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Digimon World 4 Xbox Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Digimon World 4 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : PlayStation 2

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All Digimon World 4 Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Signature weapon

Get your specalized weapon tech for your charscter to 2550 then deafeat all the bosses whithout resseting or turning off the game then go to death valley deafeat a giant numeon (massive hp) and get 4400exp and it will drop your signature weapon and greatly increase your stats.

In station x at 1 of the towers that explode whe..

In station x at 1 of the towers that explode when you hit it rapidly use force moves to get your force up high and fast.

To get a blaster gun Y

Frist you must put everything you have in the bank and only have a nontransferable wepon like crush arms,shotpistol,stabdagger,slashsword,Bash Katana,or Blunt Axe

On normal mode talk to the trading hall digielf to get the side quest and a strange figure

There will be a guilmon in the top left corner and he will traid a mighty talon B for the strang figure

Then traid the mighty talon B with the veemon in the botom right hand corner for a brave core B

After traid the brave core B with agumon in the top right corner for blaster gun Y

Last go back to the digielf and show him what you got

You must have traided keychanges with prince mamamon at least 9 times before you can do this side quest

Level up fast

Normal mode

Train at goblins in goblin fortress till lvl 15

Train at scorpions in dry land till lvl 30

Train at venom jungle till 45

Hard mode

Train at goblins in goblin fortress till lvl 60

Train at scorpions in dry land till lvl 85

Train at venom jungle till lvl 90

Very hard mode

Train at goblins in goblin fortress lvl 110

Train at scorpions in dry land till lvl 130

Train at venom jungle till lvl 200

Train anywhere now you are strong enough

Black core

Floor 1- Step on the blue sensor and go up the step

Floor 2- Step on the blue sensor and go up the step

Floor 3- Step on the blue sensor and go up the step

Floor 4- First step on the red sensor but don't go up walk around till you see the blue sensor and then go back and step on the red sensor and then go up

Floor 5- look around for the opening for the cave then go in


Unlock Ultimate and Mega Level Digimon in Normal Mode

Complete the following tasks in Normal mode to unlock the corresponding Ultimate level Digimon.

Unlock Herculeskabuterimon:

Complete Item Road with Agumon

Unlock Wargreymon:

Complete Undead Yard with Agumon

Unlock Weregarurumon:

Complete Undead Yard with Dorumon

Unlock Clavisangemon:

Complete Item Road with Dorumon

Unlock Herculeskabuterimon:

Complete Undead Yard with Guilmon

Unlock Wargreymon:

Complete Item Road with Guilmon

Unlock Weregarurumon:

Complete Item Road with Veemon

Unlock Clavisangemon:

Complete Undead Yard with Veemon

Unlock Hard Mode:

Complete Normal mode in 1 Player

Unlock Super Hard Mode:

Complete Hard mode

Unlockables Fourth MP Move:

Increase blast technique to 1,000

Key to stay alive

When you start your game you should practice the shooting skill and any short range skill it was be useful later because some parts of the game requires both skills and when you need the other kind of skill it would not do like 10 damage good luck.


When your digimon reached level 16 the will be able to turn into another digimon Guilimon can turn to agrumon they start out as level1 the rest you have to complete quests good luck

Leveling Up!!!!!!!

In Death Valley go to Goblin Fortress you get like 1200 exp.

In Dry Land go to the scorpions DONT blow up the rocks glowing purple

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