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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Our cheats include increasing endurance, where to find all the spells and how to get the first two potions.

More Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Cheats and Tips

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Increase endurance

For Hermione:
You wil need to complete a set of Witch or Hag cards for increased endurance.
For Ron:
You will need all dragon or classical beasts cards.
For Harry:
You will need all wizard or Quidditch cards.

For 20 house points

You will need to collect a set of vampire, beast, goblin or giant cards to earn 20
House points (get all sets for 40 points).

Sugar, Spice, and Spells!

Here are the 411 on all the spells.
Flipendo: Knockback spell. Automatically given at beginning of game. All people.
Expelliaramus: Sheilding Spell. Given at Hogwarts after first arriving. All people obtain. Hermione will show you the spellbook in the dormitry.
Glacius: Snow or Ice spell; dimming candle spell. Given during The Glacius Challenge Course at Lupin's class. Complete challange to obtain spell. For Hermione.
Carpe Retractum: Roping Spell. Given During The Carpe Rectractum Challenge course. Giving during Professor Niwflick (I dunno his name) class. Complete chalenge to obtain spell. For Harry.
Lumos Duos: Lighting Initiation. Given during the rescue Neville mission. Defeat Hinkypunks and solve toy puzzle and orb puzzle to obtain. For Ron.
Expecto Patronum: Defensive Mechanism. Taught by Lupin to defeat Dementors. Must retrieve spellbook from Boggart. For Harry.
Snuffaflors: Fun Spell. The ability to change books into mice, and reveal secrets. Bought from george and Fred's shop.For Hermione.
Reparo: Reparing Spell. The ability to repair boxes and bridges. Must retrieve underground to escape dungeons. For Hermione.
Mostly I can think of.
Good Luck.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Cheats

Collector Card Set Bonuses
To unlock the corresponding bonus successfully complete the following sets of cards:
20 House Points.
Classical Beasts:
Ron gets extra endurance.
Ron gets extra endurance.
20 House Points.
20 House Points.
Hermione gets extra endurance.
Harry gets extra endurance.
20 House Points.
Hermione gets extra endurance.
Harry gets extra endurance.

Where to find ALL the spells, and how to get the first 2 potions

For Harry
Flipendo~ You automatically get it.
Expelliarmus~ Hermione will show you shere the expelliarmus spellbook is.
Carpe Retractum~ You will find the Carpe Retractum spellbook in the "Carpe Rectractum challenge chamber" during Charms class.
Expecto Patronum~ You will find the the Expecto Patronum spellbook in the "Expecto Patronum challenge chamber" during the night when Professor Lupin will make you get the spellbook.
For Ron
Flipendo~ You automatically get it.
Expelliarmus~ Hermione will give you the spellbook.
Lumos Duo~ You will find the Lumos Duo spellbook in the room you fight Hinkypunks during the night you must save Neville from the Ghoul.
For Hermione
Flipendo~ You automatically get it.
Expelliarmus~ You automatically get it.
Glacius~ You get the "Glacius" spellbook in the "Glacius Challenge Chamber" during "Defense Against the Dark Arts Class."
Reparo~ You get the "Reparo" spellbook during the night when Draco uses the Polyjuice potion to look like Ron, and traps Harry in the dungeon.
Draconifors~ You get the "Draconifors" spellbook during the night Harry gets the "Expecto Patronum" spellbook.
Snuffiflors~ You will get the Snuffiflors spellbook if you buy it from Fred and George for 50 Bertie Bott's every flavor beans.
Polyjuice Potion~ You get it after your Frist potions class.
The Potion that reheals Unfriendly Posions.~ You get it after your second Potions class.

Potion ingredients

Looking for potion ingredients? Try speaking to Glanmore Peakes on the Sixth Floor

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