

z)  Go to Hagrid's Hut
A1) Save Ron
A2) Save Sirius - Part 1
A3) Save Sirius - Part 2
A4) Save Sirius - Part 3

<*> Harry, Ron and Hermione pace nervously, waiting for the execution to 
    happen. Harry suggests that they pay a visit to Hagrid's Hut. 

                         Task Z

               %\GO TO HAGRIDS HUT/

You know the way to Hagrid's Hut, so go there (Remember that you have to go 
through the North Wing still)

<*> Hagrid tells to hide as the executioner is coming. They bowed their heads,
    but Ron spots Scabbers in the grass. He runs off after Scabbers and a 
    black dog appears and pulls Ron down to the bottom of he Whomping Willow.

                        Task A1
               %\SAVE RON/

You must now save Ron by completing all of the tasks that appear. 

Task 1 - Defeat an army of Red caps
Task 2 - Defeat the Salamanders
Task 3 - Defeat the Doxies
Task 4 - Defeat more Red caps

<*> It turns out that the Black Dog was Sirius and he was not trying to kill 
    Harry, but Peter Pettigrew, the real betrayer of Lily and James Potter. 
    Lupin dashes in and he and Sirius intend to avenge Pettigrew, but Harry 
    says that he should go to Azkaban.

<*> As they were heading back to Hogwarts, Lupin transformed into a 
    werewolf. While all this is going on, Pettigrew escaped. Harry and 
    Hermione chased after Sirius, but 100 Dementors swarmed in on them.

                        Task A2

               %\SAVE SIRIUS - PART 1/

You must save Sirius from the Dementors. Keep dragging him back. Inevitably, 
you'll be attacked by the Dementors; just keep wiggling the left analog stick 
until you break free. Now you must use Expecto Patronum to save Sirius.

<*> Harry tries desparately to save Sirius, but he faints.

<*> Harry and Hermione wake up in the Hospital Wing, but there's nothing to 
    do to save Sirius. Dumbledore tells Hermione to use the Time-Turner to 
    save Sirius.

<*> While they wait for the right moment, they chat about what happened.

                         Task A3
               %\SAVE SIRIUS - PART 2/

Now you must save Sirius while on the high bank behind the dementors. Simply, 
keep holding down the button you've assigned to Expecto Patronum until it 
releases, then charge through about 4 Dementors. Keep repeating this until 
the main Dementor dies (the one sucking in Sirius' soul). This is the hardest 
task if you get distracted by your mum or dad.

<*> MacNair has gone to get the Dementors.

                         Task A4

               %\SAVE SIRIUS - PART 3/

You must fly up to the Dark Tower to save Sirius. The Dark Tower is very easy 
to find, since it's the only lit tower there.

<*> Harry begs Sirius to go, but before he does, he commends Harry for his 

10.               The Last Day of Term                               [#LASDTR]

**Tasks to be completed**

A5) Complete Collector's Cards
A6) Earn 500 house points
A7) See Dumbledore

I am not going to say anything here, since lots of people have different 

Congratulation, you've won the game.

Descriptions of things not mentioned in guide

WIZARDS DUEL - Throughout the game, you will encounter a wizards duel with a 
Monster Book of Monsters or with Malfoy. The two spells you should have 
equipped are Flipendo and Expelliarmus. If you are duelling in the Great Hall
eg. Gryffindor v. Slytherin, I will give some advice.

*The Slytherin team have Four spells: Flipendo, Expelliarmus, Melofors and 
Stelious. Try to avoid being hit by Melofors or Stelious. Melofors will turn 
your head into a pumpkin, which leaves you vulnerable to attack. Stelious 
create a green gas, that will follow you and if you are in it, you will 
cough, which also leaves you vulnerable to attack.*

PREFECTS - The Slytherin Prefects patrol four areas: The Doungeon Storeroom, 
First Floor Corridor, Second Floor Corridor and the Third Floor Corridor. They
are patrolling as they are on the lookout for Sirius Black. Avoid them as much
as possible, since if they spot you, you will be sent back to the start of the
room. You won't lose house points whatsoever.

STATUE GUARDS - Along with Prefects, these pieces of armour come to life 
during the prefect's rounds. They have a scanning zone, which is indicated by 
blue light. If you step in this zone, the statue will stamp up and down and 
will return you to the start of the room. They appear in most places such as 
the area after the Marauders Map and in some corridors.


I will add to this when I receive more questions.


Gordon Hughes - I wrote this guide
Su-Eun-Yin - The cutscene thing '<*>' and the Spell challenge
You - Reading it