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Game Reviews for Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2


Quick Reviews

Budokai 2 - Worth it? Added 6 Apr 2013, ID #34236
Overall: Good Added 21 Dec 2004, ID #12133
Same as first Added 25 Oct 2004, ID #11261
Hey I think this is true... Added 25 Sep 2004, ID #10909
Added 1 Jul 2004, ID #9603
Budokai 2 Added 20 Feb 2004, ID #7054
Ok I really don't know how people got the ghosts name but on the level with the creepy steeple in twilight town but his name is doopliss, D-O-O-P-L-I-S-S NOT dooplEss but doopliss, why did I say that?

For the skull stone part in kehaull key at the end you have to spin slam the red mustached stone and hammer (with your hammer) the blue mustached stone 3 times and a platform will come up so you trow bobmery on the platform and the door will open.

In the creepy steeple once you have the spinning hammer ability wait until at least two boos start to get on you spin and do this three times, then on boo will say, "I thought you said you would be nice to me" and they will form an atomic boo once you kill it, you get a lucky start badge, really kinda gets old but pays 50 coins, and from then on individual boos will start to attack you.

To get the super hammer, the third and last hammer you get you have to get those red shoes and the spring jump ability, first you go to rougeport square and by the inn there is like this platform thing with a giant chest on the top so then you spring jump and the chest will fall and then you open it and get the super hammer qwhich you can smash cinder blocks.

If you spin jump somebody as a first attack it will take as much damage as the spin jump attack but it wont take away F.P.

Theres a badge called stylish tutor, when you equip it an ! Will apper on top of your characters head when it's time to do a stylish move like for instance, when you use the hammer rite after it takes damage if you press A he will backflip and before he walks back (at some time) he will throw his hands up and confetti will come down but with that badge, you press A when you see the !

There is a way you can look like Luigi, Waluigi, or Wario. First, for Wario, you have to get 360 coins and wait until that guy with the bushy giant mustache is in rougeport square occasionally check until he gets something called the W emblem when you buy it put it on and you will look like waluigi on weight watchers. An easy way to get money fast is to sell useless badges at the badge shop ontop of the general store and when you talk to him say ,"im selling"

For Luigi, on chapter 6 go in the museum and watch beldam,doopliss, and that fat thing stal the fake crystal star to get the real one you go to the stars on the floor and spring jump until you get to the switch and go through the pipe that comes up the rest is clear until you get the crystal star so just do what you did to get to the switch spring jump on the stars on the floor and the L emblem is exactly where the blue switch was when you put it on, you look like a midget luigi.

This is the last but the easiest all you gotta do is put on the wario and luigi emblems at the same time and you look like a short chubbier waluigi.

This is the one I'm currently on the last crystal star level 7 the only thing I got so far is the paper from goldbob you need the super hammer and go to that snow place, talk to the green bomb with bombery as your current partner and he will say sumthing like, "I know I saw A cannon last time I was here old boy" and you will have to go to that rich place and talk to the gold bomb guy he will ask how much you are willing to pay for something like this cannon and you say everything I have and keep saying you will give all of your money and then he will take it once he gives you the piece of paper, he will say I was just kidding and give your money back to you, you can talk to the fortune teller if you want but later I will post what the fortune teller is really saying

P.S. Do not upgrade one of your levels or partners by downgrading another one it seems like a good idea but causes trouble later on
Check it out Added 19 Jan 2004, ID #6360
This cheat is for slots 7-14. They will appear as items but are all different trees.


WARNING: When using this code, do not use it near the big lake or on the side of the train tracks(the line bar that keeps you from getting hit by the train) Chances are that you will get trapped, get stuck in the water, or stay on the train tracks with no way out. Make sure you have no Mr.Resette code is on. This code though is perfect to get alot of money or to get the gold axe. :-D
Best game Added 3 Jan 2004, ID #5907
It isnt really a cheat but try it any way, it's a glitch. Uh... I tried this w/ scorpion, and on two player, I have no clue if it will work w/ othe rpeople. O well

Select the stage that is surounded by lave, then select anyone, but kobra has to be playing, go all the way to the edge , kobra on the other side, sandwiching the other player, use grab with kobra, which shoul send you into the lava, but instead youll be walking on it okay bye g2g...
A DBZ Game You Won Added 14 Dec 2003, ID #5298
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