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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

by David Hall

 _   _    __    ____  ____  _  _    ____  _____  ____  ____  ____  ____ 
( )_( )  /__\\  (  _ \\(  _ \\( \\/ )  (  _ \\(  _  )(_  _)(_  _)( ___)(  _ \\
 ) _ (  /(__)\\  )   / )   / \\  /    )___/ )(_)(   )(    )(   )__)  )   /
(_) (_)(__)(__)(_)\\_)(_)\\_) (__)   (__)  (_____) (__)  (__) (____)(_)\\_)
                 __    _  _  ____     ____  _   _  ____ 
                /__\\  ( \\( )(  _ \\   (_  _)( )_( )( ___)
               /(__)\\  )  (  )(_) )    )(   ) _ (  )__) 
              (__)(__)(_)\\_)(____/    (__) (_) (_)(____)
            ____  ____  ____  ___  _____  _  _  ____  ____ 
           (  _ \\(  _ \\(_  _)/ __)(  _  )( \\( )( ___)(  _ \\
            )___/ )   / _)(_ \\__ \\ )(_)(  )  (  )__)  )   /
           (__)  (_)\\_)(____)(___/(_____)(_)\\_)(____)(_)\\_)
     _____  ____      __    ____  _  _    __    ____    __    _  _ 
    (  _  )( ___)    /__\\  (_   )( )/ )  /__\\  (  _ \\  /__\\  ( \\( )
     )(_)(  )__)    /(__)\\  / /_  )  (  /(__)\\  ) _ < /(__)\\  )  ( 
    (_____)(__)    (__)(__)(____)(_)\\_)(__)(__)(____/(__)(__)(_)\\_)

Name: David Hall
Version: 0.6
Platform: Gamecube
Date: 17/6/2004
[email protected]


1.  Introduction
2.  Walkthrough
   2.1  The Dementor
   2.2  The Marauder\'s Map
   2.3  The First Day of Term
   2.4  Neville and the Ghoul
   2.5  Buckbeak
   2.6  Black Deeds
3.  Spells
4.  Folio Bruti
5.  Items
6.  Folio Universitas
7.  Hermione\'s Statues
8.  Notice Board Items
9.  Ron\'s Stink Pellet Bowls
10. Legal Information

03/6/04 - v0.2  - Walkthrough up to end of The Marauder\'s Map.
06/6/04 - v0.26 - Walkthrough up to end of The First Day of Term.
10/6/04 - v0.3  - Complete list of Collectors Cards and Statues.
12/6/04 - v0.35 - Complete list of Folio Bruti pages.
13/6/04 - v0.4  - Walkthrough up to end of Neville and the Ghoul.
17/6/04 - v0.6  - Walkthrough up to end of Black Deeds.


Hello, I would first like to thank you all for reading this walkthrough,
this is the first guide I have ever written.  Let me know how it is and
how I can improve it.  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was
released on 29th May 2004 in the UK.  EA really did a good job with this
game; it\'s much better than the previous two and a lot darker too.

There are three controllable characters this time round.  Harry Potter
is the main character and is a general all-rounder.  He is the fittest
of the three and can run the fastest.  Hermione Granger has the best
spell-casting ability, but is also the slightest.  She can walk over
thin layers of ice and can pass through thin gaps.  Ron Weasley uses
his Ronsense to find secret passageways and items.

The controls are:
Move character			Control Stick
Cast spell			X/Y Buttons
Action				A Button
Character swap			B Button
Centre view/Targeting		R Button
Camera				C Stick
Pause/Options			Start Button
Remembrall			Z Button
Call Ron/Hermione		L Button

Spoilers are contained in this guide.


The game starts off with a little cutscene where Crookshanks chases
Scabbers and Ron runs off after them.  You have to follow Ron down the
carriages.  You will immediately come to a carriage where Ron will find
Scabbers but a book will attack him.  Just hold down R to target the
book and use Flipendo on it.  After a few hits, Ron will jump on the
book.  Then he will ask you to give him a hand carrying a big box in
front of the door.  Just go up to the side a press A to pick it up.
Carry it a short way away and then drop it.  There is a box to the right
of the door which you can blast open to reveal a chocolate frog.  Enter 
the door.

The next carriage starts with another cutscene.  Draco Malfoy, Crabbe
and Goyle attack you.  A wizard duel begins.  Just keep firing Flipendo
at Crabbe and Goyle.  Once they are both beaten, Malfoy will jump out
from his hiding place and you have to fight him.  Repeat the process,
holding R to target him.  All their spells do is either take away a bit
of health or turn your head into a pumpkin.

Another cutscene will take place and then Ron will look out the window.
Walk forward a bit and yet another cutscene begins.  You hear screaming
and then a Dementor appears.  Now you\'re in control of Ron and you need
to pull Harry backwards to where you began.  Watch out for where you
left the box in the previous carriage.  At some point the Dementor will
suck at Harry\'s soul.  Quickly wiggle the Control Stick left and right

Once you get to the end of the carriages, Professor Lupin appears and
produces a Patronus to make the Dementor disappear.  He gives you a
chocolate frog and the Folio Bruti book.

There is another cutscene explaining that Harry is worried about Sirius
Black hunting him.  You appear in the Boy\'s Dormitory where Ron asks you
to show him the Folio Bruti book.  Just press Z to access the Inventory,
and then select the Folio Bruti at the bottom.

Go down the steps into the Gryffindor common room to meet Hermione.  She
tells you to get the Expelliarmus spell.  To assign a new spell, just
press Z and press R until you get to the spell screen.  Highlight
Expelliarmus and press the button you want to assign it to.  Once you 
have it go through the door with Ron to practice your new spell.  All 
you have to do is hit Ron with Flipendo a few times while he practices 
Expelliarmus.  Next Ron will use Flipendo on you.  Just use Expelliarmus
as soon as he fires his spell at you.  Do this a few times and Ron will
tell you that you need to see Fred and George.

Go through the next couple of rooms to enter the Grand Staircase.  Go
down one flight of stairs to the sixth floor.  Go through this door
and be greeted by Peeves.  He throws a book at Ron and then you have to
fight the book.  Use Expelliarmus a few times when the book fires a
spell at you.  Afterwards, there is a box containing a chocolate frog
in front of the door.  When this is done enter the door and then through
into the Disused Toilet on the left where Fred and George have their 

Fred and George will welcome you and say they have something very
special for you.  Press B to take control of Ron and look at the wall
behind the twins.  Walk through to see a cutscene where you see the
Marauder\'s Map at the top of a spire.  Go through the door in this room.

A voice will tell you to take a leap but to take care of your friends.
Swap characters so that you are in control of Harry.  Walk towards the
House Points crest and the floor will crumble away.  Take a run-up and
jump across to the chest.  Now jump across to the House Points.  Here
there are three switches you have to press.  The one to the left you
have to wall-sneak to - just go up against the wall until you face
outwards.  The other two are directly in the middle and to the right,
across a jump.  You need to get all these switches quickly because there
is a time limit.  Once this is done, Pixies will rush out and attack
Ron.  Hit them all with Flipendo and go through the newly opened area.
Change to Ron and look at the far wall.  It can be opened!  Go through 
the door at the end of the stairs.

A voice will tell you that friends must work together.  Go up to the
large trunk in the center of the floor.  Pick it up and then press L
to call the other character.  Carry it to the now-lighted crystal ball
and drop it down.  Use Harry to climb up the trunk and onto the platform
with the crystal ball.  Go right to the mirror and press A to step on
it.  Move Harry to position the mirror so that the light lands on a new
crystal ball.  This hits the eye and creates steps up to the exit.
Collect the House Points and go up the stairs and through the door.

In this room you have to target the weird mechanical switch so that you
can see the orange circle.  Hit it three times with Flipendo and the
ice-block will rise.  Use Harry to climb up the rope (with A) on the
lowest ice-block.  Climb to the top to be greeted by a few Pixies.  Kill
them all and walk along the beam until you come to the end.  Walk slowly
off the edge and go down the rope.  You will need to press A to let go.
Collect the House Points and walk up the steps and through the door.
Ron will get trapped but dont worry.

Follow the trail of Bertie Bott\'s Every Flavour Beans to the chest.  In
the chest is an owl treat, but now a book is trying to attack you.  He
fires brown stuff but just target him and use Expelliarmus to hit him.
Do this three times and then go up the stairs to a stick.  Call Hedwig
and give him an owl treat.  Now you are in control of Hedwig!  Press
and hold B to fly her over to the Marauder\'s Map and back to Harry.
Now collect the House Points and speak the password to the painting.

Go down the slope and then to the left, avoiding the purple sight of
the knights.  Press the switch on the left and then move all the way
round to the door.  You have to go back to where you started and take
the right path.  Make your way past the three guards in the next room.
It\'s not all that difficult, the last one you have to hide in the gap.

The next room you need to go round the room clockwise to avoid Snape.
Weave in and out of the purple sectors and at the end, wait for Snape
to turn away before running to the door.  Outside you meet Fred and
George with Ron, who tell you to go to their shop to buy things.  To end
the day press Z and then A.

You wake up as Hermione in the Girls\' Dormitory and you need to go down
to the Common Room and then down to the Third Floor for your first
Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson.  Enter the classroom.  Professor
Lupin tells you to retrieve the Glacius Spellbook and then you\'re in!

Walk down the steps and follow the path round until a wall opens up
automatically.  Kill all the Pixies and if one of your friends gets
caught, blast the Pixie holding them.  Now pick up the giant cauldron
and press L for help.  Carry it over to the golden pressue-pad.  You
need to take it a bit further than you would think to line up perfect -
the view isn\'t exactly top-down.  Go up the steps and down the
passageway, killing all the Pixies you come across.

In this room you need to press the switch on the right of the doorway.
This starts up a beam of light which you need to point at the eye above
the exit.  Take control of Harry and go over to the first mirror and 
turn it to the right.  Jump over to the next mirror and turn it to the
left.  Now jump over to the last mirror and turn it to the right so that
the light hits the eye.  Go through this door.

Collect the House Points and kill all the Pixies in the room.  Go up to
the mechanical thing on the floor and hit it three times so that the
platform rises.  Now work your way up to this platform and continue
round until you reach a second mechanical contraption.  Hit this one
three times also and then jump across the newly-risen platform to the

Go back to the room with Ron and Hermione, and hit the mechanical
contraption three times to lift the stone doorway opposite.  Jump down
and go through the gap and the door.  In this room you need to control
Harry to move the box to the shortest wardrobe.  Climb up and jump
across until you reach the ice.  Now make Ron stand on one of the rune
symbols on the floor and then make Hermione drag the box onto another
rune symbol before herself standing on one.  The ice will go down and
now you need to make Harry press the switch.  Go up the stairs in the
opposite side of the room and collect the House Points.

Use Ron to open the wall and then Flipendo the Ice-Salamanders twice
each.  Follow the passageway and use Flipendo on the mechanical
contraption.  Change to another character when Ron is picked up by a
Pixie and then kill all the Pixies.  Use Hermione to crawl under the
gap in the newly-opened ice-block.

In this room you need to push the small ice-block left, forward, left
(from the starting camera view).  Then you need to climb it to where
two more ice-blocks are waiting.  Here you need to push one ice-block
so that it is to the left of the rune, and then push the other one onto
the rune in order to lower the tall ice-block on the ground floor.  Now
jump down and push the small ice-block forward (according to the camera
position) and then keep pushing it round the outside, always turning
right.  Climb up and follow the passageway.

Walk forward slowly to drop down onto the ice.  Pick up the spellbook in
the center and a cutscene begins where everything turns icy.  You need
to target the lava and use the Glacius spell to freeze it.  Walk across
the ice you just made.  It will take three Glacius spells to get across.
Climb up and make your way round to the exit.  To kill the floating
lanterns, just use Glacius on them and pelt them with Flipendos.

In this next room, use Glacius on the puddle of water and then, from the
perspective of where you came in (drag means grab hold of it on the
ground, push means push it on the ice): 
push left, drag down, drag right, push right, push down, push right,
drag left, push down, drag up, push left, drag left, drag down.
Then climb up the block and press the switch.  Go up the stairs and
along the path.

You come to a giant chasm where you need to use Glacius on the hot air.
Because you cannot target air, you need to hold down R and press down
to use it on the air.  Walk across and climb up to the other side to
collect the House Points and start a cutscene where Harry and Ron are
attacked by salamanders.  Jump down as quickly as possible and use
Glacius on the three fires (not the salamanders) as this will stop any
more salamanders appearing.  Now use Glacius and Flipendo on all the
salamanders and go through the newly-opened door.  You go up the slope
and you\'re back where you started, only this time someone\'s waiting
for you!

Firstly you need to make sure that you are Hermione and that you have
Glacius equipped.  You need to avoid his hands because they can take
away a lot of health.  Wait until you can sneak up close and then use
Glacius.  Run away and watch one of his hands fly towards you - Use
Glacius on it quickly and pelt it with Flipendos so that it does not
return to the cauldron.  Now he has a less powerful attack with his 
hands, but it can still prove fatal.  Follow the same pattern and get 
rid of his second hand.  Now he stomps around the place, but if you\'re
quick you can run up to him and use Glacius on him.  It might take a 
couple of tries, but he really isn\'t that hard.

Now collect the House points and go back to the beginning.  You return 
to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom, Professor Lupin promises
you Anit-Dementor lessons and then you are told that you need to go to 
the Dungeons for Potions.  The Dungeons are at the bottom of the Grand
Staircase and through the door.  Then, in the Entrance Hall, they are
down the stairs to the right.

In Potions, Ron will nearly kill Harry (typical!) and then Snape tells
you to bring Harry to the front.  Go up to Harry and press A to carry
him and then take him to the front.  Snape will explain how to use
Wiggenweld Potions and then you need to pick up the two Wiggenweld
potions by walking up to them.  Then press Z and assign the potions to a
button.  Now use a potion on yourself and then go up to Harry and use
another potion on him.  Now Snape will say that you need to collect some
ingredients for your next lesson and you will leave the class.  It is
easier to collect the ingredients on the next day with Buckbeak, so I
will explain this later.

Dumbledore will count the House Points and you should be in the lead if
you followed this guide.  Now Parvati will tell you that Malfoy has
locked Neville in the Muggle Studies classroom with a ghoul and Hermione
is busy studying.  Now go down the Grand Staircase until you reach the
Muggle Studies floor (fifth floor).  It might be an idea to make sure
that Ron has a couple of Wiggenweld Potions before you enter.

In this first room you meet Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle who start a wizard
duel.  Just keep firing Flipendo, or use Expelliarmus to rebound their
spells back at them.  It\'s harder than the fight on the train but you
can use the pillars as cover.  Try not to get hit by the orange spells
because you are vulnerable to more spells.  Once they have all gone,
collect the House Points and go through the door.  Travel through the
corridor and enter the door at the end.

In this room, walk towards the door on the left and some musical
instruments attack you.  Target them each and avoid their jumping
attacks and keep hitting them with Flipendo.  Now just go through the
door at the end.  In here you meet the ghoul and Neville, just make sure
you don\'t attack the ghoul because he goes beserk and you don\'t even
hurt him.  Use Ron to search the box on the right (the one with the
clown\'s face on the side).  You\'ll fly up to the top floor where some
children\'s toys attack you.  Make sure you kill them all, including the
aeroplane.  Collect the House Points and go through the next couple of

In this room there is the Lumos Duo spellbook, just pick it up and a
firework will go off.  Three Hinkypunks appear.  You need to kill the 
three Hinkypunks (lantern carrying ghosts) by using Lumos Duo on them at
close-quarters and then using Flipendo on each of them twice.  Once you
kill all three another three come.  It really does get exhausting.  It 
might help if you use a Wiggenweld Potion after the first lot.  Now you
need to use Lumos Duo on the crystal ball and then move the mirror so 
the beam of light hits the eye above the gate.  The gate raises and you
can collect the House Points.

Go forward through the door and you come across some more toys.  Just
use Flipendo on them all a few times, avoiding their jumping attacks.
Move along the path and collect the House Points.  Go through the next
couple of doors and you come across a rocket-firing robot.  Use Flipendo
when his chest opens, and try running away so some rockets miss you.
Once he is defeated a train stops in front of you.  Use Lumos Duo on the
crystal ball and a gate will rise.  Jump down and use Lumos Duo on the
ghoul so he backs into the secret area.  The gate will automatically
shut so the ghoul is trapped.

Now you need to go up to the Gryffindor Common Room with Neville for a
cutscene.  The Fat Lady has been attacked by Sirius Black!  End the Day.

It\'s time for your first Care of Magical Creatures lesson with Hagrid,
so go down to the Entrance Hall.  Enter the double doors opposite the
stairs and walk round the outside of the courtyard.  Go along the long
bridge to come out to an area surrounded by stone pillars.  Here you
need to turn off at about 11\'o\'clock and continue down the field.  You
will eventually come to Hagrid\'s Hut where you have your Care of Magical
Creatures Lesson.

When you reach Hagrid he introduces you to Buckbeak the Hippogriff.  You
have to collect as many bats as you can within the time limit.  To
lift-off, just run at high speed and press B, or run off the side of a
cliff near the lake.  Now fly towards the bats, Buckbeak will eat as
many as he can when you fly through them.  Press and hold B to fly and
press A to stop in mid-air and use the control stick to direct Buckbeak.
I suggest flying through the bats and then using A to turn on the spot
and then keep doing this to save time.  When you\'ve finished, either
land or wait for the counter to finish, then Hagrid will grade you\'re
performance - it\'s pretty easy really.  The highest grade you get is A+.

Now Draco Malfoy insults Buckbeak and he is attacked and Hagrid has to
carry him away.  Now its time for your first Quidditch match, but don\'t
get your hopes up because you don\'t actually get to play Quidditch - its
just a cutscene!  Harry sees a big black dog in the (empty!!) stands and
then a bunch of Dementors make Harry fall off his broom.

You wake up in the Hospital Wing, where Ron tells you that he\'s found
Sirius Black in the dungeons.  He\'s behaving very strangely but you need
to follow him in case he gets hurt by Black.  Follow him out the
Hospital Wing in the fourth floor corridor.  Ron\'s been caught by Peeves
so you\'d better rescue him.  When Peeves holds a vase you need to target
him and when he throws the vase at you dodge it by pressing A and then
fire Flipendo at him.  You can only attack him as soon as he\'s thrown a
vase at you so be patient.  Once Peeves flies away, Ron is freed and
walks away still going on about Black.  Follow him through the study
area and into the Grand Staircase.

Now head all the way down to the Entrance Hall and down to the dungeon
corridor.  Here you need to avoid being seen by the knights but just
keep out of their purple beams and you\'ll be fine.  Go straight ahead,
into the now-open door at the end.  Ron will push you in a hole and you
will find out that it was actually Draco Malfoy using a Polyjuice Potion
- that certainly didn\'t happen in the book!  Ron will appear and knock
out Malfoy and hand you your stuff.

Use Ron to find the secret door in the wall of the pit and go through
it.  A bunch of Redcaps appear so make sure you kill all the ones you
can see before heading down the stairs.  At each level, wait until you
have killed all the Redcaps so that they do not swarm you.  At the
bottom of the stairs, you need to jump down with A.  Then turn to the
right where you can see a Hedwig perch.  Open the two chests to the left
of the perch to find an Owl Treat.  Then use Harry to call and feed
Hedwig.  Now you can fly Hedwig back up the stairs to the pit to fetch

When Hermione appears, go to the gate and use Harry and Ron to lift it
and Hermione to crawl underneath it.  Ignore the switch with the wood
underneath it.  Use Glacius on all the flying fires that you come across
and go across the bridge and then the one to the right.  Continue until
you come to a structure with lots of Redcaps on it.  Work your way up,
using Glacius to freeze the waterfalls to climb up, and Flipendo to kill
all the Redcaps.  Once you are at the top, follow the passage round
until a cutscene begins where Redcaps destroy the bridge behind you.

Now move straight forward and let go so that you land on a narrow
walkway - if you are unsure you can move the camera to see where you are
jumping.  Now use Flipendo twice on the box so that you can climb up.
Work your way along the walkway until you reach the Reparo spellbook.
Now use Reparo on the broken box in order to climb up.  When you reach
the second broken box you need to use Reparo on it and then push it down
onto the walkway.  Pull and push it so that you can climb up to the
bridge.  When you use Reparo you need to hold down the button.

Now use Reparo on the broken bridge and work your way back to Harry and
Ron.  Use Reparo on the broken box and climb up to press the switch.
Now use Hermione to fix the opposite bridge and put out the flying fires
and Ron to kill the two Hinkypunks.  The mist will clear and you can
climb the stairs.  You will come across a Redcap with a shield and the
only way to kill it is to hit it from behind.  Get to the top of the
stairs and you will emerge in the Dungeons storeroom.

Here you need to avoid being seen, so use Hermione to get past the first
knight (on the right) and use Reparo on the broken box.  Climb up and
over the bookcase, collecting the Wiggenweld Potions, and then move the
camera to watch the Prefect on the other side of the bookcase.  When he
walks away, run to the door to enter the dungeon corridor.  Avoid the
knights and make your way back up to the Entrance Hall.  It turns out
Ron has already collected the Graphorn horn for Snape\'s potion
ingredients!  End the day.


Flipendo          - Basic attack
Expelliarmus	  - Reflects attacks with a shield
Glacius           - Freezes water and puts out fire
Lumos Duo         - Creates light
Reparo		  - Repairs broken objects
Carpe Retractum   - Works like a grappling hook
Draconifors       - Makes a dragon statue breathe fire
Expecto Patronum  - Conjures a Patronus
Snufflifors	  - Turns a book into a mouse

*Folio Bruti*

These profiles are taken directly from the game - the description is the
one given by the game in the Folio Bruti.  The page location is where to
find the Folio Bruti Page.  Defeated is how to defeat them.

Description: \"The guards of Azkaban prison, Dementors are among the
             foulest creatures that walk this earth\"
Page Location: You get the page automatically after Professor Lupin
               gives you the book on the Hogwarts Express. 
Defeated: There are two ways of defeating a Dementor.  The first is when
          you cannot use the Patronus charm.  Then you have to
          repeatedly wiggle the Control Stick to release yourself from
          the Dementor.  The second is Expecto Patronum.  Use the spell
          and control the Patronus into a Dementor. 

Description: \"Billywigs are particularly difficult to catch.  Dried
             Billywig stings are used as ingredients in certain
Page location: In the Glacius Challenge, in the room with the three
               runes on the floor, at the top near the wall switch.
Defeated: Fly through them while riding Buckbeak.

Description: \"Toasted dragonfly thoraxes are an essential ingredient in
             certain potions.\"
Page location: In the secret passage from the seventh floor to the
               fourth floor (behind the bookcase in the room with Sir 
Defeated: Use Draconifors on a nearby statue to flame them.

Description: \"Doxies have double rows of sharp, venemous teeth.  An
             antidote should be taken if bitten.\"
Page location: In the Carpe Retractum Challenge, after you cross the
               water near the beginning and free Harry and Ron.  To the
               right of the shield.
Defeated: Keep hitting them with Flipendo and avoid being bitten.

Description: \"Chizpurfles are parasites that are attracted to magic.
             Their carapaces are used as ingredients in certain potions
             but are particuarly difficult to split open.\"
Page location: In the Potions classroom in the dungeons.
Defeated: Use Lumos Duo to lure them out in front of a Venemous
          Tentacula, which will split open its carapace.

Description: \"A small and decorative beast of little intelligence.  They
             have a quarrelsome nature and are excessively vain.\"
Page location: On the second floor burn the furthest rug and go through
               the door.  The chest is to the right of the next door.
Defeated: Use Draconifors on a nearby statue to make them appear from
          their bush and then use Glacius to freeze them.

Description: \"Fire seeds are used in certain potions.  It is advisable
             to make sure that the fires on the bushes that bear them
             are thoroughly extinguished before picking.\"
Page location: In a chest to the left of Hooky the House Elf\'s Statue,
               in the potions storeroom in the dungeons.
Defeated: Cast Glacius on the tree and then collect the seeds once they
          have cooled.  Don\'t wait too long or they will disappear.

Description: \"Flying seahorses can be caught with Carpe Retractum and
             are used as an ingredient in certain potions.\"
Page location: Buy from Fred and George\'s Shop as Hermione for 100BBEFB.
Defeated: Use Carpe Retractum as soon as they leave the water.

Description: \"The ghoul, although ugly, is not a particularly dangerous
             creature.  It moans and occasionally throws objects around,
             but is essentially simple-minded and harmless.\"
Page location: In the room on the fifth floor where you fight the
               musical instruments, in a chest under the window.
Defeated: Use Lumos Duo to back the ghoul into a confined space.

Description: \"The Hinkypunk is a little one-legged creature and looks as
             if it is made of smoke.  It carries a lantern with which it
             lures travelers into bogs.\"
Page location: In the hallway on the fifth floor, after you beat Malfoy.
Defeated: Use Lumos Duo on them at close-quarters so that they turn
          solid.  Then cast two Flipendos at them while they are dazed.

Description: \"Pixies delight in practical jokes of all descriptions.
             They have been known to seize unwary humans by the ears
             and deposit them at the top of tall trees and buildings.\"
Page Location: In the Marauder\'s Map challenge in the second room, when
               you jump across the gap there is a chest containing this
               page.  In the room where Ron gets attacked by Pixies.
Defeated: Just keep pelting them with Flipendo until they die.

Description: \"These dwarf-like creatures live in holes on old
             battlegrounds or wherever human blood has been spilled.
             Although easily repelled by charms and hexes, they are
             still very dangerous.\"
Page location: After you get the Reparo spellbook, on the platform with
               the Hinkypunks.
Defeated: Fire a few Flipendos at them and avoid their stink bombs.

Description: \"The salamander is a fire-dwelling lizard that feeds on
             flame.  Salamanders only live as long as the fire from
             which they emerge burns.\"
Page location: In the Glacius Challenge, in a chest in the corner of the
               room after you get the spellbook.
Defeated: Use Glacius to freeze them and then hit them with Flipendo. 

Description: \"Eye contact should be maintained when approaching a
             Hippogriff.  Bowing shows good intentions.  If the
             Hippogriff returns the greeting, it is safe to draw
Page Location: Once you can fly Buckbeak at any time, fly to the other
               side of Hogwarts where you will find a chest beside an
               outside wall.
Defeated: Why on earth would you want to kill a Hippogriff?  Better ask
          Draco Malfoy, I guess.  To fly Buckbeak, go up to him and
          press A to bow.  Buckbeak will bow back (except with Ron for
          some reason) and then you can fly him.

Description: \"The Troll is a fearsome creature up to twelve feet tall
             and weighing over a tonne.  Notable for its equally
             prodigious strength and stupidity, trolls are particularly
             attracted to unpleasant smells.\"
Page location: In the Gryffindor Common Room, use Ron to open the
               bookcase opposite the fire.
Defeated: You can\'t defeat a troll, but throw a dungbomb to distract
          one so that you can get past it.

Description: \"It is recommended that only the very experienced attempt
             to approach a fully-grown Venemous Tentacula.  Their jaws
             are particularly strong and can easily break apart
             Chizpurfle carapaces.\"
Page location: Check all the trunks at the ends of the beds in the
               Girls\' Dormitory as Hermione.
Defeated: You cannot defeat a Venemous Tentacula, approach with care.

You can find most of these by looking in bookcases as Ron or using 
Flipendo on various objects.

Girding Potion    - Increases the character\'s stamina.
                  COSTS 50 BBEFB
Wiggenweld Potion - Replenishes the character\'s stamina.
                  COSTS 20 BBEFB
Antidote          - Cures the character when poisoned.
                  COSTS 20 BBEFB
Owl Care Kit      - Allows Harry use of another owl other than Hedwig.
                  (Only works if you have Gameboy Advance version)
Dark Forces Book  - Upgrades Hermione\'s spell ability.
Snufflifors Book  - Allows Hermione to use the Snufflifors Spell.
                  COSTS 50 BBEFB
Stink Pellets     - Used in Ron\'s Stink Pellet Challenge.
                  COSTS 10 BBEFB
Dungbombs         - Creates a large diversion for Security Trolls.
                  COSTS 20 BBEFB
Stink Pellet Bag  - Allows Ron to hold more Stink Pellets.
                  COSTS 100 BBEFB
Dungbomb Case     - Allows Ron to hold more Dungbombs.
                  COSTS 100 BBEFB

*Folio Universitas*
The names and desciptions are taken directly from the game.  I believe
that the locations of the cards change, but I also think that the
locations only change within a group.  So if you want to collect all
the Quidditch Cards, look in these places but they might have swapped
round locations.
To the right of the collection name is what you get
when you collect all the cards in that collection.

     +WITCHES+   =   Hermione\'s endurance increases permanently
Name: Morgan le Fay
Description: \"Medieval, dates unknown.  King Arthur\'s half sister.  Dark
             sorceress.  Enemy of Merlin.\"
Found: In the Glacius Challenge, in the room where Hermione has to push
       the ice-blocks, in the chest on its own.

Name: Queen Maeve
Description: \"Legendary witch who trained young sorcerers in Ireland
             prior to the establishment of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft
             and Wizardry.\"
Found: In the dungeon corridor, to the right of the gate at the end.

Name: Ignatia Wildsmith
Description: \"1227-1320.  The witch who invented Floo powder.\"
Found: In the Glacius Challenge, just after Hermione finds the
       spellbook, there is a chest in the chamber perimeter.

Name: Beatrix Bloxam
Description: \"1794-1810.  Author of the Toadstool Tales, a series of
             children\'s books since banned because they have been found
             to cause nausea and vomiting.\"
Found: In the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, next to the
       teacher\'s office up the stairs.

Name: Gunhilda of Gorsemoor
Description: \"1556-1639.  One-eyed, hump-backed witch famous for
             developing a cure for Dragon Pox.\"
Found: You get this once you have collected all other Witches Cards.

     +WIZARDS+   =   Harry\'s endurance increases permanently
Name: Merlin
Description: \"Medieval, dates unknown.  Most famous wizard of all time.
             Sometimes known as the Prince of Enchanters.  Part of the
             Court of King Arthur.\"
Found: In the Carpe Retractum Challenge, when Harry gets trapped behind
       the bars, go through the passageway and the chest is near the

Name: Glanmore Peakes
Description: \"1677-1761.  Famous Slayer of the Sea Serpent of Cromer.\"
Found: In the Carpe Retractum Challenge, after you free Harry from
       behind the bars and the second bridge goes up.  At the end of the

Name: Herpo the Foul
Description: \"Ancient Greek.  First known creator of the Basilisk.\"
Found: In the secret passageway between the seventh and fourth floors,
       kill all the Pixies and use Carpe Retractum to reach other side.

Name: Edgar Stroulger
Description: \"1703-1798.  Inventor of the Sneakoscope.\"
Found: In the Carpe Retractum Challenge, to the left of the switch that
       raises the first bridge and allows Harry and Ron to cross.

Name: Albus Dumbledore
Description: \"Currently headmaster of Hogwarts.\"
Found: You get this once you have collected all other Wizards Cards.

     +VAMPIRES+   =   20 House Points
Name: Lady Carmilla Sanguina
Description: \"1561-1757.  Bathed in the blood of her victims to retain
             her youthful beauty.\"
Found: In the Gryffindor Common Room, use Glacius on the fireplace.

Name: Amarillo Lestoat
Description: \"1776-1977.  Flamboyant American vampire.  Author of \'A
             Vampire Monologue\' - intended to bore the reader into a
             stupor making him/her easier prey for vampires.\"
Found: Use Glacius on the fireplace on the fourth floor.

Name: Sir Herbet Varney
Description: \"1858-1889.  Short-lived (by undead standards) Victorian
             vampire who preyed upon women in London during the 1880s.
             Was subsequently captured and killed by a special squad
             from the Department for the Regulation and Control of
             Magical Creatures.\"
Found: In the room after the stairs after Malfoy (as Ron) pushes you in 
       the hole.

Name: Blodwyn Bludd
Description: \"1923-?  Known as the \'Vampire from the Valleys\'.  Famous
             for singing to his victims in a sonorous bass baritone,
             before biting their necks.\"
Found: On the fourth floor, use Lumos Duo on the crystal ball and look
       in the newly-opened secret area.

Name: Count Vlad Drakul
Description: \"1390-?  Notorious vampire who inspired the fictional Count
             Dracula created by Bram Stoker.  Father of Vlad the
Found: You get this once you have collected all other Vampires Cards.

     +GOBLINS+   =   20 House Points
Name: Eargit the Ugly
Description: \"Goblin representative at 14th century summit of Wizard\'s
Found: Buy from Fred and George Weasley\'s Shop for 100 BBEFB.

Name: Alguff the Awful
Description: \"Foul-smelling goblin nuisance.  Well known throughout the
             goblin world for trying to sell vials of his sweat to a
             Dungbomb manufacturer.\"
Found: In the Glanmore Peakes corridor on the sixth floor, use Glacius
       on the puddle and push it to the cabinet with the skeleton in.
       Climb up on top of the cabinet and retrieve from the chest.

Name: Ug the Unreliable
Description: \"Notorious goblin confidence trickster.  Organised the
             infamous Demiguise Derby and absconded with the takings.\"
Found: Use Glacius on the puddle under the toilet in Fred and George\'s

Name: Urg the Unclean
Description: \"Rebel leader in the 18th century goblin rebellion.\"
Found: Use Reparo on the broken toilet in Fred and George\'s Shop.

Name: Gringott
Description: \"Founder of Gringotts wizard bank.\"
Found: You get this once you have collected all other Goblins Cards.

     +HAGS+   =   Hermione\'s endurance increases permanently
Name: Babayaga
Description: \"Medieval, dates unknown.  Russian hag who dwelled in a hut
             that stood on giant chicken legs.  Ate children for
             breakfast - and presumably for lunch and tea.\"
Found: In the Gunhilda of Gorsemoor corridor on the third floor, up the
       stairs in the room behind a tapestry.

Name: Malodora Grymm
Description: \"Medieval, dates unknown.  Using a beautification potion to
             conceal her true hag form, she married a king and used a
             charmed mirror to reinforce her self-image.  Became jealous
             of the most beautiful girl in the land and fed her a
             poisoned apple.\"
Found: In the Glanmore Peakes corridor on the sixth floor, use
       Snufflifors on the flying books and collect the card.

Name: Leticia Somnolens
Description: \"Medieval, dates unknown.  This spiteful hag was jealous of
             the king\'s daughter and caused her to prick her finger on
             a spindle tainted with Draught of the Living Death.  A
             young wizard who had smeared his lips with Wiggenweld
             potion kissed the princess and brought her out of her
Found: In the fourth floor study area, use Snufflifors on the flying
       books near the entrance and collect the card.

Name: Old Mother Hubbard
Description: \"Medieval, dates unknown.  Lured stray animals into her
             home and starved them to death.\"
Found: Enter the Marauder\'s Map challenge in the Weasley\'s Shop with
       Hermione.  Get Ron and Harry to lift up the gate and Hermione to
       crawl under and press the switch.  Now run over the bridge, use
       Glacius on each of the flying balls of fire and all stand on a 
       rune each.  Then get Harry to use Carpe Retractum on the card.

Name: Cordelia Misericordia
Description: \"1298-1401.  Hag representative at 14th century summit of
             Wizards Council.\"
Found: You get this once you have collected all other Hags Cards.

     +GIANTS+   =   20 House Points
Name: Bran the Bloodthirsty
Description: \"Medieval, dates unknown.  Lived in a castle on top of an
             enchanted beanstalk.  Apparently fond of eating bread made
             with ground bones and washed down with the blood of an
             Englishman.  Was slain by a boy named Jack.\"
Found: On the sixth floor, in the Glanmore Peakes corridor, use Ron to
       open the darker-coloured wall.

Name: Cyclops
Description: \"Ancient Greece, dates unknown.  A one-eyed giant who lived
             in a cave at the foot of Mount Etna.  With the help of
             several sheep, was slain by the Greek hero, Odysseus.\"
Found: Buy from Fred and George Weasley\'s Shop for 100 BBEFB.

Name: Goliath
Description: \"Biblical, dates unknown.  Mercenary giant used by the
             Philistines in their war with the Israelites.  Was slain by
             a young boy with a slingshot.\"
Found: In the Glanmore Peakes corridor on the sixth floor, use Reparo on
       the broken vase.

Name: Morholt
Description: \"Ancient Celtic, dates unknown.  Gigantic brother of the
             King of Ireland.  Wounded Tristan, the Celtic hero, with a
             poisoned sword when the latter tried to kill him.\"
Found: In the Gunhilda of Gorsemoor Corridor on the third floor, after
       going through the storeroom up the stairs.  Go up to the edge of
       the balcony and use Carpe Retractum to get to the other side,
       where the chest is.

Name: Hengist of Upper Barnton
Description: \"15th century giant killed by the famous giant-slayer
             Gifford Ollerton.\"
Found: You get this once you have collected all other Giants Cards.

     +DRAGONS+   =   Ron\'s endurance increases permanently
Name: Common Welsh Green Dragon
Description: \"This breed is among the least troublesome of dragons and
             actively avoids humans unless provoked.  Fire is issued in
             thin jets.\"
Found: Given to you by Fred and George after Ron has hit five bowls in
       his Stink Pellet Challenge.

Name: Hebridean Black Dragon
Description: \"Britain\'s other native dragon is more aggressive than its
             Welsh counterpart and feeds mostly on deer, though it has
             been known to carry off large dogs.\"
Found: Given to you by Fred and George after Ron has hit ten bowls in
       his Stink Pellet Challenge.

Name: Hungarian Horntail Dragon
Description: \"Supposedly the most dangerous of all dragon breeds, the
             Hungarian Horntail can breathe fire up to fifty feet.\"
Found: Given to you by Fred and George after Ron has hit fifteen bowls 
       in his Stink Pellet Challenge.

Name: Romanian Longhorn Dragon
Description: \"The horns of this breed of dragon are highly valued as
             potion ingredients and as a result, its numbers have fallen
             in recent years.\"
Found: Given to you by Fred and George after Ron has hit twenty bowls in
       his Stink Pellet Challenge.

Name: Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon
Description: \"The Ridgeback is nowadays one of the rarer dragon breeds
             and has been known to attack most kinds of large land
Found: You get this once you have collected all other Dragons Cards.

     +BEASTS+   =   20 House Points
Name: Imp
Description: \"Found only in Britain and Ireland, the imp has a slapstick
             sense of humour and will amuse itself by pushing and
             tripping the unwary.\"
Found: In the third floor study area, burn the tapestry which covers the
       secret passageway to the second floor and collect the card.

Name: Doxy
Description: \"Sometimes mistaken for a fairy.  Nests in bushes and if
             approached will attempt to bite with its double rows of
             sharp, venemous teeth.\"
Found: In the fourth floor study area, burn down the tapestry which
       reveals a secret passageway to the second floor.  Look out for
       the chest around the corner.

Name: Bowtruckle
Description: \"A tree-guardian adept at dodging most kinds of charms.
             May attempt to gouge out your eyes if you approach its tree
             home in a threatening manner.\"
Found: In the Gunhilda of Gorsemoor corridor on the third floor, after
       going through the storeroom up the stairs.  When you exit onto
       the balcony, its on the right.

Name: Billywig
Description: \"Has a long thin sting that causes giddiness followed by
             levitation.  Dried Billywig stings are used in a variety of
Found: In the North Wing on the seventh floor, in the corner.

Name: Gnome
Description: \"A common garden pest.  The gnome lurks in holes in the
             ground and may run out and attempt to trip up the unwary
             traveller.  Can be ejected from the garden by swinging it
             in circles and flinging it over the garden wall.\"
Found: You get this once you have collected all other Beasts Cards.

     +CLASSICAL BEASTS+   =   Ron\'s endurance increases permanently
Name: Giant Squid
Description: \"The bane of ancient mariners and students at Hogwarts - 
             should the latter decide to go for a dip in the lake.\"
Found: On the fourth floor corridor, on the right in a chest.

Name: Manticore
Description: \"A rare, dangerous beast, the manticore has been known to
             sing softly as it eats its prey.  Its sting will kill
Found: Check all the trunks at the ends of the beds in the Boys\'
       Dormitory as Ron.

Name: Unicorn
Description: \"The unicorn is a shy creature and generally avoids human
             contact.  It is more likely to let a witch come near it
             than a wizard and casting magic spells may frighten it off.
             Its blood has highly magical properties.\"
Found: From where you found the Hippogriff Folio Bruti page, go into the
       large area to the right and go down the stairs on the right.  On
       the stairs there is the chest.

Name: Mountain Troll
Description: \"Frequents mountainous regions.  Very powerful, but stupid,
             the troll will attempt to bludgeon anyone who comes near
Found: In the Glacius Challenge, behind the grates in the first room
       (where you fight the Cauldron Boss)

Name: Phoenix
Description: \"A gentle creature, the phoenix lives to an immense age
             because it can regenerate each time it bursts into flames.
             Phoenix song is magical and its tears have healing
Found: You get this once you have collected all other Classical Beasts

     +QUIDDITCH+   =   Harry\'s endurance increases permanently
Name: Cyprian Youdle
Description: \"1312-1357.  Only Quidditch referee ever to be killed
             duringa match.  The originator of the curse was never
             caught but believed to have been a member of the crowd.\"
Found: Check all the trunks at the ends of the beds in the Boys\'
       Dormitory as Harry.

Name: Joscelind Wadcock
Description: \"1911-present.  Chaser for Puddlemere United Quidditch
             Team.  Record for highest number of goals during British
             season this century (against Ballycastle Bats, 1931)\"
Found: On the sixth floor, in a chest after you beat Peeves\' book.

Name: Leopoldina Smethwyck
Description: \"1829-1910.  First British witch to referee a Quidditch
Found:  In the fourth room of the Marauder\'s Map challenge.  Use Ron to
        check all the lighter-coloured walls.

Name: Roderick Plumpton
Description: \"1889-1987.  Seeker for England Quidditch Team.  Holds
             British record for fastest capture of Snitch during game:
             three and a half seconds.\"
Found:  In the third room of the Marauder\'s Map challenge, to the left
        of the first crystal ball.

Name: Barberus Bragge
Description: \"Introduced the Golden Snidget into Quidditch in 1269,
             changing the face of the game forever.\"
Found: You get this once you have collected all other Quidditch Cards.

*Hermione\'s Statues*

There are nine statues for Hermione to find.  Each time you find three,
Fred and George will allow Hermione to read a page of the Dark Forces
Book and improve her spell ability.  The first page improves your
Flipendo casting ability - you fire three spells at once.  The second
page improves your Expelliarmus casting ability.  The third increases
the speed at which you can fire the spells.

Statue: Bridget Wenlock
Found: Beside the Fat Lady on the seventh floor

Statue: Gondoline Oliphant
Found: In the secret passageway between fourth floor and second floor
       (Burn down the rug in the fourth floor study room)

Statue: Hengist of Woodcroft
Found: Near the entrance to the Hospital Wing on the fourth floor

Statue: Glanmore Peakes
Found: In the sixth floor corridor

Statue: Beaumont Marjoribanks
Found: History of Magic classroom, on the fourth floor

Statue: Gunhilda of Gorsemoor
Found: The large statue on the third floor, used to enter Hogsmeade

Statue: Gregory the Smarmy
Found: Large statue in the first floor corridor

Statue: Jocunda Sykes
Found: In the Entrance Hall, near the dungeon entrance

Statue: Hooky the House Elf
Found: In the Potions Storeroom, in the dungeons

*Notice Board Items*
Prefect Badge  -  In the Entrance Hall, behind the Hufflepuff hourglass.

*Ron\'s Stink Pellet Bowls*

*Legal Information*

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