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Fishing Guide

Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
Last Updated:
Vita PC
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Fishing in Persona 4 Golden is a mini-game that you are able to play once you have completed a side quest that enables you to obtain the parts required to assemble a fishing rod. Check out our Fishing Guide to find out everything you need to know about getting the fishing rod and how to fish.

How to get the Fishing Rod

Before you can begin fishing in Persona 4 Golden you will need to get the parts to build yourself a fishing rod. To do this you have to trade a drinks or food items for Ladybugs. You will be able to find drinks in the vending machines at the Central Shopping District and the food items can be purchased from Souzai Daigaku, also at the Central Shopping District. Once you have some drinks or food items you need to take them to the Tatsuhime Shrine in the Central Shopping District and trade them for Ladybugs with the Bug-Catching Boy that is there. Now take the Ladybugs to the Shiroku Pub at night and and talk to the hostess, who will make a note of the Tatsuhime Ladybug. Hand over the bug so that she can feed it to her fish, and she will give you the fish hook.

If you take the fish hook to the man at the Riverbank at Samegawa Flood Plain you will be rewarded with a fishing rod and be able to go fishing at the dock at the Riverbank of the Samegawa Flood Plain or Shichiri Beach during the daytime or evening. The number of times you can cast your line is dependent on your Diligence stat, and you will also need to use the food items purchased from Souzai Daigaku or bugs you traded for at the Tatsuhime Shrine as bait. Remember that different types of fish can be caught in different weather.

How to Fish

To fish you need to first cast your line, once you get a bite the bobble will go under water and a bar will appear at the bottom of the screen and a short mini-game will play out where your objective is to keep the marker in the blue section (middle) of the meter while you reel your catch in. As long as you only reel it in while the marker’s in the blue portion, you should be good. If not there is a possibility that the fish will wiggle away. If you read a certain book about fishing, you can perform a quick reel after reeling it in a certain distance. Reading another book will allow you to fish more than once before heading home.

Fish Types, Bait and Gemstones

The type of fish you catch in Persona 4 Golden is determined by the weather and by the bait used. Once you catch a fish, you can exchange it for a gemstone from the ghost maiden at the Tatsuhime shrine during night time. You must give the ghost maiden a Red Goldfish and a Genji Ayu, then you can start exchanging for the other stones. Other gemstones can be found in the midnight channel. These gemstones can be exchanged for weapons in the Shiroku Pub.

Fish at Samegawa Flood Plains

Red Goldfish
Bait Required: Bread Crumbs
Reward: Kingyou Stone

Inaba Trout
Bait Required: Yaso Locust and Mei-ou Cricket.
Reward: Masuda Stone

Amber Seema
Bait Required: Tatsuhime Ladybug and Yaso Locust.
Reward: Yazu Stone

Genji Ayu
Bait Required: Tatsuhime Ladybug and Bread Crumbs.
Reward: Gyosen Stone

Huge Fish
Bait Required: Inaba Jewel Bug and Mei-ou Cricket.
Reward: Taisui Stone

River Guardian
Bait Required: Inaba Jewel Bug
Reward: Mondo Stone

Fish at Shichiri Beach

Sea Guardian
Bait Required: Heike Stag Beetle and Meguro Stonel.
Reward: Kaiou Stone

Hachiro Octopus
Bait Required: Heike Stag Beetle and Daimyo Grasshopper.
Reward: Takou Stone

Meguro Tuna
Bait Required: Heike Stag Beetle and Genji Beetle.
Reward: Meguro Stone


Trance Twins (Yukiko Castle 3-6F)

Blue Quartz
Black Raven (Yukiko Castle 3-7F)

Steamy Bathhouse

Smokey Quartz
Steamy Bathhouse

Marukyu Striptease

Secret Laboratory

Intrepid Knight Heaven (7-9F)


Magatsu Xandrite
Rich Hand Marukyu Striptease (1-10F)
Heaven - Magatsu Inaba

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