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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Metroid Prime: Hunters

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Check out our collection of cheats which includes unlocking suitless Samus, arenas and Hunters in Adventure mode. We also have a way to get Samus inside the straircase at Arcterra Gateway.

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We have 80 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Metroid Prime: Hunters please send them in here.

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Unlock Sound Test Option

This feature becomes available when you have defeated Gorea's second phase.

Unlock Record Table

When you complete the game the 'Record Table' option at the 'Main' menu will become an available option. Select it to view the best Adventure mode times, total time played, and final Boss times.

Hunters License Icons

The following icons will appear on the left side of your Hunters License when you complete the indicated task.
Alimbic Icon:
Simply complete the Adventure Mode.
Octolith Icon:
Complete Adventure mode with a 100% rating (ALL items and Logbook scans collected) and this icon will replace the Alimbic Emblem.
Bronze Lightning Bolt Icon:
Get 25 total wins in Multiplayer mode.
Silver Lightning Bolt Icon:
Get 100 total wins in Multiplayer mode.
Gold Lightning Bolt Icon:
Get 200 total wins in Multiplayer mode.
Special Border Icon:
Play over 500 games either Online or local.
Gold Border Icon:
Play over 500 games either Online or local while maintaining a Rank 5.

Unlock Video Trailer

When you complete All the training courses getting at least 5th place on the leader board the 'Play Video' option will become an available at the touch screen. This video trailer can then be accessed anytime afterwards by touching a small red flashing dot at the 'Main' screen.

Unlock Arenas

Some areans are available from the start of the game whilst others require that you play multiplayer games and Gateway Arenas are unlocked when you land on a new area in Single-Player mode. There are a total of 26 arenas in the game.
Alinos Perch.
Open from start of game.
Combat Hall:
Open from start of game.
Data Shrine:
Open from start of game.
High Ground:
Open from start of game.
Ice Hive:
Open from start of game.
Processor Core:
Open from start of game.
Sic Transit:
Open from start of game.
Transfer Lock:
Open from start of game
Play 2 local games.
Compression Chamber:
Play 4 local games.

Unlockable Hunters License Ranks

Win Wi-Fi matches to earn points (losing matches losses points) and get the following amount of points to unlock the indicated ranks.
Unlock Rank 1 - Bounty Hunter:
Get 0-39 Multi-Player points.

Unlock Rank 2 - Super Hunter:
Get 40-139 Points Multiplayer points.

Unlock Rank 3 - Elite Hunter:
Get 140-389 Multiplayer points.

Unlock Rank 4 - Master Hunter:
Get 390-749 Multiplayer points.

Unlock Rank 5 - Legendary Hunter:
Get 750-MAX Multiplayer points.

Unlock Sound Test Option

This feature becomes available when you have defeated Gorea's second phase.

Become the hunter you dreamed of!

Ok...listen closely, everyone has one hunter their best with I, am best with sylux...almost everyone thinks there best with trace...FEW PEOPLE ACTUALLY ARE!! So to find out who your best with follow these steps...
1 go on wifi battle an even number of battles with every character.
Record you place in every match!
2. Repeat step 1 twice... 3. If any ties do a tie breaker 5 matches per character
Sometimes somebody will get what I call a blood
(being best with 2 or more characters)
Like I have trace blood but I be sylux. Bloods are useful for now I can do long range with my trace blood skill or close range with sylux skill.
4. If you do get a blood decide wich characters special ability you are best with.
5. Bing! Thats your be..

Unlock Hunters in Adventure Mode

Defeat the following Hunters for the first time in Adventure mode to unlock them.
Unlock Samus Aran:
Unlocked from the start.
Unlock Kanden:
Defeat Kanden for the first time.
Unlock Noxus:
Defeat Noxus for the first time.
Unlock Spire:
Defeat Spire for the first time.
Unlock Sylux:
Defeat Sylux for the first time.
Unlock Trace:
Defeat Trace for the first time.
Unlock Weavel:
Defeat Weavel for the first time.

Missing Percent?

If at the end of the game you are missing a percent on you bio scans, you should try to find the hunters and scan them again but also scan their alt form AND their bio form. You should also go to every world and try scanning the screens around the landing area of the hunter gunship.


If you are Sylux in Headshot, go outside of the main building. Use three of your bombs, and you will be boosted. Keep doing that, and you can fly. Be careful. If your bombs run out, you will fall.

How to Get to Gorea 2

To get to Gorea 2, while fighting Gorea 1, if you notice, there are six coloured plates on the wall. You have to shoot them witht the right weapon in the right order, and once you defeat Gorea 1, you will be transported to Gorea 2.
First, shoot the Yellow plate with the Volt Driver
Second, shoot the Green plate with the BattleHammer
Third, shoot the Orange plate with the Magmaul
Fourth, shoot the Blue plate with the Shock Coil (you have to jump a little for this one)
Fifth, shoot the Purple plate with the Judicator
Sixth (and lastly), shoot the Red plate with the Imperialist
If you do this correctly, you should get a transmission from your Space Ship and once Gorea 1 is defeated, you will be taken to Oubliette to face Gorea 2.

significance of Amblic Profacey 01-08

As you go trough the game you'll find datashades if you scan the blue circles above some dors in the game there are 8 total. When you put thier messages in order it will say:(01) it is written that the alimbic power shall materalize when six frequencies shimmer in the divine spectral sequence.(02)in the beginning the darkness shall be torn asunder by a flash of yellow lightnig.(03)yellow lightnig shall strike with demonic fury opon the greenwood.(04)with a vioce of thunder shall the greenwood burst into an orange blaze.(05)the orange blaze shall die away to be reborn on wings of blue smoke.(06)tendrils of blue smoke shall weave the geometry of violet crystal(07)violet crystal shall shatter the heavens leaving a red stain.(08)when the red stain shall vanish, so shall the ancient amblic po..

Headshot Walk through Walls

1. have enemy/friend stand in front of the chute (the one where you're launched onto the small platform).
2. Face enemy/friend and attack while in alt form.
Result: You and your friend will be launched through the chute and onto the outside platform.

Walkin on sunshine.... Or not

Okay so this is more of a glitch than a cheat but what ever. In the level "WEAPONS COMPLEX" If you go into an Alt-form and take the bounce pad through a little tube you come out on top where there is an imperialist. If you run of the end of the platform WITHOUT JUMPING and jump while falling, you should be able to make it to the imperalist. Repeat on way back. Jump into the tube but stay as close to the room as possible. Face the inside of the tube and not the room. If you jump and hold back than press forward jumping in a ( shape around the wall, the anti gravity will carry you up to the top of the room. (this is the room where it's anti grav and no roof) If done properly you should be standing on seemingly a wall with a sniper rifle. Its definetly the best sniping place in that level. ..

Multiplayer: Spire rocks

Spire is my favorite hunter because of his cool abilities:
1) His alterante form, the Dialanche, can roll up walls. Roll at a wall, and when you reach it, just keep on rolling. He doesn't move as well when doing this, and sometimes falls off, but you can reach places otherwise inaccesible. 2) He is completely impervious to lava. It just doesn't hurt him.
3) When he fires a charged Magmaul shot and it hits an opponent, they go up in flames. Until the fire goes out, they take constant damage. But if you hit something too close, you might catch fire too.
4) He is probably the hardest hunters to get a headshot on, because his head is more on his chest than his shoulders, so there are not very many angles at which to ge a headshot.
Unfortunatly, he is also a li..

Easy Kanden

All you have to do to beat Kanden easily is this. When he is in his Alt-Form, just stay at a distance and rapid fire normal blasts at him. When he is not in his Alt-form, fire about ten shots at him then a charged shot and repeat this method until he dies.

How to beat Gorea

This is for all of you out there who can't beat Gorea:
To beat Gorea, you have to shoot both of his arms off. But you can only do that with the weapon that the color he is (eg: yellow = volt driver). But I have an easy strategy. Wait for him to turn red (right after he uses imperialist [blue]) then use your imperialist to shoot off his arms in 1 shot. Once both are off, Gorea will flip over and a gold ball thingy will be floating over him. Keep on shooting it with the imperialist until it, like, blows up. Keep on doing this until it is dead.
To fight Gorea 2 ( you must to beat the game), you have to activate Photon Avalanche. To do that, you must shoot those colorful targets on the high wall in a specific order. Here's the order:
1: yellow = volt dri..

Various glitches

The following are glitches that work in multiplayer and sometimes adventure mode.
1.) Combat hall glitch. You've all heard of the one where you run in the corner and blast yourself right? This is similar. Walk up to the second floor of the level and go over the bridge to an area you need alt form to get through(the second area you reach is this one.) walk backwards into the tunnel as far as you can in biped form. While running backwards into the tunnel fire a fully charged missle so the balst barely touches you. You will be balsted into the area in biped form. (You must use weavel to do this.) then switch into alt form and the wall to your right is gone. Fall down through the wall and you will land in the hallway. But you can control this fall so you land in a black area where noone..

Hunter Help

Everybody who plays Metroid Prime Hunters knows there are 7 main hunters in the game. Each of them have their own specific weaknesses powers alt forms ect. But not many people know all this and how to use these people properly. I'm using this to show you how to do all that. So here we go.
Samus Aran: Her alt form is the only alt form with 2 moves. Boost and bombs. By standing ont he bombs it enables her to jump in the air. Samuses morph ball can go into small crevices lvls (in the game or in multiplayer/wi-fi mode) WEAKNESS: She has no attack specificly meant for her like the others.
Kanden: My personal favorite hunter. His special attack is Volt Driver which when charged can a) Track the opponent b) If the opponent is evennntuall hit will distort the opponents v..

Deathalt Location

Ok guys
If you are like me then you most likely want to kill bots/humans fast without that much effort so here are some tips on how to kill them fast
1) use a deathhalt these are scattered around the map and is basicly one touch! Kill this is very useful for instant carnage I only know were two are but if you know were more are just email me taelling me where and i'll add more.
The 1st deathhalt is in the map headshot in side down the hole in the middle but mostley everyone knows were that 1 is but do you know were the one on the level ice hive is?
Ok it's in a hidden hole to get there you need to go to the jump pad leading to the judicator then go through the door then up the ramp to your left are two doors go past them to the left to the f..

an easier way to "hide in the wall"

I have found a more simple and quicker way to hide in the wall. First you must have two human players playing together in multiplayer mode. One has to be trace and the other can be any hunter they want. Have The first person ( the person not trace, unless both are trace.) walk up to a wall. Have the person playing as trace walk up behind you in their alt. Form. Have them attack into you, which should push you into the wall. Me and my little brother did this on accident and he pushed me into the wall. The only downside is that you must have two people.

Use Wavel and go to Sc Transit.On one end of the..

Use Wavel and go to Sc Transit.On one end of the arena there is a long hallway and an orange room on on end.Go to the orange room and look right.There should be a crumbled looking pillar.Jump on to it and hold up and right[ this is very hard at first so you may need to try many times] and you should stay there.Now turn into alt. And you will be propelled into the wall and through it. You should be in an area thatis out side of the level[careful, you may fall by accident and die].Go to the corner in the left without going back into the level and fire 2 battlehammer shots onthe ground the jump [thus doing a super jump]while moving forward and
You should land on an invisible platform. From there you can travel to all sorts of places in the 'other dimension' version of the level.

Steady Hutners Licensce

If during the battle a screen appears saying there are not enough players to continue, shut the DS before you press the a button. Turn your DS back on, go straight to 'multiplayer mode', go to 'mulitcard play', then go play a 1 on 1 and win. If you do, your connection history and everything else won't change including your ranking points.
If you are in last place or in 3rd place, shut your DS, turn it back on and go straight to 'multicard play'. Do a 1 on 1, win, and your hunters licensce won't lose ranking points or anything else.
Yet remember, the point is to have fun!
To view your hunters licensce, go to 'multiplayer mode', 'nintendo wifi', and then go to 'edit friends and rivals'. On the top screen is your hunters licensce. Use the 'l' and 'r' button..

Beat some Hunters with Kanden

Most Syluxs will try to find the Shock Coil, and use it if they get low on health. If this happens, go into alt.form and move around so he can't get you. If he joins you in alt. Form, lay a bunch of "Tail Bombs" that will home in on Sylux while you keep moving around. Watch out though: Sylux will lay Stealth Bombs and circle you while laying them, so don't crawl around in circles if you don't want to get seriously hurt. Charge the Volt Driver (If you have it) and it too will home in on Sylux. When Sylux's vision is messed up, fire loads of Missiles.
Trace: Like before, Trace will be way up high. Go into Stinglarva form and move around a lot just in case so you won't get hit by Imperialist shots. Also try to track the shots to it's start to find Trace. Once found, T..

Fight Gorea 2

On the sides of the walls where you fight gorea 1 are different coloured things which will spin if you shoot them with the corresponding weapon E.G volt driver = yellow.
This is the order
Then you will get a telepathic message.

How to kill gorea 2

Once you have killed gorea 1 you will be warped somewhere called dubliette.
The gorea should be floating and you should have a gun called the omega cannon.use the omega cannon to defeat gorea 2 and shoot it's yellow bit.
Once you have defeated gorea 2 you will unlock dubliette as a multiplayer level.
You can use the omega cannon aswell on multiplayer but when it explodes don't look at it or you will self destruct.

See gorea

As we progres though this game we find out the alimbics were killed by gorea. If you want to se his sillouet (didnt spell that right), simply watch the thing at the start were it says nintendo presents blah blah blah with the orb falling and after retro studios the orb will stop in the middle and explode. For a fraction of a split second you will see the shape of the beast

Prime Hunter Bonuses

When you are the Prime Hunter, not only do you move faster and have stronger attacks.You also gain all the special weapon abilities.
Try using the Judicator to freeze your enemies and then finish them of with quick shots.
Hopefully, this will keep you alive longer!


When it is your first time using Wi-Fi, I recommend you go on milti-card play, choose the character you would want to be, and fight a bot in almost every stadium. This way, if you don't get the stadium you want in Wi-Fi, you will still be very good in it. You will also master how to get to all the secret areas (sniping areas on top, etc.). It will also give you which board you play in the best, so you can choose that board on Wi-Fi.
Hope this helps!

Recommended Wi-Fi levels

If you have a favorite character yet don't know what board to use them on in Wi-Fi, take my advice:
Imperialist: Harvester (Arena 14), Ice Hive (Arena 5), Combat Hall (Arena 1)
Samus: Combat Hall (Arena 1)
Kanden: Sic Transit (Arena 7)
Weavel: Combat Hall (Arena 1)
Noxus:Alinos Perch (Arena 6)
Spire: Alinos Perch (Arena 23)
Sylux: Ice Hive (Arena 5), Combat Hall (Arena 1), Celestial Gateway (Arena 22), Head shot (Arena 21), VDO Gateway (Arena 24)
Of course, this is only my recommendation. You don't have to choose those boards if you want, just try them out and see!
Hope this helps!

A strategy for Spire users:

Here's a heaps good strategy I use at Alinos Gateway with Spire:
Well, first you grab the Imperialist, then fall off the edge in Dialanche and make your way to the lava falls. Once there pull the Imperialist and wait for someone else to grab the Imperialist from it's place. It is likely they will stand still to Sniper, so take aim and try for the headshot!
But don't stay there for to long, or people will target you.

Unlock Oubliette in Multiplayer

Put simply, just defeat Gorea 2 and you will have unlocked Oubliette to play on in Multiplayer.


If you can't seem to find the last movie, try this. Defeat Gorea 1, but don't shoot the plates around the room. After he is defeated, you both will die and you'll get the last movie.

How to go through a wall

Read closely!
1-Go to the level- Combat Hall
2-Pick Weavel/Weavil
3-Go to a corner on the right-hand side if you are on one side of the level. Go to the oppostire side if you are on the other side.
READ- To know if it's the right corner or not, there is a hallway type of hall beside it
4-Walk into the wall until you are stuck
READ-When you are stuck, keep walking into it
5-Get another player to be Weavel/Weavil also
6-Make him go behind you
7-Make him jump and land on you
READ-Make sure you transform so his turret will come out when you jump on top. THEN, you will bounce off of the guy/girl who is walking into the wall and then un-transform so your turret will explode

No Hits!

This hint works for all but Noxus and Trace double teaming you, Kanden, and weavle it works when Trace and Noxus are seperate too.
Like all ez bosses just run facing your opponnent jumping like a rabbit cheesy huh don't forget to shoot.
P.S. Carefull with ledges.

Glithches in the game (only to be used if despirate)

Shadow Freeze - you can only do this with Noxus or if you are the prime hunter with the judicator. The means that you can freeze some if they are on the other side of the map.
Charge the judicator and spot your enemy aim at the floor will pointing at them, fire and they will be frozen.
Hiding in the wall - on combat hall with either Trace or Weavel go the end of the corridor near the jump pad face the corner and fire missles you should be pushed into the wall, and to escape go into alt form.
Sniping on the roof - on weapons complex if you go up the tube with the invisibility you get to two platforms run of the edge towards the imperialist and jump half way the anti grav should take you the rest of the way. Do the same to get back jump into the tunnel face the s..

Shoot through walls into Nothing

This has only been tested in the Celestial Archives. If you test anywhere else, have a few energy tanks just in case of Self Destruction.
Go to any floor of the Archives in the room that looks like the place you battled Kanden(or the place you did barrle him, in the case of the first floor). Destroy any guardians in the room. Go to the areas with the orange Force Fields. Get as close to them in Bipedal form as possible. Switch to Missles for referance. Look upward so that all of the top two parts of the Arm Cannon are visible, but none of the bottom parts. To see if it works, shoot. If you use a missle, you shouldn't hear it explode. That's because there is nothing there. This works on all of the Force Fields like that.

Good Hiding Place (Multiplayer)

In the Incubation Vault, there are some "windows" (you can sitll jump through them) and a door leading into a small passage on the ground floor. When you go into that passage, look up and you will see a ledge. If you jump on that ledge, you will see another ledge to the side. It's actually a small passage on the second floor! If you want, you can stay on the first ledge and hide/ambush, or you can use the ledges like a secret passage. If you get spoted, however, then your opponent will know where you are. Use this spot only a few times each spot, or you'll be predictable.

How to beet the boss in regular

Tou need to have a life pack so when you die you dont have to start from the room before good luck!!!!

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