Lethal Company Enemy Tier List

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Lethal Company Enemy Tier List

Lethal Company Enemy Tier List

There are various types of enemies in Lethal Company, some are a lot more dangerous than others. Take a look at our Lethal Company Enemy Tier List to find out which ones you should avoid at all costs and which are basically harmless. We also tell you the best way to deal with each of them when you do encounter them.

Lethal Company Enemy Tier List
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Enemy Tier Ranks

Listed below are all the enemies you will encounter in Lethal Company, they have been ranked by how dangerous they are.

  • S-Rank

    Very high-threat: stop whatever you're doing and run away or die.

  • A-Rank

    High-threat: extremely dangerous but can be avoided if you're careful.

  • B-Rank

    Medium-threat: commonly found around the map and can be avoided with the right tactics.

  • C-Rank

    Low-threat: non-hostile or passive until provoked.

Lethal Company Enemy Tier List
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  • Jesters

    Category: Inside

    The Jester is the most dangerous enemy you can encounter in Lethal Company. This entity is a small jack-in-the-box with legs that will start to appear when you make more money and have to reach a higher profit budget for the company. The best advice when encountering the Jester is to get out of the area before it becomes aggressive. The Jester doesn’t need line-of-sight to detect you and its attacks will kill you instantly.

    How to Defeat: The only thing you can do when a Jester is chasing you is try to escape. You cannot outrun the Jester.

  • Ghost Girl

    Category: Inside

    Unlike some of the other creatures in Lethal Company, Ghost Girl doesn't look scary at first glance. She will randomly target one of the four crew members based on their Insanity Level and try to drive them mad. They will start to hear giggling or breathing, the lights in the room will flicker, and their hearing will become noticeably distorted.

    How to Defeat: You can't fight Ghost Girl, you need to avoid her at all costs because she is deadly. If she touches you, you're instantly killed.

  • Forest Keepers

    Category: Outside Nighttime

    Forest Keepers are massive, headless giants taller than most trees found in the forest that will start to appear after the sun begins to set. These hostile behemoths will chase you down and eat you as a snack. They can however be outran and outsmarted because of its childlike tendencies and behaviors.

    How to Defeat: It's best to avoid this creature at all costs, stay out of its line of sight, and get back to the ship. Getting caught results in automatic death.

  • Earth Leviathan

    Category: Outside Nighttime

    Earth Leviathan is a very large dark-coloured worm that roams the underground surface of the planet or moons. This Worm can swallow multiple members of your crew in one swoop. When you hear a loud growl underneath you or the surface starts to shake you need to start running in random directions. Their attacks are lethal with just one hit.

    How to Defeat: You cannot damage or kill an Earth Leviathan so the only thing you can do is try to escape from it by running away.


  • Coil-heads

    Category: Inside

    Coil-Head is a mannequin-like creature that will move toward you rapidly and kill you instantly unless someone is looking at it.

    How To Defeat: Don't look or touch; have a teammate stare them down while passing.

  • Baboon Hawks

    Category: Outside

    Baboon Hawks are winged primates that tend to roam around in groups. Although they are generally non-hostile in nature they are best left alone. When they are not provoked they will just make sounds to scare you off, but won't attack. If you foolishly decide to provoke a Baboon Hawk you need to run in the opposite direction to avoid their wrath as two hits can be fatal.

    How to Defeat: Baboon Hawks can be killed by having a member of the crew use a Zap Gun or a Stun Grenade on it before you hit it with the Shovel or Sign-Post.

  • Spore Lizards

    Category: Inside

    The Spore Lizard is a four-legged creature with a huge round mouth and a purple orb at the end of its tail. It acts like a playful puppy but will give you a mild warning bite if you get too close to it. It will also unleash a pink mist which although not harmful will obscure your vision. Neither attack can kill you.

    How to Defeat: Avoid this creature unless you are cornered with nowhere else to go, it's pink mist will render you blind and make you easy prey for other monsters that are nearby.

  • Snare Fleas

    Category: Inside

    This is a bug that hides on ceilings indoors, waiting for unsuspecting crew members to wander underneath. When they do it will drop down and wrap itself around their head, suffocating them over several seconds until they die.

    How to Defeat: You can release its grip on a crew member by hitting it with a Shovel or Sign-Post or by going to the exit where it will perish if taken outside.

  • Hygroderes

    Category: Inside

    This creature is an aggressive blue-green gelatinous blob that is often spotted on stairwells and doorways. It can be evaded by jumping over it and avoiding dead ends. They are slow moving so you have enough time to react if one of them appears. You need to be careful as two hits will kill you.

    How To Defeat: Avoid by jumping over it.


  • Eyeless Dogs

    Category: Outside Nighttime

    These are large large canine creatures that spawn after dark. They have poor vision but if one does grab you in its jaws it will shake you back and forth, killing you.

    How to Defeat: They can be killed by hitting them a few times with either a Shovel or Sign-Post.

  • Circuit Bees

    Category: Outside

    The Circuit Bee, also known as Red Bee is a flying insect. They will leave the nest to attack any creature that comes within several meters.

    How to Defeat: Avoidable if you don't get too close.

  • Hoarding Bugs

    Category: Inside

    These giant bugs only attack if you get too close so try and find a way around them if you spot them at the end of a corridor. They can only be found inside the buildings you need to explore. They are triggered when you get too close.

    How to Defeat: They can be killed by hitting them a few times with either a Shovel or Sign-Post.

  • Bunker Spiders

    Category: Inside

    These critters will hang around inside rooms and wait for you to get close. Use your flashlight to pinpoint them. Avoid walking into webs.

    How to Defeat: Use either the Zap Gun or Stun Grenade and then attack it with a Shovel or Sign-Post.

  • Flower Man

    Category: Inside

    Flower Man also known as Bracken will stalk crew members like a predator hunting its prey until it finds the optimal time to attack.

    How to Defeat: The Flower Man is completely harmless unless you stare it down, but not for too long; prolonged staring leads to an attack.

  • Thumpers

    Category: Inside

    Thumpers, also called a Half, is a creature that creeps around complexes. You can hear them dragging themselves around. A roar will signal that one of these highly aggressive carnivorous monsters has spotted you.

    How to Defeat: Take corners to slow them down when being chased by them or hit them a few times with either a Shovel or Sign-Post to kill them.


  • Roaming Locusts

    Category: Outside

    Roaming Locusts are passive creatures that will simply fly away when approached. You do not need to worry about them.

    How To Defeat: Harmless; they run away if you get too close.

  • Manticoils

    Category: Outside

    These airborne creatures are completely harmless. They tend to hover around in packs.

    How to Defeat: They can be easily killed with a Shovel or Sign-Post.

Lethal Company Enemy Tier List



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