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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Dragoon Pack Shot

The Legend of Dragoon

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Defeating Faust cheat for The Legend of Dragoon

Defeating Faust

On the 3rd disk at the tower where you fight Lloyd, instead of going to the place where you fight him, right before it, go right into the teleporter.

After playing around with the teleporters you should get to the one that goes to Faust. But before you fight him, you have to have the Vanishing Stone which you get from Martel in Rouge after giving her all 50 Stardusts.

A guy posted a cheat on here that tells where to get all of them, so just look at his. You have to have the Vanishing Stone because if you fight him without it, he won't die.


First you must make sure you are equipped properly. For this battle I used Dart, Albert and Kongol. Dart and Albert are musts!!

The third member doesn't matter. I do recommend using Kongol though because of his massive physical presence.

Dart should be equipped with the dragon helm, the combat shoes, the red dragon armor, the mind crush (not soul eater!!) and the angel scarf.

Using the soul eater will also make you have to use the therapy ring so don't use it cause the angel scarf is a must against Faust's magic.

Albert should have the partisan, combat shoes, jade dragon armor, dragon helm and an angel scarf.

For Kongol I used an iron kneepiece, giganto armor, magical hat, any accessory and the great axe. The angel scarves are a must a can be purchased at 5,000g each at Lohan.

The jade and red armor can be purchased in Zenebatos for 800g each, which is why I suggest you wait to fight Faust until you meet Coolon in Zenebatos.

The two Dragon helms can be found on mortal dragon mountain and the tower of Flanvel.

Also remember to have at least 12 healing breezes and 6 healing fogs.


Do not use a dragoon special in this battle. Without the possibility of item use or guard, Faust will dominate you. Faust will attack with standard magic throughout the battle except at three distinct points.

His first move will be a massive fire attack that kills Kongol outright and takes 2,000-3,000 from Albert (w/ an angel scarf). Don't bother to revive Kongol.

Do it when you have more HP. First heal Albert, this attack will do nothing to dart if you have the red dragon armor. The next massive magical attack comes when you get Faust to half his HP or "in the yellow".

He will do a huge water-based attack the puts Dart and Albert inches from death. The key to surviving this attack is SAVING Albertís dragoon sp. right before you put Faust in the yellow, use Albertís rose storm to reduce Faust's damage.

This is the only way I could survive it. IF you're lucky enough to make it past that attack, Faust will have one more powerful attack.

When you get Faust "in the red" or 1/4 of his Hp he will do a huge wind based attack.

The will do 0 to Albert if he has the jade dragon armor. Dart should survive this attack but be safe and use a healing fog immediately after. Just keep whacking away at him after that.

One good strategy is to guard up your hp. At the end of my battle, I was out of angel prayers and both Kongol and Albert were dead.

I guarded with dart until he had 3,000 hp then I attacked. I did this repeatedly until Faust was no more. When you are alone and you guard, Faust will only attack once.

But when you attack he always attacks at least 3 times in a row. That is why I kept my hp high. This battle took me ten tries so don't get frustrated. It is near impossible but beatable because I beat him myself.

This battle is worth fighting though because you get 10,000g, 20,000 exp. and the phantom shield. The shield reduces all damage to 1/2 for the whole party as an accessory.

Because Dart was the only survivor for me he gained three levels (34-37). Remember, to win this battle persistence is key.

Keep on trying.

Added by: Shub-Niggurath
Aug 18th 2003, ID#10366


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Mar 16th 2013 Guest
I did it with rose, haschel and dart; rose had a legend casque dancers shoes/ring, haschel had legend casque bandit's shoes and therapy ring, the rest is arbitrary. Dart had legend casque, mind crush, and another therapy ring. The entire time I just had rose and dart gaurd, while Haschel dealt ALL the damage. He was able to do around 3,000 damage with a full omni-sweep. So it only took about 10 attacks with haschel to finish him off. Just make sure you have those legend casques, and two people defending while you have your highest damage person attack. Speed DOES NOT MATTER in this fight. Every time you attack him, he will attack you 2-3 times. So only hit him with your heaviest physical damage dealer like albert or haschel.
ID #264332
Jul 20th 2012 Guest
How do you get the mind crush???
ID #166582