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Mini Ninjas iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

We have 11 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Mini Ninjas please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS : Wii : Xbox 360

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At the start of each run and when you switch characters you are temporarily invincible. When you see the aura flickering around the ninja it indicates that you will soon be vulnerable to attack.


You can always purchase more Koins at the Dogo in the following amounts - Double Koins ($1.99), 13,500 Koins ($2.99), 30,000 Koins ($5.99), 65,000 Koins ($11.99), and 150,000 Koins ($24.99). Also at the Dojo there will be options to unlock all of Hiros friends ($0.99) and instant crafting ($0.99).

Shorter Jumps

This is achieved by quickly tapping the screen, performing shorter jumps will help prevent you from accidentally falling onto any spikes or fire that may lie ahead.


There are 11 spells in total and to be able to craft them you must collect certain ingredients. The ingredients of mushrooms, flowers and crystals when combined produce the potions which will aid you in combat. Spells are equipped while inside the Dogo. The 11 spells are Death Banisher, Ki Energy Refill, Mega Ki Refill, KI Booster, Koin Magnet, Big Koin Magnet, Spirit's Shield, Fireproof Formula, Kuji Spell Booster, Kuzanagi Longsword, and Lucky Koin Charm.

Ki Energy Meter

To replenish your Ki energy meter you must kill enemies, remember though that you will be unable to use Kuji Spells when doing this.

Kuji Spells

Buy Kuji spells whenever possible as these magical abilities will give your character an advantage. These spells can only be equipped one at a time and includes a Tornado Boost which is a magical whirlwind that will safely propel you over a large distance, Lightning Storm which summons a magical storm that will strike down adversaries, and Spiritual Shield which enables you to channel your magical power to create a protective orb that makes you temporarily invincible.


Crafting spells takes time, this means that if you want to gain early access to them you will need to spend Koins at the store.

Trapped Ninjas

You begin as Hiro but as you progress through the game you will come across different ninjas trapped inside cages. If you free them you will be able to temporarily control that character before reverting back to being Hiro. These ninja characters are Futo who smashes rocks with his hammer, Suzume who attracts collectibles and Kunoichi who possesses superior jumping and gliding ability.


Make a point of collecting coins (referred to in the game as Koins) as this is the virtual currency that is needed to purchase weapons, spells and poitions in the Dojo.

Unused Ki Energy

Whenever you have unsed Ki energy it will be carried over to the next run.


Whenever you encounter crates and explosive barrels you have the opton of either jumping over them or using your sword to smash through themn.

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