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Dark Cloud Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Dark Cloud

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We have a large collection of cheats for you to look through and includes unlocking Windmill Slash, unlocking the Demon Shaft Dungeon and how to defeat enemies quickly.

More Dark Cloud Cheats and Tips

We have 50 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Dark Cloud please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 4

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Dark Cloud GameShark Codes

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The following list tells you what special abilities the weapon attachment Gems which take one space will do.
+10 Mimic, +10 Fire, +10 Speed.
+10 Ice, +10 Mage, +10 Dino.
+10 Mage, +10 Steel, +10 Endurance.
+10 Flying, +10 Wind, +10 Magic.
+5 Attack, +10 Plant, +10 Animal, +10 Holy.
+5 Attack, +10 Undead, +10 Flying, +10 Speed.
+ 5 vs. All Creatures, Extra +5 vs. Steel.
+10 Animal, +10 Rock, +10 Fire, +5 Attack.
+10 Endurance, +10 Undead, +10 Thunder.
+10 Flying, +10 Sea, +10 Ice.
+10 Rock, +10 Mimic, +10 Ice.


Get Across A Town Faster -
To get to a destination faster in walking mode enter Edit mode and move the pointer to where you want to go and exit Edit mode.
Gameshark Codes
Master Code (Must Be On) -
Infinite HP Toan:
Infinite Speed Toan:
Infinite Water Toan:
Max HP Toan:
Infinite Gilda (Money):
Max Dagger Level:
Infinite Dagger WHP:
Max Dagger WHP:
Max Dagger Stats:

Unlock Demon Shaft Dungeon

When you have successfully completed the game and saved it the Demon Shaft will be selectable under the 'Go To Other Areas' map. This is a very difficult dungeon which has 100 floors.

the talking slingshot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this game there is a talking slingshot named Steve.
He is for the cat girl.
When enver you att. Somthing he will say something.
He is cool to have!So if you find him, you'll know what I'm talkin about!

The truth behind the attach glitch and other stuff related to it

To do this cheat you must 1:go to ANY store 2:scroll to the bottom of the right menu under items 3:go to the bottom of the store menu without scrolling 4:go to the right of the left menu and press right and X at the same time. You can then go back to 2 but go to the third row instead of the fourth/last. Then to the second and first. Then go to the menu (press triangle) and go back to 1 untill your inventory is full. Now the stuff only I and a few others know...
Sometimes the glitch will look like a fixed dagger instead of a broken one. This is bad. Do not use it. Save, reset, and throw it away. To that one person toad or whatever, it IS a glitch. It is in the programming but it is hidden in the code. An accident if you will. Anyway some things, if you already have a glitch equ..

ruby spells

You change to ruby and press R2 to aim and then press X, NOT O! The game lies when it tells you that.

To Defeat Joe Minotaur use Goro. Make sure you ..

To Defeat Joe Minotaur use Goro. Make sure you have Dran's Feather to make Goro move quicker. Equip him with a big hammer like Big Bucks Hammer or the other one that is used by the gate keeper of hell (I forget the name of it). Be sure to walk with a few repair powders, cheese or chicken or bread and water. When the Minotaur goes to drink from a barrel run up behind him, press 0 to get the target on him and hit him. He'll go down in a few hits. I did this and he went down in 3 hits. Hope this helps. If you need any more help e-mail me: [email protected]

Weak to strong with storng

Alright you gamers who hate weak weapons but have one strong weapon here the hint for you.
1. Select the strongest weapon that you have(200-999).
2. Go find a monster that you can kill one hit that gives you alot of ABs and kill it but once you get done with killing the monster quickly switch your weapons with a weaker weapon before the monster vanishes(ABs are gained at that time).
This works if it does not go faster you can do it. This will work.

Another High ABS Back Floor

In the Sun & Moon Temple, back floor 17, there are (8) Blue Dragons that give you 24 ABS
That's 192 ABS every time you go in there

The easiest way to beat the ice queen is to stoc..

The easiest way to beat the ice queen is to stock up on bombs,27 at the least.Lock on to her dodge all her moves to get close to her .Start chucking bombs ALL ,she wont be able to stop your attacks so keep thowing bombs.

This goes to NewPS2Gamer and everyone else.You s..

This goes to NewPS2Gamer and everyone else.You said that you couldn't get 100 percent in the village requests.Well first you have to defeat Dran.Then go to the Hags house and put her house right in front of Drans windmill.

To kill all the end of dungeon bosses, just thro..

To kill all the end of dungeon bosses, just throw bombs at them!!!!

Dran: Chuck bombs with toan then knock down with xiao

Utan: Chuck bombs with xiao, (it's easier than with goro!!)

La Saia: Chuck bombs and fire bombs with toan, xiao, goro, or ruby.

hope i helped !!

Here is a list of the build up on Bandit's Sling..

Here is a list of the build up on Bandit's Sling Shot-

1) Bandits Slingshot

2) Double Impact

3) Divine Beast Title

4) Angel Shooter

5) Ange Gear

By AJ and Kristen

To get the serpent sword

1. Get the serpent you got to go to were goro lives and duel him and win
2,then he drops the hunters earings
3.then if you dident all ready buildthe river build it
4.then have the little people open the flood gate thing at the water fall
5.then go to that big tree use the hunters earings talk to the big tree
6.then the big tree gives you the serpent sword
7.then go duel the white snake(hes not a boss hes a mini boss)u have to have the serpent sword or he'll kill you u have to duel him too
8.when you win the snake will drop this pendent thing take it to goro and goro will find out that his father died and he becomes in you're team.
Extra:(if you build up the serpent sword it truns into a realy cool sword)

I hope I gave a good ..

Few cheats.

The REAL Dagger Cheat
I have tested this cheat and it works sucsessfuly.
You might have heard of the Dagger Trick where a broken dagger
Can max out your weapons. This is wrong.It makes them malfunction.
What you realy need to do is...
1 Go to the Old Gaffers buggy and shop there. 2 On the right screen, the one with YOUR items on it, scroll all the way down.
3 Now go to the right screen and hover your hand thing over the gold bullion like you are going to buy it. Now Press X and Right button. You need precise timing.When you lok on the right screen you should be on the attatchment screen but there something that looks like a Missingno type thing. If you don't know what Missingno is then a glitched up pink thing.It will not harm your game.

Unlockable: Windmill Slash

To unlock the windmill slash, a powerful attack that will hit everything around you, you must get 100% in all three categories of the Georama Analysis for Norune Village. To do this you have to first collect everything (for "Collection") then piece it all together ("Completion") then ask all the villagers "How should I rebuild Norune?" and put their house where they want it ("Request"). Here is how it goes:
My House-facing-the sun(cave side)
Macho's, near the Divine Beast Cave
Laura's, away from the mayor's house
Paige's, near the pond
Claude's, near Laura's house
Hag's, infront/facing drans windmill
Alnet's, away from Macho's house
Gaffers Buggy near other houses
Then Dran will fly down and teach you the technique, enjoy!

Dark Cloud Jack's Store Secret

In Queens, be sure to complete the King's house first to get the genie, Ruby, as an ally. After this, complete Jack's weapons store, but he won't give you a gift if you go in without Ruby in your party. If you have Ruby though, he will give you the Platnum Ring and a big bucks hammer!

Dark Cloud Boss Strategies

1. Divine Beast...
Use both of your characters...use Xiao to hit him while he is flying, and he will fall...switch to Toan, attack with your sword. You can use stamina potions and feathers but it's not neccesary. If you do it right he'll be dead in no time and you should take little to no damage.
2. Forest Guardian
Again, multiple characters is the key, though you don't really have to do it this way. Auto target the monkey...see how it targets his big hairy toes? And have a big hammer...smash em! Get close, wait until he swings at you and move in close and attack. He will be stunned, giving you time to use your strongest character to move in and attack a while. Repeat until he's dead. Again, feathers and potions are helpful but far from essential.

To Get the sun gem go to the desert and give the..

To Get the sun gem go to the desert and give the man who says he is hansome and give him the foundation (the purple urn or pot!)he will give you a clay doll give that to one of the moon people and there is the sun gem (i think there is only one of them in the game?)

On the ice queen that is trapped at the bottom o..

On the ice queen that is trapped at the bottom of the shipwreck you can kill her just by using various items that you have collected. The fire gem works the best and so do bombs.

Just keep selecting an item and use them until she dies. This way you will never even be touched in battle.

On the wind beast you encounter use the warrior ally and lock in on him (the wind that comes out of the coffin) make sure you have lots of repair powder and do the spin attack on the coffin guy about 20 times.

He will be defeated without you getting touched.

When you face the kings curse at the end of the ..

When you face the kings curse at the end of the sun and moon temple you use Ungaga's wind move by holding the X button then it will reveil the target and then unlish the fury.

Action Duel

Only watch the little blue bar do not watch the battle that is what will mess you up........

duel winner

Don't look at what your character is doing just concentrate on the blue line giving you instructions.

Beat Ice Queen

To beat the ice queen get an ice amulet and then buy 45 bombs then equip the bombs then batter her.
Good luck

Beating the Coliseum

If you keep the kegs inbetween you and Minotar Joe he will take the keg before trying to hit you.

The Horned Key

To get the Horned key you have to complete the Drans Weedmill and then you have to open the the boxes inside it. One of the boxes will have the Horned Key.

The best way to get gems is to buy lots of poisi..

The best way to get gems is to buy lots of poisin apples,then go fishing in Muska luka when it is dusk.Try to catch as many mardan garadyn I think thats it's name.
Then exchange fish points for them but you need 100 fish points to get 1 gem. Or you could do it the long way and go to the back of caves and get the keys to the backfloors over,over again.Your choice

Gem Attachment List

Amethyst: +10 Ice, +10 Dinosaurs, +10 Mages
Aquamarine: +10 Ice, +10 Flyers, +10 Marine
, +10 Metal, +10 Mages
Pearl: +10 Endurance, +10 Thunder, +10 Undead
Peridot: +5 Attack, +10 Holy, +10 Plants, +10 Beasts
Ruby: +10 Speed, +10 Fire, +10 Mimics
Sapphire: +10 Magic, +10 Wind, +10 Flyers
Topaz: +5 Attack, + 10 Undead, +10 Flyers
Turquoise: +10 Ice, +10 Stone, +10 Mimics


If you have the ar max disc then get maximum fishing points buy the matador (xaio's weapon) and build it up until it does over 300 damage and kill him. For easy abs backfloor 6 has statues and statue dogs.

Not a Glitch

You may have heard of the Old Gaffer glitch that allows you to power up you weapons. I am here to tell you that, First, it is not a glitch, this must have been put into the programing on purpose, therefor, I believe there is no risk of corrupting a save file. And Second, it can be done at any store in the game. I hope I cleared that up.
In your Service,

Handy Tips

In hard dungeons like the Sun/Moon Temple you should always keep a few Stand-In and Revival Powders they are very usefull for example: If Toan is your best player and he dies you can use Stand-In powder to select your second best player, then he can use Revival Powder to heal Toan! Neat Huh?
Hope I Helped!

Written By: Black Lance

healing trick

If you find your self posined or with an other states condition eat something like a trobbing cherry or a gooie peach and that status condition will go away.
Good way to make use of what you have!

ruby spells

You choose ruby and press R2 to aim and then press X, NOT O! The game lies when it tells you that.

Never Guess Open A Large Treasure Chest Again.

After you catch Mardan , if my spelling is wrong sorry, but after you catch Mardan it will tell you either that the was no trap or the trap answer will be flashing red and will say , It must be poison, an explosion, or a curse.

Gonzo - You'll get all the Atla once you defeat ..

Gonzo - You'll get all the Atla once you defeat the Serpent... Goro will help you, once you beat him in a duel. Beat Goro, he'll give you the Hunter's Earring ... Give the earring to the tree and he'll give you the Serpent Sword, needed to defeat the Serpent.

I don't have a hint or tip, yet. I have a quest..

I don't have a hint or tip, yet. I have a question. I've been playing Dark Cloud for a while, 20 hours... but, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the Serpent Sword.

I've read the hints, I've put together the river, the "little people" have opened the flood gates, and the water is flowing to Treant... Weren't the "little people" supposed to give me something to give to Treant?

I'm so confused. Do I have to start the game all over again?

To build the perfect weapon all you need is a fe..

To build the perfect weapon all you need is a few synthspheres.

The first 2 are bandit slingshot or bandit ring and kitchen knife(you get the slingshot and knife early, I used them)Level them up any way you can(try shipwreck back level 17, you get gems and powerup powders as you search and kill) the gems are self explanatory and the powerup powder gives an instant upgrade(if your close upgrade through abs then powder) get these to +5 and attach them to the weapon you want to boost(if its a ring use bandit ring for the elementals) you now have a low level high speed, attack and endurence weapon, with mid magic and the quench(slows thirst build up) and steal abilities

The next sphere is bigbucks hammer do the same and add it on for the big bucks ability and to..

Glitchy powerup

This is one of the hardest cheats I have ever done
1. Go to the old man's item shop in the first village
2. Make sure the left windo is the attachment item slots
3. Hilight a blank square and VERY quickly press X then right
It is sometimes good and sometimes bad, if done correctly, the powerup/powerdown will look like a broken daggar
You can do this more than once- with different results

Easy Exp.

First, go to Queens and buy a flapping fish(and a block of ice if you want), then go into the Queens dungeon at any floor(higher floors would help more), when you're in, go to the back floor entrance and put the fish in the water, then defeat all of the enemies, now go to the back floor and defeat the enemies, then just keep going back and forth and you will level up fairly fast.

Best weapon

The actual best weapon in the game is the Chronicle 2 sword. Then it's the chronicle sword then is the zeus sword. Those are the top 3 swords.

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