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Digimon World 4



by game_boy87

(  _`\  _         _                          
| | ) |(_)   __  (_)  ___ ___     _     ___  
| | | )| | /'_ `\| |/' _ ` _ `\ /'_`\ /' _ `\
| |_) || |( (_) || || ( ) ( ) |( (_) )| ( ) |
(____/'(_)`\__  |(_)(_) (_) (_)`\___/'(_) (_)
          ( )_) |                            
 _       _              _        _     _  _   
( )  _  ( )            (_ )     ( )   ( )( )  
| | ( ) | |   _    _ __ | |    _| |   | || |  
| | | | | | /'_`\ ( '__)| |  /'_` |   | || |_ 
| (_/ \_) |( (_) )| |   | | ( (_| |   (__ ,__)
`\___x___/'`\___/'(_)  (___)`\__,_)      (_)  

Version (1.5) 6/21/2005
Game_Boy87 (Jake Bloodworth)
[email protected]
Playstation 2 

If you wish to make a contribution to this FAQ please contact me at 
[email protected]  You may also submit any errors or suggestions 
you may have.  If you are searching for a certain side-quest, hit CTR+F 
and put in a keyword to find what you need faster. This is my first FAQ 
so I hope you enjoy it!  I want this to be "the" Digimon World 4 faq!


1. Updates
2. Copyright
3. Walkthrough
4. Side-Quests
5. Bosses
6. Tips
7. Question & Answers
8. Credits


6/11/05 - Version 1.0- This is the beginning of the guide! I am up to 
Doom Dome and will add more as I am able to write out more of the 
locations in the game. I plan on updating frequently!

6/13/2005- Version 1.1- First Update! I added the rest of Death Valley 
and updated the Side-Quests section by adding Numenume River.

6/16/2005- Version 1.2- I have added most of Dry Land and more boss 
strategies. Next update I will finish Dry Land and add some more side 
quest help.

6/17/2005- Version 1.3- I finished up Dry Land and added information about 
the starter digimon.  I added more tips and questions/answers.

6/19/2005- Version 1.4- I added parts of Venom Jungle and more side-quest 
help. I added more tips, the beginning story, and more questions/answers.

6/21/2005-Version 1.5- I finished Venom Jungle, added more tips, digimon 
information, and updated the side-quest guide.


This FAQ is c2005, Jake Bloodworth.  You may use this for your personal 
use only, or request from me to use this FAQ on other sites.  You may not 
use this FAQ/Walkthrough as a guide to make your own FAQ/Walkthrough.  You 
may not use this to gain profits. All trademarks and copyrights contained 
in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright 


The Digital World has been at peace under the management of the host 
server Yamato.  Recently, access to the real world was terminated and a 
mysterious server was discovered.  The Digimon exploration team that was 
sent in to investigate the problem hasn't returned! As a member of the 
Digital Security Guard it's up to you to find out what is causing these 
problems and prevent a Digi-disaster.  The digimon are counting on you! 
(Taken from page 4 of the Digimon World 4 manual)

---Starter Digimon--
Agumon: A great character if you prefer to use melee attacks.  
Strengths: Very high strength, high hp, blunt weapons
Weaknesses: Low mp, low wisdom, low spirit
Digivolutions (Normal Mode)
Wargreymon X: Defeat all 279 digimon in Undead Yard
Hercules Kabuterimon X: Complete Item Road

Dorumon: Balanced digimon that does not specialize in one area
Strengths: Very high defense, high mp, high spirit, bash weapons
Weaknesses: Very low speed, average wisdom
Digivolutions: (Normal Mode)
WereGarurumon X: Defeat all 279 digimon in Undead Yard
Clavis Angemon: Complete Item Road

Guilmon: A great character if you like to use mp and stab weapons.
Strengths: Very high mp, very high spirit/wisdom, very high speed
Weaknesses: Very low strength, average hp and defense
Digivolutions: (Normal Mode)
Hercules Kabuterimon: Defeat all 279 digimon in Undead Yard
War Greymon X: Complete Item Road

Veemon: A speedy character with great defense.
Strengths: Very high speed, Very high defense, slash weapons
Weaknesses: Average strength, low mp, low spirit
Digivolutions: (Normal Mode)
Clavis Angemon: Defeat all 279 digimon in Undead Yard
WereGarurumon X: Complete Item Road


Hp- Hit Points (life meter)
Mp- Magic Points (Used to execute mp techniques)
Tech.- Short for techniques
Exp.- Experience points won from a fight
Upgrade- Improve your weapons and armor


++++++++++++++The Beginning++++++++++++++++++++

Don't you love the feeling of popping in a new game and waiting for the 
"Start Screen" to come on?  When the "Bandai" logo appears press Start 
and you will be looking at the main screen.  Select Game Start and you 
are on your way. Choose "Create Digimon" and you will get a selection 
of four Digimon: Guilmon, Dorumon, Agumon, or Veemon.  After choosing 
your digimon you will be prompted to name your character, you can press 
up to get lowercase letters and up again for symbols and spaces. After 
selecting your Digimon you will be transported to the Terminal Area 
where your adventure begins!  You will be prompted to talk to Ophanimon 
and he will tell you of the troubles facing the Digital World and you 
are the only one who can save it! (Like we have never heard that one 
before!) After you are told about your rescue mission you are given 
control of your digimon in the Commander's Room. Inside there are digi-
elves who offer plenty of tidbits of information about weapons, 
digivolution tech., hp/mp etc. You should read what they have 
to say, and it is ok if you don't understand everything now, you will 
learn as you play the game.  Once finished talking to the elves, leave 
the Commander's Room through the portal and you will find yourself back 
at the Termial Area.  You will probably want to visit the "Save Keeper" 
before heading out (In the central area).  After saving, enter the Gate 
Circle and prepare for your first mission!  You will begin a practice 
mission, which will get you used to the game's mechanics.  You can't 
lose any health so make sure to try and get a few good swings, practice 
mp attacks, because you will need to have an understanding of the 
fighting as the first mission is difficult.

Death Valley (Recommended Level 1-15)
Goburimon: Hits with club (60-100hp, 10-39 exp.)
Numemon: Spits slime and attacks with tongue (60-100hp, 12-32 exp.) 
Ogremon: Hits with club (120-140 hp, 32-40 exp.)
Sukamon: Spits fire and uses a "spin" attack (80-180hp, 24-40 exp.) 
Goburimon (Goblin Fort): Hits with club (80hp, 32 exp.)
Kokatorimon: Jabs and uses a freeze attack (120hp, 50 exp.) 
Bats: Stings with stinger (70-190hp, 22-64 exp.) 

+++++++++++Death Valley (Goblin Pass)++++++++++++

When you arrive walk up and you will see a hologram projector and if 
you read it you will learn a little bit about Leomon's mission. Be 
careful, because Goburimon will begin spawning and they are no 
pushovers.  Try not to get surrounded by them and just attack as fast 
as possible.  Don't be afraid to run, because they do a lot of damage 
to you. If you need more help, consult the "Tips" section.  Take a deep are finally on your way to saving the Digital World! 
Follow the path and you will come across path split.  Go up the path 
and you will face more Goburimon (get used to it) and a few boxes, 
smash those and you will probably get a raise disk or a gate disk.  
Return back down the path and you will come to another crossing.  
Take the crossing with the shrubs, (the other path will lead you to a 
fort, but you don't have the keys yet, so go on) and destroy the shrubs 
by attacking them to continue.  Along the path you will come across a 
rope bridge, you will want to go across that bridge and trigger the 
switch that is at the end of it. (Watch out, there are Ogremon and lots 
of Goburimon here).  After hitting the switch return to the bridge and 
follow the path down.  You will see a trap with falling rocks, and to 
avoid being hit you should walk close to the trap and when you see it 
begin to fall, run back.  After getting through here you will want to 
continue on down the path, and take the lower route.  Along the way you 
will come across the entrance to "Humid Cave", but don't take it yet.  
Head a little past it and you will see a "Security Portal", (Blue lines 
on the ground that look like an arrow, and it will glow when you walk 
on it).  You can return to the Terminal Area to heal, buy disks, save 
etc. To activate it use a Gate disk and to return to that point leave 
the Terminal Area through the EMERGENCY GATE CIRCLE, otherwise you will 
return to the beginning of the level. Head back down from the Security 
Portal and enter "Humid Cave".

+++++++++++++Death Valley (Humid Cave)++++++++++++

Humid Cave is like all of the dungeons you have played in other games 
of this genre. You fight your way through it until you get to the boss 
at the end. There really aren't any tricky spots here, just be careful 
to run/jump across the electric traps when they stop glowing, otherwise 
you will take hp damage. If you find a door locked and don't know what 
to do search around and make sure you have defeated all of the digimon 
in that room/area as you will not be allowed to continue unless you 
have defeated them all.  If you see Blue Glowing squares on the ground, 
click on  them and they will give you a map. The Numemon are a little 
tougher in here so try to avoid large groups. The Sukamon are the 
toughest enemies you have faced yet, so watch your health and block 
when they go into the ground, because you cannot hit them when they are 
underground. Once you reach the end of the Cave you will see a 
Security Portal, I recommend you take it and stock up because your 
first boss battle is ahead. Once you are ready walk into the arena and 
you will face Blossomon! Consult the Bosses section for help. After 
defeating Blossomon grab the key and enter the treasure room, smash all 
of the treasure chests. After claiming your prizes take the portal in 
the treasure room and you will be back at Terminal Area. 

+++++++++++++Terminal Area++++++++++++++++++++++++

By now you probably have an ok feel for the game, so you will probably 
want to change your weapon at the Digi-Lab and open any booster packs 
and put your bits into the bank.  You should probably pay off Etemon 
his 1000 bits so he can build items, so you don't have to later. After 
you are finished restocking, return to the World Gate and prepare for 
more action!
#Note Dbl-Axe is miss-printed and is really a blunt weapon, don't worry 
if you have 210 blunt it will work for you and raise your blunt tech. 
The "bash" is a miss-print.

++++++++++++Death Valley (Goblin Pass)++++++++++++

Remember that Security Portal by Humid Cave? If so return there, and 
instead of going back down to return to Humid Cave go left and you will 
see some rocks and shrubs blocking a path, destroy those and go across 
the bridge into the "Abyss of Grief".

++++++++++++Death Valley (Abyss of Grief)+++++++++

Here you will face much stronger Goburimon than those in Goblin Pass 
and the Ogremon will be more abundant so you will need to watch your 
health more cautiously. Once across the bridge you will have a choice 
of two paths, right or left. Don't take the right path now because you 
do not have the boat key yet, so it would be a waste, head left. 
Continue left until reach an Security Portal, and there should be a 
bridge close to it.  Take that bridge and once you are across it take a 
left again and you will eventually come to the entrance of "Cliff 
Dungeon". (That is the simplest way of getting there, so if you want to 
explore around the Abyss of Grief go ahead, this is a good spot to 
level up.)

+++++++++++Death Valley (Cliff Dungeon)+++++++++++

This cave is very similar to "Humid Cave" (except a lot longer) so if 
you follow the basic ideas outlined there you will be fine here. 
Remember to hit click on the maps, as they will help you out a lot. All 
of the digimon in here are a little stronger than what you have faced 
before and will try and attack you in groups...Don't let them do that! 
Fight them individually and you will be ok. Once you reach the first 
Security Portal you know you are half way to the boss. Continue through 
the cave and you will encounter the second Security Portal, now is the 
time to be prepared for another boss fight.  After defeating Mammothmon 
grab his key, enter the treasure room and break open those chests, and 
take the portal back to Terminal Area!

++++++++++Death Valley (Goblin Pass)++++++++++++++

After doing the usual shopping/saving/etc. head to the world gate and 
prepare as you are close to saving Leomon! Remember the first crossing 
that I told you not to take earlier (I told you to go down not up) Go 
up and you will fight some Numemon and two cannons guarding the 
entrance to the Goburimon Fortress.  Depending on how many people are 
with you, you should see some teleporters lit up and others not. Walk 
on the teleporters that are not lit up and you will be taken to the 
Guard Room.

+++++++++++Death Valley (Goburimon Fortress)+++++++

Once in the Guard Room you will face tons and tons of Goburimon, so I 
hope you are ready. After you dispatch them continue on into the 
Rotating Hall.  You will go into different rooms where Goburimon come 
through the wall and must defeat all of them to unlock the next door, 
continue this process until the last door opens and you will be taken 
to a new area. (This area looks like you are walking on a cliff), 
continue fighting Goburimon/Ogremon until you reach the first entrance, 
which will take you to the "X Digimon Lab". (If you entered into the 
GobGob room, you went too far.) I hope you are healed up because you 
are about to fight another boss! Click on the terminal and it will say 
something about releasing Mecha Rogue and you will fight Mecha Rogue. 
After defeating Mecha Rogue, talk to Leomon and you will be taken back 
to Terminal Area. Congratulations, you have completed your first 

+++++++++++++Terminal Area+++++++++++++++++++++++++

After you have done the usual heal/save/upgrade/sell etc. Go talk to 
Ophanimon and she will tell you of a new mission (you will receive the 
boat key). You are asked to save the Digi-Elves that have been taken 
captive by the Numemon, so when you are ready head to the World Gate 
and prepare for another rescue mission!

++++++++++Death Valley (Abyss of Grief)++++++++++++

Remember at the very beginning of the "Abyss of Grief" (right after you 
cross the bridge) and you had a choice of a left path or a right path 
blocked by shrubs? I hope so, take the right path and you will come 
across a barrel trap, where at the top, barrels are being launched down 
a hill at you. You have to make it up the hill, so I recommend the side 
closest to the mountain, because less barrels are thrown that way. Jump 
your way up the hill and destroy the barrel launchers at the top. 
Continue around the mountain until you come across a break in the 
mountain on the right. You will see a stone pillar standing not to far 
from the edge and will have to jump. But don't worry if you 
fall! You will respawn with 1hp back at the top of the mountain (a 
little above the break on the right, where the shrubs were blocking).  
After playing hopscotch across stone pillars you will finally land on 
solid ground again! (Be sure to heal before jumping onto the final 
landing because goburimon will spawn and you don't want to fight them 
with 1hp do you?) Continue through the path of trees and you will come 
across a purple fence with a gate entrance. Heal before entering 
because you are going to fight Blossomon again! The fight is much 
easier now and after you defeat her continue along until you reach a 
dock, and that will take you to Numenume River!

+++++++++++Death Valley (Numenume River)++++++++++

When you enter a screen will appear and you will be told that you can 
only use mp range attacks and your guns (equip them in the first slot 
to use them) and that your digimon's hp is the boat's hp, and you 
cannot use any hp discs. You will be shown the traps the poor digi-
elves are stuck in, and you must destroy the traps to set them free.  
What this boils down to is, you must save all of the digi-elves and not 
let your boat's hp reach zero, other wise you will be sent back to the 
dock. Consult the side-quest section for help with Numenume River. (It 
is not necessary to rescue all of the digi-elves to continue the game.)

+++++++++++Death Valley (Doom Dome)+++++++++++++

After successfully traveling Numenume River you will see a brief intro. 
screen about Kokatorimon. Continue along the path and you will fight 
more Goburimon/Kokatorimon and you will come across Doom Base! You 
cannot enter until you have defeated all of the digimon on the screen, 
but before you enter destroy the shrubs on the far side of the screen 
and follow that up because it will take you to an Security Portal. 
(beware some really powerful Goburimon like to spawn by the Security 
Portal so watch out) Enter Doom Base the same way you entered the Goblin 
Fortress, step on the teleporter that is not lit up.

+++++++++++Death Valley (Doom Base)++++++++++++++

You should be excited! This is the final dungeon in Death Valley! Pat 
yourself on the back for making it this far.  This is like all of the 
other dungeons you have faced but only progressively longer and a 
little more confusing. Don't get hit by the arrow traps, as they do 
major hp damage.  Make sure to be full on hp/mp discs as the digimon 
here are tough and like to swarm in large numbers. All of the same 
basic "dungeon" strategies apply here, look for maps, make sure to 
defeat all digimon on the screen, etc.  At the beginning of the second 
floor there will be a Security Portal, so I suggest you restock on all 
supplies as the boss is not too far ahead. Along the way you will fight 
bat digimon and if you are looking for keychains, they like to drop 
them.  Continue along and you will eventually come across a purple heal 
circle that restores your mp. Leave there and continue to follow the 
path until you come across the final room! This room is tricky because 
you have to jump, and if you fall, you will respawn back in the room 
with only 1hp and if you are hit then...but you won't let that happen! 
Defeat the Ogremon/Sukamon on the bottom of the screen then jump to the 
other side of the room and defeat them and you will see a portal, but 
you won't be able to enter it yet, because more Ogremon/Sukamon will 
spawn back at the bottom of the screen so you have to jump back. After 
defeating them return to the portal and prepare for another tough boss 
fight, with Apokarimon.  After defeating Apokarimon take the portal and 
you will be taken to Terminal Area and be prompted to talk to 
Ophanimon, congratulations you have completed Death Valley!

++++++++++++Terminal Area++++++++++++++++++++++

During your conversation with Opahnimon an alarm will go off and you 
will be told to turn on all of the security terminals in the area. The 
first security terminal is in the Central Area (opposite of the Card 
Keeper, follow the path) and the other is in the Shopping Area by Metal 
Etemon. (click on the big machine next to Metal Etemon) When you click 
on the machine a door will open, enter it and you will be taken to a 
new screen. There will be three more security panels and you need to 
click on the panel on the farthest right, then the left, and finally the 
center panel. After doing that you will save Seraphimon and you will be 
told about your next destination "Dry Land"!

Dry Land (Recommended level 15-30)
Mummymon: Very Slow, but can hit hard (200-350 hp, 45-51 exp)
Scorpions: Can fire "poison bombs" and stab you (125-190 hp, 51-75 exp)
Tyranomon: Uses jab attacks and blaze blast (320-450 hp, 55 exp)
Minotarumon: Punches and fires a "dark" attack (200-300hp, 50-75 exp.) 
Arukenimon: Slashes and shoots a web (250-400hp, 61 exp.)
Pharaohmon: Uses a great shield and fire attacks (200-250hp, 64 exp.) 

+++++++++++Dry Land (Mummy Desert)+++++++++++++

Welcome to the second level!  Run across the bridge and you will come up 
to a split, right takes you to an excellent spot for leveling up (see tips 
#6), take the left path to continue through Mummy Desert. Continue heading 
left (west) until you come across another path, which splits into two and 
take the left path again.  Continue breaking rocks and fighting until you 
come across a bridge which leads into "Sand Labyrinth". (There is a 
security portal nearby if you need it)

+++++++++++Dry Land (Sand Labyrinth)++++++++++++

Follow all of the strategies for this dungeon as you have for all of the 
others and you should be fine.  When you enter you will be cursed (your 
attack and speed is lowered).  The Mummymon here are stronger and the 
Minotarumon can be very difficult if you allow them to reach the pots at 
the corners of the room. (Don't let them get to those, it powers them up, 
and do not let the Mummymon catch on fire, otherwise they become much 
stronger as well). Remember the monolith's the scorpions used to 
continually spawn? The Mummymon have a simlar thing here that looks like a 
spire with an electrical current at the top, destroy that to stop more 
Mummymon from spawning. Continue through using Security Portals as you 
find them, and you will eventually come up to your next boss fight, Skull 
Greymon!  After you defeat him take the key and you will be taken back to 
Terminal Area.

+++++++++++++++Terminal Area+++++++++++++++++

Right now is probably a good time to try the Undead Yard if you have 
rescued all 10 digi-elves. (See tips #8 for help)

++++++++++++++Dry Land (Mummy Desert)++++++++++++

Remember the second path I spoke of earlier on your way to Sand Labyrinth? 
I told you to go left then, this time go right and continue along until 
you reach a metal platform, go up and go into the cave entrance and you 
will enter "Grief Wasteland"

++++++++++++++Dry Land (Grief Wasteland)++++++++++

From here go straight ahead, and you will encounter two plants, which will 
shoot thorns at you.  You can damage them, but they will "repair" 
themselves after a few seconds.  Continue down the cliff (jumping when 
necessary), and you will encounter a monolith where scorpions will spawn, 
and you will see a pair of rocks blocking the entrance to the "Ancient 
Ruins".  Destroy the rocks and enter the ruins.

++++++++++++++Dry Land (Ancient Ruins)++++++++++++

This is very similar to the "Sand Labyrinth", in that you will be cursed 
and fight the same digimon.  Remember to destroy spawning points when you 
come across them, and you will also fight pharaohmon here. Use Security 
Portals when necessary and you will come up to some rooms that have a 
"quicksand" effect.  You can jump on the quicksand, but do not allow 
yourself to be dragged into the center where all of the sand is being 
pulled, otherwise your digimon will die.  Continue along and you will 
fight the boss, otherwise known as Scorpiomon!  After defeating him, grab 
his key and you will be transported to the Terminal Area.

+++++++++++++++++Terminal Area++++++++++++++++++++

Don't forget if you have nine key chains to trade them with Prince Mamemon 
(remember you must be alone).  Open booster packs if you have them, and 
return to the world gate once you have saved.

+++++++++++++++++Dry Land (Mummy Desert)++++++++++

 Return to the metal platform, (the one you crossed on your way to Grief 
Wasteland), and instead of going up, go left until you reach a switch, and 
activate it.  After activating the switch return to the beginning of the 
stage, where you first cross the bridge, but don't cross it. Go to the 
area where you "leveled up" against the scorpions and continue heading 
right.  Break any rocks that are in your way and continue down the ledges 
heading right and you will eventually come across a metal platform, jump 
on it and follow it to the "Storm Train".

++++++++++++++++Dry land (Storm Train)++++++++++++

Many people ask what the correct path on the train it is!  Go 
forward, forward, right, forward, right, and left.  You will have a hammer 
that you must use as your weapon for the time being, and you cannot heal 
so watch out.  Be sure to avoid any lightning traps along the way, be sure 
to hit the red buttons when necessary to open up the gates along the 
pathway, otherwise you will blow up and have to start over. After 
successfully traveling "Storm Train" you will arrive at the "Power Plant"! 
Special thanks to Biblo for help with the directions.

++++++++++++++++Dry Land (Power Plant)++++++++++++

Difficult mission here! All you have to do is destroy all of the power 
cores (light bulb looking things) and the power will go down. You will be 
able to enter, and get past the MaloMyotismon Gate.

++++++++++++++++Dry Land (Mummy Desert)++++++++++++++

You will want to follow the same path you did earlier to the "Ancient 
Ruins", but instead of entering head left.  You will go through another 
screen change and be brought to an area full of traps. Head right and 
follow the path all the way through and you will be shot at by the cannons 
along the way and they do heavy damage, so be sure to heal and break all 
of the obstacles in your way.  Continue along the path and you will 
eventually come to the entrance of Station X!

++++++++++++++++Dry Land (Station X)+++++++++++++++++

This place is tricky in that, before you can go on you must destroy all of 
the antennas around the Station (there are four).  Follow the paths around 
and you should encounter areas, which look like an amphitheatre with a 
large antenna in the middle that has an electrical charge.  Scorpions will 
spawn while you try and destroy the antenna, and be sure to have most of 
your health when you destroy the antenna because when you destroy it you 
will lose a little over half your health.  Follow the different paths and 
destroy all of the antennas, after that head to the entrance of "Virus 
Lab" and prepare for another dungeon. (There is a security portal nearby 
if you need it.)

++++++++++++++++Dry Land (Virus Lab)+++++++++++++++++

This is like all of the other "dungeons" you have faced before, but this 
time the traps are harder to get by and do lots damage to you.  Be sure to 
run past the blue lasers after it disappears from the screen, as you can 
still be hit by the tail end of it.  The fire traps do really high damage 
if you are weak to fire, to avoid it get as close to it as possible while 
it is flaming and when it dies down run past it.  It comes on again very 
fast, so make sure to run right after it dies down.  Continue through the 
dungeon and at the very end you will have to make a few jumps across 
moving platforms, which can be quite difficult.  Remember you can move 
while jumping in the air, and after you get across that room, you will 
reach the portal to MaloMyotismon!  After defeating MaloMyotismon grab 
your goodies and you will be taken back to the Terminal Area!  
Congratulations you have completed Dry Land!

++++++++++++++++Terminal Area+++++++++++++++++++++++++

When you return, talk to Seraphimon and Opahimon.  After talking to them 
you will need to talk to Leomon, he is now in the Central Area over by 
Prince Mamemon.  After talking to him, go back and talk to Seraphimon and 
you will be given your new mission, and you will now be able to travel to 
Venom Jumgle!

Venom Jungle (Rec. level 30-40)
Otamamon: Stabs at you and fires a bubble (65 exp.)
Tortomon: Has a high damage breath attack and a "spin" attack (400-550hp, 
67-72 exp.) (special thanks to War Greymon X, for help with hp and exp.)
Geckomon: Stabs at you and use hypnosis on your digimon (300-850hp, 76-115 
Marine Devimon: Uses quick strikes, weak to elec. (300-500hp, 64-85 exp.) 

+++++++++++++++++Venom Jungle+++++++++++++++++++++++++

Follow the path and jump off the bridge heading down, it's kind of hard to 
see but there should be some steps leading down the cliff. Once you are at 
the bottom you will probably see a purple ring and you may be wondering 
what it is.  It is a poison that the plants in this area use to attack 
you, and it can be very annoying.  The plants are hard to destroy, because 
there isn't much time to get close to it and attack it, before it starts 
its "poison ring" again.  I suggest using a charged attack or a ranged 
attack to destroy them. (Note: If you leave the screen and come back, the 
plants will have respawned).  There are seven switches in here that you 
will need to hit now or later, but for now, keep going right until you see 
a Security Portal, which will lead you to "Geko Path".
#Note: It is best to try and complete "Vine Tunnel" and "Vein" in one 
sitting, so you do not have to hit the switches each time you come back.  
The switches reset each time you turn off/reset the game.

++++++++++++++Venom Jungle (Geko Path)+++++++++++++++++

Congratulations for surviving through all of the poisonous plants, because 
this "dungeon" is really easy and short.  Follow all of the basic 
"dungeon" rules you have learned and you should be fine.  You need to be 
cautious because throughout the pathway you will come across a high ledge 
where many Otamamon will come down and ambush you.  This should not be a 
problem, but can be if you are low on health, because they attack very 
fast and make it hard to heal.  If you come to a dead end attack that part 
of the wall and you may find a secret passageway with some hidden goodies.  
Continue along the path and you will see a security portal.  Follow along 
and you will eventually come to the "hp heal station", which always means 
there is a boss ahead!  After defeating Shogun Gekomon, collect the key 
and you will be returned to the Terminal Area.

+++++++++++++++Terminal Area+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Save/heal/upgrade/side-quests, etc.

++++++++++++++Venom Jungle (Mangrove Forest)+++++++++++++

After returning through the World Gate, jump off and head left, you will 
be taken to Mangrove Forest.  When you enter head to the right and destroy 
the two gun turrets, you will see a computer terminal (which cannot be 
turned on unless you have activated all of the switches) and turn it on.  
Then head down and at the bottom you will come across a Security Portal, 
continue along and you will be in "Vine Tunnel".

++++++++++++++Venom Jungle (Vine Tunnel)+++++++++++++++++

This is similar to the "Geko Path", but has more digimon and is a little 
longer.  Follow all of the basic strategies for "dungeons", this dungeon 
is unique in that you have to destroy vine walls to continue.  When you 
come across a green (vine) wall, use a "fire" mp tech, or equip a fire 
power medal to destroy the wall and get past it.  After defeating Mecha 
Rogue 04, grab the key and you will be transported back to the Terminal 
Area.  Below is an in-depth walkthrough of Vine Tunnel, in which I must 
thank Formby, for helping me with it.

Take your first right and open the chest. Then head back and go left. If 
you head left you will encounter a few enemy digimon, nothing serious. You 
will come to a green wall. Click on the map, head left and get the chest. 
To get past the vine wall you will have to use a fire attack. If you have 
"petty fire" attack the green wall with it. If not, equip a fire medal to 
your weapon. There will be four chests when you pass the vine wall, then 
head right. Jump over the electric floor trap and you will be ambushed by 
a few otamamon. Destroy them and head down. You will come to a room, 
defeat the gekomon to open the door and continue on. Head up then right 
and open the chest, then go back left and go to the next portion of he 
Don't you love the ambushes by now? Destroy them and head left. You will 
come to a turn. If you head left you will come to a vine wall. Destroy it 
and there is a Security Portal, head down.  If you go right you will be 
lead to a dead end, head left and you enter a big room with a lot of mech. 
dogs.  Continue heading left and you will come across another map. Then 
head up and destroy the wall and your back to the area with the Security 
hole. Go back to the big room and head down. Destroy the digimon in the 
room to open the doors. Head right, open the four chests, head down and 
then right. Go around the area and then go down and jump off the cliff and 
open the two chests. Then head up and fight some more mechanical dogs. 
Destroy them and head left. Then go up and left and down to the next area.
When you first enter you will see a Security Portal. Head left and defeat 
the otamamon to open the doors. Go up and beat the mech. dogs then go down 
and left. Destroy the gekomon, open the door and go up. Click on the map 
and open the four chests. Then go back down, head right, and down again. 
Jump over the electric floor trap, and head left. Continue along, go left 
and up, jump over the electric floor trap, then head left and destroy the 
gekomon.  Open the chest, the door will open, go back down and head left.  
Destroy the mech. Dogs, head up, then left, knock down the vines and open 
the two chests. Then go back and up, and head left and destroy the gekomon 
to open the door to the room with two chests. Go up and left, walk inside 
the hp station and be prepared for a boss fight!  After defeating Mecha 
Rogue 04, grab the key and you will be taken back to the Terminal Area.

+++++++++++++++++Venom Jungle++++++++++++++++++++++++++
After returning from Terminal Area, head cross the bridge and head left up 
the stairs.  Continue along the path and you will come up to an entrance 
of a cave called "Vein". (If you came here without hitting the seven 
switches and the computer control in Mangrove Forest, you won't be able to 
enter "Vein", because it will be blocked by water.)

+++++++++++++++Venom Jungle (Vein)++++++++++++++++++++++

This is probably the longest "dungeon" you have faced before, it is four 
floors long...but it is very easy.  Sometimes you will come across an 
otamamon or gekomon who will spawn one at a time in the middle of a room, 
to continue you must destroy all of them, remember they spawn one at a 
time so it might take a minute or two to take them all out.  Follow all of 
the "dungeon" rules and you will be fine.  Remember to destroy the vine 
walls with a fire mp tech or a fire power medal to get through them.  On 
the third and fourth floor you will start facing Marine Devimon who can 
pose a threat if you are caught off guard.  Take off your fire power medal 
when facing him, because he is strong against fire.  Continue through all 
of the Otamamon ambushes and follow the path, which will lead you to your 
next boss, Diaboromon!  After defeating Diaboromon grab his key and you 
will be returned to Terminal Area.

++++++++++++++++++Terminal Area+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

After you have saved and finished doing all of your usual stuff when you 
get back from a mission you will want to make sure you have a filter board 
with you.  If you don't have one, you will want to talk to Metal Etemon 
and donate the amount of bits he is asking (it should not be that much).  
He will thank you for donating, and he says he will need time to make new 
items, so leave through the world gate and once you get to Venom Jungle, 
use a gate disc and go back and talk to Metal Etemon.  Buy a Filter board 
from him because you will need it in your next mission.

+++++++++++++Venom Jungle (Mangrove Forest)+++++++++++++++

After returning from Terminal Area you will want to go to Mangrove Forest.  
This time you will want to make your way through Mangrove Forest until you 
reach a metal platform.  At the top of the platform there will be a 
Gekomon guard, who will ask you for all three of the id's you have 
acquired through your journey in Venom Jungle.  Continue along and you 
will enter "Dread Bridge".

+++++++++++++Venom Jungle (Dread Bridge)++++++++++++++++++

Right now is when you want to equip your filter board, otherwise the 
poison gas in the area will damage you.  Go through the purple poison and 
follow the path and you should eventually come across a metal platform.  
You will fight many marine devimon along the way so watch out.  When on 
the metal platform you will face many cannons and I cannot stress to you 
how important it is to watch your health.  The big cannons will do major 
damage and little cannons attack fast making it hard to heal, so watch 
out.  The scorpions and other enemy digimon are stronger here as well.  
Continue following the metal platform and you will eventually come to the 
entrance of "Dread Note".  (The next dungeon takes a long time to go 
through, so make sure have at least 45 minutes to sit and play)

++++++++++++++Venom Jungle (Dread Note)++++++++++++++++++++

Take a deep breath, this dungeon is long and can seem very cumbersome at 
times, but I know you can get through it!  None of the digimon here should 
give you a problem, which is good because this area can very tricky.  My 
advice is, try and not backtrack too much and anytime you encounter enemy 
digimon that is good because you know you haven't been in that part of the 
dungeon yet.  Along the way you will come across a few Security Portals 
and I suggest you take them so you can heal, and sell off items you pick 
up along the way.  You will know you reached the end when you come across 
an area where you have to on a platform, which takes to the boss, Lucemon!  
After defeating Lucemon grab your goodies and you will be taken back to 
Terminal Area.  Congratulations you have completed Venom Jungle!

++++++++++++++++Terminal Area+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Wow, you are about to embark on your last quest!  Now is probably the time 
to equip the best weapons/armor/sub slot you have.  After that you need to 
talk to Ophanimon, who will tell you of your final mission in Machine Pit!  
You need to bring a lightning power medal with you, because there are a 
few walls that can only be destroyed with a lightning attack.  (Just like 
how you needed fire in Venom Jungle)

Machine Pit (Rec. level 40+)
Megadramon: Fires missles and lightning (600-750hp, 80-102 exp.)
Infermon: Casts power down, can multiply (120-550hp, 20-110 exp.)
Mech. Dogs: Slides at you and kicks (110-500hp, 20-110 exp.)
Raremon: Can "hold" you and poison you (400-600hp, 101-108 exp.)
Mecha Rogue Copy: Spins and fires lasers (300-600hp, 105-264 exp.)
Mecha Rogue 4 Leg: Powerful strikes and shield (400-700hp, 102-155 exp.)

++++++++++++++++Machine Pit++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Welcome to the last area in the game!  This level is significantly harder 
than the others so I hope you are prepared!  You will probably remember 
the beginning of this level if you have done any side-quests, because you 
had to go through there to get to your side-quest.  The same idea is held 
here.  Walk off the spawn area and you will come up to an area full of 
cannons!  This can be dangerous if your health is low, but it is the 
beginning of the level so you should be ok.  Destroy all of the cannons 
and hit all of the switches around.  Continue along and you will want to 
jump down, you will want to hang the walls and look for a place to jump 
up.  When you come to one, follow it around and you will hopefully come to 
the entrance of "Elecmine".  If not jump down and try somewhere else, the 
room is not that big, so you should find your way.

++++++++++++++++++Machine Pit (Elecmine)+++++++++++++++++++++++++

If you didn't have any problems with "Dread Note", than this "dungeon" 
will seem like a breeze.  I recommend you have at least 45 minutes to play 
for this dungeon at is very long as well.  This dungeon is not as tricky 
as the last, but the digimon here are much stronger.  Many digimon here 
can poison you, so you will want to watch your health.  Anytime you come 
across a wall that looks like it is covered with many "electric boxes", 
you will want to use a lightning attack or a lightning power medal to 
destroy the wall (just like the vine wall in venom jungle, but only use 
electricity).  At times you will come across what looks like railroad 
tracks, and guess is!  A trailmon will attack you while you are 
on it, so watch out when you have to travel across and through them. 
(Remember at times you will have to walk over the train tracks heading 
left or right, so it is ok to walk on them, just don't get hit by the 
train it does 400-600 damage).  Once you have gone through all of the 
mecha rouge copies and their big brothers the four legged mecha rougues 
you will find yourself at the entrance to the boss!  After defeating 
RoyalKnightmon, grab the key and you will be take back to Terminal Area.

++++++++++++++++++Machine Pit++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
More Info. coming soon! 


Numenume River: This is a lot easier if you have multiple people 
helping you out, but if you don't you can still succeed! It is 
important to remember you do not have to rescue all 10 digi-elves at 
one time, so if you rescue three your first time, the next time through 
you only need to rescue seven, so take it little by little.  Don't 
worry about the Numemon along the way, focus on the digi-elf traps and 
the rocket launchers along the way, as the rockets do lots of damage. 
When you reach the dam, destroy the gate and damage all of the 
buildings around it and you should get through ok.

Credit to Squirtle304 and Ironlad_9 for this mini-side quest guide.

1. Undead Yard 
Location of Digielf: Northeast corner in Terminal Area 
Normal Mode- Be at least level 16 
Hard Mode- Have at least 5 digivolutions.
Very Hard Mode- unknown
Normal Mode- Eliminate all 279 digimon within 30 minutes. (156-1st floor, 
123-2nd floor)
Hard Mode- Eliminate all 302 digimon within 40 minutes. (157-1st floor, 
145-2nd floor)
Very Hard Mode- Eliminate all digimon within 50 minutes.

2. Card Retrieve 
Location of digielf: North of Card Keeper. Upper right digielf. 
Normal Mode-25 kinds of cards 
Hard Mode-30 kinds of cards 
Super Hard Mode-45 kinds of cards 
All Modes- Defeat Scorpiomon and bring back Booster Pack to the digielf.
Description: When you begin this side quest, you will be told that you 
cannot use gate disks and that you CANNOT RECOVER either HP or MP. You 
must get through traps and monsters and finally defeat the boss, 

3. Barbarian Cave 
Location of Digielf: Northeast corner in Terminal Area 
Conditions: NOTHING. Simply talk to that digielf. 
All Modes- Simply defeat the boss, Mammothmon.

4. Item Retrieve 
Location of Digielf: North of Card Keeper. Upper left digielf. 
Conditions: Start any OTHER sidequest. Then talk to this digielf to start 
this one. 
All Modes-Bring back an item that the digielf is interested in, you don't 
have to give that item to him. (I don't really know what item he wants for 
all modes.)
Description: To activate this side quest, you must talk to any other 
digielf which changes the links to the Battle Arena. Then, before going to 
the Gate Circle, talk to the digielf, which activated the Item Retrieve 
side quest. Then proceed to the Battle Arena and look for a different 
dungeon being opened. You should find the Dungeon of Doom.

5. Item Road Location of Digielf: North of Card Keeper. 
Conditions: Beat the game once. 
All modes-Just beat the boss. No need to worry about the number of 
treasures you find.
Decription: To activate this side quest, talk to the digielf in charge of 
this quest until he will mention something about item road. Then, go to 
terminal area and proceed to the 4th stage (Machine Pit). Look around the 
battle arena and you will find a new dungeon being opened. You should find 
out that Item Road has been opened.

6. Item Trading 
Location of Digielf: North of Card Keeper. 
Conditions: Normal Mode - Trade with PrinceMamemon at least 5 times 
Hard Mode - Trade with PrinceMamemon at least 8 times 
Very Hard Mode - Trade with PrinceMamemon at least 8 times
All Modes-Simply try to trade with a lot of digimon in the Trading Hall 
and satisfying as many digimon as possible. 

7. Seal the Souls/Ghost Extermination 
Location of Digielf: Northeast corner in Terminal Area 
Conditions: Defeat MaloMyotismon and talk to that digielf ALONE. 
All modes- Place the statue in the altar in the quest, then escape the 
dungeon within 15 minutes without dying. (I suggest escaping with 10 
minutes or more remaining)

8. The Summoning of Gekomon 
Location of Digielf: Opposite Armory Shop 
Conditions: Speak to this digielf until he talks about something going on 
in Venom Jungle. Then go to Venom Jungle, into Mangrove Forest, and head 
far southwest in the area. You should find a place in ruins with a big 
brown door being opened.
All Modes- When you enter the big brown door, they will tell you to defeat 
all digimon being summoned by the gekomon in the middle before time runs 
out. Time runs out when the green clock in the middle turns completely 
red. You must defeat about 4-8 blue tadpole-like digimon, 4 gekomon, and 1 
ShogunGekomon. NOTE THAT you must complete this quest 3 times to 
completely finish this side quest.

9. The Legendary Stadium/Colosseum 
Location of Digielf: Opposite the Data Keeper 
Conditions: You must find Survival Stadium in Grief Wasteland.

Simply switch on both switches in Mummy Desert and Grief Wasteland. (One 
near to entrance to Grief Wasteland and the other is on the ledge of Grief 
Wasteland, close to Station X) You should hear sounds of something being 
lowered for each switch being switched on. Then proceed to an area near 
the exit of Grief Wasteland and you should find a purple metal platform. 
Proceed onto it and drop down onto a blue platform to start your 1st 
There're a total of 6 fights, the Digimon in each fight is random and you 
should come across SkullGreymon as a miniboss half way through the fights.
All modes-Defeat SkullGreymon with a bunch of mummy on by his side. NOTE 
THAT you must defeat SkullGreymon 3 times to completely finish this side 

10. Final Quest/"Wormhole" Dungeon/Wamu Platform 
Location of Digielf: North of Card Keeper. 
Conditions: Complete all 9 other side quests.
Objectives: ( I don't really know, but if I know what item I need for item 
retrieve then I can finish all side quests and find out what's going on 
Objectives and Descriptions added by ironlad_9


1. (Humid Cave)-Blossomon (250hp): This is a tough fight if you don't have 
"Petty Fire", because Blossomon is weak to it. I would run around while 
Blossomon did her spin attack and when she stopped I would hit her with 
"Petty Fire". If you wish to go melee, hit her when she stops spinning 
then run away and continue like that until she is defeated!  Remember 
her health bar goes green, yellow, then red.  Remember to heal, because 
she hits for lots of damage. 

2. (Abyss of Grief)-Mammothmon (300hp): Once again if you have "Petty 
Fire" you are in luck because he is weak to it to. He will charge at you 
and hit the wall. This is your chance to hit him from behind once or 
twice, but be careful because he will turn around and freeze you for heavy 
damage before he comes charging at you again. Continue hitting his back-
side after he runs into the wall and you should be able to handle him. 
Remember to heal, because he hits for lots of damage. 

3. (X Digimon Lab)-Mecha Rogue: This fight was easy for me because I 
ran up to him and pounded him with melee attacks before he could do 
anything, so I need suggestions here for people to use.

"Blue Garuda" suggests:
For a "soft" character, (more magic based, low level armor, whatever 
might make you less of a melee fighter) you will want to basically 
dodge and shoot. Use guns or magic to avoid getting hit, as he can hit 
pretty hard for one of the first bosses. And, of course, don't forget 
to heal. Just watch out for when he points his arms at you. That means 
he is going to shoot. It doesn't feel very nice. Dodge it.
Now, this is a little easier with a "tank" character (less magic based, 
high strength, good melee weapon, good armor). Flank him (attack him on 
his sides) and attack like he owes you money. He shouldn't be able to 
attack if you keep hitting him. 

4. (Doom Base)-Apokarimon (400hp): This is an awesome fight, because you 
actually fight on him! Destroy all of the "spike balls" around the 
perimeter, but watch out for his fire attacks that rain down. When you 
are attacking a "spike ball" he will face you and hit you with a freeze 
attack that will do major damage. After destroying all the "spike 
balls" jump up close to him and pound him with melee/magic attacks. (Do 
not try and attack him until you destroy all of the "spike balls" as 
you will get shocked and be knocked back). Remember not to let your hp 
drop to low before healing!

5.  (Sand Labyrinth)-Skull Greymon: The next-gen graphics really make 
Skull Greymon look awesome! To defeat him I pounded him with melee attacks 
in between when he used Dark Shot and a fire attack.  Dark Shot is a 
homing attack, but if you run around enough you should be able to make it 
hit the ground.  Getting too close causes him to use a "fire breath" 
attack.  The best strategy would be to use blast techs or a "gun" to hit 

6.  (Ancient Ruins)-Scorpiomon: I found this fight easy, you should be 
able to pound away at him before he is able to start any of his attacks.  

"Papa G" Suggests:

I have found it useful to quickly hit him when you see him ready to charge 
his missiles at you because if you don't stop him he usually just keeps on 
trying to attack you with a barrage of missiles. This works better if you 
tipped over to the gun or magic side because you can hit him freely from 
any distance but for the melee people attack then block because usually 
after you stop his attack he hits you with his claw. 

7.  (Virus Lab)-MaloMyotismon: In the show it took all of the digi-
destined's strength to defeat MaloMyotismon, unfortunately here he isn't 
nearly that tough.  He likes to fly around, and cast down lightning bolts 
at you, but they don't do much damage and are easily avoidable.  While he 
is flying you cannot hit him, and watch out when he lands because he will 
send a shockwave through the ground, which will hurt you.  When he is on 
the ground he will send two concentrated attacks that can do some major 
damage, after he finishes firing those attacks he will stand for a second 
and this is your time to unleash your most powerful attacks on him.  (I 
found that he is weak to ice attacks, and you can also cast bind on him to 
keep him from flying, so that might help)

8. (Geko Path)-ShogunGeckomon: Did you find it annoying when the Gekomon 
used Hypnosis and put your digimon to sleep?  If so, you might not like 
this fight much.  He is very slow and is easily able to be beaten with 
melee attacks.  When he jumps or falls he will send shockwaves of energy 
at you.  When he gets up he will cast hypnosis, which you cannot "wake up" 
from until you are hit again.  He does not do much damage and you will 
probably be able to defeat him easily.

9. (Vine Tunnel)-Mecha Rogue 04: You didn't think the Mecha Rogue you 
fought earlier in the game was the only one did you?  There are three of 
these, and they have a quick jab attack and fire beams at you.  Defeat 
them individually and you should be fine. (Suggestions for this fight are 

10. (Vein)-Diaboromon: Diaboromon has always been one of my favorite 
bosses ever since I saw Digimon The Movie so long ago.  He can cause some 
problems if you don't watch your health.  He fires a flame attack and 
attacks with his long arms.  Each of these attacks do enough damage that 
you should keep and eye on your health.  Pound him with melee or magic 
attacks and the fight should go quick.

11. (Dread Note)-Lucemon: The Season four boss is back for some revenge!  
This fight can be difficult if you are unsure how to hit him, so I will 
help you!  When he lands you will see he is carrying a huge rock, you will 
want to hit that as hard as you can!  You won't do much damage to it, but 
that is normal.  After a few rounds of hitting it, you will break it, and 
this is your chance to hit Lucemon!  Take full advantage of the time you 
have to hit Lucemon, because he will fly off and have another huge rock, 
in which you must follow the strategy stated earlier.  He has a few 
powerful attacks that you will want to watch out for.  He will fly over 
head and drop bombs which have take up a large portion of the screen, so 
watch out.  His other attacks don't do as much damage, just watch your 
health and you should be fine!

12. (Elecmine)-RoyalKnightmon: The Mecha Rogue must be very powerful if 
they are able to control one of the Royal Knights!  RoyalKnightMon can be 
a pain because she poisons and is hard to hit.  When you see her dropping 
flowers avoid her, because a purple cloud will follow and that is what 
will poison you.  Once she finishes with that she will stop for a second 
and this is your time to pound away at her!  She also uses a long-range 
melee attack that can do major damage.  You will want to watch your health 
at all times, because this is a tough fight, but I know you can do it!  
Suggestions for this fight are welcome.       


1. In the beginning of the game, avoid large groups of Digimon at all 
costs! Try and take them one at a time, and remember to block 
when necessary.

2. It is ok to run away from a fight! Running away to heal is a good 
thing, and you might be able to separate enemy groups. Always keep 
plenty of HP, MP, Raise, and Gate discs with you! 

3. Sell unnecessary items/wep/armor and remember to retrieve your Raise 
Spheres if you died.  If you save and turn off your system, when you 
return you must start back at the beginning of a level and all of the 
traps are reset. 

4. If your technique turns red that means you need to level up more, 
before it can go any higher.

5. If you need a good place to level up head to the Goblin Fortress and 
pound away at the Goburimon, you will level up very fast, this is a 
good strategy for tech up and should last you until around level 19.

6. If you are above level 19 and have unlocked "Dry Land", a good place to 
level up is at the beginning of the level. Head right at the first split 
and you will come across a monolith where large groups of scorpion spawn. 
Don't destroy the monolith, because that is what causes the scorpions to 
spawn and you should pick up a few key chains and booster packs from the 
scorpions. (Excellent place for levels and tech ups) (Reset the game to 
have the scorpions spawn again)

7.  Each time you have nine key chains talk to Prince Mamemon to receive a 
rare item.  Remember to open booster packs as well.

8.  The digi-elf you need to talk to for the "Undead Yard" quest is at the 
top right corner of Terminal Area.  He is the digi-elf on the far left 
(with the group of five).  Consult Kusanagi's faq (at for a 
detailed map to help you through the "Undead Yard".

9.  A quick way to level up your "heal" tech or support tech is to find an 
mp station (purple, instead of green and heal's your mp). Stay on the 
corner of it and continually use your mp skill and it will go up over time 
and you will regain the mp because of the mp station.  It may seem like 
cheating, but it works! (Credit goes to War Greymon X for telling me of 
this trick!)

10. You gain a new mp tech at levels 12, and 22. If you are a rookie the 
level 12 tech is a petty heal technique, which is very helpful.

11. Touching an enemy will damage you, so try not to get to close to an 
enemy digimon.


Q: At what level will my digimon digivolve?
A: Digimon ONLY gain digivolutions through completion of side-quests 
except at 
level 16, where you unlock a different rookie (ex. At level 16 Agumon 
unlocks the Dorumon digivolve tech)

Q: How do I equip a weapon?
A: Go to the digi-lab and choose "equip weapon" and choose the weapon you 
wish to replace.

Q: Why do I get zapped by electricity when I try to enter station x?
A: You need to go through Storm Train, which will take you to the "Power 
Plant".  Destroy all of the power cores to shut down the electric trap. 

Q: How do I put a Mod on my weapon, and what is it?
A: A mod is a slot that you can use to enhance your digimon's stats.  The 
more mod slots the better.  You can equip ability chips to a slot by 
clicking equipment-the weapon with a mod slot/slots-edit slot-and choose 
your chip.  Remember you cannot place two of the same chip on one piece of 
armor or weapon, but you can have a speed chip on your weapon and a speed 
chip on your armor.

Q: Why is taking so long for my skill to "tech up"?
A: When you first start using a weapon it will take a while for that skill 
to go up, that is how the game works.  Once you get it past 8, or so it 
should start going up very fast. (this does not apply to mp techs)

Q: How much experience points do my partners get when I defeat a digimon 
when playing in multiplayer?
A: In multiplayer the person who defeated the enemy digimon receives all 
of the experience points and everyone else receives half. (Ex. If my 
Agumon defeats a Goburimon, my Agumon would receive 10 exp. while everyone 
else's digimon would receive 5)

Q: I am stuck in front of a Green Wall in Venom Jungle.  What do I do?
A: You must destroy the wall with a fire attack. Use "petty fire" or equip 
a fire power medal to destroy the wall. 

Q: How do I do _______?
A: Always read the manual, and if it does not answer your question, post 
on the boards, read other people's posts, or you can email me.


God- For blessing me with a wonderful family, friends, and everything 

Joseph and Lindsey- For helping me Co-op through the game

Parents and friends- For always being there

Bandai- For making this great game!

Tara, Formby, Ezed, Med-Jai, and Vlad- For being great people!

Special thanks to Formby, xxx555, Bilbo, squirtle304, Ironlad_9, Papa G, 
War Greymon X, Jonathan, and Blue Garuda for help with this guide! -For hosting this!

The current sites have permission to host my faq:

I'm sure there will be more credit to give out as I finish this guide!