Lethal Company Item Tier List

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Lethal Company Item Tier List

In Lethal Company there are different items you can purchase at the Console on the ship which can be taken on expeditions to help you salvage for scrap items. These items cost credits so it is important that you spend your hard-earned money on the ones that will benefit you the most. This Lethal Company Item Tier List will make sure you invest wisely.

A-Rank Items

The best items in Lethal Company. These items are essential and need to be taken on every expedition.

  • Pro-Flashlight - 25 Credits


    The Pro-Flashlight or 'yellow flashlight' is an upgraded version of the basic Flashlight that costs 10 credits more. The powerful beam and extended battery make it worth the extra cost. Having a reliable source of light is invaluable in Lethal Company, especially when you find yourself alone and having to navigate the dark corridors that have potential danger at every turn.

  • Shovel - 30 Credits

    The shovel is a life-saver as it can be used as a self-defense melee weapon which can be swung at the creatures you encounter while searching for scrap items. It deals decent damage, has a good attack speed, and is not too heavy. Listed below are the enemies in Lethal Company that are vulnerable to Shovel attacks.

    • Snare fleas
    • Thumpers
    • Hoarding bugs
    • Bunker spiders
    • Bracken (Flower Man)

  • Walkie-Talkie - 12 Credits

    The Walkie-Talkie is an item that can be used to communicate between crew members over long distances. It is especially useful when you need to communicate with a crew member on the ship who's watching the radar unlocking secure doors. Once you have purchased a Walkie-Talkie it stays usable for a whole day.

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B-Rank Items

These are great items that are useful to have especially when you are salvaging the more difficult moons.

  • Zap Gun - 400 Credits

    Zap Gun

    The Zap Gun is an expensive weapon that only becomes justifiable to have when you explore the more challenging moons in Lethal Company. This weapon shoots a constant stream of electricity that immobilizes enemies. The best strategy to use with the Zap Gun is for one person to stun the creature and a second one to kill it with a Shovel.

  • Stun Grenades - 40 Credits

    The Stun Grenade is particularly effective against fast enemies as it allows you to stun them giving you time to escape. When you use a Stun Grenade it will explode with a flash and a bang that stuns enemies caught in the area of its blast. It is important to remember that you need to throw the grenade within three seconds of pulling the pin, otherwise it will detonate in your hand and cause critical injury.

  • Boombox - 60 Credits

    The Boombox in Lethal Company is a musical item that plays jamming sci-fi tunes that can either be used to distract monsters by placing it on the opposite side of the map or serve as a marker to return to after exploring by following the music.

  • Radar Booster - 50 Credits

    The Radar Booster works like a stationary camera for whoever is on the ship monitoring the crew. It's best to leave it at key points of the complex where it can be used to monitor crucial exits and rooms. The Radar Booster is portable, so crew members can pick it up and move it at any time.

  • Teleporter - 375 Credits

    The Teleporter in Lethal Company acts as your panic button. A crew member on the ship can instantly teleport you back inside it, potentially saving you from death at the hands of a creature. Keep in mind if do get teleported back to the ship you will drop whatever you were holding.

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C-Rank Items

These are utility items that can come in handy.

  • TZP-Inhalant - 120 Credits

    The TZP-Inhalant in Lethal Company is a stimulant that upon inhaling will decrease the stamina consumption of running and jumping instantly enabling you to move faster. Keep in mind that the TZP-Inhalant does come with side effects, your voice will become high-pitched and once the effects of this chemical begin to wear off you will become a bit distorted.

  • Lockpicker - 20 Credits


    The Lockpicker is a handy item that can be used to open any locked door you may come across in the complex. Unlike a key it does not get consumed on use and can be used an infinite amount of times. Lockpickers take 30 seconds to work once they have been placed on a locked door.

  • Flashlight - 15 Credits

    The only reason you should buy a basic flashlight is if you cannot afford to purchase the Pro-Flashlight for whatever reason. It's always better to have a Flashlight than to have nothing.

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Lethal Company Items Tier List

D-Rank Items

These items are only useful in certain situations or just for fun.

  • Jet-Pack - 700 Credits

    The Jet-Pack in Lethal Company is primarily used for traversal and exploration, it is especially useful when you need to reach any high environments. Keep in mind that it Will gain a static charge and can potentially blow up in stormy conditions.

  • Inverse Teleporter - 425 Credits

    The Inverse Teleporter works differently from the Teleporter. Rather than teleporting a crew member back to the safety of the ship, the Inverse Teleporter will teleport a crew member back inside a complex. The Inverse Teleporter then has a three-and-a-half-minute cooldown before you can use it again.

  • Extension Ladder - 60 Credits

    Extension Ladder

    The Extension Ladder in Lethal Company enables you to climb to specific areas quickly. It is particularly useful if you are running out of time, want to optimize your exploration time, or are having trouble getting on the ship with heavy scrap.

  • Loud Horn - 150 Credits

    The Loud Horn is used by a crew member inside the ship to communicate with teammates or to attract outside monsters like Eyeless Dogs.

  • Laser Pointer

    The Laser Pointer only lets you see the end of the path you're looking into. It is more beneficial to get a Flashlight, preferably the Pro-Flashlight.



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