How to Save in Lethal Company

Updated: 27th Nov 2023 by Team SuperCheats

How to Save in Lethal Company

How to Save in Lethal Company

Exploring several moons and salvaging for scrap items is a hazardous occupation in Lethal Company. This How to Save in Lethal Company guide will tell you if it's even possible to save your progress as you search for scrap to pay off your debts.

When you start or join a game of Lethal Company your progress and discoveries are tracked and saved to one of three files. That file is constantly auto-saved after every expedition making a note of your successes and failures on each moon. These files can be switched around if want to start a new game.

What you are unable to do in Lethal Company is save your game mid-way through it or pick up where you left off. This means you will not be able to reload and continue your expedition if you are killed off by a monster. As far as the game is concerned if this happens you died and have to start from the beginning.

Your save file however will carry over some information across expeditions, such as the job titles you earn, scrap amounts you have gathered, and the bestiary information you entered from the monsters you have already encountered.

You will not be able to manually manipulate time in Lethal Company as the game's autosave always tracks your current state and quitting the game when you encounter a dangerous situation will be treated like a death. Any deaths or failures will progress the in-game timer by a day.

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How to Respawn

Dying in Lethal Company is a common thing you have to deal with a lot. The only way that you can respawn back into the game is when the ship goes into orbit. When this happens all your crew will respawn and return to the ship.

The only way your ship will go into orbit is either all your crew are dead or because only a single survivor has made it back to the ship and taken off. Keep in mind there is a penalty that you have to pay when a crew member dies.

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