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Perfect Dark

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Cheat for Perfect Dark

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Disappearing Guns and Destruction

Did you ever notice the classic GoldenEye 007 guns in the Carrington Institute? Wonder If you can ever destroy stuff in the Carrington Institue? Well first go to the shooting range and make sure you can practice in the range with either the Magnum, or preferably, the Farsight XR-20.

Start the training in Bronze so you have the most time, and you can shoot people in the other rooms but they shake the bullets off. Fire at the guns on the side of the wall and they disappear except for the RCP-90 the rests on the ledge. When you scan around with the Farsight XR-20, you can destroy many devices in the Institute, such as the door openers and the Hovercycle. Have Fun!

Multiplayer Tips and Tactics,

*You can shoot guns and ammo into dark spaces so they spawn in that area and not in the original spot. Your emeny won't see them and they will think they have already been picked up. Just remember where you put the ammo or weapon!

*Have you ever been extrememly low on health, about to die, and have no hope of surviving for much longer? If so, pull out a grenade, hold the Z button, and start chasing after your friends. If you're lucky, you may kill them at the same time!

Is He Dead?

At any time in the game after killing a guard, or anyone for that matter, even a Maian or a Skedar, kneel down and change your weapon to unarmed and start beating the crap out of him. You will hear them grunt and makes noises just as if they were alive and standing.

Ride a Hoverbike

In level 7 (Area 51: Infiltration), when you get to the part of the level where you have to open the gates to get into Area 51, go straight instead. You should see a tunnel up ahead. Go into the tunnel and when you get to the end, turn left and kill the enemies. Once they have been killed keep going straight until you see something like a hanger with 2 droid interceptors on the right.

In the hangar on the left there is a hoverbike! Stand beside it and look towards it. Make sure your weapon is unarmed. Then, quickly tap the B button 2 or 3 times. You should now be on the hoverbike! You can now switch your weapon from unarmed back to a gun. The controls for the hoverbike are the same as the controls for Joanna. To get off of the hoverbike, quickly tap the B button 2 times.

Stealth Trick,

In narrow passages there is a trick to make your life easier. Shoot out all the light along the way. It may make it harder for you to see your enemies but it also will make it harder for them to see you. This works well in areas where it is already naturally dark.

Trent Easton: Missing In Action

Once you complete Mission 5.3: Crash Site-Confrontation, the cinemas will be unlocked for viewing. There is on cinema called 5:3 Outro - Blonde Freak. This cinema plays after you complete Mission 5.,

In this cinema, Mr. Blonde "disposes" of Trent Easton, leaving him lying in the snow. If you watch this cinema again from the start up screen, Trent won't be there, but you can still hear his voice. Mr. Blonde destroys air. It's kinda funny.

Pop a Cap Gangsta' Style

When you are playing a solo mission and come across an enemy, disarm them and collect their weapon. If your lucky they will put their hands up and make a remark like "Dont shoot me!", or else they will run mad attacking you until you dispose of them.

When they have their hands up get close to them and you should automatically change your arm position... sideways! Pop a cap in them and they will go down Gangsta' Style!

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