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Perfect Dark

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Cheat for Perfect Dark

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If you are very interested in cheats, you will freak...

Mabye 10 cheats.

Cheat #1:complaints...


1. In mission Carrington Villa, choot all the bottles in the basement and Daniel should say:act your age Joanna!

In Carrington Institute, go to Carrington's office and crawl around for a little while, and Carrington will say:stop it Joanna, this worries me!

Cheat #2: easy golds in the firing range

In firing range, take the laptop gun on bronze. Put it to sentry gun and aim on the wall behind you(I am more french than english, sorry...). Before it hits the wall, press start and abort, then press start again before the laptop gun hits the wall. Then take a gun you have trouble getting the gold metal and select it. Then the laptop gun gun will do all the work!

NOTE: If you take a gun that has the same ammo as the laptop gun And has low ammo (like the RC-P120 on gold) you will be out of ammo and you will fail.

It dosent work very well with rocket launcher.

Cheat #3:Flying ammo boxes (and gun in combat simulator):

Take a gun that has about 30 bullets or more in clip. Shoot a box til it's in the air (or a gun). Before it hits the ground pick it up and the next time it appears it will still be in the air. Do not shoot while in the air cause it will fall.

Cheat #4:flyin in Carrington institute.

Take the ammo crate and bring it to the firing range, block the brown door, i'll explain later... now block the glass door and pick the slayer in fly-by-wire function. Then fire the rocket out of the firing range. Go where the hoverbike is and go up the silver locked door and you will find a piece of chesse. If the rocket explodes(now i'll explain why to block the brown door)tthe brown door closes but the hover crate will block it! Now you don't need to go back and close it again, useful when playing before tacking the school bus if you have little time limit...have fun!

Give me a moment please...

Cheat #5: Easy kills:

Take the remote mines as your weapons, all remote mines, the sims can't detonate them, and put the every where in the level but not close to you. Don't forget to pick some more when you're all out, then hide to avoid all mines and detonate but the wont all explode at the same time and if you are against 8 simulants you might have an 8 kills!

NOTE: dont go close to a mine when you detonate because it will detonate first ant will kill you.

Cheat #6: Funny people:

Go to the firing range and choose throwing knives or arrows. But dont forget to block the door. Shoot the guy in the firing range and shoot him alot. Then get out of the shooting range and go see that guy. He will look like an idiot AND LOOKS LIKE HE IS READY FOR HALLOWEEN!!!

Cheat #7: Poor little Carrington:

Go get a hover crate and go to the firing range. Take the knives as a weapon and throw them at the crate, a lot of knives on the crate. Then bring the crate at Daniel's office (Carrington).

Go back to the firing range and take the Farsight as a weapon. Aim at the crate in Carrington's office and shoot it. Then go up the stairs and in the training room and choose the cloaking device. Go behind Carring ton but pick up the knives first. Then throw them at Carrington but stay behind him. I feel sorry for him!

Cheat #8: invincible in combat simulator:

If you have the cheat invincible that can be unlocked on Area 51:Escape under 3:50 on agent, Put it on and go to combat simulator. You will be invincible and choose darksim and he will be harmless even if he shoots! In your face Darksim!!!

Cheat #9: extra weapons for combat simulator:

1. In pelagic LL. disarm elvis and you should have the phoenix available on combat simulator.

2. In attack ship, kill the two Maians that have the Callisto NTG and it should also be available.

3. In crash site, disarm Trent Easton and the golden DY357-LX will be available.

Cheat #10: others:

Press B 2 times to get on or off the hoverbike.

In Attach Ship, in the blue elevator, before Elvis gets to the top jump on him while he is still down the elevator.

He will die...Mario style!

Get psychosis gun by completing Chicago:Stealth under 2:00 on perfect agent.

I hope I helped you, I will come back for more cheats later, on PD or Rush 2.

Until then see ya later aligator...heh heh............

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