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Location Modifier Marking Code cheat for Pokemon White 2

Location Modifier Marking Code


Mark a Pokemon to change the location in which it was caught.

Black 2

5201e65c bdf873b4
0201e65c fad0f7e3
D0000000 00000000
02001c00 73b4b4ff
02001ffc bdf8bcff
02001fd0 83084800
12001fd4 0000xxxx

White 2

5201e688 bdf873b4
0201e688 fabaf7e3
D0000000 00000000
02001c00 73b4b4ff
02001ffc bdf8bcff
02001fd0 83084800
12001fd4 0000xxxx

NOTE: Replace the xxxx with the hex number of the location that you want. If the hex number only has 2 places like "04" replace the xxxx with "0004".

Marking Codes Location
00- ---
01- Mystery Zone
02- Faraway place
03- ---
04- Nuvema Town
05- Accumula Town
06- Striaton City
07- Nacrene City
08- Castelia City
09- Nimbasa City
0A- Driftveil City
0B- Mistralton City
0C- Icirrus City
0D- Opelucid City
0E- Route 1
0F- Route 2
10- Route 3
11- Route 4
12- Route 5
13- Route 6
14- Route 7
15- Route 8
16- Route 9
17- Route 10
18- Route 11
19- Route 12
1A- Route 13
1B- Route 14
1C- Route 15
1D- Route 16
1E- Route 17
1F- Route 18
20- Dreamyard
21- Pinwheel Forest
22- Desert Resort
23- Relic Castle
24- Cold Storage
25- Chargestone Cave
26- Twist Mountain
27- Dragonspiral Tower
28- Victory Road
29- Lacunosa Town
2A- Undella Town
2B- Anville Town
2C- Pokémon League
2D- N's Castle
2E- Royal Unova
2F- Gear Station
30- Battle Subway
31- Musical Theater
32- Black City
33- White Forest
34- Unity Tower
35- Wellspring Cave
36- Mistralton Cave
37- Rumination Field
38- Celestial Tower
39- Moor of Icirrus
3A- Shopping Mall
3B- Challenger's Cave
3C- Poké Transfer Lab
3D- Giant Chasm
3E- Liberty Garden
3F- P2 Laboratory
40- Skyarrow Bridge
41- Driftveil Drawbridge
42- Tubeline Bridge
43- Village Bridge
44- Marvelous Bridge
45- Entralink
46- Abundant Shrine
47- Undella Bay
48- Lostlorn Forest
49- Trial Chamber
4A- Guidance Chamber
4B- Entree Forest
4C- Nimbasa City
4D- Driftveil City
4E- Mistralton City
4F- Icirrus City
50- Opelucid City
51- Nuvema Town
52- White Forest
53- Black City
54- Cold Storage
55- Chargestone Cave
56- Twist Mountain
57- Dragonspiral Tower
58- Giant Chasm
59- Driftveil Drawbridge
5A- Tubeline Bridge
5B- Village Bridge
5C- Marvelous Bridge
5D- Route 5
5E- Route 6
5F- Route 7
60- Route 8
61- Route 9
62- Route 11
63- Route 12
64- Route 13
65- Route 14
66- Route 15
67- Route 16
68- Lacunosa Town
69- Undella Town
6A- Accumula Gate
6B- Undella Gate
6C- Nacrene Gate
6D- Castelia Gate
6E- Nimbasa Gate
6F- Opelucid Gate
70- Black Gate
71- White Gate
72- Bridge Gate
73- Route Gate
74- Abyssal Ruins

Marking Codes Location
7530- Faraway Place
7531- PokeShifter(might not be working)
7532- Link Trade
7533- Link Trade
7534- Kanto
7535- Johto
7536- Hoenn
7537- Sinnoh
7538- Distant Land
7539- ---
753A- Transfer Machine Celebi
753B- Celebi Event
753C- Transfer Machine Beasts
753D- Lost Forest(Crown)
753E- Entralink

9C40- ---
9C41- Lovely place
9C42- ---
9C43- Pokémon Movie
9C44- Pokémon Movie 10
9C45- Pokémon Movie 11
9C46- Pokémon Movie 12
9C47- Pokémon Movie 13
9C48- Pokémon Movie 14
9C49- Pokémon Movie 15
9C4A- Pokémon Movie 16
9C4B- Pokémon Movie 17
9C4C- Pokémon Movie 18
9C4D- Pokémon Movie 19
9C4E- Pokémon Movie 20
9C4F- Pokémon Center
9C50- Pokémon Cartoon
9C51- PC Tokyo
9C52- PC Osaka
9C53- PC Fukuoka
9C54- PC Nagoya
9C55- PC Sapporo
9C56- PC Yokohama
9C57- WCS
9C58- WCS 2010
9C59- WCS 2011
9C5A- WCS 2012
9C5B- WCS 2013
9C5C- WCS 2014
9C5D- WCS 2015
9C5E- WCS 2016
9C5F- WCS 2017
9C60- WCS 2018
9C61- WCS 2019
9C62- WCS 2020
9C63- Worlds
9C64- Worlds 2010
9C65- Worlds 2011
9C66- Worlds 2012
9C67- Worlds 2013
9C68- Worlds 2014
9C69- Worlds 2015
9C6A- Worlds 2016
9C6B- Worlds 2017
9C6C- Worlds 2018
9C6D- Worlds 2019
9C6E- Worlds 2020
9C70- VGE 2010
9C71- VGE 2011
9C72- VGE 2012
9C73- VGE 2013
9C74- VGE 2014
9C75- VGE 2015
9C76- VGE 2016
9C77- VGE 2017
9C78- VGE 2018
9C79- VGE 2019
9C7A- VGE 2020
9C7B- Pokemon Event
9C7C- Battle Competition
9C7D- Game Event
9C7E- Pokémon Fan Club
9C7F- Pokémon Sunday
9C80- Challenge Plaza
9C81- Battle Challenge
9C82- Trainers' Court
9C83- Battle Tour
9C84- Concert
9C85- Wi-Fi Gift
9C86- Pokémon Ranger
9C87- Ranger Union
9C88- PBR
9C89- Pokémon DW
9C8A- Pokemon Event 10
9C8B- Pokemon Event 11
9C8C- Pokemon Event 12
9C8D- Pokemon Event 13
9C8E- Pokemon Event 14
9C8F- Pokemon Event 15
9C90- Pokemon Event 16
9C91- Pokemon Event 17
9C92- Pokemon Event 18
9C93- Pokemon Event 19
9C94- Pokemon Event 20
9C95- Pokemon Festa
9C96- Pokemon Festa 10
9C97- Pokemon Festa 11
9C98- Pokemon Festa 12
9C99- Pokemon Festa 13
9C9A- Pokemon Festa 14
9C9B- Pokemon Festa 15
9C9C- Pokemon Festa 16
9C9D- Pokemon Festa 17
9C9E- Pokemon Festa 18
9C9F- Pokemon Festa 19
9CA0- Pokemon Festa 20
9CAD- Event Site

NOTE: These locations do not include locations specific to Pokemon Black and White 2. These Locations only include locations from Pokemon Black and White. All of these location still work for Pokemon Black and White 2.

To find Locations specific to Pokemon Black and White 2 I suggest searching the internet or, if you are familiar with hexadecimal, you should be able to fill in the missing location yourself.
Edited: Jun 23 2014

Added by: ryanbaker0617
Jul 26th 2013, ID#18005


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7 comments, latest first.
Nov 11th 2015 Guest
any such code for white?
ID #624256
Oct 1st 2015 Guest
Entree forest comes up as Faraway land
ID #613029
Jul 25th 2015 Guest
aspertia city please
ID #589002
Nov 4th 2014 Guest
legends still dont go through poke transporter because you need a pokemon hometown code as well
ID #467412
Nov 1st 2014 Guest
How do I select the Pokemon to change the code?
ID #466019
Oct 15th 2014 Guest
Can you make a code like this for pokemon black so my hacked legends can go through the poketransporter please?
ID #458980
Sep 2nd 2014 Guest
What's the dream radar hex
code location
ID #443947
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