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Harvest Moon 64 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon 64

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We have several cheats and includes unlocking the silver and gold hammer. We also have a dog/baby glitch for you to check out.

More Harvest Moon 64 Cheats and Tips

We have 37 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon 64 please send them in here.

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Unlock Up-Graded Tools

The following can all be used, you don't have to hit anything. Charging the Golden items won't make it faster.
Unlock Silver Hammer:
Use your Hammer 100 times
Unlock Golden Hammer:
Use the Silver Hammet 100 times
Unlock Golden Hoe:
Use you Silver Hoe 300 times
Unlock Silver Hoe:
Use your hoe 300 times
Unlock Silver Sickle:
Use the Sickle 350 times
Unlock Golden Sickle:
Use the Silver Sickle 350 times
Unlock Silver Axe:
Use your Axe 450 times
Unlock Golden Axe:
Use your Silver Axe 450 times
Unlock Golden Watering Can:
Use the Silver Watering Can 600 times

Unlock Silver Watering Can:
Use the Watering Can 600 times

How to make Karen fall in love with you

I've been studying Karen a lot and it's my second year in summer. I talked to her every chance I got. So if you really like her, pay attention to this.
Talk to her a little, but not too much. Give here lots of verryberries and wild grapes. SHe also likes tomatoes.
Listen to what she says when you talk to her, it may give you hints on what she likes. Take your dog and find her.
Once you find her, show her your dog about 200 times. Her heart will slowly go up and she'll start to like you.
Later, she'll come by your farm and talk to you. She'll also give you wild grapes and wine. That night, you'll have the dream about her.
Afterwards, visit the vineyard and she'll give you a tour of the shack. Once she says that you're l..

Easy Love

Ok, this cheat is for marrying Karen. First make sure the bar is open and she is in there.
Next, grab your dog. Then show it to her 250 times. Every 50 times, the heart in the bottom right hand corner will change.
Hope this helped!!

Dog/Baby Glitch

Alright, this works for any dog, or even your baby, but you will need a bathroom to do this. Simply put a dog/baby in front of your bathroom door, and then go in.
It may take a few attempts to get it right though.
So if you get it right, you'll pick up your baby/dog and go in at the same time.
If you useda dog, the dog should be right above your bathtub, watching you...
If you used a baby, you'll come out of the bathroom, still holding the infant, but now the baby is invisable.
To regain sight, just put the baby down.
To reclaim your dog, press A while near the door, but don't go in. Whistling tends to make it a bit easier.

The Lying Buyer

Remember the guy who comes and picks up your shipment?
He claims he doesn't pick anything up on holidays, but that's wrong. If you do put shipments in the box during a holiday, you'll still gain full money just like any other day.
I'm not sure if this was a program error or what, but I thought it would be useful to know.

The Lying Buyer

Remember the guy who comes and picks up your shipment?
He claims he doesn't pick anything up on holidays, but that's wrong. If you do put shipments in the box during a holiday, you'll still gain full money just like any other day.
I'm not sure if this was a program error or what, but I thought it would be useful to know.

Blue Power Berry

Get a small or medium fish and head to the pond by the tent. Throw it in and the Kappa should come out and give you a blue power berry.
There are rumors that it will help increase stamina in the rain, but the fact is unknown.

Ok,this is Michael S. again,I made an error when..

Ok,this is Michael S. again,I made an error when I put the purple egg cheat.

Here's the real amount of years it takes before the dark guy comes back after you buy the powernut 18 years!!!

So if your on your 8th year you have to wait 10 more years.

I don't know if this is just a glitch in the sys..

I don't know if this is just a glitch in the system or just me but if on the first rainy day on your farm go to the top of the hill (like you are going to Karens house).

Stop on the top of the hill and walk toward the black next to the bush, if you do it just right it will let you walk out on to the black and you can walk to the town from up there and you dont have to walk around...

Have fun!

When you go to a horse or dog race. Bet all you..

When you go to a horse or dog race. Bet all your money on one horse or different horses. But instead of pressing OK press B.

Don't talk to the Mayor's wife until the next day. All the medals that you bought will be for free and you still get the medals you won.

pictures and presentswhen you first start the ga..

pictures and presents
when you first start the game put your birthday in winter so you`ll have more time to turn the gals hearts pink or red,
Then start with ann she loves potato`s and corn give her alot and if you dont have talk to her alot alot alot....and allow the heart on the right side to jump for a while....anns heart should be pink by winter..oh..yeah i forgot giving her a cake on her birthday (14 of summer)will usually jump a hole heart more...
If her heart is pink or red by the first of winter and take you to the mountain and show you the pika bunny the next day check your mailbox and then check your album got it!!!!!!
To get the present if her heart is pink on your birthday she`ll come and give you ------- I'm not telling!!!!

This hint is to find something that I haven't fi..

This hint is to find something that I haven't figured out what it meant
yet, but I can say that you look in the tree in the southeast end of
your farm. Hit "a" on it, and you will find a treasure map.

How to get married to the mid-wife and elli's grandma and mayors

Once again this is The Mingler!

OK, to get married to the mid-wife,give her ALOT of herbs every day. eventually she'll say ''This is kind of awkward, but will you get married with me?''
Say yes and you will get married the following sunday. The potion shop dealer will be jealous for some reason...........??????
OK,to get married to Elli's grandma, give her ALOT of eggplants. eventually she'll say. '' I know i'm to old but, will you marrie me?'' say yes and sunday is the day. Saibara(souveneir shop owner) will be jealous for some reason...........????????
OK, to get married to the mayor's wife, give her ALOT of turnips. eventually she'l say "I'm already married but I'll marry you anyway!'' answer "ok" and sunday's the big day. Of course, the ..


It isn't all of them, but here's a good few.
Needing Egg:
Stuufed Omelet - give egg to Gray
Spa-Poached Eggs- give egg to Kent
Spice Tea - give egg to Cliff (Works only is winter)
Needing Milk:
Handmade Butter - give milk to Rick
Bread Pudding - give egg or milk to Elli
Cinnamon Milk Tea - give egg or milk to the Bakery Master
Needing Turnip:
Cream of Turnip Stew - give turnip to the Mayor's Wife
Turnip and Cabbage Preserves - give turnip to old man at the resturant in the mountain
Needing Potato:
Mashed Potatoes - give potato to Ann
Garlic Potato Beef - give potato to Harris
Fried Potatoes and Bacon - give potato to mayor
Potato Pancakes - give potato to May
Needing T..

Power Berry Locations

You may have heard of these, but perhaps they were called power nuts, or even apples.
They are indeed called power berries though, and they're used to help your character improve stamina, and they are permanent.
1.) Hidden somewhere in the land of your farm. Just keep digging with the hoe to find it; the location is random.
2.) While at the Flower Festival, you'll see that shady salesman in the right corner. He'll offer you a power berry, for a 1000G. If you can't afford it, don't worry. He comes every year, but he only sells one, ever.
3.) Win first place at the Egg Festival in the fall, and the first time, they'll give you a power berry.
4.) When in winter, you'll notice the small pond bu the fisherman's tent is frozen. Notice the boulde..

Tree Climbing

Alright, did you know the tree right by the carpainter's house is climbable?
Amny don't realize you can climb the mountain this way, before the bridge is fixed, and yeah.
I thought you might want to know this little thing.

the girl at the bar

you no your dog well the girl at the bar loves it. one day go to the bar with your dog and speck to her with the dog in your hands over and over her heart gits bigger and BIGGER. keep doing this and her heart is pink in no time

DoG ChEaT: OK,Have You Ever Had A Time When Yo..

DoG ChEaT:

OK,Have You Ever Had A Time When You Cant Find Your Dog??? Well If You Have A StairCase You Can Put Your Dog On The Roof!!!

That Way You Cant Loose Him And He Will Still Be Able To Get Some Good Old Sunshine eh?

Plus He Still Will Eat His Food...Well Dont You Think Thats Pretty Cool??? Well C'ya Later Aligator!!!

When the guy in the dark suit gives you fodder t..

When the guy in the dark suit gives you fodder that can make gold milk, say you don't want to buy it.

If you buy it, you will realize that you spent your money for regular fodder.

Don't buy anything except the powernut at the flower festival from the guy in the dark clothes. he is just ripping you out of your money.

If one of your animals is sick on Thursday, you ..

If one of your animals is sick on Thursday, you might think it will die because the Green Ranch is closed so you can't get medicine.... wrong!

All you have to do is go to the medicine guys house (the guy who takes care of the 2 little boys who have a dog named Taro.

They live next to the midwife and near the library and the mayors mansion), as soon as you go in there, there are 3 weird looking barrals to your right.

Two of them contain medicine for when you're are tired and the other one cures sickness in people and animals. BUY IT and your animal is saved.

You never have to worry about your cow or sheep getting sick on Thursday again.

On one of the days in summer if you are married ..

On one of the days in summer if you are married you can go

outside at night and your wife will be standing there and ask if

you want to go to a bamboo float.

Say yes and when you go make a wish the choices are:




Free Drink Locations

This only applies to those who have the bottle.
The bottle can be used for numerous things, like picking up medicine from, the Potion Master.
You can use it on cows, thus supplying you with free drinkable milk, or perhaps in the basement of the cellar of Karen's Vineyard. (Use it on the barrels)
Also, you can pick up water at your greenhouse, or by the little water place by your chicken coop.
All of these are unlimited, and free, excluding the medicine.

The Blue Flower PotDuring the winter,..

The Blue Flower Pot

During the winter, go mining and after a while you will get a blue rock.

Give the blue rock to Sabarian the Artisan, the guy that owns the Craft shop and yells at you for looking at his stuff, and he will thank you you.

Then pick up the pot, the one that he says isn't finished yet, and it will turn blue and you will be able to buy it.

It ends up in your home with a cat mint flower in it.

This isn't really a cheat but it certainly relie..

This isn't really a cheat but it certainly relieved me If your schedule is is crammed (like mine[8 cows,6 chickens, full greenhouse] and you need a break, just go into any building

and if Stu and Kent like you on your 6th or 7th year their dog Taro will have puppies. the'll give on away to someone(not you)and keep th other one and name it Jiro. Also your dog will be the dad.

With stats like these on my game I'm aleady on my 9th year and he over $400,000 (=

During Spring, if you have the fishing rod, go d..

During Spring, if you have the fishing rod, go down to the beach, and start fishing. Eventually, after catching a number of fish, you will receive a powernut.

Get a blue rock. Give to the person in the antiq..

Get a blue rock. Give to the person in the antiques shop to get the blue
vase. It will make your home life easier.

Medium, and Large MilkWhen you get a cow and it ..

Medium, and Large Milk

When you get a cow and it is able to have milk, it'll have small milk. If you make it sick, and give it medicine the next day, it'll have medium size milk. Do that again and it'll have large size milk. You can't do that to get Gold milk.

Small Milk=100G

Medium Milk=150G

Large Milk=300G

Gold Milk=500G

if you have a full schedule, all you have to do ..

if you have a full schedule, all you have to do is put your animals in the building the day BEFORE the festival day. that way you just go in and feed your cows, sheep and chickens like the day is rainy.

This also helps when the day after the festival is rainy

Do you want to know an easy way to win the Egg ..

Do you want to know an easy way to win the Egg Festival? Heres how: First you have to have a routin, the routine I use is:

First go by the bar turn right where you would go to the greenhouuse, look in all the crates as you go, then go straight down and across between the craftmans house and the bakery, all this time you should be checkng the crates you go past.

Then go up by the 1st set of stairs leading to the square you now should have past all the crates and the good thing is even if the right egg was in the last crate you should have had enough time.....if you used my route







No Typhoon

To make the Typhoon go away just check the weather channle until it says "tommorrow there will be a typhoon" before you go to bed enter any of the following codes (you'll need either a gameshark or the rom and emulator, I suggest project 64, works great for me and I have a rather slow computer.)
802373A9 0001 sunny
802373A9 0002 rainy
802373A9 0003 snowy
802373A9 0004 sunny rain with sunny music
(the rain dosen't water your plants, but people will be inside)
I am sorry to those who can't afford the gameshark or don't have a computer, but there is no other way to completly avoid random summer typhoons. Unless praying to the goddess for weather really does effect it(most people say it takes effect two days after you pray, something about weather that's f..

Winning the races

So build an fence and put your dog and horse in it and use the whistle horse left c button bottoen dog whislte right c button then use both and it will not work for horse it will if you brush him do this every day and you will win the races

cheat the horse race

ok go to the horse race do what you wont to do but win the race start see who win's right it down and go to the next race see who win's right it down and go to the last
race and see who win's that and right that down and turn off your 64 and turn on you will start on the same day
go to the horse race bet on the winner you wrote down and they will win

answer to KowKab's question:try copying your fil..

answer to KowKab's question:

try copying your file to another diary, then erasing the origional file.

if this does not work, you may have to erase it and start over on another diary

if that does not work, you'r screwed... :O , :| , :(

Its accually questions ( and plz forgive my spel..

Its accually questions ( and plz forgive my spelling.)

(1) When do I go to the Vineyard when Karen will show me around in the wine shack and she says the doors stuck and we cant get out?

(2) Where are the spirit sprites room at the one with the bed and table or something like that and its part of saving the vineyard?

(3) Does anyone know how to get all the recipes(4)OoOops guess there is no four =b!

I would really appricate it if you would anwser these questions!


To make a childOf course u have to be marriedTo ..

To make a child

Of course u have to be married

To make a child u have to find out what your wife likes,give it to them a lot. dont talk to any of the other choices of girls to marry.

Every night wait for her to go to bed.

If she's not there the first time u go in your house then go back out and wait 10-20 sec's then go back in (might have to do it a couple of times)

Once she is pregnant the mid wife will say "dont worry i'll be there 4 the baby" then 2 days later your wife will say will say "we have another mouth to feed(or at least thats what ann says)


Dont miss any festivals!

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