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Follow the dark path or use the light
Perfect Dark Pack Shot

Perfect Dark


Combat Ranking Walkthrough

by Goldeneyerulz

Perfect Dark

FAQ Description:
Combat Ranking FAQ
Started May 15, 2006

This document is Copyright 2006 Goldeneyerulz
[email protected] 

Table Of Contents:
(B)Combat Rankings
(E)Questions and Feedback
(F)Closing Statements

    Most Perfect Dark players know that earning the combat rank
Perfect:1 is no easy task. Some may claim that earning such a
rank is just out of reach. In many ways I agree, the requirements
that RARE have demanded are absolutely insane. If you played
fairly and played multiplayer match after multiplayer match, it
would take years for you to earn this rank. Well, that's where I
come in, for I know all the methods you need to help you "cheat"
your way to the top rank.
    As you are reading this, you may be thinking that there is
already a guide for you to earn Perfect:1 rank. This is true, but
the other FAQ is out of date and does not provide the most
efficient ways for completing such a feat. Now enough talking, on
with the FAQ.

(B)Combat Rankings:

    In order to become perfect, you must go through several ranks
to achieve your goal. The rankings will be listed from lowest to

21: Beginner
20: Trainee
19: Amateur
18: Rookie
17: Novice
16: Trooper
15: Agent
14: Star Agent
13: Special Agent
12: Expert
11: Veteran
10: Professional
9: Dangerous
8: Deadly
7: Killer
6: Assassin
5: Lethal
4: Elite
3: Invincible
2: Near Perfect
1: PERFECT     


Kills: 18,000
Damage Dealt: 180,000 (180K)
Ammunition Used: 450,000 (450K)
Distance: 9000km
Time: 12:12:00 (12 days)
Games Won: 900
Accuracy Medals: 900
Headshot Medals: 900
KillMaster Medals: 900
Survivor Medals: 900

    As you can see this will be no easy task. Once you reach all
those requirements you will given the rank Perfect:1. Going over
these numbers will not alter your rank in a negative way.

    The following tricks will help you "cheat" your way to the
perfect rank. These methods are efficient and will take much less
time than if you were to attempt these requirements fairly.

To Gain Kills and Damage Dealt:

    Okay, this is a really cool glitch. First you need to set up
a game of capture the briefcase in the Felicity. Then you need to
add 8 simulants to the match and make them on your team. Select
remote mines as your weapon. And of course be sure to load up you
custom player before you begin!
    If you and your team spawn in the room right before the
bathroom, that's great. If not, keep restarting the game until
you do. Now, you must hold A and click Z. You will now have many
options which you can command to your sims. Choose "protect" and
wait until they have all entered the room where the match began.
Wait patiently until all 8 sims arrive. Now, place a remote mine
on one of the guards and stand near the exit. Take a couple of
steps back out of the room and detonate. All 8 sims should have
died in the explosion.
    The beauty of this is that the explosion you just set of is
infinite. I can be pretty boring to watch you rack up the kills,
so leave the game running and you should easily be able to get
the require 18,000.

To Gain Distance and Time:

    This next trick is not as complex as the last. Before you
start go to options and turn on fast movement so you can cover
more ground. Begin the match alone and hold L and R, push the
control stick to the left and push start. You just set your N64
controller to it's neutral position. Your custom character should
start spinning in circles. Leave your game running and the game
will cover the distance for you. Simple.

To Earn Medals:

    There is no trick to this one. In fact, it is quite boring.
Begin a match with 2 players however have no one control the
second player. Make sure you set the weapon to the farsight.
While in the match hold B, to set the gun to it's secondary
function. Wait until the gun has found player two and aim for the
head. Quickly exit. You should have gotten 4 medals for your
efforts. Take about easy. Unfortunately you will have to repeat
this process 899 more times! :)

To Increase Ammo Used:

    Okay, this next trick isn't mine so please thank
[email protected] for the help.

    "Auto controller: Allows you to set a button to 'Auto', and
have it repeat when held, such as the SharkPad by InterAct."

    "I just play in the Felicity with Cyclones. I shoot four ammo
crates from the nearby hall, into the room to the right of the
bathroom stairs. Once in the room, I shoot the boxes against the
wall. I then set the controller's neutral position off center
with L & R & Start, and leave it go, so my character runs around
in endless circles. I then use an auto controller (SharkPad,
MakoPad), set the double Cyclone's function on magazine
discharge, set the Z Button to auto, and set down the controller
so the Z button stays being held, and head off."

    Auto controller: Allows you to set a button to 'Auto', and
have it repeat when held, such as the SharkPad by InterAct.

    Shooting each bullet to achieve 450,000 can be a huge pain.
But if you have an auto controller you can achieve this in a
matter of weeks as opposed to years.

(E)Questions and Feedback

    If there are any questions regarding the FAQ or you want me
to clarify some of the above strategies email me. Or if you have
some ideas on how to make the FAQ ever better than it already is,
feel free to comment! :)
[email protected] 

(F)Closing Statements

    There you have it. The easiest way to gain the 1:Perfect
Rank. Hope this helps those hardcore Perfect Dark fans who are
dying to earn the rank. That's the FAQ I hope you liked it!