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Perfect Dark

Game Reviews for Perfect Dark


Quick Reviews

Awsome 23.6/10Added 15 Sep 2004, ID #4898
Intro: This game is THE greatest game ever!!! If you have friends that liked the 007 games then you will love this game!

The story 10/10
The story is that you are an agent named Joanna Dark and are sent on different missions with gadgets, weapons, and occasionally a teammate that you have to protect (sound familiar 007 fans?).

Gameplay (Multi)13.6/10
This game has the greatest Multiplayer ever. It is called the combat simulater and as you progress through the game (or cheated), you unlock more weapons, levels, simulants, ect. I have never played single but a few times. You can also do Challenges which is another way to unlock weapons and stages.

Gameplay (single) 10/10
Single player is not as fun as Multi, but can be usefull for training. I don't like single, but it is good.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are just as good as Golden eye if not better. They look almost real and uses some of Goldeneye's multiplayer levels like the Felicity.

Sound 10/10
actually sounds like a real gun fight exept no blood on your floor or bullet holes in your wall.

Controls 10/10
Controls are pretty easy. Here is a list.
A (tap)-change weapons
A (hold)-Displays a list of your weapons you have and you can choose .
B (tap)-reload (if needed)
B (hold)-Changes to alternate fire
R or L-Manual aim
C pads (left and right)-drift left or right
C pads (up and down)-Look up or down (up=down)
Analog or D pad----walk
R/L+Down on d-pad- duck
R/L+up on d-pad-get back up

Conclusion- This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!

Diiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Added 11 Aug 2003, ID #4283
Kill everyone ... that's what's on my mind when I'm playing this game!!!

I really like this game and I think it's the best shootout game on the N64!

I reccomend you get this game cos the weapons are excellent and aI really think the jobs and things you have to do are cool so get this game!!!

ID #1743

This game totally rocks:

Being able to do missions with a friend is an awesome feature.

But the multiplayer is the best of all.

ID #1742
This game has got everything you would want from a first person shooter it's got well designed levels great guns excellent artificial intelligance for the bad guys.

It's got a coopritive mode were you and your mate can go against the bad guys at the same time.Even better multiplayer than goldeneye.

It's got a great story line to it, and it's got a counter operative mode.


ID #1741

The name says it all-Perfect.

An excellent multiplayer mixed with an ultimo cool story line makes it a really good game.

Rare, the Twycross based company that made it are fantastic, with other brilliant games such as Goldeneye(sorry to all the idiots who think that it's Goldeneye 007.

Please forgive me for leaving out part of the name-the part that's wrong!), Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo Kazooie. I also hope that Conker's Bad Fur Day will be great. Sorry, I'm not giving you any tips for the game.

Super Cheats, you ARE the greatest!

ID #1740

Hmmmm, what more do you want, the gameplay is unimaginable, the story is awesome, the multiplayer is incredible! The game is nearly perfect.

Except for one dark little seceret, FRAMERATE! The framrate is great but there are some little spots in the game (namely in large firefights) where the framerate is painfully slow, the game begins to jerk around and you see a specific frame for a noticeable amount of time.

Other than that, the game is PERFECT! Definately one of the best games EVER made.

I think the overall score is maybe 9 1/2 out of 10. It should be a crime to not have this game in your house!

ID #1739

Many people don't agree with my choice of video games or movies. But recently I showed this game to my friends, and they all agreed.

This is the greatest N64 game around.

My most enjoyed feature is the combat simulator.

You can make your own character (my personal favorite is Daniel Carrington's face on Cassandra de Vries body. Tee hee).

You can also hone your sklls against diffrent level simulants.

The story line is good, but the weapons are the best. Futuristic weaponary makes it complete.

A gun that can see through walls, guided bullets, rockets that seek enemies, and, of course, a weapon that gets all its ammo from sliding a disc through it.

My all and all rating:

Story: 8 out of 10

Effects: 6 out of 10 (fire and smoke make make the screen skip and jump)

Weaponary 10 out of 10

Characters: 9 out of 10

Highly reccomended.

ID #1738

I sent something in before, but know i'm back. I breifly said how much i like combat simulator.

For fun, make a charecter you want to use for several battles, and do a challenge. After u beat it, choose save.

You have know started a multiplayer career. Got ten minutes? Do a quickbattle.

I have an impessive resume. I've waled 37.8 kilometers!

ID #1737

WHAT A GREAT GAME! The weapons are fantastic and you can chose whatever character you want.

They even give you medals at the end of a fight.

I reccomend this game to any good gamemaster, BUY IT!

If I had to give it a percentage I'd give it 92%!

ID #1736

This game is great fun to play when your on your own or with other people 'cause you have to go around killing people with really cool weapons like Rocket Launchers, Mines, Rapid fire guns and lots lots more.

Overall this agem is excellent to buy and a great bargain so buy it!

ID #1735

This is the best Fighting game on the N64, deffinetly! The graphics are cool and the choice of weapons is good too. You can get weapons that are really powerful like AR34's and Superdragons. The Slayer is my favourite weapon, you get to shoot and then control it! Overall this game is tops and I recommend you buy it.

ID #1734

Perfect Dark is a great fighting game to play with lots of different weapons, levels and things to do. The graphics are good and what I like to do on Perfect Dark is to get my brothers to be on a team and put the simulants on Meat Sims and then we kick ass. We've played on it for over 2 hours before and we didn't get bored, I was just late for a club or otherwise we would of gone on for ages. It's great fun and quite cheap too so get it!

ID #1733
I absoluetly love this game as it's a fighting game, which is the First good point and also the Guns you can get are awesome to use.

You get Rapid Fire or Explosives, Hand Weapons or Deployable ones. The fun just keeps on going in this game so get it!

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