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RuneScape 2 Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats for you to look through and includes how to get easy money, unlimited anti-drag shields and getting free bronze and iron arrows.

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We have 354 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for RuneScape 2 please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our RuneScape 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Runescape 2 cheats

More Supplies:

Keep talking to people that give you things in the Tutorial at the beginning and they will give you more supplies.

Tutorial Island Combat:

On Tutorial Island you cannot die while you are training in combat but you will be able to raise your stats to level 3.

Varrock Palace Training:

At the back of Varrock Palace you will find a ladder which if you go up will take you to the guards room where the guards will give you good EXP for training.

Get Easy Big Bones:

Take the route in Varrock to get to the Wilderness and travel untill along it untill you come across Black Unicorns. From there keep travelling north and you will eventually find two level 25 skeletons amongst lots of bones. There are also Big Bones there. To be able..


There are NO cheat codes for Runescape. The following "cheat codes" are scams:

Armor trimming

Drop your stuff and hit F4

Change password to _______ (Money, 92bnd, etc...)

Borrow account

Enter password here to claim your prize money





If you want a good pker (player killer) get your stats to 40 attack 75 strg...

40 deafence and you can kill anybody in Rune Armour

ores and there price (if you sell to other players).

tin = free

copper= free

iron = 50gp

silver = 200 gp

coal = 100gp

gold = 300gp

mith = 200gp

addy = 500gp

rune = over 5k


tin = 1

copper= 1

iron = 10

silver = 20

coal = 30

gold = 40

mith = 60

addy = 70

rune = 90 I think

On newb island you can't take anything with you, say you have 1000 arrows in the bank, those will just turn in to 25 mind runes....

p.s. Do not give people your armour who say "trimming armour free!" it is a scam and you CAN NOT DU..

Cooooool text

Well there is no cheats but there is cool stuff like this on runescape they have cool text like these.

Blue: cyan:(type)

Green: green:(type)

Red: red:(type

And do know that there isnt only colors there is also cool ways



Glow1,2,or 3:(type)

Scroll:blah blah you know what it is


And there is also fusion!!! 8D<-- crazy scientist thing

And remember COLOR FIRST and you can't put red:flash: thats just stupid and gay

Piece out and happy hinting!

Beat the Scammers and hackers!!!!!!

Ok ppl are you sick and fed up being hacked or scamed well I'm here to help I'm going to give you a loads of tips how to beat hackers and scammers.

Lets get going!!!!!

Here the scams I seen when I frist started

1.triming armour for free!!!!!! / I trim your armour for free!. (now players if you got black,addy or rune armour don't fall for it because it is imposble to trim armour only members can do it by finishing tresure trails.) Badness rating 10/10

2.I am a Jagex staff give me free stuff or get band!!! (now players don't worry about this. The scammer pretending to be a jagex staff but he not!. A jagex staff will have a GOLD corwn beside there name.) Badness rating 7/10

3. Ah (your runescape name) I found you jagex has send me to fi..

THERE ARE NO CHEATS IN RUNESCAPE!! But there are ints =)

Ok here is a few hints for you.

MONEY. Some people say " it's to hard to get money" but there just quiters.

Now I'm goin to tell you how to get money, members and non members.

Ok members first; go to camolot ( read at the end how to get there if you don't know how.) and go to the flax feild, pick the flax untill you get a full inventory, and store it in the bank. Now repeat this untill you have 1000+. Now if your crafting levle is over 10 you can spin all these into ow strings. Sell these for 100k! Repeat as many times as you want,=) I got 2mill by doing this ( it took me 2 weeks though �_�)

Anyway.non-members time. Kill lessers is all I can realy but it's realy good.a) they drop rune meds and b) you get loads of money.( you have to be atleast lvl55 or over) and..

No cheats

I don't wish to spoil any ideas, but there are not any current cheat codes for runescape. The only way to cheat on runescape is to have a macro program(also know as autobot or autominer). As most of you should know these programs are against the rules to use on the runescape website. If you are found using these programs your account will be permanently banned. (PLEASE don't try these programs). On the other hand there are many user submitted hints for this game. Have fun all you runescapers, and good luck. =]

Make your writing look kool


Glow2:glows again

Glow3:glows again again










Wave2:waves different way

Scroll:writing moves across


And thats all I can remember

P.S. If you want to do something like wave buy with a colour, do the colour first otherwise it wont work. (green:wave2:blah blah blah) same with glows and flashes (glow3:shake:blah blah.)

Awesome guide for members...

Ok this is a guide that will tell you how to make money and level up your combat skills


Now I know everyone says to make money get up your fishing, mining, wood cutting, etc. Well I'm here to tell you how to take short cuts for the noob members


1.ok first get 27 unnoted essence

2. Log into world 66 (only world 66)

3. Go to port sarim and talk to the monks to go to entrana ( take off all weps and armour)

4. Follow the stream of people to the law altar and trade people say there name and open

5. You will not always get the trade because there is like 200 people there, but once you get the trade offer the 27 unnoted essence and he will trade you 27 law runes and 27 noted essence


How to get easy money and fast 2

OK well on runescape if you are just starting ,dont try this but if youre lvl 50 or above this might help. Ok well first (1).Get sum good armor and go to lvl 20 in the wilderness with range or a dragon weapon. You should see about 6 lvl 79 dragons.Ok well their colors differ their weakness Teal=magic so don't kill those, Green=range, and the Dark Green=Melee so kill the both types of green and then they should drop 1 green d'hide 1 dragon bone 500 gp and a herb so it should take about 5 mins to get 1 full invent.ONLY 50+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2).If youre lvl 130+ go to the blue dragon's lair,kalphite queen lair,or the lava maze and kill the kalphite guards,red dragons,blue dragons,or the kalphite queen.(3).lvl 138 only:kill anything cept the coporeal beast. First Cheat submit p..

Easy magic exp

Just get a shield and a staff and if you want some wizard clothing then go train your magic at fist of guthix because they give you free runes

Fast free laws

Fast Free Laws is a service that was set up long ago by Friend1234. Its exact date of origin is unknown, however it is estimated to have begun around 8 months ago (of this writing).

Fast Free Laws is based in World 66. Basically, hundreds of people bring un-noted essence to the Law Altar on Entrana, and trade us (the crafters) for Law Runes (Laws) and noted Rune Essence back. The advantage is that you get free laws, and you don't lose any essence. You just have to run for us.

1) Go to the Draynor bank.

2) Withdraw 27 un-noted essence. It has to be un-noted.

3) Take the ferry to Entrana via the monks at Port Sarim docks.

4) Head to the law altar (if you're on world 66, follow the stream of people)

5) Find a person dressed in Zamorak Robes. Offer t..


People cannot trim armour only members can get it from treasure trails

There is no such thing as a bank key people just use normal brass keys

My runescape account got muted so you can't talk to me but my names skully245.

Protect your account from hackers

Ok I'm going to tell you a decent way to protect your account from hackers

The bank pin doesnt really help you protect your items in the bank from hackers it only slows them down for about 2 seconds the reason for this the bank pin is flawed you can cancel it without having to enter your pin number so I suggest to you everytime you finish using the internet run a spyware scan on your pc for keyloggets if you got 1 delete it straight away it can get every keystroke you do on your pc also every 2 days change your pc to be safe. I did all this but still got hacked ill tell you what I lost

Stuff I had in my inventoru

Rune kite shield / rune plate legs / rune plate body / berserker helm

Dragon battle axe / dragon dagger super poisoned

Stuff in my bank what w..

Gameprorocker's words

As peeps say. There are NO! Cheats to runescape. There may be a few glitches but these will more than likely be disposed of in updates. Never give your password away to anyone. Im here to give some tips and you should abide by them (if you have any sense) because I have a high level, quite wealthy account and I know what I'm talking about.

Money making: Members: If your woodcutting is below 75 and your fishing is below 78, then YES! Flax (in camelot) as mentioned in another submission is the fastest way to earn money. However if you have 75+ woodcutting then you can cut magic trees which are slow to cut but worth the effort as they get 1k each!!!. If you have 78+ fishing then you can fish for sharks which follow the same principals as magic logs except you fish them and they are fas..

Easy Money in just 10 steps!!!

Loads of ppl have trouble makin money...well I'm you're hero!

For this technique you must go to world 16 and you must be at falador

step1)get 25 rune ess and 1 air talismant

step2)go to falador bank (the one closest to the mining guild)

step3)with the 25 ess and air tali tht you have go in you're bag go south

step4)wen you go south you should arrive at an air altar....enter it

step5)now you should c loads of ppl...some of em are really strong...

step6)if one of the ppl yell out open 2.5k trade with em and give em you're ess

step7)wen you give em you're ess they will give you 2.5k and you're ess back but in notes

step8)now tht uve got you're money plus you're 25 ess back in notes go to the bank (the one in step 2)


Making money and good items

THERE ARE NO CHEATS TO RUNESCAPE! Most of you have figured out that.There are however autos autos are when your character will stay on and do a certain stat while your off (school,work,store ect.)My advice never use them you will get banned.Now that thats established.the best way to make money is by getting your stats up.Woodcutting,smithing,mining,cooking,or fishing.Now there are other ways to make good money. IF YOU ARE UNDER LVL 30 DO NOT USE THIS STEP.Now if you do not have one add me my name is Jimmy Kudo78 ill give you a brass key.Once you have your brass key go to varrock west intrance leave from there.Now on your way to barbarian village go north you"ll see a little house.Use your key with the door after that go down the ladder.Now you'll see lvl 28 hill giants once there kill th..

Easiest Way To Make Your First Million

First of all, there are NO cheats for Runescape2 (stat editors, money editors, duplicators, etc.) and there is no way to hack the Jagex server. There are some auto-miners, auto-fishers, auto-trainers, etc. Out there but by using them you are risking your account, not only by Jagex banning it but the program could also be a keylogger which sends your password to the program maker. The program could also be a virus. I have found some auto-miners that work but I don't use them for 2 reasons:

-Jagex could ban my account

-My method is MUCH more efficient for making money

Now that that is clear, here is my method for making a lot of money on Runescape:

(If you have more than 50,000 gold than skip this part)

Turning your first 30 gold into 1500:


Lots of money(members)

(this is for members only sorry non members)just go to al karid and buy silk for 3 or 2 coins each then go to ardounge and talk to the silk merchant hell ask you how much you will sell it to him choose 120 coins he will say thats to much and offer 50 then you choose 60 coins hell buy it sell every peice of silk you got from al karid and ta-da you have 20 or 30 times what you had before

No cheats but hints.

There are no cheats for runescape!!

Ok as you have heard. But there are hints.

Money Making And Leveling Up!

Here are the ways to do it first money$.

1. Get fishing up to 45 and cooking.

Now fish and sell lobs for 250gp each or more but make sure to sell them in bunches.

Such as 100 for 25k

Or 1k for 250k

(the reason not to try swordfish is the tuna)

The next one is wood cutting.

Get your wood cutting up to 30 and cut willows

They sell for 30gp each

Same thing sell them in bunches

100 for 3k

1k for 30k

Also Mining & Smithing

Get your mining up to 30 and mine coal

That sells for 250-300gp each

Sell them in bunches

100 for 25k

1k for 250k (by the 2..

Unlimited anti-drag shields

This is the best cheat ever (or so I think) first make sure your starting dragon slayer quest, and that you don't have any anti-drag shields then ask the king I think for an anti-drag shield, then drop it and repeat until you have 28 anti-drag shields then pick them all up go to the bank and note them then bring them drop them and do it again.

Money Making

Alright. Go to Varrock. Then go north along the outside of the castle. On your map you should see an exclamation mark. Go to it. Then go down the sewers. Head north and follow the path. Eventually, you'll get to a place with deadly red spiders. Take there eggs. They're worth more than big bones! Also, there will be a spot where earth runes come up. I recomend picking those up. There will also be moss giants. If you want exp for prayer, kill mthem and bury the bones. But pick up all other drops besides coins. I made around 30k in one trip!

Quicker Firemaking

I know this wont seem as glamorous as the many money making tips that people treat like rabbits. But, in my opinion, time is money.

Once you see your character do the action of operating a Tinderbox over dropped logs, have another set of logs in your inventory selected and your mouse hovering over your Tinderbox. Once you see your character cancel the action, move west, and see the logs be replaced by a fire, click the Tinderbox. Your character, will simply proceed to move west, and another fire will have been lit, at which point you may chain this action again. This is a very simple trick, and may take a few runs before you can do this without a problem, but it'll reduce the time you spend Firemaking by at least 75% because of the entire Tinderbox animation is being cut out o..

500k+ a day (mem only)

Before becoming a mem get at least 40 fishing. When you're a mem go to the stealing creation minigame and get as many points as you can. Eventually you will get enough points to buy a proto-tool. Once you get it change it into a harpoo and start harpoon fishing(I would also recommend getting swordfish gloves once you're lv 60). At lv 76 you will be able to fish sharks in the fishing guild and be able to make over 500k a day. The best part is you don't have to be watching the screen the whole time, you can be doing something else and then click on the screen every now and then or play another game and you'll be making big $$$.

Item Scam

If someone tells you that you can use a cheat by dropping an item and hold alt and press F4, they are trying to scam you. Holding alt and pressing F4 closes the internet, and your character will disappear. When you are gone the scammer will be able to grab your item(s) and run.

Way to get money- easy 4 non-members

Go to the cow field north of the windmill in lumby. Kill the cows and take their bones and cowhides. The bones sell for about 100gp ea at the GE and cowhides sell 4 about 125gp Ea. In the cow field,their is the gnomecopter rides. Their are also deposit boxes. Deposit you're bones and cowhides, and repeat. Then you can just go to the GE and take them out of you're bank and sell them.

Ps. This is my first hint, please rate well Smile

Just a little hint.

Ok heres a few pointers for all you people out there.

Word colors and moving word colors.









Glow: or glow1:



Now for moving color words.

Scroll:then color or text example: scroll:white:hello

Wave: then color or text

Shake:this color or text

But remember you always have to inclue this little symbol :

Quick money

Train your combat level to 90 at the least. Then go to Karmaja Island and find the dungeon. Kill the lesser demons and some of them will drop rune med helmets. Go to the barbarian village west of Varrock and sell the hemets fo 10k for each one.


Note: Need to be able to smith a Bronze Longsword. Go to the non-Members Digsite near Varokk Just bring a hammer and a pickaxe. Don't equip the pickaxe Mine 14 copper ore and 14 tin ore Then go to the Lumbridge Smelter Smelt 14 Bronze Bars and Go back to Varokk then Hammer at the anvil place 7 Bronze Longswords Sell at the Sword shop=100gp- not much BUT!!!! for a nOOb it is decent. NOW REPEAT STEPS.

PS. Any problems or questions My Runescape Name is Trollfighter.

Easy Money

You will need mining level 40 (40 smithing helps) (8 crafting helps too if you have the smithing at 40+)

MEMBERS: Take the boat from Ardougne to Brimhaven. There are 2 gold mines. one on the very south west side of the top part of Karamja. Or if you go north east and then west, you should get to a horse-shoe gold mine with poison scorpions. Mine the gold.

Then either:

1) Go to the General Store a little south and sell the ore. The first one should pay you 70 coins.

2) Go back to Ardougne and smelt the ore in the furnace.

3) If you smelted the ore, have a necklace mould and make a load of plain gold necklaces. Sell for 180 first time.

NON-MEMBERS: It is difficult to do as there is not a big mining space for mining gold. There are 2 rocks in Rimmington, ..

Don't get scammed

When you trade someone, look at the second screen whatsoever. I got scammed,

I traded guthix skirt for rune legs, it was guthix legs at first but guthix and rune look alike, from that trade I lost like 230k.

Typeing modes

wave: :











Please do this!!!!!!

For this you have to be a member to do this, and must be a good ranger of mage:

First go to bank make sure you have on you either:

Range: Full Green Dragon Hide (to increase your range attack) and a maple bow

With addy arrows (recomended), tele grabs if you have the right amount of mage lv

And tele rune to non member place.

Maging: Good damaging spells (wind bolt - fire blast), binding runes, tele grab runes and tele runes.

After You have got all your equipment, make sure your on a member world,

Go underneith edgeville, and into wilderness dungeon, go north-west past

Black demons and up the ladder by air obelisk.

Switch to a non-member pking world, and wait for on coming people, that you can

Attack and ..

Double Log in!!!

Do you want to be able to Double log in? Listen to this. A few People know this.

1st step:get two runescape screens up select the worlds

2nd step:put in the different usernames on both screens and DONT CLICK LOG IN JUST YET!

Step 3:bring up 1 screen quickly hit login then quickly go to the other screen and click log in

It really works just trust me!

Money and levels

To make easy money and levels follow these easy ways

1. Mine ore and sell it and you will make money quick.

2. Mine ore then smith it and sell it in notes to general stores but be sure to move from store to store or the price will go down.

3. Cut wood and sell the logs.

4. Cut wood then turn into things and sell.

5. Fish and sell the fish you catch to other people.

6. Fish and then cook and sell to members going on quests.

7. Pick flax and turn into bow strings and sell.

Bronze pick-axe

If you die and need a pick axe when you are in lumbridge , go through the door in the castle go up the ladder 2 times then you can see a pick-axe and then take it.

How to get money THE NON-MEMBERS WAY

Get a brass key and go down to the giants (ask a high lvl friend if you don't know where it is) there you will find lots of giants you can bury the big bones they drop or sell them 350gp each.

Pick up limps! Buy them 100 each sell them 500 each!!!!

I got saradomin kite and sara helm from this!!!

Also get your wc up to 60 and cut yews!!!

hope my advice helps

Easy Iron Arrows

1.Go to the Stronghold of Security(Barbarian Village).

2.Find level 12 minotaurs on the first level(black).

3.Kill as many as you like.


P.S:Some drop iron arrows.Other drops are useless,except for the right skull half,used to make the Skull Sceptre.

Easy cash for non members!!!

To make some easy money you need the lv to mine iron ore and a good pick to mine fast so heres what you do you mine iron in dwarven mines and theres a stair case to go up to fally so when you get full inventory of iron go up the ladder and bank it do this again and again and it don't even take long sell for 100ea ppl buy it but if no1 buyes go to another world but just think not long to mine 100 iron ore and they buy for 100ea!! Thats 10k!! Ull be loaded in cash!! Hope this helps if you're havin probs just add me on you're list chad 379

Fast Free Laws

You have to be a member for this to work. Complete the Ruhe Mysteries Quest. Get 30 mining and mine 27 Pure essence. Go to Entrana. Log out and go to World 66 or World 99. Say "open 27" and someone in red Zamorack Rboes at the Law Rune Altar will trade you 27 Law Runes and 27 noted Pure essence for your 27 unoted Pure essence. Go back to the boat and go to Draynor Bank. Store the Law Runes. Un-note the Pure essence. Repeat.

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