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Arceus With Great Stats and More! (Select) Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

Print this Tr3xEmpire posted:

Mar 23rd 2012, ID#8576 Arceus With Great Stats and More! (Select)

Max Ivs and Evs with 999-1000 on all stats
Do not take out of party or will lose stats.
Judgement pp 250
Roar Of Time pp 250
Spacial Rend pp 250
V-Create pp 250

Type = Dragon without plate...

I will post to site more...
I do requests

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E00197A0 00000088
E79EE79D 65DF0000
9C7C88FB 1903DB5F
5E3D710D 0373ECBD
662F8EF6 616040DF
367A6952 818894D9
29C0D88C 8AD73A5D
8CD8D7EC 8864B0F5
13EB25DB C3677594
D37AFE94 6B90E42C
AF3EE124 293CBE88
560F25AC 1451D50F
BEDC173F 5231AEE6
D8AD484E 75B1DFB6
E0019828 00000054
0C5909A8 CA6F5FEF
9F8A38BC 95F1BC2B
253D7018 B7E444CA
E9A0F708 82C1718C
B78961C3 5F636DD4
B1F62060 C1ED8A02
4F2C957A 76CA44CF
EFD360AB 00000000
D2000000 00000000


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21 comments, latest first.
Dec 5th 2015 Guest
eevee maxed
ID #631234
May 30th 2013 Guest
what is the code to make a pokemon to have 999 stats in the first placee? i cant find it anywheeeere for pokemon white 2 on my action replay
ID #286566
May 18th 2013 Arogo
Can you make a level 1 arceus with max stats
Ability pressure
Moves fusion bolt, fusion flare, fissure, and roar of time
20 pp for each move
thanx in advanceSmile
ID #283457
Jan 27th 2013 dragonswordt
it replaced the second pokemon in party and doesnt have 999 stats .... i copy and pasted to the ar manager .... why is it wrong?
ID #247181
Dec 26th 2012 rageman
I would be happy if I got the lv 90 axew I anted
ID #228476
Dec 26th 2012 rageman
I need axew badly
need it 100% plees!
ID #228475
Dec 26th 2012 rageman
How do you use it?
ID #228440
Dec 26th 2012 rageman
I relly need a lv 90 axew with wonder gurde.Moves: dragon dance hydro pump dragon polce and sacred sword.
held item:rare candy. Pleese make the OT arnav.
normal stats. and 20 pp of all the movs.
if you cant get it you dont have to.

ID #228439
Aug 16th 2012 Glaceon Gamer
Hi. Could you please make a shiny meloetta with wonder guard. Adament nature and fateful encounter holding a dream ball. Max EVs and Iv and all 80 ribbons. It also needs to know Sacred Fire, Hydro Cannon, Ancient song (I think tha'ts the name) and Volt Tackle. It is lv. 71 L+R to activate and is a short code. And the Ot is Celebi (thats my Pokemon White name). Thanks
Sincerely Glaceon Gamer
ID #176822
May 21st 2012 Guest
how to activate the cheat
ID #144158
May 11th 2012 dyed010
i really want amicheal jackson code plz theres codes for that you know but i dont no the website plz find a code for it please :( my name is damek ( day-mek)
ID #141283
May 6th 2012 Xabian Double Master
you lier there not 999 all stats
ID #140113
May 6th 2012 Guest
i just get a egg in my party is that normal?i copyed everything right and im 100% sure i did and when you said re-enter the code do i just go to where i typed in the code and just select in again or do i have to retype the code? when you say 999-1000stats does it really have those numbers in its stats? and when i get the egg and i used a fast egg hatch it just says OH? OH? OH? OH? nothing happens
ID #140108
Apr 22nd 2012 sammy1245
can u make me a shiny GENISECT move: V-create, Roar Of Time, Judgment LVL. 100 OT Sam
ID #135916
Apr 6th 2012 Guest
ID #130105
Apr 6th 2012 Guest
ID #130104
Apr 4th 2012 Guest
If you take request can I please have a shiny level 100 victini moves v-create psychic fusion volt and judgement all stats 999 fateful encounter max happiness and all 80 ribbons thanx :3
ID #129509
Mar 28th 2012 Tr3xEmpire
shouldnt do that... try rentering the code
ID #127152
Mar 26th 2012 Guest
i did the code on my ds, and i got an egg in my party and when i tried to hatch it, on the bottom of my screen would say Oh? as in the egg is gonna hatch but then nothing happens, then it repeats it over and over again. can you help me out thank you
ID #126449
Mar 25th 2012 Guest
Could u make a Hydreigon with maxed out stats and make it know:
Dragon Pulse
Dark Pulse
Sacred Fire
(P.S. Give it a modest ability)
ID #126072
Mar 24th 2012 Guest
can you do a shiny arceus code with max stats and its moves are v-create roar of time judgement and its ot is Josh
ID #125988
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