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Ok after you find the seven sages looker comes and says N is somewhere..

Guest asks: Mar 13th 2011, ID #188900

Question for Pokemon White

Ok after you find the seven sages looker comes and says N is somewhere far away but where is he and where is the Pokemon genesect?


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Guest answered: Added 14th Mar 2011, ID #392481

To tell you the truth you're done with the game go aautnd cadqerugfern9by hbaetet

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Guest said: 7th Feb 2015 | REPORT
Wrong he's not in dragon spiral tower
Guest said: 17th Jun 2015 | REPORT
then where is genesect
Guest said: 18th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Raquaza is not in pokemon black, those youtube videos are fake, i've already tried finding half of the legendarys the videos say, INCLUING Raquaza.
Guest said: 19th Jun 2016 | REPORT
Genesect is an event Pokemon
Guest answered: Added 23rd Mar 2011, ID #394106

Weredo you find player N afte yo find all the 7 sages

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Guest said: 17th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 9th Jul 2015 | REPORT
The elite 4 were easy just have an fighting type psychic type dark type ice type and dragon type and then your starter and train them a lot
Guest said: 24th Jul 2016 | REPORT
I used victims lol
Guest said: 29th Oct 2019 | REPORT
Fighting elite 4 second time was so easy. I had hydriegon, kyurem, reshiram at level 79,serperior at 70, lunatone and manoswine at 65 without cheats . Training them a lot.

Guest answered: Added 26th Mar 2011, ID #394710

I want to find the white Pokemon so bad I have white I WANT IT SO BAD.I can't FIND LOOKER HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest said: 10th Jun 2016 | REPORT
looker is in his house
Guest said: 24th Jul 2016 | REPORT
I used samurott victini zekrom kyrem volcanora and zoroark πŸ·πŸ‘“πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ¨πŸ­πŸΌπŸ»πŸΆ
Guest said: 24th Apr 2018 | REPORT
Where i s looker's house
Guest said: 7th Aug 2018 | REPORT
complete the story line
Guest answered: Added 10th Apr 2011, ID #398132

Looker comes after the sixth saga you catch and tells you n is some where far away and before thAt you beat the game and go down stairs and he gives you a super rod

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Guest said: 17th Jun 2015 | REPORT
the event is over though :(
Guest said: 10th Jul 2015 | REPORT
aw man
Guest said: 27th Apr 2018 | REPORT
Before entering the pokemon league as you walk up there are up there are caves go through each on and one contains N with zekrom then he battles you and if you win you get zekrom
Guest said: 15th May 2018 | REPORT
if the event is over just change the date ro before it was over. hope that helped.
Guest answered: Added 16th Apr 2011, ID #399318

The Genosect is an event " of course" Once the event happens it can be found at P2 Laboratory on route 17

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Guest said: 29th Sep 2012 | REPORT
im posting in 2012 and i cant find him!
Guest said: 29th Sep 2012 | REPORT
im posting in 2012 and i cant find him!
Guest said: 30th Sep 2012 | REPORT
Genesect will be released for Pokemon Black 2 version and Pokemon White 2 version on October 7th, 2012. It is checked by for more details.
Guest said: 18th Feb 2015 | REPORT
I'm posting in 2014
Guest answered: Added 17th Apr 2011, ID #399472

I Think you use them orbs you got on the way 2 the final sage, try looking for the Pokemon in it, but after that I think the game is over

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SumRandomPersonHighOnAir said: 15th Nov 2011 | REPORT
Yeah...why did they have to do that?
Did they do that coz they thought people didn't like N?

If N doesn't appear in the rumoured 'Pokemon Grey' then Imma gonna complain!
If only they could see how much everyone likes N!
BTW,I'm a huge fan of N aswell!:D
Guest said: 11th Aug 2012 | REPORT
you WILL see him again in pokemon black 2 / white 2. In PokΓ©mon Black and White 2, N returns to save Kyurem from Ghetsis riding Zekrom/Reshiram. When his legendary dragon is absorbed by Kyurem to transform to Black KyuremB2/White Kyurem, he pleads the player to stop Ghetsis and get it back. happy now? :D
Guest said: 25th Mar 2013 | REPORT
You wont Be able to See him again Not Even in Black 2 or White 2 saß pokewiki
Guest said: 16th Sep 2015 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 19th Apr 2011, ID #399987

You battle the elite 4 again, and finally battle Alder, and then I think you go outside black city (try both sides) and you find Ghesetis.

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Guest said: 3rd Aug 2012 | REPORT
its because the gym leaders took him away
Guest said: 2nd Sep 2012 | REPORT
The seventh sage is on route 14, up one of the waterfalls, i think the first or second one. i hope i helped!
Guest said: 28th Sep 2012 | REPORT
you can find the last one at rilic castle
johnrules12345 said: 29th Oct 2014 | REPORT
Also, at Relic Castle, you can find a Lv. 70 Volcarona (mine is just sitting in my box.)
Guest answered: Added 20th Apr 2011, ID #400293

Do you beat alder again first it's n second alder :(

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Guest said: 9th Feb 2013 | REPORT
me to

Guest said: 15th Aug 2013 | REPORT
i know how to get genesect on white 2 see all unova pokemon beat the game and go to junipers lab and get a card go to mistralton city and go on the plane
johnrules12345 said: 29th Oct 2014 | REPORT
That's just to get a shiny Horoax (I'm definitely spelling it wrong but I mean the final evolution of Axew.)
Guest said: 11th Nov 2018 | REPORT
You find one on route 18, one on route 14, one in chargestone, ya know what just search it up
Guest answered: Added 21st Apr 2011, ID #400495

You can re batyle the Pokemon league and I thonk that if you go out of the white forest/black city you can find ghestis

Guest answered: Added 21st Apr 2011, ID #400529

I have genesect hes awesome if you have black and want to trade me tornadus and reshiram for him because hes level 100 and knows the moves
And he has 402Hp

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Guest said: 18th Feb 2013 | REPORT
anyone want to trade me a reshiram and torrnaidas?
Guest said: 29th Nov 2013 | REPORT
Ill trade my tornadus and reshiram
Guest said: 3rd Jan 2014 | REPORT
Can someone help me get pikatchu or squirtle or bulbasair or charmander please?
Guest said: 5th Feb 2014 | REPORT
who want to trade ? ineed laundrus i will trade my zekrom
Guest answered: Added 23rd Apr 2011, ID #400847


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Guest said: 9th Sep 2012 | REPORT
no pokemon grey. it is black2 and white2
Guest said: 15th Oct 2012 | REPORT
it is going to b pokemon black and white 2
Guest said: 15th Oct 2012 | REPORT
it is going to b pokemon black and white 2
Guest said: 10th Dec 2013 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 24th Apr 2011, ID #401064

You must first rebattle de leaqeu and then you can furter

Guest answered: Added 26th Apr 2011, ID #401719

Can't find n or ghetsis anywhere in black or white... Sorry dudes

Guest answered: Added 28th Apr 2011, ID #402314

You battle N in the new shining diamond and glowing pearl versions coming out soon

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Girl Goes Mew said: 26th Aug 2011 | REPORT
will it be like the origenal dimond and pearl cause i have platinum and i liked it better than D&P...
Guest answered: Added 28th Apr 2011, ID #402351

Complete the national pokedex. Its a hard task!!!! Remember you have to CATCH all of them, not just see all of them. Good luck!!!!

Guest answered: Added 3rd May 2011, ID #403358


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Guest said: 6th Jun 2012 | REPORT
which tree?
TheGoldenStandard said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
maybe you need to talk to the buildings in black city. just a thought.
Guest said: 25th May 2014 | REPORT
Ill try talking to trees hopes this works because the buildings don't seem to work
Guest said: 25th May 2014 | REPORT
Nope does not work plz help me is this on white/black 2 or just white/black :/
Guest answered: Added 13th May 2011, ID #405003

If you head out of mistarlon city it will start to thunder and a ladie brings you into a house and she gives you soup and tells you about Thundera and when you leave it appears

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Guest said: 29th Aug 2011 | REPORT
what happens if you trae thunderas
Guest answered: Added 8th Jun 2011, ID #410798

Pretty much your almost complete you don't see n ever again in the game sadly :( but theres a new game coming out it's either a new Pokemon mystery dungeon but with Pokemon from unova or another version game already but after you find the seven sages all you gotta do is beat cynthia and rebattle the Pokemon league to battle alder (warning:you want your team at least lv 70 or higher when you challenge cynthia or Pokemon league) and about genosect... You get it in an event he randomly appears in caves I think...

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Guest said: 30th Mar 2012 | REPORT
i beat cynthia with level 63 to 67 pokemon...
haleysbaby said: 4th Aug 2012 | REPORT
wow man guess what highest was level 60 lowest 38 i beat cynthia first try
Guest said: 27th Sep 2014 | REPORT
How do you get melloeta keledo or genesect with out an event
Guest said: 28th Feb 2016 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 16th Jun 2011, ID #412931

After finding all 7 sages, go to the top of the celestiel tower wich is north from mistrailten city. The city were you faught skyla the flying type Pokemon user. When you get to the top of the tower you will see the champion alder. He will talk to you and leave. Then fly to the Pokemon league and battle the elite 4. Then defeat the champion alder ang get into the hall of fame.then after all that crap, all you have to do is complete the national pokedex, wich is not an easy task. Oh yay you will need at least a lv.80 to beat the champion because he has a freaking lv.77 volcarona that knows quiver dance. Oh also in undella town, don't go into the first house! If you do, you gotta fight cynthia but you don't have to because she asks if your ready first. Well good luck beating the elite 4.

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TheGoldenStandard said: 25th May 2012 | REPORT
And I was attacked by a shiny herdier. Caught it and evolved it into a shiny beast Stoutland. then it barked at me and left.
Guest said: 28th May 2012 | REPORT
I found a shiny yamask
Guest said: 25th Jul 2012 | REPORT
to do what?
Guest said: 1st Nov 2012 | REPORT
theres no pokemon gray and genesect is out in pokemon pokemon 2 hurry on november 2 its over :(
Guest answered: Added 23rd Jun 2011, ID #415099

Where is N or ghetsis in white
And what is this tree talking stuff

Guest answered: Added 28th Jun 2011, ID #416608

Ghetis is in black city inbetween the skyscrapers and in white he's disguised as a tree so no one finds him but when you do be ready he battles you agin with all levl 85's

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Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
Guest said: 29th Mar 2014 | REPORT
After I beat the champion the houses were gone in pokemon black. I don't know why. Hoped this helped
Guest said: 21st Jul 2015 | REPORT
I just got shiny steelix lv 100 πŸ˜€
Guest said: 24th Apr 2016 | REPORT
Wich skyscraper in black city
Guest answered: Added 28th Jun 2011, ID #416632

I found them in Pokemon grey both getsissi and little n I didnot understand a word because it is in japanese

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Guest said: 13th Oct 2011 | REPORT
pokemon grey
NewGizoid said: 2nd Jun 2012 | REPORT
lies. the sequals are Black 2 and white 2. There is no pokemon grey and there never will be. don't post here if you're just going to make things up
Guest answered: Added 28th Jun 2011, ID #416711

Woah I had lvl 60s and I beat cyntia and please comment about real information like you actually tried it first!!!!

Guest answered: Added 1st Jul 2011, ID #417724

He is duisguesed as a tree I tried it

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Guest said: 30th Jul 2012 | REPORT
What tree? In pokemon white the trees grow and change when you connect with a friend over the Entralink. Is it one of the changing trees (tall ones) or the short ones around the entire edge of the forest?
Guest answered: Added 4th Jul 2011, ID #418579

Well I've dun sum research and I think their releasng an event in june of 2012 but I'm not totally sure tha it will happen but I'm going to send a leytter to nintendo and tell them to make an event or game with N init but if you reely want him to appear evetr again one letter isn't going to do it buta lotta letters will so I'm sendin mine are you sendin urs?

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jacky in the box said: 3rd Aug 2011 | REPORT
Why would we? A new game would have had to be in production for quite a while now and I don't think they would make such a drastic change at the last minute. A couple of letters won't change anything.
Guest said: 23rd Oct 2011 | REPORT
yes you imbasill
Guest said: 9th Apr 2012 | REPORT
a lot of letters change it. i beat cynthia with all lvl 50s. and wat tree. i think Ns comin back anyway.....just waitin 4 a tournament
TheGoldenStandard said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
as far as i know, that event is keldo.
Guest answered: Added 7th Jul 2011, ID #419368

I beat the elite 4 with zekrom reshirarm kydelo emboar hydragon and zorark thy were all lvl 85

Hope this helps Smile

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Guest said: 14th Oct 2011 | REPORT
lord n is in the victory road where you catch the legendary
Guest said: 1st Jul 2012 | REPORT
Miletus is in that desert cave somewhere I got him lv 70
basketobask answered:
Added 10th Jul 2011, ID #420603

U can't find ghestis and N is all lies, how do I know? He isnt a tree because the size of the city or forest will grow or descend on how fast you beat the game. Gensect would be in the p2 labatory, keldeo would be in either challengers cave or in a place by route 8. Melodea I wouldnt know.

These are events tho!
Hope this helps!

Guest answered: Added 11th Jul 2011, ID #420878

Gehintess is in the beginning of the game go to the first city and then keep going till you see a little pond to the left go there you must use surf continue on till you see a water stream use the bottom 1 and then use the next bottom one go up on the land and keep moving till you get to a little house where you get lavesta in an egg go down the stairs and go down and there is Gehintess then he get arrested if he's in a tree or something he musts got out of jail cuze I have all 7 found and you get nothing 4 it and your probably missing the one I just told ya about or the one in charge stone cave and you get genesect by the WiFi event coming out in 2012 of June

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Guest said: 21st Dec 2011 | REPORT
That's a Sage, dumbass. Seriously.
Guest said: 15th Jun 2013 | REPORT
What the heck is the p2 labretory
Guest answered: Added 16th Jul 2011, ID #422614

I beat ghetis 2 time with lvl 71 samurott and lvl 64 zekrom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered: Added 20th Jul 2011, ID #423859

I know where to find gerocent, it's live's in changaner's cave in route 9.

Hope this helps

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Guest said: 9th Dec 2013 | REPORT
Where in challengers cave
Guest answered: Added 25th Jul 2011, ID #425340

I beet the elite for wit only the seven sages beat cynthia caught all Pokemon...yuhh dnt find any Pokemon in black city or white forest...N isn't in the game yet till the event on june or july watever...I looked everywre nd even anville town...if anybody neeeds any strong Pokemon I trade demm...might wnna ask bout the black boat in nibassa other people or nintendo

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Guest said: 15th Sep 2011 | REPORT
i beat the elite four 50 times no loses with a mewtwo lv91,a zekrom lv 88, haxorus lv76, hydreigon lv93, garchomp lv 72, and changing last pokemon all the time...
Guest said: 19th Sep 2011 | REPORT
umm how is that sad? read carefully that answer than your comment then decide who is the REAL saddo
coolray5000 said: 21st Nov 2011 | REPORT
what is ur friend code i need some strong pokemon
Guest said: 29th Nov 2011 | REPORT
there are pokemon in white forest....not black city........
Guest answered: Added 27th Jul 2011, ID #426218

U are sad dude I beat it with a zorrark level 100
Does any one know a ar USA code for a Mew?I really want one

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Guest said: 10th Jul 2012 | REPORT
Um I do, it's a wild pokemon modifier without needing the drop masterball thing etc. It'll appear all the time in every wild encounter if you don't put it off.
Guest answered: Added 7th Aug 2011, ID #429852

Meleotta is found with the event in the city of castellia

Guest answered: Added 11th Aug 2011, ID #431341

Where exactly is ghetsis

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Guest said: 23rd Nov 2013 | REPORT
He is hiding in a tree in white forest!but be careFUL be sure all your pokemon is of LV 82 or above
Guest said: 12th Oct 2014 | REPORT
where is he in pkemon black ?
Guest answered: Added 12th Aug 2011, ID #431617

But you can get shiny genesect form dsi action replay plus the cod for shiny Pokemon + genesect. Thats how I got shiny genesect and all the other legendaries

Guest answered: Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #434302

My Pokemon team is a shiny black raquaza level 100 a level 100 shiny arceus ,level 100 shiny regigegas,level 100 shiny shaymin, but I change sometimes to level 100 dialga,level 100 luxray,level 100 gyarados,level 100 pigeot,level 100 giratina,and that is it Smile

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Guest said: 5th Aug 2012 | REPORT
thats a lie u do not hav all of those shiny pokemon.and if u did, u traded them wit ur frends!!!
Guest said: 5th Aug 2012 | REPORT
thats a lie u do not hav all of those shiny pokemon.and if u did, u traded them wit ur frends!!!
Guest said: 25th Jul 2014 | REPORT
It's a thing called Action Replay. Dumbass.
Guest answered: Added 21st Aug 2011, ID #434546

GUYS I KNOW THE ANSWER!!!!! In Opelucid City there is a house in that city where a guy asks for a Pokemon that knows charge. That Pokemon is Zekrom. SO DO NOT PASS ON THE MOVE CHARGE. I passed on the move charge but it says when you use charge it will bring you to the future. And I think N is in the future!!!!!!! Hope this Works!!!!! Smile Smile

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Guest said: 21st Jan 2012 | REPORT
after you beat N. you will real taem plazma boss. then your ds will say the end and you got sent home. then when you go down stair you will kown who is Locker then he will tell you to go and find something something.
Guest said: 26th Apr 2012 | REPORT
what if you beated the champion more then twis
Guest said: 29th Mar 2014 | REPORT
You do not use Zekrom because i got a rotom with charge and gave it to him and he said it had to be a pokemon from a certain time.
Guest answered: Added 27th Aug 2011, ID #436181

After beating thuh champ 2 times in a row,go to the relec castle and instead of volcorona n is there.he says a big dragon is awaiting you and gives you a master ball and leaves.the socalled dragon is a dialga lv 75 omigosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered: Added 15th Sep 2011, ID #440862

N is not in the future after you borrowd him a Pokemon with charge you will get a cell batery

Guest answered: Added 16th Sep 2011, ID #441034

Hey People.
You can find Gethetis, but not N. Gethetis is around P2 Lab. You only can see gethetis when you got all seven sages. And you need to see all the pokemon. So full pokedex. You don't need to capture them. Show off your pokedex to Jupiner (female), and she should be happy. Now, be sure you have the melouta event. Its probally released in 2012. You will see N in the event. After the event, you need to walk in this direction (NOT fly!!)., Lacunosa town, 2 undella bay, 2 the White Forest. If it's good, it's stands in the gate talking to that information-man. He says ,,!'' ands run. THEN he hides AT the trees. Hes standing under the trees. He is NOT AN tree, but hiding under an tree (an small tree).
You battle him. But beware! He haves an level 90 Zoruark (only if YOU did the Zoruark Event via Entei, raikou or Suicune.). His other pokemons are 85, 85, 87, 87, and 84.
Good luck.
Ps; my dad works at Game Freak. I have all Legends in HG/P/W, so trust me ;)

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Guest said: 22nd Apr 2012 | REPORT
Hon, Fire Red and Leaf Green are the remakes of Kanto.
Guest said: 22nd Apr 2012 | REPORT
Hon, Fire Red and Leaf Green are the remakes of Kanto.
Guest said: 22nd Apr 2012 | REPORT
Hon, Fire Red and Leaf Green are the remakes of Kanto.
Guest said: 22nd Apr 2012 | REPORT
Hon, Fire Red and Leaf Green are the remakes of Kanto.
Guest answered: Added 21st Sep 2011, ID #442156

If you passed on charge you can easily just use a heart scale to teach him again.It's not rocket-science.

Guest answered: Added 28th Sep 2011, ID #443511

N is in the Hoen Region after you play the game and find the six sages.You may not believe me but I'm a huge fan of N so I wouldn't lie.What I did after I was told he was in a far away region I first travelled around Unova looking for him and I remember in Challengers Cave when I had Zekrom,Keldeo,Victini,Kyurem,Arceus and Meloetta in my team Looker told me that he had saw N in Hoen and that he wasn't planning to come back anytime soon.

It's your choice to believe me but that's what happened to me,I cried.

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Guest said: 7th Oct 2011 | REPORT
Are you sure? How do you get to Hoenn? Does Skyla take you there in her cargo plane? Oh, by the way, I'm writing a NxWhite Pokemon fanfic, so follow the link to it:
if that don't work, go to, and click search. Select "Author", and type in Lyrra Snow. All NxWhite fans, please read! I will update as soon as possible!
Guest answered: Added 23rd Oct 2011, ID #449870

N and the others and all ov this is mumbo-jumbo you finish the game he is not in hoenn you are all morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered: Added 14th Nov 2011, ID #455856

If you kill thunderous can he come back again or no

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Guest said: 24th Feb 2014 | REPORT
theta new answered:
Added 14th Nov 2011, ID #455863

If you kill thunderous will he come back again?

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Guest said: 29th Mar 2014 | REPORT
Yes if you beat the elite four and champion all the legendary pokemon you might have killed come back
Pokechamp214 answered:
Added 14th Nov 2011, ID #455879

Huh funny I only caught reshiram with only a simple ultra ball and savin the master ball for even a stronger legendary say riakou for it said on the internet that he can be found inside dragon spiral tower...

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NewGizoid said: 2nd Jun 2012 | REPORT
that site that said raikou was in the game is complete bogus. don't believe everything you read on the internet. especially from the people here. I don't know what these people are thinking when they post stuff like "genosect is in challenger's cave". they must want to sound cool, but in the end they just look stupid when they're proven wrong.
Guest answered: Added 15th Nov 2011, ID #456064

Ok people, ghetsis (I'm the only one who spelt it right xD) is near white forest or black city, hes not descuised as a tree, and I have read in many places there might be a Pokemon grey comming out , and also remakes of ruby and saphire, I don't know where N is, genisect is an event, thunderus will not come back if killed, AND READ THIS TO GO TO THE FUTURE, GO TO ENTRALINK, AND GO INTO SOMEONES WORLD, CATCH A Pokemon THAT KNOW CHARGE IN THAT WORLD, AND THEN GET IT FROM THE FOREST WHERE THE ONES you CATCH IN THAT WORLD GO TO INSTEAD OF PC, THE INSTRUCTION TO GO INO THE WORLD ARE TOLD BY THE CPU'S THERE BUT YOU NEED TO BE WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS A BLACK/WHITE GAME OR YOU CAN HAVE 2 DS' WITH BLACK OR WHITE, THATS WHY THAT GUY SAYS THE Pokemon HAS TO BE FROM (ANOTHER WORLD) AND THEN WHEN YOU GIVE IT TO HIM, IDK WHAT HAPPENS KUZ I DID IT LIKE 4 MONTHS AGO, BUT THATS THE TRUTH PLEASE BELIEVE ME EVEN TRY IT, ok thats off my chest, other matters I have to say is, alder is indeedat celestial tower thing, there is nothing at dragon spiral tower I checked, nothing in challengers cave, I checked, HOWEVER mabe dialga palkia and geritina are in dragonspiral oor I think mabe the person who said in relic castle might be right, I'm going to restart my game to try that possibility, but now that I think of it N is indeed in the hoen because of the ruby saphire remakes, if you have any questions from me email me at [email protected], thank you

A big fan of pokemon

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Guest said: 29th Nov 2011 | REPORT
the relic thing is get masterball BEFORE you even GET to victory road
Guest said: 17th May 2012 | REPORT
does anyone know the dns code for suicune in white for the dsi
Guest answered: Added 19th Nov 2011, ID #456786

Seriously I caught em both with a pokeball

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Guest said: 7th Jun 2018 | REPORT
I caught a Zekrom with an ultra balls and if you want to fatu terrakion then use a bunch of dusk balls and by the way I have terrakion,. Virizon, and coballion and kyurem and Zekrom. PS. NO TRADES
Guest answered: Added 24th Nov 2011, ID #458337

I know where you can get ghetisis he is at mavelos bridge do you notice the girl dissaperring when you walk bye her it's ghetisis minion people that were at brycen gym.n is going to be in the new Pokemon game he has lv 100 zecrm nd he goes back to unova and gives you his zecrom in a master ball with the moves electro ball thunder gigaimpact and acrobatics. Bye and my Pokemon are infernape lv100 serperiorlv100 and kyuremlv100 and lucario lv100 and reshiramlv99 and last but not least zecrom lv100 I thik.

Guest answered: Added 5th Jan 2012, ID #470605

Hahaha who comes up with the time to compose so much lies. I really did lol

Guest answered: Added 14th Jan 2012, ID #473167

Alright so my friend found N after he beat him in the castle at the elite 4 but he won't say where so.. All you retarded newbs out there who say you can't fight him after that point think again

Guest answered: Added 20th Jan 2012, ID #474990

Come on guys. Why don't just use the built in codes with an R4 and just get unlimited master balls and be able to catch enemy Pokemon like I did. Now a have both legendarys and all starters.

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Guest said: 3rd Nov 2012 | REPORT
how do u get codes
Guest answered: Added 12th Feb 2012, ID #481927

Look, if you want a reshiram or anything else, just go on gts and post an offer, you can usually just sac like a thundurus. Or you can do a search

Guest answered: Added 14th Feb 2012, ID #482700

I have a level 100 Heatmor, what do you do after you find the seven sages

Guest answered: Added 28th Mar 2012, ID #493710

I beat the elite four first then got the sages so how dO I get the super rod

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johnrules12345 said: 29th Oct 2014 | REPORT
I've heard on this thread that when you have found the sages, Looker will give you the Rod.
Guest answered: Added 5th Apr 2012, ID #495617

You shold have got it earlyer in the game

Guest answered: Added 30th Apr 2012, ID #502773

You people are sad N is the Only one you will need to have a complete pokedex and you need zekrom And reshiram both level 100 once you have thes get a lava cookie and go to relic castle go to the room where you saw one of the seven stages and trash it there. Now go and fight the champion when you beet him go to black city/ white forest he is in one of the building or houses hope this helps Smile

Guest answered: Added 2nd May 2012, ID #503232

Are you sure there making remakes of all those classic games I also have a Pokemon black code for Mew but I'm to lazy to get my AR PEASE

TheGoldenStandard answered:
Added 25th May 2012, ID #510075

You know what they need to remake? Pokemon YELLOW!!!! PIKACHU ROCKS.... *fainted*

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Guest said: 27th May 2012 | REPORT
yes completly agrree. yellow was the best!!!!!!
Guest said: 26th Jun 2014 | REPORT
That would be perfect!!
Guest answered: Added 4th Jun 2012, ID #512946

You can try to get your pokemons to lv. 100,after you finish and don't know where to go.(hope this helped ya).

Guest answered: Added 12th Jun 2012, ID #514865

You people need to stay on topic and stop side tracking it gets really annoying to have to scroll through all the exess material

Guest answered: Added 25th Jun 2012, ID #518169

Ok, for all of you people out there..... There is NO N or Ghetsis. If you want a Pokemon... Use the ar like a few others said!!! It's not hard.

Ps if you want a Pokemon that is legendary like Mew... Post a level 50 haxorus or something like it and in about 3 days you should have the Pokemon you want.

hope you guys like this post

-gamer OUT

Guest answered: Added 28th Jun 2012, ID #519023

All you guys are idiots! Why do you argue over stuff like this?! And all of you CHEATERS who use action replay and stuff like that, play it real! I did And I hv a LvL 88 Emboar, LvL 83 Zekrom,LvL 92 Lugia,
LvL 91 Ho-oh,LvL 79 Blastoise and LvL 100 Raikou!

Guest answered: Added 5th Aug 2012, ID #528939

Hey ummm, I'm trying to catch reshiram, but I only have 1 ultra ball. Im doing great damage without it fainting so, that no promblemo. My team is... Archeops lvl 51, unfezant lvl 43, emboar lvl 47, krookodile lvl 47, haxorus lvl 48(will trade if presented with acceptable offer;no hydriegons!) and zweilous lvl 52. (if youre wondering how I got through the elite four, my archeops knows acrobatics :D. Nuff said.) how do I catch it!?

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Guest said: 24th Dec 2013 | REPORT
you need a MASTER BALL
kainoh answered:
Added 8th Aug 2012, ID #530264

LOOOOOOOOOOOL haven't you guys heard of
You can get any Pokemon you want but first you have to change your ds DNS to

Use that to help change DNS. Once you have chosen your Pokemon go to poke centre up the stairs talk to the lady on at right press global trade, then gts then save the game . Then you will go in to the tube thing. Press yes to connect to wi-fi. Then BANG there is your Pokemon then just press quit. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL PARTY!! ---> skip to 5:20

DragladeFan answered:
Added 11th Aug 2012, ID #531094

I heard you can get Genesect from an event. But it has already passed. Here's a vid:

gamemaster121 answered:
Added 3rd Jun 2013, ID #590757

You cannot find Genesect in Blacl/White without cheating. It was a wifi event for Black 2/White 2 when they came out.


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