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Victini (If you want it.) Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

Print this xXZoroarkMastaXx posted:

May 22nd 2012, ID#8754 Victini (If you want it.)

Push SELECT to activate, will be in PC box 8 slot 1 so be SURE you don't have any Pokemon in that spot so they will not be erased.
Lv. 1
Stats: All maxed (Leagal limits)
Ability: Victory Star
Item: Azure Flute
Nature: Brave
Moves:-Fusion Flare 255PP
-Blue Flare 255PP
-V-Create (Why not) 255PP
-Psycho Boost 255PP
Enjoy Gamers.

+SIDE NOTE: I will take individual Pokemon requests only. Maybe some exceptions...

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0007CBC 00000088
BC5783E2 B47D0000
46B28D17 FC347885
433E02CD EA14552E
5885611B 89A6CC53
410BC4B2 5CDFD476
86F71F14 16EE7ABA
63F9DF51 414AB831
4B1D3AC5 D0595232
669C17E7 79149206
CC2E57C2 AF80C56A
9E14A534 849A27F4
6594BA84 6896762D
177E695C 7951DA23
8EA303D7 4EA08FD6
4245241D 6C145B4B
CFEE77F4 283D9753
7011B6CD A28C3E45
D2000000 00000000


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24 comments, latest first.
Nov 25th 2015 Guest
This makes my game freeze!
ID #628272
Sep 24th 2015 Guest
May you make a code for torchic for me?
ID #611208
Mar 7th 2015 natiNET
i can not run the code that you brought.
ID #525501
Mar 7th 2015 Guest
i can not run the code that you brought.
ID #525499
Jul 28th 2014 Guest
Can you make a shiny rayquaza at lv 1?
ID #426804
Jul 15th 2014 Guest
Yeah can someone make that victini. That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thx in advance Smile
ID #418998
Apr 6th 2014 Guest
Can u make a shiny victini
Ability- victory star
Searing shot
Fusion flare
Fusion bolt level 15
Activate with select
ID #371950
Feb 18th 2014 drakoman
can i get all legonds trasferable thew pokebank shinnny max stats and pp
ID #356420
Dec 2nd 2013 NyanVee64
My code's for White.

ID #324507
Dec 2nd 2013 NyanVee64
Can you make a Level 5 Pikachu with Wonder Guard and holding an Air Balloon with these moves:

Nasty Plot ( Max PP)
Amnesia (Max PP)
Extreemespeed (Max PP)
Volt Tackle (Max PP)

Shiny: Yes

Gender: Female

Ribbons: All
Pokerus Infected: Yes
Stats: Max Legal Limit
OT: Chime
ID No.: 37928

If you can do that, Thanks!
ID #324506
Nov 19th 2013 Guest
It keeps saying error please turn off, heelllppp!!
ID #320469
Aug 9th 2013 PokeMaster96
can u make this code work for white 2
ID #303704
May 28th 2013 Guest
The victini code keeps saying error please turn off system when I go to box 8.Please help!!!
ID #286021
Feb 17th 2013 Guest
The victini code keeps erroring in box 8
ID #255355
Sep 3rd 2012 xXZoroarkMastaXx
Whoa all these requests lol. Well i'm sorry i havent gotten back to you guys in a LONG time. You see i was on vacation in Florida visiting family and i had no computer acsess and i couldnt reach you guys. I will try my hardest to complete these and if you already found what you were looking for just say it here and I wont have to work as hard. Thx :D
ID #183059
Aug 5th 2012 Guest
can u plz make an arceus (non shiny, lv 100, Move set = Judgement, Draco Meteor, Roar Of Tim and Shadow Force, No Pokerus, Ability Multitype, pp normal, stats max (legal speaking), can either post it or send it to [email protected]
ID #172705
Jul 20th 2012 Guest
escavalier max out speed stats and giga drain please sir
ID #166543
Jul 5th 2012 feedback19
Hello again.

Was woundering if you could make two more codes for me. First is for White: the evolves of evee max stats moves dont matter.

Second codes is for black: latias, latios, Lugia, Lucario max states moves dont matter.

Thanks if you can and for the pika. (cant seem to make code myself) You can send code to [email protected] and share on here if you wish.
ID #160708
Jun 22nd 2012 Guest
Can you make me a leafeon shiny, level75 withmax stats and leaf blade
giga drain
last resort, plzplzplzplz!!!!
send me the code to [email protected] (if you create the code of course)
ID #155440
Jun 13th 2012 xXZoroarkMastaXx
Gyrados (Shiny) lvl 1
Nature: Brave
Item: N/A
Ability: Wonder Guard
Moves: Fireblast (8 pp)
Hydro Pump (8 pp)
Thunder (16 pp)
Psychic (16 pp)
94000130 FCFF0000
B2000024 00000000
E0007CBC 00000088
03FD03FD 816F0000
3DF672FF ACD7655A
D7BBF69F 557CD9B9
F35168CA 9BBFC8D1
1CC4D08B E4CEE182
35057B7E B3DC2363
80D99F28 ACDFB34C
E339DC83 AE79B202
0950E1AE 7C1244B8
A5EA9405 E3941011
F21A8F59 FF9AA8C4
F59C16E7 0700383E
6C862FAE 459C2782
5D156CA1 9135F27C
7C95B871 B7E03800
75ACA501 199BD2D1
D2000000 00000000

L+R to activate, Replaces box 8 slot 1 pokemon so clear it before activating this code.
ID #152452
Jun 13th 2012 xXZoroarkMastaXx
Pikachu: lvl 1
Stats: Max (leagal)
Item: Light-Ball
Moves: Volt-Tackle (24) [max pp]
Electro Ball(16)
Discharge (24)
Thunder (16)
Ability: Brave
Ball: Fast Ball
Happiness: 255 (It'll love you :D)
Ribbons: All

94000130 FDFE0000
B2000024 00000000
E0007CBC 00000088
03FD03FD 98720000
207309B8 0C5033C9
1F3F2EE0 B62775CC
5ABD1182 A9D1506F
8F5326FC 7ADF1359
5FDF1826 350F2D5D
7EE601A6 A99F0EDC
5F1803A5 73DBBC5A
7ADF077D EF66F323
DB6C9107 CD468E63
CF3A34BC 0973D6F6
B9CEA855 15321B8B
A3F3E497 9EFA5B64
15E2FB98 850C5F95
D2000000 00000000

L+A to activate, WARNING: Will replace box8 slot1 in your PC so clean that box first Smile

ID #152425
Jun 13th 2012 xXZoroarkMastaXx
im sorry i'll get right on those i was gone on a trip but im back now and to the gyrados i can only make it shiny :L
ID #152418
Jun 10th 2012 feedback19
Could you make a shiny Pikachu with max stat (leagal Limit) ability: lightningrod
Volt Takle (max pp)
Elctro Ball (max pp)
Discharge (max pp)
Thunder (max pp)
held item: light ball

Thanks if you can. Also if possible could you add all ribbons and this is for white ver.
Again Thanks
ID #151294
May 25th 2012 Guest
Are you able to make a special (shiny, dark, etc) kind of gyrados with fire blast, hydro pump, thunder, and psychic maxed out? (male)(nature: brave) (max stats)
ID #145226
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