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Digimon World 4 PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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Our collection of cheats includes unlocking unique weapons and characters like Guilmon, Dorumon and Veemon.

More Digimon World 4 PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 14 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Digimon World 4 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : Xbox

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Unlock Unique Weapons

To get these special weapons which the Digimon are affliated with you first need to accumulate 2,500 or more Experience. Then, except for Goblin Fort you must play through ALL the dungeons in the game on the Hard difficulty setting without switching off the cosole. The dungeons must be played in the standard order (Electro Mine must be played through before Mecha Nest) and when the credits have completed travel to Goblin Pass and cross the bridge before the boulder traps. If you then defeat the giant Numemon that arrives it will drop the weapon.

Digimon World 4 cheats

Unlock Digivolutions


Guilmon reach level 16


Agumon reach level 16


Veemon reach level 16


Dorumon reach level 16

Unlock Ultimate and Mega Level Digimon in Normal Mode


Complete Item Road with Agumon


Complete Undead Yard with Agumon


Complete Undead Yard with Dorumon


Complete Item Road with Dorumon


Complete Undead Yard with Guilmon


Complete Item Road with Guilmon


Complete Undead Yard with Veemon


Complete Item Road with Veemon

Walk around at numemon river

Power up to charge at the end of the boat and the boat will go on without you and you will be able to walk around without the boat so you can get all the digielves

The 10 quests how to get it

1.Undead Yard


-Digi-elf Location: Northeast corner in Terminal Area


Normal Mode- Have at least 2 digivolutions.

Hard Mode- Have at least 5 digivolutions.

Super Hard Mode- Have at least 8 digivolutions


Normal Mode- Eliminate all 279 digimons within 30 minutes.

(156-1st floor, 123-2nd floor)

Hard Mode- Eliminate all 302 digimons within 40 minutes.

(157-1st floor, 145-2nd floor)

Super Hard Mode- Eliminate all 302 digimons within 50 minutes.

-Note: Check the maps section for a complete description of this side quest

From 1F to 2F. Don't destroy the tower in the 2F where the Mummymons are coming

From. Don't jump yet on the ledge after the area where you fight ..

Hidden traders

There are hiddend rooms in the trader hall quest you can get in to them by go ing the false walls at the top of each of the side corridors or the false wall in the centrel side rooms.

Best training spot..

Death Valley=Goblin Cave,Rotating hall(goblin)

Mummy Dessert=Around Purple Pillar(don't destroy the pillar it's fragile)(scorpiomon)

Venom Jungle=I don't think so there is any..

Machine Pit=Places where you need to press the switch and turn the bridge(a robotic spider looking digimon)(Not arukenimon)

Best=Mummy Dessert

Get Wargreymon X and H-kabuterimon x

This hint can be only use with Otamamon.First you go to birdramon at shop area.Then talk to him then do the mission that him give(this mission very easy like you must kill 10 enemies at the area given).After that talk to him again and you get Wargreymon x and H-kabuterimon.

Many hints


At the start of the game, you have an option of repeating the tutorial. You can keep repeating it, gaining experiance, and a HPa disk every time you finish it.

1b. When you get to Dry Land, head to the right and there will be scorpians that re-apear because of the black tower. When you destroy it, they will stop re-apearing.

Destroy the scorpians till you think your ready to leave, and then destroy the tower and finish the last of them off.


When you go to the Aybiss of Greif [I think it's that] when you face the only Ogremon there will be a blank wall behind him [and the other Gobruimon] and attack the wall [magic does not work on it] and there will be a chest. First time you get it it should be a gran..

Doble your money

When you have a lot of money make 2 saves of your digemon go on 2 players and load both saves of your digemon and get one of them to give the other one all his money then save the onewith all the money of then over both of them keep doing this and you will have lots of money!!!!

Easy exp for lvl 5,s

When you have got the 2 first keys go to the guard room and 39 goborimon will appear kill them and go throught to rotating room and then go back and keep doin this till you want to leave or get on with the story.

Hard to get

WarGreymon X:if you select Agumon in the begining, complete undead yard by killing all 279 enemies.or if you select Veemon in the beginning,complete undead yard by killing all 302 enemies(Hard mode-complete normal mode once.)

MetalGarurumon X: if you selected veemon in the beginning , complete item road after finish hard mode (but do it in hard mode , don't do it in very hard mode , because after finish hard mode you'll get the very hard mode)

If you have lv65 WarGreymon X nad lv65 MetalGarurumon X , go to the digi elf in digi lab.she will tell you that you've learned Omnimon digi tech

-Finding Digimon-

Agumon: agumon is waiting at the entrance to the native forest when you first start

Meramon: meramon is in some caves in the drill tunnel

Palmon: go through the native forest, right down as far south as you can go, you should find patamon

Birdra: on the top floor of the grand canyon, keep going through the native forest and you will get there, find the lift

Centuramon: go east then north in the mangrove region and you'll find amida forest, take lots of recoveries, he will shoot you, also be prepared for a champion battle after him

Tyrannomon: just after getting centuramon to join you will enter dino land or something and he'll challenge you

Drimogemon: in the drill tunnel there's a diggion digimon who will challenge you af..

Get Omnimon

this hint only can work by use alphamon.first you go to birdramon and talk to him and you get Omnimon.(hard mode only)

Zero Heath (Live Through Poison)

When you are poisoned by an enemy jump right before your health hits zero jump if you are in the air when your health hits zero you will stay alive but game will say you are dead but you will be able to walk around and attack. U can't use spells or items The only to get your health to go back up is to LV Up Be carfare because if You get hit once you will die

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