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Digimon World 4

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The 10 quests how to get it hints and tips for Digimon World 4

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The 10 quests how to get it


1.Undead Yard
-Digi-elf Location: Northeast corner in Terminal Area

Normal Mode- Have at least 2 digivolutions.
Hard Mode- Have at least 5 digivolutions.
Super Hard Mode- Have at least 8 digivolutions

Normal Mode- Eliminate all 279 digimons within 30 minutes.
(156-1st floor, 123-2nd floor)
Hard Mode- Eliminate all 302 digimons within 40 minutes.
(157-1st floor, 145-2nd floor)
Super Hard Mode- Eliminate all 302 digimons within 50 minutes.

-Note: Check the maps section for a complete description of this side quest
From 1F to 2F. Don't destroy the tower in the 2F where the Mummymons are coming
From. Don't jump yet on the ledge after the area where you fight bunch of Mecha

2.Card Retrieve
-Digi-elf Location: North of the Card Keeper. The upper-right one.

Normal Mode - 25 kinds of cards
Hard Mode - 30 kinds of cards
Super Hard Mode - 45 kinds of cards

All Modes- Defeat Scorpiomon and bring back Booster Pack to the digielf.

-Note: When you begin this side quest, you will be told that you cannot use gate
Disks and that you CANNOT recover either HP or MP.

Dorumon - Finish this side quest with I HP remaining. - Medjai (not sure)

3.Barbarian Cave
-Digi-elf Location: Northeast corner in Terminal Area

-Requirements: Just talk to that digi-elf.

All Modes- Defeat Mammothmon.

-Note: Time doesn't matter. It just affects on what bits and item the team
Leader or members will get. You just need to kill Mammothmon. Use the same
Tactics on him just like in the Death Valley. But beware, he is more powerful
And deadly now.

4.Item Retrieve
-Digi-elf Location: North of Card Keeper. Upper-left one.

-Requirements: Start any other side quest. Then talk to this digi-elf to start
The sidequest.

All Modes- Bring back an item that the digi-elf is interested in, you don't
Have to give that item to him.

-Note: A way to cheat is to bring the item along with you before starting the
Quest. Therefore, after going through the dungeon, simply show the digielf that

5.Item Road
-Digi-elf Location: North of the Card Keeper.

-Requirements: Beat the game entirely.

All modes- Just beat the boss. No need to worry about the number of
Treasures you find.

-Note: Proceed to the Battle Arena, Machine Pit. Look around and you will find a
New dungeon being opened. You should find out that Item Road has been opened.

6.Item Trading
-Digi-elf Location: North of the Card Keeper.

Normal Mode- Trade with PrinceMamemon at least 5 times
Hard/Super Hard Mode - Trade with PrinceMamemon at least 8 times

All Modes- Simply try to trade with a lot of digimon in the Trading Hall and
Satisfying as many digimon as possible.

-Note: Check the map section to find out which digimons to trade with. Also note
That the specialised weapons are found here.

7.Seal the Souls
-Digi-elf Location: Northeast corner in Terminal Area

-Requirements: Defeat MaloMyotismon and talk to that digielf ALONE.

All modes- Place the item on the machine then escape the dungeon within 15
Minutes. But in order to get the digivolution, you must escape the dungeon with
A 10 minutes remaining.

-Note: Make an imaginary map in your mind of what routes you've been run
Through. Find the easiest route to find the exit. You need to face 8 monsters
In order to flee. 6 in the first time then 2 near the read door, which leads
To the exit. It composed of only 2 floors so it shouldn't be a problem.

Guilmon, Agumon - Sacrifice Defense ROM Delta at the Shrine of Seals. -Medjai

8.Summoning of Gekomon
Digi-elf Location: Opposite of the Armory Shop

-Requirements: Speak to the Digielf once, then proceed to Mangrove Forest. And
find the big, brown door opened.

All Modes- Defeat all digimons being summoned by Gekomon before the time runs
Out. Time runs out when the green clock in the middle turns completely red.
You must defeat about 4-8 Otamamon, 4 Gekomon, and 1 ShogunGekomon.

-Note: You must defeat this side quest 3 times in order to successfully
Complete this side quest.

9.Legendary Arena
-Digi-elf Location: Opposite the Data Keeper

-Requirements: Speak to the digielf once, then proceed to Dry Land and find the

All modes- Simply press both switches in Mummy Desert and Grief Wasteland.
One is near on the entrance to Grief Wasteland and the other one is on the
Ledge of Grief Wasteland. You should hear a sound of something being lowered
After switching both switches. Then proceed to an area near the exit of Grief
Wasteland and you should find a platform being lowered. Drop down to begin the

Defeat SkullGreymon with a bunch of Mummymon on by his side.

-Note: You must defeat SkullGreymon 3 times to completely finish this side
If you didn't talk to the digielf before going to Dry Land, you will fight
Arukenimons instead of SkullGreymon. So beware.

10.Wormhole Dungeon/Wamu Platform
-Digi-elf Location: North of the Card Keeper.

-Requirements: Complete all 9 other side quests.

-Objectives: Beat the boss.

-Note: This quest is quite difficult. Just focus on going through the dungeon
And fight enemies.

7. Bosses . . . Dw4_f_s7

Note: Just remember the basics of the game and it will come good. Check.

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