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The Legend of Dragoon Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Dragoon

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Find out how to deafeat Faust, get all 50 stardust and have a strong magic defense. We also have an unlock code which will give you maximum level and all weapons.

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We have 35 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for The Legend of Dragoon please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation

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Stardust List

Disc One (20 Stardust)
Seles (1 Stardust)
* Among the graves to the left of the exit
Bale (6 Stardust)
* Bucket of spears in the Weapon Shop
* Well outside Lavitz' house
* Kitchen of Lavitz' house
* A fireplace on the first floor of Indels Castle
* The top left room on the third floor of Indels Castle
* When riding the boat, choose to get off when given the option near a door. Go in the door and search the barrels at the north end of the room.
Hoax (2 Stardust)
* Below and to the left of the commander's desk
* The fireplace in the basement of the upper left house
The Marshland (1 Stardust)
* At the fireplace in the conquered fort
Lohan (4 Stardust)
* In one of the pots next to th..

Free water bottleI don't know if this works, but..

Free water bottle

I don't know if this works, but it worked with my game, so here goes.

When you are at the part where Shana is sick and you need to get the Dragoni plant,you'll need a water bottle to get rid of a blocking plant.

When you are about to exit,someone will try to sell you a water bottle for a totally bogus price.

But if you keep on rejecting his bidding price after he bids a 100,if you reject him he'll give you the bottle for free.

Good luck!

Get all 50 stardust

Seles Village 1 Graveyard
Capital Bales 6 Well by Lavitz's house
Weapon shop
Indel Castle basement in the fireplace
Indel Castle second floor
Secret area by the drunk man
Lavitz's house when the cooking is finished

Town of Hoax 2 House on upper left in the fireplace
Return to Kaiser's office when bosses are all beaten

Lohan 4 Entrance of Lohan
Search bookcase in lower left room where you saw the large bird and find new area
Dabas's Antique shop
Animal cages in the Battle Arena

Kazas 6 Barrel in the first house on the right
Near treasure chest in first house on the left
Third house on the right
Downtown, first room in the bookcase
Down ladder to first door on ri..

Rare items for Stardust

Hey, this is for all of you who are wondering what the advantages are for collecting ALL that stardust.
Actually it is worth it because Martel (who you first run into in Bale) collects stardust and if you give you her stardust, she gives you rare items that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. So here are the items.
10 stardust - Physical Ring
Raises health by 50%
20 stardust - Amulet
Doubles you Magic
30 stardust - Wargod's Sash
Raises SP 50%
40 stardust - Rainbow Earings
Avoids abnormal status (confuse, fear, poison stuff like that) for everyone
50 stardust - Vanishing stone
Gains access to Faust in Flandel (fighting Faust is not required in the game but if you fight him you get 10,000g an..

Soul EaterThere is another place to get the soul..

Soul Eater

There is another place to get the soul eater... it is in mayfil. when fighting the knight monsters, sometimes you will get the sword. It may take a while, but it is true.

Best Dragoon Attacks

using certain attacks with certain people will increase damage. With dragoon albert, use magic. with dragoon dart and dragoon rose both magic and phisical attacks are equal. with dragoon haschel use magic.

With dragoon meru use physical attacks. with dragoon kongol use magic attacks. doing this helps a lot. (p.s. if you want to make sure this is right, go to status in the menu and check the percentage at the far right)

Geting the dragoni plant

when your at the dragon picture when you pull out your dragoon stone dont touch any of the chests they wont help you all they have in them is notes.
Go up to combination lock and put in 3 5 2 then a ladder will fall down you will get up to two statues, theres a gold one and a stone one go up to the gold one and tell it to go front tell the stone one to go left.
When you do that you can go up the stairs when you get there dont go for the chest its just a trick.
Go to a circular shaped area and a guy will be all mad and say your "trying to steal my treasure." and you will start to fight.
p.s. get alot of healing items and lots of weapons.
**good luck**

Get the ground dragoon sooner

Most people think that to get the big guys dragoon is to fight his brother well get the big guy on your team and go to the town where you get the bottle to kill the plant and get the white dragoon. The guy that gives you the bottle will sell you the yellow dragoon stone (not for free). I think for 2-3000 dollars.

A funny type of cheat

In the twin castle when you get the princess,s go to the front door and talk to the big guy and it will be very funny what happens.

Sandora elite in hoax

When your fighting the sandora elite in hoax when he makes 2 copies of himself the real one can use magic the others can only use physical attacks

Legendary helm

Equip anyone with this and you can beat the game easily. You can even beat the game with only one character fighting and the others just rest. The only problem is it's too expensive.

Get dragoon levels up

to get dragoon levels up all you need to do is equip whichever addition gives you most sp and start fighting battles. If your dragoon bar fills up don't bother using it because using it won't gain you any sp. Also a plus side to gaining sp is your also gaining exp at the same time.

I have a quetion. How do you beat Faust. I'v..

I have a quetion. How do you beat Faust. I've gottin past the apperation of him, but when I fight the real him he kills me.

I will really like an answer to my quetion. If anyone needs help just ask me.

I've beaten the game like 5 different times, but I still cant do this 1 thing.

For all of you who are stuck somewhere,

Ok, the guy who asked how to go up Dragoon levels:
You go up dragoon levels by getting SP. Even if your SP bar is full during combat, you are still gaining SP.
That\'s why you shouldn\'t turn into dragoon, because you would be wasting turns that you would normally attack, and get SP. So don\'t ever turn dragoon unless you\'re at a boss.
Now, for the people who are stuck in Bale:
Once you talk to King Albert and find out that you are supposed to go to Hoax, you exit Bale at the same place where you entered.
Then when you are on the world map, a new path will open leading to Hoax.
And here are some hints on beating Fruegel when trying to save King Albert:
Train in Hellena prison until Rose goes up to Dragoon lev..

Grand Jewel

If you have Dart,Albert,and Kongol at level 25 or more your ready to go.don't turn dragoon you'r vulnerable.
It is best if you got a wind base weapon for Albert use it and just go on an all out attack and heal once or twice.
Also bear the verage first you can beat him faster if you let him kill himself.

Get a strong magic defense

Save you're money till you have 10,000 and go to lohan. Go up the stairs .when you go up go to the bottom left of the screen and go up the ladder into the house.there should be a guy there. Buy legend casque. You should have 132 magic def after you equip it. The guy sells good stufff like angel scarf which reduce magice attacks by half

A helpful item

Outside of Dabas' there is a box containing an angels robe.
This item revives you from death with a given probability.

I had a question really i don't know how to get ..

I had a question really i don't know how to get my dragoon levels up i can level everyone else up with ease and only Dart's dragoon leves went up.

I tried everything if you can help please e-mail me or post.

Ohh and if your on the fourth disk and on the moon and you don't really wanna mess with the minor enemys just used the bomb you got from Savan it will usually kill them all in one hit.

2 thing to and 1 not to do

If you just started the game talk to haschel your "master" and he will help you learn how to do combos.
When you get an item called wargod calling it does all the combo work for you but dont use it because it gives you less sp and does less damage.
Another thing to do is talk to rose when you first get the dragoon spirit because she can help you learn how to get more sp, teach you all about the dragoon spirit, and teach you how to use the dragoon attack and magic.


In the room on the fouth disk there are flying lights going through a grid. It took me along time to get through this part so I hope its useful. The flying lights will occasionally hit the floor and have a red square for maybe one second. Follow where the lights hit the floor and you will eventually get across.

The hidden boss battle you didnt know about

While in the snow fields you can fall down into a pit. If you follow the path, rose will say about another lost wingly city from the dragon campaingn. Go forward, get hit by a snowball {by meru} and press on. Eventually you will get to a part where rose will have a flashback with zieg.{and a speech presented by emperor diaz} this will awaken a ghasty dude.
HOW TO DEFEAT- this guy has three parts, the head{dosnt do much of any thing}, his sword { carries out phisical and sometimes magical attacks} and the armor.{the ghosts defence mechanism} firstly, your highest priority is to get rid of it's defenses. So attack it's armor. In the mean while,keep you're parties HP at it's fullest.the sword is you're next opponent. Then finnally, it's ghostly head.BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! BE VERRY, VER..

Hey its me again and have a good code for you,wh..

Hey its me again and have a good code for you,when you fight the gold dragon and the dragoon guy.

First attack the dragon first with dragoon attacks and magic like dacing ray and combos so you could beat it, then once you beat the dragon then attack the dragoon guy.

Attack him with the dragoon with Dart or Rose and before you beat him he will stop and give Laviits the dragoon power and you could use it cool huh.

Well see ya

This is for Ozma Takins who wants to know how to..

This is for Ozma Takins who wants to know how to get off the moon. You cant.

I have beaten this game 50 times and I have never found a way.

Trust me Im better than the people that made this game.

I know a way you can use the dragoon armor more ..

I know a way you can use the dragoon armor more than once keep attaching until the sp says two the sp color should be green.

You can even do it three times then it will be yellow.It takes a while.

This isn't a cheat I cannot figure out how to ge..

This isn't a cheat I cannot figure out how to get Shana in the party.

I have tried for hours.

I have looked everywhere so if you could email me that would be great.

The 3rd virage

The best thing 2 do @ the 3rd virage is 2 keep all your guys on guard.

Hill self-destruct after 10 turns.

Because after that the grand jewel comes.

O kill the arm

p.s. how do u really beat divine dragon

Defeating Faust

On the 3rd disk at the tower where you fight Lloyd, instead of going to the place where you fight him, right before it, go right into the teleporter.
After playing around with the teleporters you should get to the one that goes to Faust. But before you fight him, you have to have the Vanishing Stone which you get from Martel in Rouge after giving her all 50 Stardusts.
A guy posted a cheat on here that tells where to get all of them, so just look at his. You have to have the Vanishing Stone because if you fight him without it, he won't die.
First you must make sure you are equipped properly. For this battle I used Dart, Albert and Kongol. Dart and Albert are musts!!
The third member doesn't matter. I do recommend using Ko..

how to get a unstoppable dart or player

first u need 10000 gold. fight masters and dont spend ur money. sell things u dont need. when u get to lohango up the stairs.go to the bottom left of the screen. go up that stair and into the house. in there shoulld be a guy who sells u legend casque. it is a strong helmet that protects u from magic. it gives u about 132 magic defense. i got it in disc one

Something not to do

Do not try and run around for experience. It takes way too long. The game is made where you can beat it with the experience you get from just doing the story.

KG what stuck in bale means is how do u get 2 Ki..

KG what stuck in bale means is how do u get 2 King Albert, not allie him. Ok, stuck in bale. 2 get 2 King Albert, go 2 a room with stairs.

Go under the stairs, not up them.Go south of the stairs, (actually, right by them 2 the South. Then just go up.

ok?this is a question for big said if ..

ok?this is a question for big dady.

you said if you press some buttons while you are transforming to a dragoon

you will have good sex for one minute

is that true? or you just made it up?

if true?

can you do it when ever you want and as many times as you want, or only the first time you transform into a dragoon in hoax with dart?

that is my question?

if true mail me back at XxOpasni [email protected] thanks

Yellow Bird

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but the Yellow Bird's damage is equal to how much hp your guy recovers when he guards.


As this game is set that you can beat it with the exp you get from storyline, if your like me you like to over train though. Well at the begining of the game train to around level 9 or 10. You should have all Additions you got so far mastered and you should have almost enough for the ultimate wargod.

How to get dragoon Level up

You go up dragoon levels by getting SP. Even if your SP bar is full during combat, you are still gaining SP.
So, to get Dragoon Level up. Don't convert into dragoon as you don't gain SP.

Easy money

Go to a place where there are tough monsters and battle a long time.
(30 min.)

Look at meru's undies (for pervs)

If you want to look at meru's underpants just equip her with the addition hammer spin and have her do it if you did then get close to your tv and look (have her perform hammer spin) and you could chant I see london I see france I see meru's underpants LOL

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