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Devil May Cry 3: Dantes Awakening Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Devil May Cry 3: Dantes Awakening

Dante's Inferno Video Guide
Devil May Cry 3: Dantes Awakening Guide
Our guide takes you through each level and show you how to get through them with ease (well relatively anyway). On our journey we take on and defeat..
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We'll tell you how you can play as Vergil and we'll also tell you a code that will unlock everything.

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We have 21 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Devil May Cry 3: Dantes Awakening please send them in here.

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Devil May Cry 3 Unlocks

Complete Normal

Dante Must Die:
Complete Hard mode
Heaven or Hell:
Complete Dante Must Die

Quicksilver style:
Defeat Greyon at the end of mission 12

Doppleganger style:
Defeat Shadow enemy at the end of mission 17
Complete Easy or Normal mode
Gallery update:
Complete Hard

Unlock Costumes and Characters:
Press R1 or L1 to select a different outfit or character at the Mission select screen.

Coatless Dante:
Complete either Easy or Normal mode
DMC1 Dante:
Complete Normal mode
Coatless DMC1 Dante:
Complete Hard mode

Super Dante:
Complete Dante Must Die
Complete Ha..

Unlock Everything

At the main menu hold down R1 L1 R2 L2 Then use your left analog stick and roll it clockwise, when you have done this correctly you will hear a tone devil may cry

At the Start Menu, hold down L1, L2, R1, R2 and ..

At the Start Menu, hold down L1, L2, R1, R2 and rotate the left analog stick until you hear Devil May Cry.

Pick A Boss

In mission 18, you need to fight several bosses all over again. The different coloured lights on each boss platform corresponds to:
Orange - various demons
Light Blue - Cerberus
Gold - Gigapede
Green - Agni and Rudra
Red - Leviathan
Purple - Nevan
White - Beowulf
Blue - Geyron
Black - Doppelganger

Soaring Dante withought Nevan

When on a ledgethat can be jumped off of, do the stinger move towards the edge and instead of him falling off, he will glide in the direction you were facing.

Easier way to beat the game

After you get Agne and Rudra (I think that's the name),first make sure its on easy automatic mode,then keep on playing the first level,and with your swords.
You'll start doing lots of combos,try to get S for every combo,make sure you dont get hit at all, collect all the red orbs you see,and try to kill all the monsters as quickly as you can.
If done correctly,you will get an S grade at the end of the mission,giving you 5000 red orbs.
Keep on repeating the same level to earn yourself a huge amount of orbs,so you can buy more moves,items etc..,by the way, if you do this a lot,you can also upgrade a style in no time.
Make sure you play the first level only because its the easiest and shortest.
I hope this helps.

Clip Reloading

Tap L2 after firing a slow to reload weapon (shotgun) and flick it back to fire it again. It is slightly faster than waiting for the weapon to reload.

Gliding Dante

When in Demon mode with rebellion, if you jump up and hold down the R1 button, Dante wil start to glide downward in the direction you point him.

Two Player Mode

Have the Doppleganger Style equipped (first you must unlock it on either Stage 16 or 17) and have a second analog controller equipped.
Then press R1+O and a second Dante should be standing next to you then press Start on Player 2's controller and now you should be able to control the Shadow Dante.
Please note the camera only centers around the real Dante. Also, Shadow Dante is invulnerable and can cause damage.
But don't worry about getting hurt because they don't waste their time hitting you. They'll only aim for the real Dante.

Beat the first boss with little to no damage

Its pretty easy really all you have to do is jump on his head when he swings his two swings ,then slice him but don't shoot that only makes things worse he'll come up from the ground and strike you,Good Luck!

Defend the elevator

When you are ridding the elevator up in the Surge of Fortunes room in Mission 5, stand in the centre (make sure you are in Gunslinger style and have the shotgun equiped) when the 1st Hell Prides drop around you, use Fireworks to knock them all off the elevator. This will stop too many Hell Prides from getting on the elevator causing it to fall.


Whilst fighting him always make your first meelee attack directed at his eyes as he will be blinded and open to attack for longer

Best Way 2 Beat The Red & and Blue Guardians at the End of Missi

The best way to beat the guardians 2 the door at the end of mission 5 is 2 use bothe weapons. Use Rebellion {sword} on the Blue Guardian. This will cause way more damage than guns or Cerburus. I also recommend you don't use stinger {the charge and stab attack upgrade} because regular combos do better damage and you can get attacked while doing the "million stab" by the other guardian. Use Cerberus {the 3 blue locking rods with the power of ice} on the red Guardian. This will also cause super effective damage on him.

How to fire the Shotgun Faster!

When using Ebony & Ivory and the shotgun, you can shoot the shotgun faster by firing, switching to Ebony & Ivory with (L2 default) firing once or twice with them, then switching back to the shotgun. If timed correctly, you can fire the shotgun as if it were one of your pistols!

Glide while in your Demon form!

You can glide while in demon form by having the Rebellion equipped. (Hold) R1 + X to glide. This move will not appear in the library, but is automatically learned. And you can purchase the Air Raid maneuver for the Nevan weapon!

Easy Red orbs

Fight those jacked up skeleton beasts, Then go in a building then come back out and more skeletons should be there, fight them and you will get more orbs. And one more thing to get easier red orbs, fight all the monsters save the game, then exit the level and select the level again and just keep doing again and again, and you will become rich. I suggest you do the first level of the game, since you don't have to buy lots of things.^_^

play as vergil

On mission 19 have a second controller plugged into your ps2 so after you hit arkham a few times you should see a cutscene as soon as
You see the cutscene grab your second controller and press start and if he does not move after 2 seconds you have done it.

The Easy Way

Here's a eay way to beat that flying centipede boss. Just jump on it's back, activated your slow motion if you have it and cut it up with the wind & Fire blades. Thats the easy way ^_^

Jump far with sword

If there is a gap that you can't get over, press L1 + square + forward with the Rebellion on the edge of the gap and that will send you flying over the gap.

Easy way to upgrade your style level

Complete level 18 two or three times to have level 3 unlocked of any style
Note : quicksilver and doopelganger dosent have any level so they will not work

Ultimate Cheat!

At the starting menu, (hold) L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and rotate the Left Analog-stick until you hear "Devil May Cry". This will unlock all bonus modes, alternate costumes, and gallery entries!

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