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what happens to joe at the end of mafia 2 because ..

Guest asks: Added Nov 14th 2010, ID #172047

Question for Mafia 2

what happens to joe at the end of mafia 2 because leo says sorry kid joe wasnt part of the deal,does he get killed,get taken to the cat house in a diffirent car,or he just wasnt aloud to go to the cat house?


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Guest answered:
Added 16th Nov 2010, ID #367154


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Guest said: 19th Apr 2016 | REPORT
I hope there's some story dlc in mafia 3 relating to getting revenge on the, quote 'chinks' or some how joes alive if he isn't already dead
Guest said: 19th Apr 2016 | REPORT
Mabey he killed them, make a family to kill all other mafia for revenge
Guest said: 21st Jun 2016 | REPORT
When Leo said sorry kid Joe wasn't a part of the deal I was thinking that Joe was killed in the other car when they were not following the limo as soon as the music started I was curious if Joe survived or was shot to death but Joe is the toughest character out of all of them Jimmy is cold hearted and Vito is a retired soldier from the army Vito plays a part just as big as Joe please be alive Joe. check out the video on YouTube about my point of view of about what happened to Joe in the cutscene
Guest said: 21st Aug 2016 | REPORT
joe was pretty awesome, but i kinda wonder why joe did not help vito both of the times he was arrested,they could have easily killed the cop-lkidd(zimbabwe)
Guest answered:
Added 21st Nov 2010, ID #367793

2K Games/Czech says, that they considered, that Mafia II had closed end, only they knows what does happenĀ“ to Joe, maybe we can find the answer in Mafia III. But anyone dont know what will be in the future. I hope that my answer help you, bye

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Guest said: 2nd Sep 2014 | REPORT
I reckon Joe lives because there was some audio/ something that Leo says that sa
ysthat joe is being taken to the Chinese. But that audio was deleted so why would they delete it if joe still died. Plus as he still had his gun he could overpower the two or three guys in the car.
Guest said: 22nd Apr 2015 | REPORT
Joe most likely lives, he was armed with a magnum and judging by his combat skills he could have easily taken out the 2 guys in the car with him.... Plus he may have gone to work with the chinese... We will find out in mafia 3
Guest said: 24th Aug 2015 | REPORT
In Mafia 3 it is rumored there will be a dlc to play as joe in one mission at the end of mafia 2. They drop him witht the Chinese he escapes and goes into hiding most likely
Guest said: 9th Oct 2016 | REPORT
Well it was confirmed that he's dead after finishing all the vito side quests in Mafia 3, Rest in piece friend.

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Nov 2010, ID #368193

where's is RCB shops? And where did it located?

Guest answered:
Added 29th Dec 2010, ID #376798

there is dlc for mafia 11 i got it yesterday

Guest answered:
Added 10th Jan 2011, ID #380027

if who dosent know how to get rifles read the NOTE

NOTE:I found it in chapter seagift some of them are using it

Guest answered:
Added 16th Jan 2011, ID #381443

Joe Barbaro gets killed, Unfortunately.

Because if you look closely at the scene where joe's car separates from vito's, you can see he gets driven into an entrance of a graveyard.

However, This doesn't mean he get's killed because joe could've defended himself somehow.

Guest answered:
Added 6th Feb 2011, ID #385698

They take Joe to kill him, but that doesn't mean that he will be killed.

Guest answered:
Added 20th Feb 2011, ID #388076

I don't think he does get killed cuzz there;s an expansion pack called 'Joe's Adventures' Which I have yet to buy from the Xbox market place, but it says it's continuing from the end of Mafia 2 so I don't think he does die...

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Guest said: 11th Jul 2012 | REPORT
no because joes adventure is befor the last mission
Guest said: 9th Aug 2012 | REPORT
joes adventures is all about what joe did while vito was in prison for 6 years
Guest said: 3rd Aug 2013 | REPORT
Joes adventure takes place during vitos jail time its not continuing from the end and yes joes is killed cuz mafia 3 gotta have a new story new protagonist like mafia 1 had
Guest said: 6th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Vito is in Mafia III much older and aids Lincoln Clintons (the new main protagnist) take over 1968 New Orleans.
Guest answered:
Added 6th Mar 2011, ID #391034


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Guest said: 21st Feb 2014 | REPORT
There isn't Mafia III Trailer released yet.
Guest said: 23rd Mar 2016 | REPORT
There is one now
Guest said: 21st Aug 2016 | REPORT
joe most certainly did not die coz he is on the trailer for mafia 3-lkidd(zimbabwe)
Guest answered:
Added 16th Mar 2011, ID #392793

No in the dlc joes adventure it's the time when vito is in prison

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Guest said: 21st Aug 2016 | REPORT
joe's adventure occured when vito was in prison(lkidd)
Guest answered:
Added 25th Apr 2011, ID #401444

I don't think Joe dies because if they make Mafia 3 or a DLC for the game to continue comes out, Vito will get out of the car ( Maby killing Leo to do so) and save him becase joe saved him in the planiteriam when you are battling Falcone and his goons. Smile

Guest answered:
Added 10th Oct 2011, ID #446554

I think, and this is just a theory,you kill Pepe,use Leo as a human shield, order the driver to stop and chase after Joe's car on foot. When you do find it it everyone in it is dead but no sign of Joe.Then for most of Mafia 3 you search for Joe by leaving empire bay and working for other families in another city, maybe the city where the first Mafia game was set,then at the end you know Joe is out there somewhere but you know you'll never find him. Your then sat at home proposing a toast to a picture of Joe. Then the phone rings you answer the phone and it's Joe calling from a bar and says "wanna go out for drink", you say "yeah sure" and then the game ends.

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Guest said: 19th Nov 2011 | REPORT
This would make a great game!
Guest said: 5th May 2012 | REPORT
Yeah i agree joe still has his gun and everyone who has played the game would know how handy joe can be with a gun. there was only two men in the car its not like hes out numbered. he would find out whats going on, pop the two guys and use the car to escape
Guest said: 1st Sep 2012 | REPORT
Cool story bro!
Guest said: 7th May 2014 | REPORT
Good story but too happy for mafia game i think. You know i dont think it should call mafia with plot like this. Hard for me to explain but anyway hope Joe survive Smile
Guest answered:
Added 14th Oct 2011, ID #447594

Everybody! At the start of the game Vito is telling us his life story in Martys place! The deal was to make VIto a made man but he is in Martys old aparetment. What does this show???

Guest answered:
Added 2nd Jan 2012, ID #469470

2k said that it was a close ending and that's probably because they want the audience to think for them self. And yes I think the answer will be in mafia 3. But as you can see in the game, Joe has his magnum on him when he walks into the car so probably he will fight to live another day

Guest answered:
Added 28th Feb 2012, ID #486564

Leo says this because when henry got chopped up by knives by chung's people, vito and joe killed alot of chungs people and Leo and Chung are know each other because Leo hired Chung's people to kill Henry because he was a rat but vito and joe didnt know that at the time an because of what vito and joe did and it created alot of Chung's and Leo's men to die and now joe and vito are wanted to be killed but Leo and Chung made a deal with Vito that if he does a task that he is set to do(the last mission) he will not be killed, so Vito went to do it and Joe was helping him then when it's finished and they drive off in different cars - when Leo says that Joe was not part of the deal, he means that doing the task only saved Vito, they dint say anything about sparing joes life - he wasnt part of the deal

So they intend to kill him

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Guest said: 3rd Feb 2013 | REPORT
WOW!!! That was the longest friggin' sentence in the history of mankind..........
Rap God said: 26th Oct 2013 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 21st Mar 2012, ID #491826

I agree. The other car turned away cause they were going to kill Joe. But hey come on, Joe got his ribs broken and shot a dozens of times so I think that he will survive that and re-appear in Mafia 3. He's like Sgt.Johnson in the Halo series.He "dies" in Halo 1 when the ring explodes but still appears in Halo 2 and Halo 3. So guys, I don't think that Joe dies... It's just a pause from Mafia 2 to Mafia 3... Long live Vito & Joe.

Guest answered:
Added 18th Jul 2012, ID #524000

I don't think hes going to died I mean come on in every movie,story, or any other game the friend comes back trying to kill you thinking you betrayed him

Guest answered:
Added 21st Jul 2012, ID #524581

They take Joe to kill him, but that doesn't mean that he will be killed.

If you are in mafia hit list they don't let you getaway just like what happens to protagonist from mafia 1

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jul 2012, ID #525241

Joe is a hench bastard. He has been beaten up and shot a dozen times. If anyone should die, it's Vito, because Joe is much cooler than him.

Mafia 3 should be joes story after these events.

Guest answered:
Added 10th Aug 2012, ID #530932

I think joe is alive,Still cause if you download the app ons there a game were you can play as Joe Jimmy.

Guest answered:
Added 19th Aug 2012, ID #533454

Why don`t we just wait untill mafia 3 comes out and see if he is or insĀ“t alive.

drtony999 answered:
Added 1st Sep 2012, ID #535962

I hope he's alive in Mafia III, he's such a great friend and gunslinger!

Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered:
Added 7th Oct 2012, ID #543083

Dont you guys get it, at the end of mafia 1 there is a cliffhanger about tommy and you find out what happens to tommy in mafia 2. At the end of mafia 2 there is a cliffhanger about what happens to joe so I'm sure we will all find out what happens to joe in mafia 3 and hopefully he doesnt get whacked in mafia 3 like tommy did in mafia 2.

Guest answered:
Added 17th Oct 2012, ID #545273

I think he kill because they said he's victoria son and nictoria was the mom of the auther family

Guest answered:
Added 4th Nov 2012, ID #548917

I think that Joe killed the man in the back seat because Joe is a great shooter and in mafia 3 I think Vito is going to turn on leo and kill him and then go to save Joe and wipe out thee family

Guest answered:
Added 1st Dec 2012, ID #554424

No at the end joe had kill the vito but the joe don't
Kill the vito but kills the leo . Joe and vito escapes

Guest answered:
Added 12th Jun 2013, ID #592119

Joe's dead. Even if he escaped, you know what happened to Tommy in Mafia II. "The Mafia Never Forgets"; he'll be whacked. I think it's better if Joe dies. It ties into the whole Mafia conclusion "The Mafia life isn't all that great". For Vito, the mafia indirectly caused his father's death, caused him going to jail, caused him to nearly be killed many times, caused his mom to die (she couldn't bear Vito in jail and died) and his own sister cut her ties to him, so all he had left was Joe. And now Joe's gone too. So even though he got money and fast cars and women from the mafia, he lost what was truly important to him. Something Tommy reminisced about as well.

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jun 2013, ID #593514

Joe is handy with a gun, they will try to kill joe but they will fail.
I think in mafia 3 that joe will rise so much in power and become a mob boss and have his own crew and gangsters working for him. He will think vito turned against him
I can't wait until mafia 3 :D

Guest answered:
Added 24th Dec 2013, ID #611715

Joe Barbaro could have died but he does have a pistol However they could of killed him but joes survived by holding a gun to someones head allowing joe tkill them a Joe get out alive

Joe Barbaro survied

Guest answered:
Added 8th May 2014, ID #624093

I think joe will survive that.he is a great shooter.we will see in mafia 3.

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Guest said: 7th Aug 2014 | REPORT
C'mon Mafia 3 isnt out. 2k Czech said in E3 that it will release by the month of July in 2014 but nothings came out yet But there is a Fake trailer on Youtube with 2 guys aNd a bullshit language In it the first guy smokes in a petrol pump and other goes inside a pub and comes back Shot 2 times its fake as i heard Mafia 3 is gonna be like gta 5 having 3 characters and so on.. and as a matter of Fact Joe not killed at the end for those who've played the game would've Noticed when Leo Galante Said "Sorry kid joe wasnt a part of the deal" then Vito stays quite if the phrase ment to kill Joe.Vito would've reacted violently as Joe saved Vito's ass a lotta time so its Obvious that joe might be escorted to his home aNd Vito would've been taken to underground as a senior mafia he dosent die cuz in the begining of the game Vito resits his own story so he's alive
Guest said: 6th Oct 2014 | REPORT
^yea i really hope so
Guest answered:
Added 9th Nov 2014, ID #645805

I think that joe is killed because leo said that he was not part of the deal and if you listen the game in last chapter there is a sound of gunshot that killed joe

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Guest said: 14th Jun 2015 | REPORT
My guest is joe maybe not dead because we not see joe is dead scene
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jul 2016, ID #681142

In mafia 3 I believe the character you play as is half black half white and I'm almost 100% certain Joe is the main characters dad and that will probably be a big surprise


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