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Mark pokemon to make them shiny Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

Print this goldswimmerbj posted:

Jul 26th 2011, ID#7736 Mark pokemon to make them shiny

Mark Pokemon in your Pc to make them shiny. You can use any marking. Your Pokemon may also recieve a gender change.

Region: US/North America

020195d0 fc16f7e8
02001e00 73b4b4ff
02001ffc bdf8bcff
02001ed0 88f488b0
02001ed4 88384044
02001ed8 0a004060
02001edc 887870f8
02001ee0 24074060
02001ee4 70384060


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66 comments, latest first.
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Jul 18th 2016 Userdawn
Code works swell for me Thanks for this
ID #667775
Nov 24th 2015 Guest
Does not show shiny in de
ID #628178
Nov 18th 2015 Guest
What if i font want to change the gender but i want them stay shiny?
ID #626217
Oct 10th 2015 Guest
how do you put in numbers for markings all that comes up for me is symbols
ID #615370
Jul 31st 2015 Guest
The code is short, and if it didn't work for you then you did not add it right. This is great! Shiny oshawott^^!
ID #591770
Apr 18th 2015 crispy629123
ID #544616
Dec 5th 2014 Guest
Which games is this code for? And is it the old Action Replay?
ID #480739
Sep 7th 2014 Guest
What should I do game keeps freezing
ID #445615
Sep 4th 2014 Guest
If the code didn't work then you did add it right. Not only did it work PERFECTLY for me, but I transferred them X & Y successfully
ID #444513
Jul 24th 2014 Guest
it worked but when I pressed summary it froze lol.
ID #424619
May 29th 2014 Guest
Dost work. :{(
ID #390930
May 28th 2014 Guest
i like it
ID #389993
May 10th 2014 Guest
Thanks! It works completely fine for me
ID #383009
Apr 6th 2014 Guest
ID #372082
Mar 11th 2014 Guest
i can not get into my pc it goes black how do i fix it so i can switch pokemon[color=blue][/color]
ID #363290
Feb 22nd 2014 Guest
i was able to make 3 shiny ledgendaries. only 1 would qualify for pokemon transporter, because the other 2 were screwed up. o well...
ID #357999
Dec 22nd 2013 Guest
Plz add a Create a TM HM Code so that you can design a move to replace and TM/HMExample Shadow Blast TM 001(Cause I Don't Like Hone Claws)
ID #332485
Jun 25th 2013 Guest
gave all of my pokemon pokerus
ID #292814
Jun 12th 2013 Joseph_Prophet
This code turned my Snivy shiny but it also lvled it up from 11 to 46.
ID #289919
Jun 12th 2013 Joseph_Prophet
It turned my lvl 11 snivy into a lvl 46 snivy.
ID #289916
Mar 28th 2013 Guest
ID #268152
Mar 18th 2013 Guest
Does this work for White 2? Smile
ID #264966
Mar 12th 2013 Guest
My game keeps freezing when I try to open the PC
ID #263121
Feb 6th 2013 Guest
didnt work
ID #251090
Feb 1st 2013 Guest
So how do i put a code in
ID #248491
Dec 25th 2012 Guest
For all those who wonder how this works.
1. Go to your PC and open up your personal PC.
2. Choose a Pokemon that you would like to have shiny
3. Click on that Pokemon and on the right side of the bottom screen, look for 'MARK' and click on that.
4. Mark the shapes that are shown and when finished, press 'CONFIRM'.
5. To make the Pokemon turn shiny, click on it one more time or switch boxes then go back to the Pokemon that you wanted to be shiny.
6. It will change its original color (And gender) PERMANENTLY. even if you take out your Action Replay, they will stay shiny.

EX. I mark a regular Charizard (Male) and reclick it (Or switch boxes then return to Charizard) and it becomes a Black Charizard (Shiny/Female).
ID #228382
Dec 21st 2012 Guest
why is it i can never find the code i'm looking for, WHEN I NEED IT! I used codes to get landorus, tornadus, and thundurus, therian forms, but they were all nicknamed keldeo, so i need a code that can either let me nickname traded pokemon, or give the pokemon my tainer id for their OT ID.
ID #225888
Nov 23rd 2012 Guest
How do mark the pokemon
ID #211763
Nov 23rd 2012 Guest
Can u make one for black 2
ID #211519
Nov 15th 2012 Guest
make one for black version 2 please
ID #208965
Nov 11th 2012 Guest
thanks a ton finaly a shiny code that works
ID #207747
Nov 6th 2012 Guest
NO WORK :{ =(
ID #205922
Oct 21st 2012 Guest
Can You Update To Pokemon Black 2?
ID #199639
Oct 21st 2012 Guest
How do you mark a pokemon in PC... I tried and it failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #199477
Aug 16th 2012 Guest
it work for me
ID #176755
Aug 10th 2012 Guest
Caused me a black screen LOLOL
ID #174418
Jul 29th 2012 Guest
Holy crap it works thanks
ID #169803
Jul 22nd 2012 Guest
doesnt work
ID #167448
Jul 18th 2012 Guest
It dosent work for me it did at first then i started to freeze and now it wont even turn off how to fix it?
ID #165903
Jun 21st 2012 Guest
It freezes my game how to fix?
ID #155317
Jun 10th 2012 Guest
It didn't have a problem with my game i can still battle
ID #151246
Apr 24th 2012 Guest
I don;t get how to actually do it. I put in the code, the what?
ID #136687
Apr 8th 2012 rayquaza123
It worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!!!
ID #131033
Apr 8th 2012 Guest
It worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!!!
ID #131032
Mar 12th 2012 Guest
Works great. But I can't change it back to normal.
ID #122473
Mar 7th 2012 Guest
works perfect thanks a lot!!!!!!!
ID #121122
Jan 17th 2012 Guest
I need a code at the start of the game so I can have starter Pokemon shiny
ID #106849
Dec 30th 2011 Guest
game freezes how to fix it?
ID #100582
Dec 17th 2011 Guest
ID #95706
Dec 12th 2011 Guest
I need a shiny code I can use at the start of the game to get a shiny starter pokemon and eggs I get hatch shiny. Thanx.
ID #94570
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