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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dark Cloud Pack Shot

Dark Cloud

Game Reviews for Dark Cloud


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spyro_legend22nd Apr 2006, ID #304
This game is like the playstation equivalent of zelda. It is like no other game because it combines two genres- fighting in the dungeons and building cities. The game has a lenghthy storyline about ..

Rating: 74%Read Full Review
Riku99426th Jun 2007, ID #650
Dark Cloud is a really good Action-RPG for the PS2. It offers fairly good graphics, although kinda cartoony, pretty good sound, awesome gameplay, and long lastability. In this game your characters d..

Rating: 76%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Added 19 May 2005, ID #15056
I like this game because it has good gameplay and things. Here is my review:

gameplay --> 8 it is a good adventure game
graphichs --> 5 it is drawed good but it looks to fake
talking --> 3 the only thing you see is the talk baloon and your characters don\'t say anything
length --> 9 it has many levels (more than 200 I think)
storyline --> 7 it has a good combinated story

information --> you get in the game 6 characters: one with swords (your main character) one with slingshots (catgirl) one with hammers and axes (a fat hunter)
one with magical rings (genie girl) one with lances (desert warrior) and one with guns (moonman).

The one with sword, the one with hammers and the one with lances are melee characters and the other three are ranged characters

there are 8 worlds and in 7 of them are dungeons and in 6 of them you have to assemble things.

Hope this review helped for your thoughts of the game
Ok Added 23 Dec 2004, ID #12178
It is not the best game, I will say that, but it isn't horrid.

I say 4 out of 10

It has cool game styles.
Good story
Can build towns
Has the seeds of a really good RPG like the FF series (Final Fantasy)


Too repeatative
Characters, well lets just say my dead great aunt looked better
The don't flippin' talk, is that too much to ask, I hate reading it, it suxs.

But for $5 it is ok
OK Added 17 Feb 2004, ID #6950
It's OK around 5 out of 10, 6 the highest 3 the lowest

graphics = not bad
characters = good

If you like building things this is kind of for you BUT you don't build your place things where the people in the town want them.

You don't really do anything with the houses but you kill bats, skeletons and I think goblins and thats about it, you can be other people when you unlock them.
ID #424

Dark Cloud is a PS2 game to hit March 2001. Thais game plays alot like Zelda.

A boy named Toran goes on a adventure.

It will be as good as Zelda but not as good as Final Fantasy. This game Will be very hot in March 2001.

ID #423

this game is really great. i love Link's new hat. What, it's not Link?

hmm, i thought this was the new Zelda, oh well, it plays just like a Zelda game, except you have to switch back and forth between Link, i mean Toan, and five other characters you collect along the way.

These allies include a catgirl, a dumb brute, a genie (babe), and some others.

The weapons break too often and putting the villages together to make the inhabitants happy kinda sucks, but it is in the end a lot of fun, remember to take lotsa weapon repairs, water, food, and stand-ins.

ID #422

I was told that this game was the best Role Playing Game for the PS2 when I was at the local video game store in the mall. The employee was even kind enough to show me a video clip of the game, right in the store.

From what I saw and from what he told me, it looked like a good game. (especially for compared to every other RPG PS2 has to offer) So of course I bought the game, but little did I know the entire game was in dungeons!

The story line was horrid! Incase you didn't already know, a town is exploded by a big purple genie, but somehow a little fairy king manages to save all the peoples' houses in little orbs and scatter them across the world! (isn't that something?) So through-out the whole game you get to walk in dungeons, collecting stupid little orbs called atla.

In my own personal opinion this game was terrible. Don't get me wrong, I can credit the designers for a couple things; the attacking system makes the game more interesting (your weapons eventually break if you dont fix them), I like the characters (except the tubby boy with the hammer), and... well... thats about all they can get a pat on the back for.

The graphics are terrible and the story line is just pathetic. Afterall, what did we pay $300 for? Overall, the game is a waste of money and time, if you're thinking about buying it, I personally wouldn't.

ID #421

I really enjoy playing this game. It has so many different and unique features to conside while playing. It is a wonderful mixture of a few game I've always liked to play. The fighting is easy, yet still a challage. The characters are great because they are all useful in different areas of the game. The weapons are sweet because you can use items to upgrade. But my favorite part is setting up the town the way you like it...and the characters!!!

ID #420

This game sucks its supposed to be the best rpg on the ps2 i saw some clips of it and it looked so cool but all you do is restore the world by puting buildings together.

If you want to do that why not spend 19.99 on theme park world. this game is a rip of my advise wait untill april and get ff10...!

ID #419

ok Bottom line!

if you like RPGs and SIMs BUY Dark Cloud

if you only like sims DONT buy this

if you only like RPGs....well er um...


The dungeon Grapics suck-

the characters are cool (cept the fat guy)

the town creation is OK

well thats all here YO!

ID #418

This game is the best! The graphics are great, and the story line is pretty neat. If you are not into RPG games, then you might want to rent it first. Dark Cloud is a game that is like Zelda, but better, harder, and I think it is longer (it has 100 levals). The ratings for the game are some where in the 9's out of 10, I am sure. Another thing that is different about this game from Zelda is that you get allies. These allies help you when you can not complete a task that the main character can not complete. For example, Toan, the name of the main character can not jump across a cliff. Then you have to switch to some cat who is your ally to jump it. One thing that you should know before you buy this game- most of the game takes place in dungeons. The dungeons is where you fight the beasts. The game is rated T, for Teen, which means that there may be bad language, and a little fighting. Even if you think this is a great game, I recommand that you rent the game first and try it out.

ID #417
All those who think this game sucks are LOSERS! This is one of the best games that I have! I love this game!

I like the guy who you control at the begining(I thought this was a new Zelda game first)let's call him Link for now.

Xiao(the cat girl)is a cool chick. The fat guy's absolutly stupid, I don't use him except for when I have to, you know those limited zones.

I'm trying to train up Ruby the genie for the Dark Genie('cos I'm battling him, and, while I'm here, anyone know how to defeat him?

I hate it when you battle him and he's got wings. I always lose against him. Poo.) and the sand warrior is a tough one, but is a pushover for the Dark Genie.

Osmond is a real cutie, at least that what my elder sister thinks. I forgot to mention, my younger sister loves Xiao, she loves cats, don't tell that to anybody.

Sorry to keep blabbering on, but I have to tell you something really cool. I've got a really powerful weapon! It's the Wise Owl Sword +30! It's a real smasher!

Well, if you know how to defeat the Dark Genie, please post on this site.


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