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Harvest Moon 64 Cheats for GameShark

Harvest Moon 64 Game Shark Codes

From Anon ID #1113

811fd60E FFFF-Infinite Money

80237411 005C-Infinite Chicken Feed

81189E50 0002-Infinite Lumber

81189E51 00FF

80189060 00FF-Infi..

From ?????????? ID #1114


81189E50 03E7



From Mimic ID #1108

Infinite Blue Feathers


Infinite Stamina for Horse Races

802F5015 0002

Infinite Medals For Horse & Dog Races

From silvercross85 ID #1096


Slot 1-8018908E 00??

Slot 2-8018908F 00??

Slot 3-80189090 00??

Slot 4-80189091 00??

Slot 5-80189092 00??

Slot ..

From silvercross85 ID #1098

Max Bin- 8023738A FFFF

Can be used with winter mine but don't have inf. stamina on or you'll be trapped!

Inf. Time (Minute Ha..

From silvercross85 ID #1099

(Don't go into town first time you have this code on! Save and then play the game without gameshark/ Marry the girl of your choice first then put i..

From silvercross85 ID #1102

Inf. Blue Feathers-8018907C 001C

Maria loves you-801C3F90 00FF

Popuri loves you-801C3F91 00FF

Elli loves you-801C..

From Master of All ID #1110

80189060 00FF - Infinite Stamina

81180714 0063 - Infinite Fodder

80237411 05C - Infinite Chicken Feed

81189E50 03E7 - Infinite Lumb..

From Anon ID #1111

Please enter in the form of: code - effect

Automatically Feed And Brush Cows And Sheep Cheat

D01702AD 0003


From silvercross85 ID #1097

Inf. Belongings

Slot 1-80189084 00??

Slot 2-80189085 00??

Slot 3-80189086 00??

Slot 4-80189087 00??

Slot 5-80189088 00??

From silvercross85 ID #1100

Picture Album 1 Full- 8118905A FFFF

Almost All Recipes -8116FAFC FFFF

8116FAFE FFFF-8016FB03 0007

Inf. Moondrop Seeds-8..

From silvercross85 ID #1101

Inf. Flower Cards Points- 802373F0 0063

Inf. Bakery Cards Points-80181B10 0063

From teddy ID #1103

Code Effect

802373F0 0063 Infinite Flower Card Points

80181B10 0063 Infinite Ca..

From Tony ID #1104

Infinite Stamina for Horse Races= 802f50150002

Infinite Medals for Horse & Dog Rarce=



Infinite Money..

From Katie ID #1105

Infinite Money- 811FD60E FFFF

Infinite Health- 80189060 FFFF

Infinite Watering Can Uses- 8016FBCD 0004


From Caitlin Curtis ID #1106

Please enter in the form of: code - effect

All Recipies

8116fafc ffff

8116fafe ffff

8116faf3 0007

From Chris ID #1107

All Recipes:



8016FB03 0007

Max Shipped In Bin

8023738A FFFF

From Kkhan 787 ID #1109

811FD60E FFFF - Infinite Gold

8016FBCD 0004 - Infinite Water Can sprays

81180714 0063 - Infinite fodder (feed)

80237411 005C - Infin..

From sam ID #1112

To get powernut:

This have to be in the winter. U have to go to the pond then there should be a big rock there. Then u have to take out ..


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