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How to have a baby cheat for The Sims FreePlay

How to have a baby

First you wait until you are in the tenth level then you get the option to marry the two sims. Next you buy a bed for the baby. All you have to do is just click on the bed and your sims will try for a baby. Thanks this was written by DahliaJohnson

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Apr 4th 2012, ID#678


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Feb 14th 2016 Guest
how do you get 2 sims to get past being best friends
ID #635195
Oct 23rd 2015 Guest
i dont have sims freeplay i only have the sims 3
ID #619089
Oct 9th 2015 Guest
I'm on level 17 an I can found the baby crib
ID #615098
Sep 28th 2015 Guest
I am on level 7 how do you get your two sims to go out please
ID #612305
Sep 20th 2015 Guest
Does anybody know a cheat so my baby can hurry up it takes 24 hrs almost I only have 1 lifestyle need 22
ID #610037
Aug 30th 2015 Guest
I'm on half way true level 7 and I still haven't got the quest love is in the air and when I last had the game (I deleted cuz it didn't work proparly) I got it at level 6 what do I do pleeeeaaaasssseeee answer :(
ID #603784
Aug 22nd 2015 Nisha zahra
I have a seniour
ID #601010
Aug 13th 2015 Guest
ID #597451
Jul 19th 2015 Guest
I have a teenager
ID #586499
Jul 16th 2015 Guest
for People Saying This is How it goes it's not a cheat, Yeah Its Not A cheat. But this site is also a Guide!
ID #585244
Jun 26th 2015 Guest
This isn't a cheat that's just how it is sopossed to happen
ID #575898
Jun 25th 2015 Guest
My name is Hannah cox from 705 Brittany street plainwell MI for some reason I am trying to get my sims to have a baby I clicked the bed it only said catnap deep sleep and stuff like that so can you help me out
ID #575361
Apr 21st 2017 spaceytracey
I can help you with a bit of advice and say that its not a good idea to put your name and address on here or anywhere on the Internet just to be on the safe side. If I remember correctly I think I got my first 2 sims married and then got the baby by using the phone to adopt. After that we have to pay real money to adopt. BUT further on you can buy a crib and add a sim that way for free. :-)
ID #718623
Oct 18th 2015 Guest
You by a crib in the baby shop on your map when you have bought it u go to a married sims house and go into your inventory and there will be a baby sign you click on that and the crib will show up you click on the crib and place it somewhere in the house after u did all that there will be a add baby sign in the crib u tap on that but u must have 3 lp to have a baby after u did that u must wait for 24 hours and after u wait 24 hours u can choose for a boy or a girl and u can choose its color hair,eyes and skin tone h can dress up the baby with the clothes u are given and then u tap the green tick and u have a baby in the ton/house
ID #617574
Aug 11th 2015 Guest
You need to by the baby crib. Not a normal bed will work.
ID #596681
Jul 29th 2015 Guest
You have to have two sims dating
ID #590796
Jul 7th 2015 Guest
For me you have to complete a quest at level six then you'll get a quest for babies after you complete that quest buy a crib and you'll need three lp and the baby will arrive after one day! Hope this helped! :D
ID #581291
Jun 24th 2015 Guest
i am confuesd
ID #574994
Jun 24th 2015 Guest
how do you make a baby come quick anwer plz
ID #574993
Jun 24th 2015 Guest
i am on level 9 and i have a baby
ID #574991
Jun 24th 2015 Guest
not true I'm on level eight and I did all that and the babies coming
ID #574986
Jun 24th 2015 Guest
If you would like to get a baby in the sims the listen close All you need to do is get two sims married (on level ten) then the infant section appears in the store press on a b and buy it After you do that add the baby it will show you in the crib then you wait and wait and was I then you have a baby
ID #574960
Jun 20th 2015 Guest
Wait tell level 11 or 10 and it will let you choose who you wanna marry and bye a bed for your baby click the bed and it will let you try for a baby that's all there is to it
ID #573189
Aug 4th 2015 Guest
There r different sims computer and iPod iPhone and iPad and on computer u can try for a baby in a bed and stuff but in the sims freeplay u have to buy a crib and click on it when u have a married couple liveing in the house and u can buy the baby for 3LP not try for it! Now come on it's simple ok!!!
ID #593733
Jun 22nd 2015 Guest
When you build children's store u can buy crib
ID #574141
Jun 17th 2015 Guest
What's the tenth level?As I'm stuck in this to make a baby
ID #571535
May 20th 2015 Guest
Why I cannot buy baby crib still lock the children store?
ID #558795
Apr 27th 2015 Guest
No you buy a crib and for 3 lps and a day you have a baby
ID #548787
Apr 20th 2015 Guest
i have an iphone but i cant find the try for baby on the bed!!!!!!!!!!
ID #545760
Apr 6th 2015 Guest
it take 12 hours and I am really excited for the new baby
ID #538847
Apr 3rd 2015 Guest
What if there is no crib for the baby and you are past level ten and you can't have a baby.
ID #537271
Apr 12th 2015 Guest
Well that's just tough
ID #541722
Mar 10th 2015 Guest
You have to get the children's store to get the cot/cri
ID #526826
Mar 2nd 2015 Guest
I know how to have a baby you need to by the children's store and then you can get the baby crattle then you can buy babies from the baby crattle.
ID #523195
Jun 23rd 2015 Guest
why do u have to wait so long can you make the baby come faster
ID #574532
Aug 3rd 2015 Guest
I have a cheat if you want to skip something long and fill up there needs:do what ever you want to skip exit THE game tap the home button twice and gold a game down till they shake and have a minus press the minus (Will not delete) go to settings chAnge the year like 2015 to 2016 go back they should be done and youll get A LOT of lp simoleons and sp!:D
ID #593426
Sep 27th 2015 Guest
It's not working for me anymore
ID #612038
Feb 20th 2015 Guest
Why can't you have a baby if you wohoo?
ID #518712
Apr 26th 2015 Guest
I have no idea that should me it they should make a update where the Sims look percent

ID #548427
Mar 21st 2015 Guest
[color=red][/color] I know right the baby automiacally comes
ID #531420
Feb 19th 2015 Guest
How can the baby go to the toilet? So confused and stuck!
ID #518060
Apr 7th 2015 Guest
You have to wait till the baby pees it's pants,the clean bar will go down. then click on the change baby option and the clean bar will go back up. I know, gross!!💩
ID #539225
Feb 15th 2015 Guest
I'm on level 13 and I still didn't get the quest for aging up babies. Please answer my question.
ID #516556
Jan 30th 2015 Guest
To have a baby you must complete a quest first and then u can get a /have a baby
ID #509420
Jan 28th 2015 Guest
How do I have a baby ? My sims are married. I looked in home store and I do not see nursery . Thanks
ID #508286
Jan 25th 2015 Guest
Where is the workshop
ID #507290
Jan 23rd 2015 Guest
How do I enter the bread winner contest??? Pls help. Me!!??
ID #505745
Jan 14th 2015 Guest
How do u do the bread winning contest or where is the bread winning contest
ID #501341
Jan 10th 2015 Guest
First you have workshop then you can see a button and then you've got to say what you want it to be. It takes 12 hours for it to arrive. I hope this helps you BYESmile

ID #499236
Jan 9th 2015 Guest
I want a baby but there is no nursery in my home store!
ID #498882
Jan 5th 2015 Guest
But will it work on my samsung galaxy tablet plus it dosent say try for ... on mine and im only lvl 7 and my sims are married!! (because of the love is in the air quest)
ID #496588
Jan 4th 2015 Guest
Dose not work
ID #496241
Dec 31st 2014 Guest
I doesn't just work on level 10 I did it on level 5 and I am only on level 9 and have a baby
ID #493364
Dec 31st 2014 Guest
Can you do it on level 7 or is it just level 10 when you can, because i want to now and it's not letting me i don't know weither it's because i'm not at the right level.
ID #493321
Dec 29th 2014 Guest
I still dont have tge two and a half sims quest! Where is it
ID #492392
Dec 29th 2014 Guest
Do you have to be at level ten to get a crib because I am at eight and never recieved teh two a dna half sims quest? what does it come after
ID #492320
Dec 26th 2014 Guest
I got a baby at level 4 so you were so wrong dude
ID #490411
May 9th 2015 Guest
so did I I actually had my baby on here on the 2nd level
ID #554169
Dec 23rd 2014 Guest
dose it cost money for your baby to grow up?
ID #488887
Dec 1st 2014 Guest
Where is the crib located
ID #479044
Nov 16th 2014 Guest
What do you do if your time has ran out for two and a half sims
ID #472555
Nov 12th 2014 Guest
Can you get toys on sims free play
ID #470737
Nov 7th 2014 Guest
Hi it won't let be buy a crib or build the store is there any other way
ID #468320
Nov 2nd 2014 Guest
For those who are saying that the game wont let you add another baby, and you haven't reached your limit yet: The app wont let your couple have more than two children, thats just how it is. You might be able to try for another baby when one of your sims move out but you would probablly have to comlete the Adults quest to turn your teen into an adult and let them move out. This is just a guess because i havent gotton to the Adults quest yet.
ID #466387
Nov 1st 2014 Guest
If I abandoned the first baby on the sims Freeplay then add another would I pay lp or is it free?
ID #466090