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God of War

Game Reviews for God of War


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gunsandrosesfan19th Jul 2006, ID #364
This is a very gory and great game, for people who like silent hill,resident evil and prince of persia games you will love it. During the game you encounter against many monsters as hydras, trolls d..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review

Seos san Nekros14th Feb 2007, ID #539
God Of War is a game of strategy, logic, and combat. You play as Kratos, a Spartan warrior who once served as a general for Ares, the God of War. He feels regretful of his past and turns his attenti..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review

greymatter25th Feb 2007, ID #551
I've read a number of complaints and concerns with regards to the main character's inability to jump. For whatever 'reason', the programmers have included an odd algorithm for jumping. I think there..

Rating: 76%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

BrillAdded 1 Sep 2005, ID #17018
10/10 overall
10/10 grath
8/10 life span
9/10 life span

The game is amazing it is like Prince Of Persia with better, I got it on my b/day and I remembered I haven't got a memory card with the space on so I quit on the the desert of lost souls.

I like killing cyclopes cause there cool to kill and my b/day is yeaterday and people who dont like the games are mad cause this game rules.

C ya all

The game we've been waiting forAdded 9 May 2005, ID #14933
You get to play through the game as a servent for the gods. They have all of the major gods like Ares,Zues,and Hades. You have to kill the god of war while the gods help you through out the game. You also unlock bonus stuff to watch or play which is really cool. One of the bonus material shows a part 2 of the game when Kratos was a kid. This game isn\'t for young people because of all the blood,nudity, and some of the bonus materials swear so strong language. Overall I\'d have to give this great game a 10/10.

Beware AresAdded 6 Apr 2005, ID #14238
This game is pretty good it's kind of like Prince of Persia: Warrior Within but with alot better graphics. You get to fight alot of Sparta's legends like Hydra for one. Plus the combos are incredible but this game is not for little kids. It has alot of bad stuff in this game like blood, violence, gore, and nudity. This game does show true gods though which is kind of cool. Thats why i'm giving this game a 10/10.

The best Playstation game yetAdded 25 Mar 2005, ID #13939
I rarely get blown away by a game, but this one is by far the best release title since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The introduction is great and sets the mood perfectly.

I was hooked after five mintues of play. The tutorial was easy to understand and very well played out. In other words they just did not tell you what does what it did it step by step. The graphics for both the characters and background are flawless, which i have not seen on too many playstation games. The addition of character voices in the game with the graphics really shocked me.

Usually the developers for playstation games sacfrice one for the other. The story is very original and refreshing. Your not good but your not evil, your the champion of the gods. You can slaughter both minions of the gods as well as humans. The on screen characters are unquie from each other, the enemies are too as well.

The blood splatters are cool too, not too much but yet not lacking. The "mini games" as the game puts are a fun way to damage and kill your opponents. The only question I would have for the developers is were are the women in greece always topless?

This game is for action adventure gamers for sure. I would personally skip the renting and go straight to buying for this game.

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