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Monster Train Cheats and Tips

PC, iPhone/iPad, Xbox One
Last Updated: by Richard
Monster Train Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Monster Train is a strategic roguelike deckbuilding dungeon crawler. We have cheats and tips that will help you in this spooky game that often gets compared to Slay the Spire. Monster Train is available on Xbox One, PC, and iOS.

Monster Train Trailer

Monster Train takes place on a moving train and your job is to get the last remaining fragment of the pyre back to hell to reignite it. As you battle your way back to hell you will have opportunities to improve your deck as you constantly assess your priorities, and figure out where to spend your resources. Check out our Monster Train cheats and tips to get help in the game.

Monster Train Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include why you should be dumping cards and what order you should be collecting the rewards and why.

  • Choose Challenges Carefully

    Before each battle in Monster Train you will be given a choice, you can either fight the enemies at 'Normal' difficulty or accept a more difficult challenge that will give better rewards. The rewards are often, but not always, worth the risk. Check out our The Rings of Hell guide to find out about the different areas in the game.

  • Dump Cards

    Make sure that at every opportunity you are removing your starter cards from your deck. By the end of a run, most of them will just be taking up space, and drawing a Train Steward when you really want to draw a powerful card can be devestating. Aside from casting these starter cards into the void when you come across it, you may also need to spend some of your cash at the Merchants in order to get rid of them. Check out our Clan Champions Tier List to find out which ones are the best based on the power level each has as a Primary Clan.

  • Take your Time

    Unless your are playing multiplayer there is no need to rush. Make sure you check each card in your hand before you make your decision, and plan your whole turn out before you start playing anything. Also think through how you want to take advantage of your between-battle rewards. You will find that Monster Train rewards planning and clever decision-making.

  • Collecting Rewards

    Listed below is the order which you should typically collect rewards.

    - Pyre Remnants and Void (to heal your Pyre and dump unwanted cards).

    - Herzal's Hoards, to collect an artifact (which might impact how you upgrade cards later).

    - Unit Drafts (in case you pick up a card you want to upgrade).

    - Frozen Caverns (as above, in case you pick up a card you want to upgrade).

    - Merchants (to upgrade your units and spells).

    There may be instances where a Frozen Cavern might be best after you have upgraded cards, in case it gives you the chance to multiply something valuable. Check out our Artifacts Guide to find out about the different Artifacts in Monster Train and their effects.

  • Don't Underestimate Enemies

    It is important that you pay attention to keywords and don't underestimate any of the enemies. Keep a close eye on those that enter the fray which have keywords such as 'Stealth' and 'Haste' as these cards can become tricky to deal with if you allow them to linger. Check out our Keywords and Effects Guide to find out how the keywords in Monster Train affect a card.

  • Upgrade your Train Stewards

    Consider spending some of your cash on increasing your Train Stewards' health and damage in order for them to not just be cannon fodder, but units which can hold their own on a floor.

Beginner's Guide Walkthrough

Monster Train is a Deckbuilding Roguelike game. The video below gives an overview of the gameplay, it's features and a walkthrough of a full run showing how to play the game, what set's it apart and some tips for understanding deck building and strategy.

Monster Train Beginner's Guide Walkthrough

21:26 - Hellhorned Banner

32:29 - Awoken Banner

40:17 - Rare Pack

40:44 - Unit Draft

41:37 - Major Enhancements

57:11 - Allied Clan Pack

We hope these tips help you out in the game, but for further help, try our beginners guide, we also have some FAQs for Monster Train, you can also submit your own questions there for other players to answer.

Monster Train Walkthrough and Guide

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Monster Train FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

What is the ineteraction between Trample and Sweep?
When Trample + Sweep are combined every attack gains Trample.
Can Seraph cleanse Multistrike?
No, it's not a buff. Buffs are green, Multistrike is yellow.
What is Heartless?
It means your units can not be healed.
Does Heartless stop Lifesteal from working?
What happens to Morsals after combat?
Morsels get eaten by the frontmost non-morsel unit, after combat.
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Monster Train Walkthrough and Guide