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Follow the dark path or use the light

God of War Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 8 cheats on PlayStation 2

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The gate of athensAdded 16 Aug 2015, ID #35310
Snake head cut in use evade. But I use in keyboard. So I skip the snake cutting scenes

Unlimited magicAdded 11 May 2015, ID #35306
After defeating Madusa go to the exit door where you collected your magic power for Madusa's head. DO NOT FREEZE THE BEASTS!!!! Keep the beasts away from you with the electricity. At the exit door, double jump, use your electricity at the highest point. As SOON as your electric charge runs out double tap X (This gives you a slightly higher jump). (There is a ledge at the doorway) The ledge can be a pain to grasp but with a few tries you'll get it. You have unlimited magic during this point so feel free to use it to keep the beasts away as well as helping your jump...When you get onto the ledge, do the high jump I just explained again until you leap OVER the doorway. This will take SEVERAL tries for a newbie, but it definately works with some patience and effort.

Because you never defeat the beasts and walk THROUGH the doorway you'll have unlimited magic through the entire game... (Up until Aries takes your powers at least)

You can also do this on the left hand side of the screen as well, but on many of the discs it will glitch when you jump the wall and kill you. These 2 cheats can be found on if you need visual instruction....
Rage modeAdded 13 Jan 2014, ID #35193
Press both l3 and r3 at the same time wile playing
infinate orbsAdded 27 Aug 2008, ID #30801
I learned this from alex on game faqs. During the atlas challenge. After the saw room you go up the steps. Kill the first 2 harpies, but not the one below the tower you are bout to enter. Go inside you have to pin him between you and the ladder and kill him with [] [] triangle move so he dies just above the ladder and get caught in the fall. He will bounce for 15 ,20 minutes and give you oooohhh soooooo many orbs..allowing you to get all upgrades.
Unlock extra costumesAdded 18 Jun 2006, ID #21638
Beat he game at least once in any diffuculty to unlock the challenge of the gods
Defeat all challenges to unlock the following costumes :
Ares armor
Chef of war (Note: every enemy you defeat his apron gets bloodier)
Dairy bastard (Note: In this costume Kratos has unlimited magic)
God of War cheatsAdded 22 Aug 2005, ID #16840
Unlock Making of God of War:
Unlocked from beginning.

Unlock Trailers (Teaser and Magic Teaser):
Unlocked from beginning.

Secret Message:
To get the secret message, complete Spartan mode.

Secret Message 2:
To unlock the second secret message, complete the God of War Challenges. Infinite Ammunition:
Pause the game and enter the following code: Select, Select, Circle, Circle, R1, R1, Start.

Move Faster:
Press Right Analog-stick Forward to roll forward, then press R1 to execute a Hermes Rush shoulder charge before the roll ends. Repeat this to move faster.

Unlock Additional Costumes
When you have beaten God of War's Challenge of the Gods five new costumes will be unlocked for Kratos. Not only do they look different, Kratos actually has different attributes for his damage power and defense power and will also collect different levels of health, magic and red experience orbs.

Chef of War:
Damage Power 100%
Defense Power 100%
Magic 300%
Health 150%
Experience 100%

Damage Power 50%
Defense Power 100%
Magic 150%
Health 300%
Experience 100%

Damage Power 200%
Defense Power 25%
Magic 100%
Health 100%
Experience 400%

Dairy Bastard:
Damage Power 50%
Defense Power 100%
Magic 200%
Health 200%
Experience 200%
BONUS: Dairy Bastard has infinite magic supply.

Ares Armor:
Damage Power 200%
Defense Power 400%
Magic 100%
Health 200%
Experience 200%
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny voice recording on phoneAdded 17 Jun 2005, ID #15524
Voice recording: 1-888-447-5594
Featuring:Kratos & David Jaffy
Rated F:funny
God of War cheatsAdded 6 Apr 2005, ID #14205
Unlock God Mode:
Beat the game on any difficulty

Unlock Credits:
Beat the game on any difficulty

Unlock Deleted Levels:
Beat the game on any difficulty

Unlock 'In-Game Movies'
Beat the game on any difficulty

Unlock 'Heroic Possibilities':
Beat the game on any difficulty

Unlock 'Monsters of Myth':
Beat the game on any difficulty

Unlock 'Challenge of the Gods':
Beat the game on any difficulty

Unlock 'The Birth of the Beast'
Beat the game on any difficulty

Unlock 'Visions of Ancient Greece'
Beat the game on any difficulty

Unlock 'A Secret Revealed':
Beat the game on God Mode difficulty

Unlock 'The Fate of the Titans'
Beat the game on God Mode difficulty

Unlock 'Character Graveyard'
Beat the game on any difficulty

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