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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Dragoon Pack Shot

The Legend of Dragoon


Weapon FAQ

by grand lethal 364

The Legend of Dragoon
Weapon FAQ
Written by Jake Sexsmith aka grand lethal 364
Copyright 2005, all rights reserved.

Disclaimer: This guide contains a few plot spoilers to the game. Please keep 
this in mind before you proceed.

Table of Contents

1.0) Introduction
2.0) Version History
3.0) Legal Junk


4.0) Weapons
  - Strength/Effects/Location/Price/Reccomendations
5.0) Frequently asked questions

The Stuff That Always Comes Last

6.0) Credits
7.0) Contact Information

1.0) Introduction

Hello fellow RPGers, and welcome to this, my third FAQ, created for one of my
all time favorite games: The Legend of Dragoon. I wrote this FAQ simply because
although many of the general FAQs touch on equipment, none of them provide all
the information I'm about to present to you in one compact form. In this
document you will find when and where you can get every weapon in the game,
their prices, uses, and my personal reccomendations on whether it's a good buy,
whether you should equip it when you find it, ect. If you should find a single
error in this guide, no matter how incredibly small, please report it to me
immediately, you will be given full credit. For information on how to contact
me, see the section entitled "Contact Information". Thank you, and enjoy the

2.0) Version History

Version 1.0 Jan/24/05 - The begginning. Expect a bit of "fleshing out" in the
near future as questions and complaints come to me.

Version 1.05 - Fixed some major formatting errors.

Version 1.07 - Added a useful little piece of information on Haschels Thunder 
Fist. Props to Spencer King for telling me about it. Also added the location of 
Alberts Halberd. Thanks to Dane Vanhouten.

3.0) Legal Junk

This guide, and all pieces of original work within it, may not be reproduced
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed
on any web site or otherwise publicly distributed without my advance written
permission. Use of this guide on any other website than is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All unoriginal works within
this guide, such as statistics, may be freely copied and distributed, as they 
do not belong to me, and are simply facts that I am displaying. If you would 
like to have my guide on your website, you must first contact me and ask my
permission. For contact information, see the section labeled...wait for it....
"Contact Information", who woulda saw that coming.

4.0) Weapons

Ok, so here's the complete list of weapons in the entire game, organised by
their weilders. In the first section is all the factual information:
Strength of the weapon (its attack power).
Effects (both status and elemental).
Location (either the chest location [not exact, just the general location] or
the shop location).
Price (both original sale price if it is buyable, and resale price).

After that I give a brief reccomendation of the weapon so you know if you 
should buy it or not, equip it immediately, or whatever.
*Note* Weapons are listed in order of the fastest you can find them, not
strength, but this only affects one weapons placement (Pretty Hammer).



Strength: 2
Effects: <none>
Location: Innitially equipped, dropped by "Skeleton" enemy, Hellena Prison
(second visit).
Price: NA/10
Reccomendation: Well, it's innitially equipped, so I can't really say much, 
except get rid of it as soon as you get the next weapon.

Bastard Sword

Strength: 7
Effects: <none>
Location: Limestone Cave, Weapon shop in Bale.
Price: 60/30
Reccomendation: A good blade, especially since you can find it easily in the 
Limestone Cave without having to pay for it in Bale. Equip it as soon as you 

Heat Blade

Strength: 18
Effects: Fire Elemental
Location: Weapon shop in Kazas, Kashua Glacier.
Price: 150/75
Reccomendation: An excellent weapon as it is a big strength boost from the 
Bastard Sword and also the only fire elemental weapon, which makes it very 
useful against water-based creatures, such as Lenus, Regole, and almost all the
creatures on the Prison Island. I don't reccomend equiping this in Kashua 
glacier however, the reason being as follows. You can buy the Mind crush in the 
weapon shop in Kashua glacier which is a superior weapon. Granted, it won't do
as much to water-based enemies because the Heat Blades damage gets doubled, but
the difference is only 2. What the Mind Crush has over the Heat Blade is that 
it will be far more effective against other enemies of which there are a few of 
in Kashua Glacier, and more importantly, it can cause confusion. So bottom 
line, it's a really good weapon, but don't use it in Kashua Glacier.


Strength: 26
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop in Fueno.
Price: 250/125
Reccomendation: This is a good sword, but don't buy it when you first get to 
Fueno or at least don't equip it yet. The reason being that you still have to 
traverse Prison Island which is home to tons of water-based creatures and 
defeat Lenus and Regole who are also both water-based. So if you have the Heat 
Blade equiped, it's 18 strength will be doubled to 36, as opposed to the 
Falchions 26. Once you kill Lenus though, you should equip the Falchion 

Mind Crush

Strength: 34
Effects: Occasionally Confuses enemy
Location: Wingly Capital Kadessa, Kashua Glacier weapon shop.
Price: 350/175
Reccomendation: You should equip this as soon as you find it in Kadessa, or buy
it if you missed it. Read the reccomendation for "Heat Blade" if you want to
know why. The damage is good and the chance of confusion just completes the
package. Definately a good buy.

Fairy Sword

Strength: 39
Effects: 50% more SP awarded when attacking with this weapon
Location: Weapon shop in Ulara.
Price: 400/200
Reccomendation: A pretty decent blade, all things considered. The attack value 
is pretty nice, but the 50% more SP is kind of unnecessary because by now you 
will probably have Dart at Dragoon Level 5 and your later additions will be 
stronger than your dragoon additions anyway. So that doesn't really affect 
much. What the Mind Crush that you already have has over it is the possibility 
of Confusion, so decide which is more important; harder hits or possible status
effects. It's pretty much fifty-fifty, so choose whichever one best compliments
your playing style.


Strength: 44
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop on the Moon That Never Sets
Price: 500/250
Reccomendation: A fairly good weapon (but still outpaced by most of the other 
"ultimate weapons"), this sword will most likely be your final weapon equip. 
Okay, so it isn't actually the strongest weapon for Dart but it's a lot better 
than the Soul Eater in my opinion, which I will explain below. For now all you 
need to know is it's much better than what you most likely have now, so equip 

Soul Eater

Strength: 75
Effects: Decreases Darts HP by 10% each turn
Location: Dropped by boss enemy "Poulter Armor", dropped by enemy "Loner 
Price: NA/225
Reccomendation: Well, this is a bit of a dilema. It is, by far (+31 to be 
precise), much stronger than the Claymore but it takes away 10% of Darts 
Maximum HP every turn; a heavy handicap. This is easily nullified by equiping 
the Therapy Ring (restores 10% of maximum HP every turn) but it does use up 
your accesory slot which you could be using for much better purposes such as 
the Bandit Ring or (if you're really rich) the Phantom Shield. So you'll have 
to make a decision on what is more valuable: uber-strong physical attacks or 
the highly valuable effects of accesories. My personal choice would be to equip 
the Claymore.


Short Bow

Strength: 3
Effects: <none>
Location: Innitially equipped
Price: NA/10
Reccomendation: Get rid of it ASAP.

Sparkle Arrow

Strength: 9
Effects: Light Elemental
Location: Weapon shop in Bale, Basement of Indels Castle
Price: 50/25
Reccomendation: A good weapon. Its attack stat is three times that of the Short
Bow and it is a light elemental weapon, which will come in handy for a few 
battles in the Nest of Dragon, but not much else. It's a pity that the one 
light elemental weapon in the game couldn't have been stronger, but then none 
of the elemental weapons are all that strong (except for Haschels Thunder 

Long Bow

Strength: 18
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop in Kazas
Price: 150/75
Reccomendation: No question here, buy it and equip it as soon as you get to 
Kazas. It has a high attack strength, and is the exact same strength as the 
Sparkle Arrow when fighting dark based creatures.

Bemusing Arrow

Strength: 24
Effects: Occasionally Confuses enemy
Location: Weapon shop in Fueno
Price: 250/125
Recomendation: Confusion? Sweet. Attack power? Could be better, but there's no
use complaining. Anyhow, buy it and it should help out a lot in future 

Virulent Arrow

Strength: 30
Effects: Occasionally Poisons enemy
Location: Weapon shop in Kashua Glacier
Price: 350/175
Reccomendaion: A solid bow. The attack is as usual pretty low, but the Poison 
effect is a big booster. 

Arrow Of Force

Strength: 40
Effects: 50% more SP awarded when attacking with this weapon
Location: Weapon shop in Ulara
Price: 500/250
Reccomendation: Well, the attack is a lot higher than the Virulent Arrow, but
the SP boost is somewhat unnecessary by now, so if you want to save a little
money, just stick with the Virulent Arrow. You probably don't rely on Mirandas
attack anyways, so it doesn't make a huge difference and getting to keep the
Poison effect is nice.

Detonate Arrow

Strength: 50
Effects: Attacks all targets
Location: The Moon That Never Sets
Price: N/A
*Note* This is the ONLY weapon in the game that can attack all targets. Very 
cool huh?
Reccomendation: Hot damn, this is a friggin sweet weapon. As mentioned above, 
it is the only weapon in the game that can attack mutiple enemies, and it's 
also pretty strong too. It obviously is far better than any other of Mirandas
weapons, so what are you waiting for? Equip it!



Strength: 4
Effects: <none>
Location: Initially equipped, dropped by "Merman", Hellena Prison (second 
Price: NA/10
Reccomendation: Yup, you guessed it: "Get rid of it ASAP".


Strength: 19
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop in Lohan, The Seventh Knighthood Fortress
Price: 100/50
Reccomendation: Wow, talk about a HUGE strength boost. Make sure you pick it up
and equip it in the Seventh Knighthood Fortress, it will probably make Lavitz 
your strongest attacker from there on out.
*Note* All of Lavitz/Alberts weapons are pretty good, so in short, equip each
weapon as it comes to you.

Twister Glaive

Strength: 28
Effects: Wind Elemental.
Location: House in Kazas
Price: 140/70
Reccomendation: Another big boost on attack, and a wind elemental to boot. You 
will definately want to pick this up in Kazas; it will help greatly with the 
second fight against Kongol as he is earth-based.


Strength: 37
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop on the Queen Fury
Price: 250/125
Reccomendation: A solid weapon, and not too pricy either. Buy it, it'll help 
out a lot.

Spear Of Terror

Strength: 45
Effects: Occasionally Frightens enemy
Location: Weapon shop in Deningrad
Price: 300/150
Reccomendation: Alberts only weapon with a potential status effect. Also pretty
decent on the attack side too. Together it makes a potent combination that 
should help you a lot in future battles. Equip it pronto mon amigo.


Strength: 56
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon merchant in Velweb
Price: 400/200
Reccomendation: Pretty much the same as the Glaive. It's uber powerful, but no 
special effects to speak of. Of course thats pretty much Alberts style overall,
so it's cool.


Strength: 65
Effects: <none>
Location: The Death Frontier, Weapon shop on The Moon That Never Sets
Price: 500/250
Reccomendation: The third strongest "ultimate weapon", and once again, it's 
just a super strong weapon, with nothing else of note. Kind of boring, but I'll 
grant you it's effective.



Strength: 13
Effects: <none>
Location: Initially equipped
Price: NA/30
Reccomendation: Yadda yadda yadda, replace it with something better as soon as 
you can, blah blah blah.

Demon Stiletto

Strength: 18
Effects: Occasionally Frightens enemy
Location: The Shrine of Shirley
Price: NA/80
Reccomendation: Not a very significant raise in attack power, but it can cause
Fear, which makes it very useful, especially early in the game. Just make sure
not to miss it in the Shrine of Shirley cause you can't buy it anywhere.

Shadow Cutter

Strength: 24
Effects: Dark elemental
Location: Weapon shop in Fletz
Price: 200/100
Reccomendation: Well, it's only +6 attack up on the Demon Stiletto, and there
are almost no light-based creatures during that part of the game. On the
contrary, there are in fact a lot of dark-based creatures at that point. In
short, you are probably better off keeping the Stiletto and its useful Fear
effect and saving yourself some cash.

Dancing Dagger

Strength: 30
Effects: <none>
Location: Phantom Ship, Weapon shop in Furni
Price: 300/150
Reccomendation: A good solid weapon which will easily outdistance whichever 
weapon you have right now. You can find it after defeating the boss on the 
Phantom Ship for earlier use and to save yourself some money.


Strength: 35
Effects: Occasionally Stuns target
Location: Weapon shop in Kashua Glacier
Price: 350/175
Reccomendation: A pretty sweet sword in my opinion. Granted, its attack power 
ain't great, but lets face it folks, none of Roses weapons are really all that 
strong (with one exception of course). But it's the potential Stun effect that 
makes it awesome. With it, you can pretty much take an enemy out of battle 
temporarily without having to kill it.


Strength: 40
Effects: Occasionally Instantly Kills enemy
Location: The Death Frontier, Weapon shop in Zenebatos
Price: 400/200
Reccomendation: Another nice sword. It's basically an amped up version of the 
Flamberge in that it has decent attack and an excellent status effect to boot. 
What makes it so much better isn't just it's superior attack power, but the 
possibility of an instant kill. Very useful indeed.

Dragon Buster

Strength: 100 (Holy Shizzle!)
Effects: <none>
Location: The Moon That Never Sets
Price: N/A
Reccomendation: Oh. My. God. 100 attack power? You might as well just give her 
a nuclear friggin bomb yo! But seriously, this weapon is a sweet little 
package. Unfortunately you don't get it until VERY late in the game. As for 
whether or not you should equip it, lets put this into perspective: it has 250% 
of the Gladius' strength. Ya dizzle?


Iron Knuckle

Strength: 20
Effects: <none>
Location: Initially equipped
Price: NA/50
Reccomendation: You know the drill...

Beast Fang

Strength: 31
Effects: Occasionally Paralyzes enemy
Location: Weapon shop on the Queen Fury, dropped by "Lizard Man"
Price: 250/125
Reccomendation: An excellent weapon, and even more so if you can get it in the 
Nest of Dragon. It's a fairly rare drop though, but you should still take some 
time to try to get it as it will help IMMENSELY in the upcoming fights. So what
makes it so great? Well, +11 attack power over the Iron Knuckle for one, and 
the Stun effect is also VERY sweet. Overall, it's well worth your while to try 
to get it early on.

Diamond Claw

Strength: 37
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop in Deningrad, dropped by boss enemy "Mappi" (second 
Price: 300/150
Reccomendation: You will most likely get this first after the boss fight with 
Gherich and Mappi, but it's up to you whether or not you want to equip it or 
not. It's got nice attack, for sure, but the Stun effect of the Beast Fang 
might make you want to keep it equiped instead. Personally, I go with the 
Diamond Claw, but it's your choice.

Brass Knuckle

Strength: 43
Effects: Occasionally Instantly Kills enemy
Location: Dropped by boss enemy "Wendigo"
Price: NA/175
Reccomendation: Friggin awesome. I mean, a way high attack and Instant Death? 
What more do ya need. If ya don't kill em outright, you still have the 
possibility of killing them. Sounds good to me.

Thunder Fist

Strength: 49
Effects: Thunder elemental
Location: Weapon shop in Ulara
Price: 450/225
Reccomendation: You know, in this case I think it's probably just a better idea
to keep your Brass Knuckle. The Instant Death is very useful, where as the 
thunder-elmental effect of the Thunder Fist is just another way to say <none> 
because nothing is weak or strong to thunder anyways. So this is like the Beast
Fang-Diamond Claw dilemma, but in this case the status effect is a lot more 
useful so I keep the Brass Knuckle.
*Note* It has recently come to my attention that there is in fact a good use 
for this weapon. In Velweb there is a thunder-elemental enemy that will take no 
damage when hit with the Thunder Fist. Using this to your advantage, you can 
repeatedly attack this enemy for as long as you want to easily max out Haschels 

Destroyer Mace

Strength: 55
Effects: Stronger when Haschel has lower HP
Location: Weapon shop on The Moon That Never Sets
Price: 500/250
Reccomendation: An awesome weapon, and I'll tell you why. Not only does it have
a very high attack stat, but that's just the base. As Haschels HP gets lower,
his attack goes up even more, meaning that at low HP he can really whoop some
serious ass.



Strength: 15
Effects: <none>
Location: Initially equipped
Price: NA/100
Reccomendation: Do I even need to say it again?

Morning Star

Strength: 20
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop in Fueno
Price: 250/125
Reccomendation: It's only +5 attack power, no special effects or anything, but
since it's the best that's available at the moment you may as well pick it up 
if you use Meru a lot. Sure, her attack is so low you probably don't rely on 
her attacks much anyhow so you could probably skip this weapon and save some 
money, but since her dragoon level is so low right now you can't really rely on 
magic either. It's up to you.

War Hammer

Strength: 25
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop in Wingly Forest
Price: 300/150
Reccomendation: Just another generic weapon, and another +5 attack power. Since
you probably can use more of Merus magic now you could probably skip this one
without too much penalty, but I chose to get it anyway seeing as you still need
a backup to your magic, especially during the upcoming Divine Dragon boss

Heavy Mace

Strength: 30
Effects: Occasionally stuns enemy
Location: Weapon shop in Velweb, dropped by enemy "Minotaur"
Price: 400/200
Reccomendation: Finally, a weapon worth talking about. It's got the customary +
5 attack power to the war hammer, but it's also got the added bonus of 
potentially causing Stun, a very useful tool as you won't be delivering many 
knock out punches with Meru, but with this at least you can keep one enemy out 
of commision for a while.

Pretty Hammer

Strength: 15
Effects: Double SP is awarded when using this weapon
Location: Dropped by boss enemy "Kraken"
Price: NA/200
Reccomendation: A relatively useless weapon in my opinion. By this point in the
game you will probably have Merus dragoon level nearly maxed out anyhow so you
don't really need the extra SP. Besides, no matter how much SP it gives nothing
can justify damage that low.


Strength: 40
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop on The Moon That Never Sets
Price: 500/250
Reccomendation: The worst of the "ultimate weapons" in all respects. It has the
lowest damage, and no status effects whatsoever. Still, it's the best weapon 
for Meru and seeing as you won't really need money for anything else this late 
in the game you may as well get it. It's a pity though that there wasn't 
anything better to compliment her final additions 600% damage modifier, but 
there's no use crying over spilled milk.



Strength: 45
Effects: <none>
Location: Innitially equipped
Price: NA/100
Reccomendation: For the last time, get rid of it ASAP!


Strength: 59
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop in Deningrad
Price: 300/150
Reccomendation: The first weapon in quite a while, and a nice +14 attack boost 
over the Axe. Definitely worth the price if you use Kongol a lot.

Battle Axe

Strength: 67
Effects: <none>
Location: Weapon shop in Kashua Glacier
Price: 350/175
Reccomendation: Only +8 up on the Tomohawk and seeing as Kongols attack is 
really high anyways you can probably safely skip this one and save some dinero 
for a Legende Casque or something which will benifit Kongol far more.

Great Axe

Strength: 79
Effects: Occasionally stuns enemy
Location: Weapon shop in Zenebatos
Price: 400/200
Reccomendation: 79 attack power and potential Stun effect for only $400? Are 
you kidding me? Hells yeah I'll take it! 

Indora's Axe

Strength: 88
Effects: Occasionally Instantly Kills enemy
Location: Dropped by boss enemy "Indora" (duh, who else would drop it?)
Price: NA/250
Reccomendation: Overall it's the best "ultimate weapon" (yes, the Dragon Buster
has higher attack power but the instant kill effect of Indoras Axe makes it
better overall). I mean, second highest attack of any weapon in the game and
arguably the most useful status effect? That's pretty good in my opinion. So, 
do I really need to tell you to equip it? 

5.0) Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Which is the better weapon for Dart, the Soul Eater, or the Claymore?

A.1: Well, this is tricky. See my reccomendation for both and then you should 
able to make a decision for yourself. In short I would say the Claymore, but 
thats just my choice.

Q.2: Where can I find Meru and Kongols elemental weapons?

A.2: You can't, because they don't exist. Yup, that's right, there is no water 
or earth elemental weapons in the game. A bit of a bummer I suppose, but 
Kongol's attack is high enough so it doesn't really matter, and Meru's better 
off using magic anyway.

Q.3: I keep hearing that Meru is the best character in the game but she's so 
weak. Why do people think she's so good?

A.3: Well, yes, for the first two thirds of the game she's next to useless. 
However her final addition has an incredible 600% damage modifier and once you 
level up her dragoon spirit you will discover she has easily the most diverse 
(and thus most useful) set of spells of any character. So if you put some time 
and effort into building her up, she can be very powerful.

Q.4: Why does everyone say Kongol's so bad? I like him and I think he's 

A.4: Well, to be honest, it all depends on your playing style. Are you a slow-
but-hard-hitter, or a strategist? Most people are strategists, so Kongol is 
obviously not a good choice. Besides, he's just overall inferior to the other 
characters. He is so slow I want to gouge his giganto eyes right out of his 
head and although his physical defense is the best in the game, his magic 
defense is
the worst and most of the bosses later in the game prefer magic to physical
attacks. So, yeah, in short, he sucks.

6.0) Credits

SCEA - For making this game, duh. I just wish they had had more faith in their 
work and made a sequel.

CJayC - For all the crap he gets, he really is a great guy with a great site. 
Thanks man.

Mysticcat - I used the equipment section of his FAQ to lay down a bit of the 
groundwork for this FAQ, thanks dude.

My trusty computer - Without it I couldn't have wrote this. Cellerons are the 

Metapad - An excellent FAQ writing program. Very helpful.

Spencer King - Told me how Haschels Thunder Fist could be useful for getting 
his additions easier.

Dane Vanhouten - Told me that Alberts Halberd could be found in the Death 

7.0) Contact Information

Ok, you can either E-mail me via Hotmail, or IM me on MSN. 
Please note that death threats are NOT welcome and happy meal orders should be 
kept to a minumum, thank you. I do appreciate compliments though, and I'll be 
glad to help you with anything this guide should have covered but somehow got 
left out. For other game help though you are probably better off using a 
complete FAQ or asking at the message board.

E-mail - [email protected]

MSN - see e-mail address.