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random wild pokemon Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

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Nov 21st 2011, ID#8228 random wild pokemon

This code will allow you to find random Pokemon in the grass ex:I walk into the grass and a tepig pops can make any 649 Pokemon come buttons needed.

Region: US/North America

923FFFFE 00000001
62250030 00000000
DA000000 02250030
D4000000 00000039
D7000000 02250030
D3000000 00000000
82250030 00000289
D4000000 FFFFFD77
D7000000 02250030
D2000000 00000000
923FFFFE 00000001
123FFFFE 00000000
DA000000 02250030
C0000000 0000001E
D7000000 02250034
DC000000 00000002
D2000000 00000000
A2257030 00000000
923FFC3C FFF00000
923FFFFE 00000000
123FFFFE 00000001
D2000000 00000000


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Sep 13th 2016 BlueBatPuppy
this is great, first i found a staraptor, which normally id be like, well dam this sucks, but it was on a route it wasn't normally found on. Then I found a couple more pokemon along the same lines, like normal but not supposed to be found on that route. then, after about five tries, I got a Azelf and was like O.o, omg. Thank you for the cheat. (Im using the Europe version for clarification, and it works perfectly.)
ID #681573
Oct 23rd 2015 Guest
how do i put in the code
ID #619078
Oct 9th 2015 Guest
This code worked for me. As long as you make sure you get the code right it works. At first I thought it didn't work because it gave me a crafty but then I got a sealeo and I was like DAMN so ya. To clarify it only works in normal grass. I haven't tried it in the desert of the double grass.
ID #615172
Aug 19th 2015 Guest
Are you able to trade the Pokemon over? I assume you can.
ID #600185
Aug 12th 2015 Guest
DAMN I MESSED IT UP (my screen is messed already) can't see what i did wrong :(
ID #597216
Jul 3rd 2015 Guest
Didn't work for me
ID #579338
Jun 19th 2015 Guest
How do I enter the code?
ID #572618
Apr 27th 2015 Guest
It works I found a totodile
ID #548845
Dec 14th 2014 atrox223
it really work! great cause i was going to the grass i saw was like a lugia then i caught it the next i say meloetta 3x then next i saw unfezent then i saw genesect then i saw victini then a keldeo the last one is terrakion i was really lucky doe thanks this cheat works just great and now im trying to find virizion and cobalion.
ID #484594
Dec 7th 2014 Guest
Ok, I found out that this code DOES work, just not every time. At Pin. Forest, I found a Honchcrow. Kinda good code, if you want a slim chance of randoms.
ID #481814
Dec 7th 2014 Guest
It doesn't appear to be working that well. The first one I found was a Poliwhirl at Pinwheel Forest, then the regular ones. Once I left, the fourth one I found was a Meinshao. Every encounter is normal now. Any ideas on what's going on?
ID #481807
Dec 6th 2014 Guest
Do you have to update your action replay for this???
ID #481403
Nov 6th 2014 Guest
Thanks! It even works on the English version!
ID #468042
Oct 24th 2014 Guest
Can we breed them?? Please let me know.
ID #462416
Sep 10th 2014 Guest
this code did not work for me at all
ID #446313
Aug 7th 2014 Guest
i cant wait to try it
ID #432630
Jun 29th 2014 Guest
thanks dude, i got a shiny grovyle
ID #408584
Jun 19th 2014 Guest
you need to type in the pokemons pokedex number or you'll get ?
ID #402518
May 25th 2014 Guest
I encountered a latios and a regigigas. Thnx!!!
ID #388638
Apr 18th 2014 Guest
At first it didn't work.... I shut of my ds, and got a zekrom, then I got two patrata... I think it only works once in the begging then shuts of
ID #376400
Apr 8th 2014 Guest
Awesome I just got a Leslie
ID #372630
Jan 1st 2014 Guest
ID #337380
Dec 10th 2013 Guest
It works.but not always
ID #327734
Sep 15th 2013 Guest
What's the code
ID #309764
Sep 1st 2013 Guest
At first it didnt work, but i turned on and off my DS and it worked for a very little time. the times that i DID get into a battle it was random but shortly after I would get into an error screen. So it works for me but i cant get it to stop crashing.
ID #307775
Aug 24th 2013 Guest
All I am getting is high-level shiny zekroms
ID #306499
Jul 30th 2013 Guest
it isnt working
ID #301311
Jul 12th 2013 Guest
are the levels of the pokemon just like the normal pokemon like route 1 have lv 2 to 4 and 4,5 to 7
ID #296916
Jul 2nd 2013 Guest
i wandered in a route near Opelucid city, the first two pokemon (Klink and Magnemite) were L31, but when the third pokemon (Crobat) appeared, it was L100 and wrecked my team. PLZ HELP
ID #294449
Apr 14th 2013 Guest
It worked! :D
ID #273971
Apr 1st 2013 Guest
Nope didn't work i only got Lilipups on route 1 weird?
ID #269503
Feb 3rd 2013 MunchLocke
It didn't work at first, then I turned it off and tried again, and it did. Not sure if I thumbs up this code or thumbs down it
ID #249662
Feb 3rd 2013 Guest
it didn't work, I double-checked the code and I typed it EXACTLY how it was, but it didn't work. weird.
ID #249659
Jan 21st 2013 Guest
all i am finding is ?s whats wrong?
ID #245181
Dec 2nd 2012 blahblahblah11
code works, but when i try to go to pokemon center i end up in white forest.. and cant leave O.o
ID #214708
Dec 2nd 2012 Guest
code works, but when i try to go to pokemon center i end up in white forest.. and cant leave O.o
ID #214707
Nov 8th 2012 Guest
I activated the code, it worked great then when to deactivate it and it wont go away all i run into is level 5 zekroms......fixible?
ID #206713
Oct 31st 2012 hugocas
K so how does pokemon change
ID #203362
Sep 29th 2012 Guest
Could you do a Random level encounter code please
ID #189923
Sep 27th 2012 Guest
All I get is Torchics this is starting to suck
ID #189323
Aug 22nd 2012 Guest
The first thing i found was a shiny ampharados O.o
ID #178793
Aug 18th 2012 1432KASPER
it didnt work it froze my game
ID #177428
Aug 17th 2012 Glaceon Gamer
RESHIRAM = Apocalypse
ID #177114
Aug 17th 2012 Glaceon Gamer
The code is automatic
ID #177068
Aug 16th 2012 Glaceon Gamer

ID #176829
Aug 16th 2012 Glaceon Gamer
I am worried about this cheat, I agreed with my friends I wouldn't cheat, but I want to do a randomizer for the DS. They started over too...

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #176825
Jul 30th 2012 nyan_nyan_pyui_123
YAY!A Budew!I really like my Female Budew to evolve to Roselia!Epic!I'm a girl!
ID #170237
Jul 28th 2012 Guest
Alright well the code works which is cool, but now I can't get any experience from any battles so wtf, how can I fix that so I can actually DO a Nuzlocke for Pokemon White?
ID #169465
Jul 26th 2012 Guest
The first pokemon i saw was dialga!!!! This code is 5/5 stars!
ID #168677
Jul 24th 2012 Guest
I doesn't work.
ID #168036
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