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Game Reviews for Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2


Quick Reviews

Budokai 2 - Worth it? Added 6 Apr 2013, ID #34236
Remember in beginning of the 2000's when Dragon Ball Z rarely had much sagas/villains? Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 is a game that explains until the Majin Buu Saga.
You can find a difference from 1 and 2, that the graphics are shaded. A nice kind of touch so the producers didn't have to work much hard on it, but they could have worked some extra time to get more than just 1 saga from Budokai 1.
The soundtrack itself is very good. Like all DBZ soundtracks, they provide music which will keep you playing just for the music.
But, if you already had Budokai 1, is it a good idea to get 2?
No. There is not much more in Budokai 2, and only has 1 more saga. Though it keeps Budokai 1's hard nature and makes the Kid Buu fight probably as hard or harder than the Cell fight in Budokai 1.
Is it worth it?
Yes. Actually, it's also a good game to start your DBZ collection, or if you're new, then it's good to start from there. I know you might think getting Tenkaichi 1, 2, or 3 would be better because it explains the WHOLE story, but, it's not so good to get that much. You want to start off with the simple 2.5D game play, and start with the simple controls. As you become a better fan, start the tenkaichi's. Once you're a pure fan, get BT3 for the wii, and start playing online.
Now, let's go back to what this review is all about--Budokai 2.
It explains the story well for a starter. There might be minor things left out of explanation--like the part where Raditz arrives. They do NOT explain the part of "killing 100 people and bringing them on the beach."
You can get this game for only 7 dollars used at GameStop, though GameStop might be your only choice because Budokai 2 isn't as easy to find then Budokai 1.
To end this review, Budokai 2 is a fun DBZ game to play with friends, yourself, and whoever you please.
Overall: Good Added 21 Dec 2004, ID #12133
A good game for regular beat em' up fans a must have for fans of dbz.

It's a bit of a let down because of the way story mode is set out but is still a good game.

Great multiplayer with a wide variety of moves for the characters.

Same as first Added 25 Oct 2004, ID #11261
DBZ Budaki 2 is alomost the same as the first but cell-shaded, 6 out of 10.
Hey I think this is true... Added 25 Sep 2004, ID #10909
OK, what can I say, I read a reveiw in a magazine and I thought I would post a review where people would see it.

This game is well good, I dont think I have actually ever played a bettaer fighting game thats cell shaded, actually I don't think I've ever played a cell shaded fighting before, so ok, I think this game kicks but, its got to be the best cell shaded game ever made, the tornament section of the game is just pure brilliance but....the story line is so messed up, you have to fight Freeza and cel like 4-5 times and the only good thing about it is just to show them that no matter how many times they try, a computer game version of the evil monsters are no match for the real time gamers that are just too good, but even the places you go in the story line is messed up. Like why do you fight those little Saiya men about 50 times when in the series theres probly bout 5-7 of them, and the strange thing is they go from the original colour of green to an obscure colour like pink, what were those people thinking, id agree with people when they say the makers were designing the game after going on a complete pub night.

Well anyway, the charaters are amazing but the moves are too much the same for each character, which I think is quite sad, but overall I'll say buy this game and play it till you've completed it fully, get every character, evey fusion, every item and more.

Also do everything to get all the dragon ball's because I was never able too so goodluck.
I give this game a 7/10 so go buy it and enjoy, and wait 4 the 3rd.
Added 1 Jul 2004, ID #9603
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 is a very good fighting game because it gives you the chance to do special and finsihing moves.

You can turn to super sayian, one, two and three. However the only downfall of the game is how dragon world is operated. It is not high - standard.

I give this game seven and a half out of ten.
Budokai 2 Added 20 Feb 2004, ID #7054
Dragonball z budokai 2 is by far the best dragonball game released on any of the game consoles.

Budokai 2 is the spinoff of budokai 1 and easily is much better.

Playing in the original manga style, budokai lets you control and unlock all of the characters seen in the program.

The story mode in budokai 2 is called dragon world and is set out as a board game rather than just full on combat.

In dragonworld you have to hop around to meet up with your enemies, allways controling Goku but being able to choose 1 or more extra players.

Going through dragonworld you encounter the likes of Raditz, Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, the androids, cell and all forms of buu.

Other options of the game are Duel mode, where you can fight the computer or your friends, World tournament, where you fight in a cometition for money, Edit skills, where you can buy skills and ajust character skills and babadis spaceship, when you unlock it.

I give this game 9 out of 10 because of its good graphics and great gameplay.
Check it out Added 19 Jan 2004, ID #6360
Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 is one of the best games.

It has the action,the fighting, and all the best people.

Of course it has Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Crillin but it also has Goten, Trunks, and more.

You now can do fusions, go to new levels and unlock new people like Bu.
Best game Added 3 Jan 2004, ID #5907
This game is one of the best games I've played.

It's a combination of Dragonball GT Final Bout and the first Budokai.

The graphics are really good. I would say to give this game a 10 out of 10.

This game has a new storyboard to it that's called Dragonworld and this time you get to have other characters help you out.

You also get the tournament mode again and this time you can have up to 4 players that I know of.

Then after a lot of work you get Babidi's spaceship that is just like dueling but with features added to the fighting.

I can't wait to see the next DBZ game or DBGT game.
A DBZ Game You Won Added 14 Dec 2003, ID #5298
This Budokai game is the second game in it's series. It's also different than all of the other DBZ games.

In Budokai 2 you can fight from Raditz all the way to the final chapter with Buu in Dragon World.

Dragon Wold is the same as story mode except you can have alies and it's like one giant board game.

You can also check out The World Tournament, Duel with friends or a COM, Practice and fight against a COM, and theres also Skills where youcan edit and buynew capsuls.

There are way more characters too. You can be a character between Raditz and Kid Buu's Saga.

There are fusions between Goten and Trunks and Vegeta and Goku. When you go up against Buu whenever you loose all our lives he'll absorb you.

The graphics are almost the same as the cartoon. So for the graphics I would give it a 7 out of 10.

It's a great overall agame so I wold have to give it a 9 outof 10. The makers could have made it shorter.
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