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Perfect Dark Cheats for N64

Cheats and Tips for Perfect Dark


We have 42 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Perfect Dark please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameBoy : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our Perfect Dark Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Co-op Simulants

The following unlockables will change the ally and it's weapon on Co-Op IF it is a simulant.
Unlock Hit and Run (K7 Avenger):
Beat Carrington Villa: Hostage One in under 2:30
Unlock Hotshot (DY357 Magnum & DY357-LX):
Beat Area 51: Infiltration in under 5:00
Unlock Alien (RC-P120):
Beat Attack Ship: Nullify Threat in under 5:17
Unlock Pugilist (Unarmed):
Beat dataDyne Research: Investigation in under 6:30

Unlock Hidden Missions

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding mission.
Unlock Mr. Blonde's Revenge Mission:
On the Agent, Special Agent or Perfect Agent difficulty settings complete ALL solo missions.
Unlock Maian SOS Mission:
On the Special Agent or Perfect Agent difficulty settings complete ALL the Solo missions.
Unlock War! Mission:
On the Perfect Agent difficulty setting complete ALL solo missions.

This cheat will make all your challenges easier ..

This cheat will make all your challenges easier (plus it works on one, two, three, or four players!!).

!!! IMPORTANT: even if you are doing a one-player challenge, make sure there are two comtrollers plugged in. Trust me, you'll understand !!!

You must have a custom scenerio already saved - either on a controller pak or the game pak. I recommend random levels (there's 30 challenges, and the way you have to do this it will get boring playing the same damn level over and over), powerful weapons, 1 or 2 minute time limit, MeatSims or CowardSims (only 1 or 2), and, if you really want to play it easy, set your handicap to 1000%.

Save your settings, then start the "cheat" from the main combat simulat..

Go to the shoting range and selecled the laptop ..

Go to the shoting range and selecled the laptop gun at any difficulty. then once your in it select to secondary mode by holdin b then press z and right after hit start then abort.

When the screen starts to fade hit start right away. once u have don that pick a gun that u have problems with and go into it.

If u do it right the laptop gun will still be deployed. GOOD LUCK

In the Carrington Institute, go down to the hang..

In the Carrington Institute, go down to the hanger and drag the floating box to the shooting range and take it in the firing area.

Select the knives on the Bronze difficulty.

Change the function to throwing knives and chuck as many knives into the box as you can. Then, take it up to Carrington's office and go back to the shooting range.

Then, with the Farsite, destroy the box. All the knives should scatter all over. Now, go into the items room and complete the challenges all the way up to the cloaking device.

Use the cloaking device to go into Carrington's office and pick up some knives and throw the at Carrington! Come back and he will still have the knives stuc..

If you complete all the challenges, u get dark s..

If you complete all the challenges, u get dark sims.

They are meant to be amazing but they are worse than perfect sims.

Also you get joanna aqualung and joanna wetsuit.

In Area 51 Rescue, I found 2 cheats that r helpf..

In Area 51 Rescue, I found 2 cheats that r helpful.

The first is in the very beginning. After You kill prety much all the guys on first floor, go back to the ramp.

Then do a u turn and take a left.take a nother left and you should see a blu econtainer on the ground in the big box like thoing.Blow it up kneel 2 times and walk inside it.

U should have double falcon 2. The second cheat, go up the first elvator and tke a right.There should be a guy standing there.

Kill him and shoot the locked door about 5 times. Then the locked door will open by a guy. Kill him. and go into the elevator.

There will be 4 doors at the top of the elv..

The duel!!!! to get it beat all of the guns in t..

The duel!!!! to get it beat all of the guns in the firing range, bronze and its yours...... try it

ON the last level where sketar the king is you c..

ON the last level where sketar the king is you can get a double phinex for that level

thes is how you get a double phinex. all you have to do is destroy the right pirumid things. then you have to destroy the other ones with your gernade louncher. then you have to go to the place where you have to go on the edge with out falliing down. before you go down the ladder look to the left on the ground on a silver thig thay should be there. if you have destroyed all of them then it should be there.hint there are 5or6 perumids


To do this, Set up a battle on Area 52(you don't need to use this level but it is easier to use) with Remote Mines and 1 Phoenix, then set the simulants to Peace Sims and make their difficulty Meat, when you start, throw a Remote Mine on 1 of the sims and shoot them with the Phoenix using Explosive Shells and they will explode and die. There you have it,
The Explosivesims

If you are very interested in cheats, you will f..

If you are very interested in cheats, you will freak...

Mabye 10 cheats.

Cheat #1:complaints...


1. In mission Carrington Villa, choot all the bottles in the basement and Daniel should say:act your age Joanna!

In Carrington Institute, go to Carrington's office and crawl around for a little while, and Carrington will say:stop it Joanna, this worries me!

Cheat #2: easy golds in the firing range

In firing range, take the laptop gun on bronze. Put it to sentry gun and aim on the wall behind you(I am more french than english, sorry...). Before it hits the wall, press start and abort, then press start again b..

In the Skedar level, destroy the remaining sp..

In the Skedar level, destroy the remaining special pillars and right before you jump into the big valley spot , a phoenix gun will be laying on the ground.

Use the second type of bullet, exploding shells. This comes in handy at the Skedar King at the end.

Shoot him the whole time and the missles blow up in his face.

These aren't really cheats, but it helps you fin..

These aren't really cheats, but it helps you find really unknown and cool stuff in any Solo Mission.

If you have the X-Ray Scanner and Rocket Launcher cheats, go to Datadyne Central-Extraction.

If you remember where the Internal Comms Hub was in one of the previous missions, you will find that the door is locked.

Anyway, use your X-Ray Scanner to see through the door. Now you will see three woman bodyguards standing straight.

Now DON'T TURN YOUR X-RAY SCANNER OFF, then fire your Rocket Launcher at the door. You will see a bodyguard or two shake a bit, but they won't die.

Secret #2-On the same level, make your way to the Foyer Elevator. There will be a Datadyne Shoc..

This is not really A cheat.But it looks cool.You..

This is not really A cheat.But it looks cool.

You must have the Superdragon unlocked. First using the unarmed option nock someone out.

When their out cold go to their feet,take out the superdragon.Switch to the grenade launcher function by holding B.

Fire A grenade at there feet and they should get back on their feet and fly backwards

have fun!!!!!!!!!

In the Firing Range stand in front of the doorwa..

In the Firing Range stand in front of the doorway and take out any gun.

If you shout Foster a certain amount of times he will put his hands on to his butt and jump 2 centemeters forward.

If you keep doing this Foster will get inside the firing range and you will get to shout him with the crossbow and the throwing knives.

You can have fun shouting arrows through his head and throwing knives through his legs and arms.

CHALLENGES!!! If you are having trouble beating..


If you are having trouble beating challenges, then this trick is for you! You have to have two controllers for this to work.

You also have to have a preset game in the game pak with sims and weapons. I found remote mines work VERY well, since simulants don't detonate them. Have player one go to Combat Simulator and into advanced setup, player two enters when they get they get the chance.

Have player one go to load settings BUT DO NOT SELECT ANYTHING! Player two, go to the challenges menu and select the challenge you want to beat.

The screen should show the challenge menu for player two and the load settings menu for player one.

Last Classic gun

If your are stuck in the firing range and have all gold medals on every single gun, and all the classic weapons except for one.
The last classic gun is the CC13 in order to get this gun you can beat challenge after challenge until you find the DY357 LX in one of the Challenges.
Or you can go to the crash site on agent and disarm Trent Easton
And get his DY357 LX then, once you have it, abort the mission and it should be available in the combat simulator as well as the firing range!
Ace this weapon and win all the medals for it such as bronze, silver and gold and you will get the CC13!
Triangulus Phoenix

Unlocking the Special Assignments

To unlock Mr. Blonde's Revenge, complete EVERY LEVEL on Agent.
To unlock Maian SOS, complete EVERY LEVEL on Special Agent.
To unlock WAR!, complete EVERY LEVEL on Perfect Agent.
To unlock The Duel, you have to get a Bronze Medal with EVERY GUN on the Firing Range in the Carrington Institute.


When you are in the G5 building get too the safe room with a DY357. Then Get yourself inside the safe, and close it. You'll know when somebody is in the room because they'll try to open the safe, just start shooting and they'll get hit. Wait untill nobody opens the safe to make a break for the exit.
Happy gaming =p

How to do stuff


Get bombspy in "Chicago-Stealth" mission.

In the alley where the two FBI agents are, try to pistol-whip both of them at the same time, then push the dumpster as close to the stack of barrels as you can.(from left to right) Then back away and shoot the
Closest barrel to the dumpster until it blows up. Once
The explosions stop, walk through the remains of the
Dumpster and collect the bombspy. Instead of re-programming the hovercab (which takes a lot of time)use
The bombspy on all the guards around the garage elevator, making sure to destroy the lock switch on the
Wall to the left of the elevator. Note: the 5 guards in
The elevator area will see the bombspy immediatly, don't panic, just clear the corner so you can see the
Switch, and pull the trigger. Now, you can pick up the
Equipment (remo..


Cloaking Device Beat Mission 3.2 - G5 Building on Agent in under 1:30. Donkey Kong Mode Complete Chicago: Stealth on any skill level. Play as Elvis Beat Area 51: Rescue Mission in under 8 Minutes on Perfect Agent
Play as Small Joanna Beat G5: Building Reconnaissance on any skill level. Unlock All Guns (Alternative) Beat Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine on Perfect Agent in under 5:31
Unlock CC13 Cheat Obtain Golds in Firing Range
Unlock Classic Goldeneye Aiming Reticle Beat DataDyne:Defection on any difficulty level. Unlock DMC Cheat Obtain Golds in Firing Range
Unlock Duel Mission Beat the game on Training. Unlock Enemy Rockets Cheat Beat Mission 6.1 Pelagic II - Exploration on any difficulty level. Unlock FarSight Cheat Beat Mission 6.2 Deep Sea - Nullify Threat on Pe..

You've proberly heard this cheat before because ..

You've proberly heard this cheat before because it's been mentioned tons of times but i've read all of them and they have all failled to mention one important fact: The cheat is the one which you go into the fireing range and stand in between the glass door and the door-frame to keep the door open then you can get out either your combat knife or your crossbow and shoot the dude infront of you, but the thing they all failled to mention is that if you shoot him a bit you'll notice that he does something kinda wiered and moves forward a little, if you keep doing this correctly for a long time he will eventually make his way into the fireing range and thus you will get another field for fighting in on combat simulator: "Villa" ( Carington Villa ).

But watch out because sometim..

In crash site confrontation put rocket launcher ..

In crash site confrontation put rocket launcher cheat and any kind of goggle cheat on.

Go under the plane and find a week spot in the body.

Then shoot it open.Then you will be able to go inside the plane!!!!

How to beat the duel (Special mission 2) in unde..

How to beat the duel (Special mission 2) in under 15 seconds on perfect agent

Go to Cheats and enter weapons for jo on solo. Select Laptop gun. now go to the duel. get out your laptop gun and while aiming at the wall and holding 'B' press 'Z'.

The laptop gun will shoot the bad guys for you and its really cool to watch.

Disappearing Guns and DestructionDid you ever n..

Disappearing Guns and Destruction
Did you ever notice the classic GoldenEye 007 guns in the Carrington Institute? Wonder If you can ever destroy stuff in the Carrington Institue? Well first go to the shooting range and make sure you can practice in the range with either the Magnum, or preferably, the Farsight XR-20.
Start the training in Bronze so you have the most time, and you can shoot people in the other rooms but they shake the bullets off. Fire at the guns on the side of the wall and they disappear except for the RCP-90 the rests on the ledge. When you scan around with the Farsight XR-20, you can destroy many devices in the Institute, such as the door openers and the Hovercycle. Have Fun!
Multiplayer Tips and Tactics,
*You can shoot guns ..

In every mission there is a piece of cheese. Som..

In every mission there is a piece of cheese. Some people might think it does something special. It doesn't.

(You can shoot at it and it won't do a thing except put a bullet hole in it).

So don't waste your time trying to find all the pieces of cheese.

Another thing. If you want to get easy gold medals in the firing range select the laptop (bronze, silver,or gold), switch it to sentry mode and throw it.

While it's in the air pause and exit. Switch to another weapon and if you did it correctly the Laptop will be on the floor shooting at the target(s).

P.S. The Laptop will not affect your accuracy score.

How to make your friends fly.First go to advance..

How to make your friends fly.

First go to advanced setup. Then make all the weapons proxiny mines.

Then make 5 Dark sims and make them and yourself red(no bad guys)DON'T make any other colors Then pick the G-5 building.

Next go out on 1 of those walk ways and tell one of your dark sims to Hold(Do that by holding A and hit Z until you get to orders go to hold).

Then that sim will hold where you are standing next stick 1 proxy mine to his butt and get back a little when it goes off he will fly up pretty high then hit the ground with a smack....

TRY THIS!!!!!!!

(You must have the Pheonix code for this to work..

(You must have the Pheonix code for this to work)In any level of perfect dark,wlak up to a guy that is either nocked-out or surrendered ,or if your really good,still attacking you.

Pull out your pheonix and put it on its secondary function. Shoot him IN THE HEAD.

When the smoke clears and if he's laying down the correct way(on his back)then look at his face and dont barf on your controller just because his face is deformed.EEEEEWWWWWW!!!

This is sort of a glitch. When you start out in ..

This is sort of a glitch. When you start out in game at the computer, select an agent, then press B. Go out of the room and down the elevator.

When you get to the bottom floor, go left across the wall and go into the first door. This should be the hooting range.

The man will say, "Ah, our star agent." and Jo says,"Hi". Go up to the glass door that leeds to the range and open it.

Then you press start. If you have alined yourself perfectly, the door will almost close, but you will block it from compleetly closing, and a box will come up and you will be able to decide your weapon.

It will look just like the box for doing the range. Choose te knifes or the cross bow..

On the level with that really huge house where y..

On the level with that really huge house where you start turn around and you will see a light.
Go there and a giant teliscoper in the room.

Challenge Completion Glitch

This is a Glitch that allows you to complete any Challenge:
Go to Advanced Setup with 2 Players. One chooses the Settings Option, loads a previously Saved Setup, one that is easy to win at. Stay at that Screen and do not select a Setting yet. The second chooses a Challenge from the Challenge Menu, and prepares to Start the Game. The first player then selects the Preset Challenge. Start the Game and when you win, you are credited for beating that Challenge. The simplest Setup is to have a few Meat Sims against you, with a few more difficult Sims on your side for a minute of play.

On the first level after you kill the 2 guys go ..

On the first level after you kill the 2 guys go to the external coms hub and blast the pillar next to it with something explosive to open it and get a faster way into cassandra's office.

Cool cheat

If you have perfect dark on GBA plug it into your n64 using the adapter and you will get some really cool cheats.

Blood knives

First go to display then choose PaintBall mode. Then while your in gameplay, whenever you throw a knife at someone the knife will make blood drops fly from the handle. GLITCH: Sometimes the blood will be different color. DONT SAY I DIDN'T TELL YA SO!!

ALRIGHT.. so first of all my cheat is to turnup ..

ALRIGHT.. so first of all my cheat is to turnup in the same place on two player modeBUT THIS DONT WORK ALL THE TIME

First ya set up all the stuff you want to use,like inf.time or the guns stuff like that.


Well anywayz after you do all that, a sim must kill you AND player 2 then when the screen says start and its black on the sides you must push the start button at the same time,BUT member this does not alwayz work and you should apear at the same place or close to each other.

And this is helpful if you want to follow each other or whatever ya want to do.


In Carrington Institute: Defence, you can stop a..

In Carrington Institute: Defence, you can stop a small flow of guards. There are several areas where you can stop guards. When you obtain the devastator from Hacker Central, or using an explosive gun by cheating, go to any of numerous areas in the downstairs corridors (where you activate the sentry guns) and in four areas you can stop the flow of guards.

By sentry gun #3, The one far away from the hangar, go towards the pad. Face the pad straight, then go left through the doors and go right down a long hallway. Go through those doors and go into the small box-like room.

As soon as you enter, look left. Shoot an Explosive at the corner. If you stand back to watch, you can see a guard fly out. That now indicates that guards will stop coming..

At the Carrington villa level after u kill the 2..

At the Carrington villa level after u kill the 2 assasins to free the negotiator and then you go through that cave and then your outside the building and all the snipers are shooting at you.

Go back to where you killed the 2 dudes 2 save the negotiator and take out all the snipers from there.

You can save yourself alot of pain doing it this way and it is much funner.Oh don't forget about the devastator in the crate on the helipad.

To access it just go down to where you just come out of the cave and take a left and you will be on the helipad.Acctually it is straaight ahead.

The devastator is in the crate to the left of the one with the sheild on top of.(another hint)


This is the best game ever to play!
First you put the options onto slomo and one hit kills, then fast movement.
Then you put the level onto sewers or felicity, then weapons: falcon 2 silencer (fast shooting in slowmo) Phoenix (explode through doors) laptop gun (strategic placement) CMP50 (nice to kill with) Cyclone (inaccurate blasting) and reaper (mowing the enemy down) or shield, or for falicity use the revolver (sorry i cant remember the actual name but it's brilliant for shooting through doors etc.)
USE THE MINIMAP!! when you think the enemy is round the corner regardless of whether they may or may not be, start shooting before you turn round it. Always try and be aware of where the enemy are so you can catch them offguard. (this is crucial on one hit kills..

In Air Force One-Antiterrorism after you talk to..

In Air Force One-Antiterrorism after you talk to the president it will show a little video. If you watch closely the tube that the alien ship attaches to the plane goes strait down onto the wing then over to the door. But if you walk all the way to the end of the tube and look up the tube goes up and over, not strait up like in the movie.

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