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Victini cheat for Pokemon Black


Get the Mystery Gift (the Liberty Pass) from the 'Main' menu (before April 10, 2011) by using the Nintendo WiFi connection. The Liberty Pass can then be used to catch Victini in the dungeon of the tower at Liberty Garden. Victini is a dual-type Psychic/Fire Legendary Pokemon.

Added by: Sanzano
Mar 23rd 2011, ID#15545


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Aug 6th 2014 mugzee123
go to the uione room i willvtrade victiny shiny mettoweta shine and kedeo shiny
ID #431916
Jul 3rd 2014 Guest
How do You Get Victini On Pokémon Black on An emulator on the computer using Action Replay codes?
ID #411618
Apr 18th 2014 Guest
I want victini! Shiny Giratina lv 100 for it!!!
ID #376420
Jan 20th 2014 Guest
[color=laser green][/color] i really want victini
ID #346169
Dec 23rd 2013 Guest
I want a victini so bad
ID #333023
Aug 5th 2013 adammaalej
guys I saw what happened and I was playing sence I the beginning of the last year and I still don't have victini and I will probly beat it cause my reshiram is at level 100 so I am really coocooooooo
ID #302769
Jul 26th 2013 Guest
i want victini
ID #300345
Jun 14th 2013 Guest
plz trade me a victini i'll trade a level 100 shiny celiby
ID #290331
May 17th 2013 Guest
my NiNtEnDo wifi not working paano makakakuha ng ViCtInI
ID #283387
Apr 28th 2013 Guest
ill trade my victini for a real shiny mewtwo mew shaymin or Lv 1 shiny lucario
ID #278380
Mar 19th 2013 Guest
Where can I find a pichu in white 2
ID #265332
Mar 8th 2013 Guest
I can't get Wi-Fi to work! So how do i get victini
ID #261805
Mar 8th 2013 VictiniPercyLover123
Victini or i willcry!!!!!!!!!!!! DOES ANYONE WANT A LEVEL 100 SHINY HYDRAGON??????????????????
ID #261759
Mar 8th 2013 VictiniPercyLover123
1 40 pm 2 day ONLY unless victini of course
ID #261753
Mar 8th 2013 VictiniPercyLover123
i will have shiny hydragon 4 a victini or shiny legend...i also have a 100 tepig i dont want
ID #261752
Mar 8th 2013 VictiniPercyLover123
someone at 1:45 in 15 min go to gts negotians and look 4 strage any lv i will bethere
ID #261751
Mar 8th 2013 VictiniPercyLover123
can i set the datebackand get victini on mystery gift
ID #261748
Mar 8th 2013 VictiniPercyLover123
will someone inthis world give me a victini!i have a shiny 100 hydragon.......... PLEASE?
ID #261746
Jan 24th 2013 Guest
I have a Lvl 100 palkia to trade for liberty garden victini OR wishmaker jirachi preferably legimate Smile
My fc : 0047 1788 8128
Name : Candy
Thanks Smile
ID #246006
Jan 14th 2013 Guest
Oh and I don't think u can trade key items...?! My below post is on black 2 btw and I'm on UK time on most days really would like victini and/or jirachi... I can offer all three Sinnoh Starters and/or a level 61 druggion... Must do it by wifi room cos I don't know how to get the word victini to ask for 1 on gts tell me that too if possible
Xxx Smile
ID #242701
Jan 14th 2013 Guest
Umm... Hey does anyone have a victini/jirachi they don't want or need I will give you all 3 Sinnoh Starters... My fc: 0047 1788 8128 Smile
ID #242697
Dec 30th 2012 Guest
My friend code is 1163 1651 8099. I can give anyone any Pokemon lv 100 shiny for a legit shaymin, meloetta, keldeo or basically anything
ID #232316
Dec 30th 2012 Guest
This is a response to the dude who wants victini. I have a Lv 100 shiny victini. Will trade for any legendary, preferably reshiram or zekrom
ID #232311
Dec 28th 2012 Guest
Anyone who has a victini i am willing to trade any pokemon but my zekrom for it i really want it so any pokemon you need i can get for your victine just tell me waht pokemon you want for victini
ID #230801
Dec 25th 2012 Guest
Um im in need for a victini so any pokemon u want i probably have so please i need a victini my FC is 3955 5030 0682

let me now as son as possible
ID #228302
Oct 21st 2012 Guest
any1 want a jirachi he has draco meteor???
ID #199209
Sep 28th 2012 Guest
i have 900 liberty passes but internet wont work
ID #189824
Sep 17th 2012 Guest
i have a keldoe and are you serious obout the date thing??????????????????????
ID #186956
Aug 25th 2012 Guest
6976E645 D84EE327
ID #179831
Aug 19th 2012 Guest
how the heck do you get keldeo
ID #177739
Aug 11th 2012 Guest
how do set the date back?
ID #174899
Aug 9th 2012 Guest
you can still get victini by seting the date back
ID #174002
Aug 1st 2012 loverkoning
i have only shiny pokemons who want som shiny pokemons !!!!
ID #170817
Jul 27th 2012 Guest
can some one give me a victini all trade my rushram hes at lv.100 and posably my zecron
ID #169049
Jul 11th 2012 Guest
i have two victini go to gts and get it i will give you one for a jirachi
ID #163035
Jul 10th 2012 Mrfrosty23
Get somebody give me a pass I'll trade for it?
ID #162381
Jul 8th 2012 lugia69
I want one my name is Kejuan my fc is 3396 9848 8830
ID #161837
Jun 23rd 2012 Mr.H4CK3R
thats not a cheat.....
ID #156108
Jun 8th 2012 Guest
Hey, you guys are not the only ones with problems you know. I really want a Zorua but I don't have a Celibi. I also want a landourus but I only have a tornadus and I need a thunderus. I also want Victini really badly but I missed the event. If any one knows how to get them and how to get Keldeo, Genessent, and a pokemon that has a musical note next to it's ear, please try to trade them with me, Katie.
ID #150331
Jun 6th 2012 Guest
I have a shiny tentacool if someone can get me a victini with a liberty pass... interested?
ID #149668
May 19th 2012 pokemongurl22
ok, so I foolishly and accidentally started a new game and deleted my victini. i really want it back. is there a way for me to do that?
ID #143439
Apr 15th 2012 Guest
suche pass für victini,biete lavados lv.100,giratina beide gestalten lv.100,zekrom lv.84,oder einfach alle die ihr wollt egal welches lvl.von 1 bis 100 beide pokedex und 999 sonderbobons für EIN victine BITTE
ID #133875
Apr 14th 2012 Guest
i dont have virizon or moltres anymore but instead lv. 100 landorous lv. 100 dusknoir
ID #133308
Apr 14th 2012 Guest
yeh i started over but heres my friend code now is 2451 9593 6449 my name is brennan
ID #133306
Apr 5th 2012 Guest
how am i intellegent
ID #129847
Apr 1st 2012 Guest
i would love if someone could give me a liberty pass or victini i have a level 100 virizon, level 100 rayquaza, level 100 dialga, level 94 typhlosion, level 71 mewtwo, and a level 51 moltres please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #128396
Mar 27th 2012 Guest
hi, i would love if someone could give me a liberty pass, i need victini. please reply and tell me what you want in return for a pass
ID #126780
Mar 14th 2012 Guest
im the one who had luxray emboar and infernape name is brennan my friend code is 2451 9593 6449 please respond.
ID #122981
Mar 14th 2012 Guest
Can anyone trade for a victini I have 2 resherams a lv. 93 emboar a lv. 89 luxray and lv. 100 Infernape
ID #122980
Mar 5th 2012 Guest
guys you CANNOT get victini any more the event is allready over with
ID #120674
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