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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Dragoon Pack Shot

The Legend of Dragoon

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For all of you who are stuck somewhere, cheat for The Legend of Dragoon

For all of you who are stuck somewhere,

Ok, the guy who asked how to go up Dragoon levels:

You go up dragoon levels by getting SP. Even if your SP bar is full during combat, you are still gaining SP.

That\'s why you shouldn\'t turn into dragoon, because you would be wasting turns that you would normally attack, and get SP. So don\'t ever turn dragoon unless you\'re at a boss.

Now, for the people who are stuck in Bale:

Once you talk to King Albert and find out that you are supposed to go to Hoax, you exit Bale at the same place where you entered.

Then when you are on the world map, a new path will open leading to Hoax.

And here are some hints on beating Fruegel when trying to save King Albert:

Train in Hellena prison until Rose goes up to Dragoon level 3. When she does, she\'ll have an instant-death attack for all called Demon\'s Gate.

When in the battle with Fruegel, you should have Dart turn on special, and use Final Burst on Fruegel.

Then when it\'s Rose\'s turn, have her do Demon\'s Gate to get rid of Guftas & Rodriguez. Once you get rid of them then it becomes really easy.

Also, if it\'s taking you too long to get Demon\'s Gate, (don\'t worry; it took me 2 regular levels with Rose) then use some light-based items on Guftas (he\'s dark-based) or earth things on Rodriguez (he\'s wind based)

Here\'s some hints for defeating Doel:

Don\'t turn into Dragoons when fighting him. Wait until he turns into Dragoon, then do it.

Like on Fruegel, it\'s a good idea for Dart to turn on Special, and do Final Burst a couple of times. Also you should have Albert do Rose Storm to half Doel\'s attacks.

Once you get him down to half his health, or \\\"in the yellow\\\" he starts using a shield.

He likes to use his shield in combination with an attack, and when he has the shield you can\'t hurt him with a physical OR magical attack, so don\'t waste your MP on it.

The best thing to do then is guard. (Or if you have full HP, you might wanna practice your additions on him) My final hint is that you should bring some Sun Rhapsodies, and heal at the white flame before you fight him.

The healie thing for Shana:

When you come out of the clinic where she is in in Lohan, go down to the next screen. Then go to the bottom left side of the screen and into the door.

There you\'ll find Dabas. Talk to him then exit Lohan. On the way, you\'ll meet a merchant who sells you a water bottle.

Even if you have enough money for the price that he offers it, you can still keep dropping it, and eventually he\'ll give it for free!

Then go back to the dragon\'s forest. Fall into the thing, and get some water. Then climb back up, and go to the right.

you should see something that looks like a spider web. If you walk up to it, he\'ll have a ! above his head. Press X, and you\'ll jump down there.

Then go across the rocks, and to that weird plant thing. Use the water, and it\'ll get out of your way.

Keep going forward, and you should come to a place called Shirley\'s Shrine.

When you get to the place where there is like 5 different ways to go, go up. Go up the stairs and you should come to a combination lock thing. The first # is 5, then 3, then 2.

When you input the nubmers, a ladder will fall down. On the next screen, when you try to run up the stairs, you\'ll just slide down.

Look at the statues on both sides of the stairs. Turn the lleft one up, and the right one, left. This time when you run up the stairs, they won\'t turn so that you slide off.

Save at the saving point, and keep going. A guy named Drake will come out and you\'ll fight him. After you defeat him, a ghost thing will come out, and you\'ll battle her too. (Two boss battles in a row!?) Except in this battle, you can\'t kill her.

Instead, she will ask you questions, and you have to get them right.

If you attack her, she\'ll attack, so don\'t. Instead, just guard the HP you lost last battle until she asks you something.

Just keep guarding and getting the questions right until you beat her.

Added by: Shub-Niggurath
Aug 15th 2003, ID#10271


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