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by Enalia

Mini Ninjas: Walkthrough by Enalia
Version 0.9, Last Updated 2010-12-05 View/Download Original File
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|  \/  (_)_ __ (_) | \ | (_)_ __  (_) __ _ ___ 
| |\/| | | '_ \| | |  \| | | '_ \ | |/ _` / __|
| |  | | | | | | | | |\  | | | | || | (_| \__ \
|_|  |_|_|_| |_|_| |_| \_|_|_| |_|/ |\__,_|___/

12-4-2010 v0.9

[email protected]

Copyright 2010 Nicole Ockerman


Table of Contents

I. Introduction and contact (MN001)
II. Controls (MN002)
III. Touch Screen (MN003)
IV. Items and their uses (MN004)
V. Kuji Spells (MN005)
VI. Playable Characters (MN006)
VII. NPCs and their locations (MN007)
VIII. Tengu and their locations (MN008)
IX. Bosses (MN009)
X. Chapter 1 (MN010)
XI. Chapter 2 (MN011)
1. Earth  Wilderness
2. Earth Castle (MN011C)
XII. Chapter 3 (MN012)
1. Night Wilderness
2. Night Castle (MN012C)
XIII. Chapter 4 (MN013)
1. Water Wilderness
2. Water Castle (MN013C)
XIV. Chapter 5 (MN014)
1. Snow Wilderness
2. Snow Castle (MN014C)
XV. Chapter 6 (MN015)
1. Fire Wilderness
2. Fire Castle (MN015C)
XVI. Side Quests (MN016)
1. Yuki's Husband (MN017)
2. Atsui and Samui (MN018)
3. Nagini and Ikaru (MN019)
3. Collectible Dolls (MN020)
4. Castle Dwellers (MN021)
5. Plane of Spirits (MN022)
XVII. Things I can't figure out (MN023)
XVIII. Copyright (MN024)
XIX. Credits (MN025)
XX. Version Update Info(MN026)

----Introduction and contact----  (MN001)
Hello there. This is the first time I've written a guide, so if it's a little
weird, well. Then again, I'm weird myself. I wrote this guide because I
couldn't find a single one for the DS version of this game on the net. What I
did find was a lot of people asking the same questions as me, questions I could
help with, and guides for the PC version, which is different in a few ways. So
I decided to write this. I tried to make it so you could use this guide in one
of two ways. Either as a step by step walk through, or to check for those
couple little things you're missing. However, as I decided firmly on this in
the middle of writing it, not all the random quests are laid out in detail
(Not to mention I'm still missing information) in the extras. If you have any
questions, or know something I don't, please feel free to contact me at
[email protected] I would appreciate it a lot, and will update this as
I get more information.

----Controls---- (MN002)
(As I can think of no where else to put it, dying really isn't a big deal in
this game. At all. You can simply choose to continue, and you will appear
close to where you died, with half your health and Ki. Whatever Samurai you
were fighting [excluding bosses] will maintain damage.)

D-Pad - Basic movement. Double tap in any direction to sprint. Will use light
Ki to maintain however. As such, until you're given access to Ki, you will not
be able to sprint. (Also, a small tip with sprinting. Particularly when you
have more Ki, after sprinting it all away, if you're safe, meditate it back.
It saves a bit of time, as the natural regeneration time is a bit slow)

B button - Jump (Jumping while running at a wall has different effects. If
jumping from an angle, and holding B, you will run sideways on the wall. If you
run straight, you will run up the wall.)

A button  -  Attack using main weapon, (When an enemy is blocking, hold A to do
a charged attack which will break through their block) pick up items, speak
with NPCs.

X button - Ranged attack. Holding this down will allow you to aim. However,
note that when enemies are nearby, ammo will automatically be thrown at them,
whether or not you were focused on them. This can be both useful and annoying.
Also note that if you move the cursor over more than one target, multiple
shuriken will be thrown to hit each.

Y button - Cast spells. (Hold down for aimed spells, such as Fireball)

R button - Block

L button - Tapping this will cause the screen to face forward. Holding it and
using the D-Pad will allow you to move the camera around. Be wary however. In
small spaces, like tight paths, it wont allow you to control the camera in this
way. You will simply walk. Careful not to walk off a cliff.

X+A button - Jikoku attack. Uses Ki, can target many enemies at once. Obtained
at level 5.

----Touch Screen---- (MN003)
The touch screen has multiple functions in Mini Ninjas. On the left side of the
screen will be (as you get them) the faces of the three playable characters.
Touching one of their faces allows you to switch from person to person.

In the middle of the screen will be a circle with a bag icon. Touching this
will take you into your inventory, showing potions, fruits, potion ingredients,
and spells.

Two squares will eventually be below the inventory (Hiro only). One for spells,
one for ranged weapons. Whichever you click will cause a large, divided square
to form around the inventory. If ranged weapons are selected, it will show the
three different types on ammo that Hiro/Suzume can use. Selecting the spell tab
will cause it to show the different spells Hiro can use. Tap whichever you want
to use.

On the left side of the screen are another three functions. 
Top most is meditate (Hiro only) Meditating recharges Ki. It can not be done
while the Kuji shield is active.

Below that is the Ninja Hat. This hat is actually very useful. It will deflect
high flung arrows. Keep in mind, for every arrow it deflects, it will become
damaged, as indicated by it filling with red. If it "breaks" it will vanish
until it has recharged. If you are safe, simply remove it to allow it to
repair, and then put it back on. It can also be used in deep water as a boat.
(Will change into a cape in the Snow Wilderness, after you've had the cape

Below this is the map, which, while rather unspecific, can actually be very
useful. Shows all previously located Tengu locations.

----Items and their uses---- (MN004)
Fruit - 9 of each can be held. If you are hurt, fruit will automatically be
Apple: Restores one small heart.
Blueberries: Restores one small heart.
Cherry: Restores one small heart. 
Honey: Restores a small amount of Ki. (Not automatically eaten)
Nuts: Restores one small heart.
Peach: Restores one small heart.
Pear: Restores one small heart.
Raspberries: Restores one small heart.

Potions - 9 of each can be held
Minor Healing Potion: Restores 3 big hearts.
Major Healing Potion: Restores all hearts.
Weak Ginseng Extract: Restores small amount of Ki
Strong Ginseng Extract: Restores all Ki
Strange Brew: Temporarily multiplies striking power by 3
Barkskin: Creates thick natural armor that temporarily shields from blows.
Supreme Health: An extremely rare potion that adds a big heart permanently.
Supreme Ginseng: Permanently increase your Ki.
Supreme Stamina: Permanently increase Shadow Ki regeneration speed.
Supreme Spirit: Permanently increase Ki regeneration speed.

Potion ingredients - 99 of each can be held.
Blade Moss
Blue Petal
Ginseng Root
Hermits Cap - Rare
Mountain Fire (Only in Fire Wilderness)
Oyster Mushroom
Sacred Lotus - Rare
Spears of Ashida
Stone Cap
Tiger Lily
Water Flute - Rare
Wild Mint Root
Wild Parsley 

Ammo - 99 small ammo can be held. 9 special ammo can be held.
Shuriken (Hiro) Can target multiple enemies.
Super Shuriken (Hiro) Can only target 1 enemy.
Bombs (Hiro)
Darts (Suzume) Can target multiple enemies.
Sleeping Darts (Suzume) - Put enemy to sleep. Can only target 1 enemy.
Smoke Bombs (Suzume) - Causes a cloud to be in Suzume's vicinity which stuns

----Kuji Spells---- (MN005)
Possession: Allows you to possess an animal, allowing you to travel through
small cracks that Hiro can't fit in.
Teleportation: Uses no Ki. Allows a Tengu Mage to teleport Hiro to any Tengu
Mage he has already met.
Fireball: Launches a fireball.
Exorcism: Uses Kuji to launch a projectile that will defeat ghosts.
Energy Shield: Forms a shield around Hiro which causes damage to affect Ki
instead of HP. When Ki runs out, the shield will vanish. No perpetuation cost.
Can not meditate or use other spells when active.
Tornado: Uses a large portion of Ki. Conjures a tornado that attacks any
Samurai nearby. Powerful.
Kuji Disruptor: Returns large and massive Samurai to their animal form. Uses a
lot of Ki.
Meteor: Summons a large meteor that lands on nearby foes. Uses a large amount
of Ki.
Freeze Time: Freezes time. Nifty. Drains Ki until you either deactivate it, or
you run out.

----Playable Characters---- (MN006)
Hiro - A young Ninja being trained under the Ninja Master. Has the ability to
control Kuji. Main weapon is a Katana, and can use Shuriken and Bombs as ranged
weapons. Only character able to activate portals made by defeating Plane of
Spirits puzzles.
Futo - Hiro's best friend, Futo is strong, and uses a large hammer as his
weapon. He has no ranged weapons. Best against massive Samurai.
Suzume - A female Ninja, and Hiro's friend. After helping Hiro, she decides to
join him on his journey. Main weapon is her blow dart gun, which she uses to
hit people with. Her ranged are Darts, Sleeping Darts and Smoke Bombs.

----NPCs and their locations---- (MN007)
I considered making a section dedicated to every little quest in the game, but
some of them are so menial and along the way, that I'd practically be writing a
second walkthrough if I did that. As such, if you're looking for a specific
quest that wasn't large enough to get it's own section, simply Ctrl+F the
character the quest is related to.

  - Ninja Village (Once you finish here, you won't come back) 
Ninja Master: Can only be interacted with in the tutorial portion of the game.

 - Earth Wilderness
Village Elder - In front of the well in the middle of town.
Daisuke - in front of the hut to the left of the entrance to town (When facing
the entrance)
??? - Man hiding in a barrel behind Daisuke's hut. - Possible partner for Yuki
Tora - A ninja and one of Hiro's friends. Found in the Samurai camp in the
Bamboo Forest.
Kentaro - In the cabin in the middle of the Bamboo Forest.
 - Only appears after finishing in the Earth Wilderness.
Yotaro - Was the man in the barrel. Now standing near the shed which he hid
Bado the Beastmaster - Appears in Lumbering Fool's lair.

 - Night Wilderness
Denisu - In the small forest just inside the Night Wilderness.
Miina - On a small island halfway down the rapids.
Otto - Large island at the end of the rapids.
Tsuma - On the cliff leading to falls before the Night Village/Night Village.
Kikkawa - Inside the tunnel just before the Night Village.
Village Elder - In front of the well in the middle of town.
Aniki - Night Village Graveyard
Jide - In a bush to the left when first entering the Night Castle.
 - Only appears after finishing in the Night Wilderness.
Mukoe - In front of the hut near the broken bridge in the Night Village.
Koyuki - In front of the hut near the broken bridge the Night Village.
Yuki - Standing on the remnants of the broken bridge the Night Village.
Keiichi - The small clearing before the alter in the Night Village.
Kake - In Windy Pants' lair.

 - Water Wilderness
Kunoichi - On the bridge in the Water Village. A ninja and friend of Hiro's
Village Elder - In front of a hut by the Koi Pond
Mayumi - Alter side of the chasm.
Kasu - Flooded Village - Possible partner for Yuki.
Shoei - At the foot of the statue just inside the water Castle.
Rikku - Left out of the door from the room at the top of the long stairs in the
Kurisu - The room just before the boss in the water castle.
 - Only appears after you finish in the Water Wilderness.
Keiko - The ramp in Timid Swimmers lair.
Yoshiko - By the first valve in Timid Swimmers Lair
Akiko - By the path to the third and fourth valve in Timid Swimmers Lair.

 - Snow Wilderness
Dayamaka - Second right at a dead end in the forest just past camp.
Kunitto - Caged in the Samurai Camp.
Nyaki - Small cave past the Samurai camp. Potential boyfriend for Yuki.
Nideru - Niche in the wall before the Samurai camp.
Shun - A Ninja friend of Hiro's. Blocking the path to the snowy areas of the
Snow Wilderness.
Sumi - Top of the first cliff in the snowy area.
Legendary Tree - To the left in the clearing around the rock formation.
Furosuto - Down a hard to see path before the Ice Elemental.
Nagini - Down a small path next to the ramp by the first impassible door in the
Snow Castle.
Lozaki - Only reached by dropping from the far left of the ledge where you
access the bridge.
Atsui - House somewhat near the tunnel into the courtyard of the bosses lair.
 - Only appears after you finish the Snow Wilderness.
Kage - Screeching Owl's lair

 - Fire Wilderness
Hasu - Middle of the Bridge/Front of the bridge in the snowy area of the Fire
Usagi - Bottom of the long ramp in the cave.
Leeli - Second right past the jumping stones in the lava room.
Yamamoto - Near the massive lava river, right side of the small ring of land
around a lava pit.
Toshimi - Left of the tall bridge.
Samui - Left over two lava rivers from a wall jump nice.
Gosu - Just before the cave entrance.
Ikaru - Behind the Samurai camp in the cave. (Cliff level)
Fuu - Samurai camp in the cave. (Floor level)
 - Appears after defeating the Living Tower and then leaving.
Tamago - To the right of the entrance to the Fire Castle.

----Tengu and their locations---- (MN008)
A nice thing about the Tengu, is after you've found them, they're marked on the
map. However, due to having to free almost all of them to get exp bonuses and
unlock the doors to bosses lairs, I'll mention where they are for those simply
needing help locating Tengu. F by their name indicates that they were free when
found, C by their name indicates that they were caged. (I will admit
inconsistancy on the C and F business due to thinking of shortening description
with this after the fact. Feel free to tell me if they're mislabled.)

 - Ninja Village(Once you finish here, you won't come back)
Tengu F - Found near the alter, this one will only ever be seen in the Ninja

 - Earth Wilderness 
Tengu Hermit F - Just inside the Bamboo Forest from the town.
Tengu Mage F - Left past the first barricade in the Bamboo Forest.
Tengu F - Just outside the tunnel from the Samurai Camp
Tengu Crafter C - Not too far from the Tengu.
Tengu C - Next to the first castle gate.
Tengu Mage C - Next to the second castle gate.
Tengu C - A ways back from the second castle gate and the Tengu Mage.
Tengu C - Shortly past the second castle gate.
Tengu F - In front of the third castle gate.
Tengu Mage F - Near the Earth Elemental
Tengu F - Near the gate to the rapids.
Tengu F - On the island where you get the Clay Flower.
Tengu Mage C - At the end of the rapids.
Tengu C - Down a path past the Earth Elemental.
Tengu Mage F - Shortly after the bridge on the way to the Earth Castle.
Tengu Crafter C - A ways left of the inner gate in the Earth Castle.
Tengu C - In an alcove behind the Earth Castle on the left side.
Tengu Mage C - In an alcove along the right wall of the Earth Castle.
Tengu C - In an alcove behind the Earth Castle on the right side.
Tengu Mage C - Just before the Earth Wilderness Boss.

 - Night Wilderness
Tengu Mage C - In a small alcove to the right of where you start in the Night
Tengu C - In an alcove near the exit from the small beginning forest of the
Night Wilderness.
Tengu C - Halfway down the river rapids.
Tengu Mage C - Large Island at the end of the rapids.
Tengu Mage F - Night Village.
Tengu C - At the end of the chasm in the Night Village.
Tengu Crafter F - Night Village Graveyard.
Tengu Mage C - Down the right path just inside the Night Castle.
Tengu C - Past the first acid pit in the night Castle.
Tengu Mage C - By the group of buildings near the switch in the Night Castle.
Tengu C - On a ledge near the acid pit before the boss.
Tengu Crafter C - On a ledge in the middle of the acid pit before the boss.
Tengu Mage C - In front of door to the boss.

 - Water Wilderness
Tengu C - At the end of the right rice field.
Tengu Mage C - End of the path on the cliff near the rice fields.
Tengu Crafter F - Near the Alter in the chasm.
Tengu Mage C - On top of a submerged house in the Flooded Village.
Tengu C - On top of the stone structure/location of the second switch.
Tengu Mage F - Right out of the door from the room at the top of the long
stairs in the castle.
Tengu Mage F - The room just before the boss of the Water Castle.
Tengu Crafter C - Cell in the Water Castle.
Tengu F - Cell in the Water Castle.
Tengu C - In a dead end left of the entrance of the escape tunnel.
Tengu C - Outside of the escape tunnel.
Tengu C - Outside of the escape tunnel. (There are two in this room)
Tengu Mage C - End of the path on the cliff outside the escape tunnel.

 - Snow Wilderness
Tengu C - In a dead end towards the end of the forest at the beginning of the
Snow Wilderness.
Tengu Mage F - Just past Shun on the way to the snowy areas of the Snow
Tengu Crafter C - Near the large gate in the first clearing of the snowy
Tengu Mage C - To the right of the Ancient Tree and left of the alter.
Tengu F - To the right of the entrance to the area with the alter.
Tengu C - Near the Ice Lotus.
Tengu Mage F - Middle of the labyrinth after the Snow Spirit.
Tengu Mage F - By the frozen pond past the red arch in the Snow Castle.
Tengu Crafter F - Up a ramp by the first impassible gate in the Snow Castle.
Tengu Mage C - To the left of the second impassible gate.
Tengu C - In front of the third impassible gate.
Tengu Mage F - Just past the spirit portal.
Tengu Mage C - Just outside the inner courtyard of the Snow Wilderness Boss.

 - Fire Wilderness
Tengu Crafter F - To the right of the entrance to the Fire Wilderness.
Tengu Mage F - To the left of the entrance to the Fire Wilderness.
Tengu Mage C - at the dead end by the large lava lake, near the spirit portal.
Tengu C - Left from the spirit portal in a dead end.
Tengu Mage F - Accessible only by dropping off the ledge near the wall jump
Tengu C - In the Samurai cliff camp accessed by the Jikoku attack.
Tengu Mage C - Down the path past the Fire Spirit.
Tengu Mage C - Left side of the entry room to the Fire Castle.
Tengu Crafter C - End of the spike box labyrinth in the Fire Castle.
Tengu C - In the lava room with spiked floors in the Fire Castle.
Tengu C - In the back room of the rice paper hall corridor in the Fire Castle.
Tengu Mage C - In the third room of the rice paper hall behind a wall with a
crack in it.
Tengu Mage C - To the right of the doors to Lord Ashida's chamber.

----Bosses---- (MN009)
Lumbering Fool (MN009LF)
Windy Pants (MN009WP)
Timid Swimmer (MN009TS)
Screeching Owl (MN009SO)
Living Tower (MN009LT)
Lord Ashida (MN009LA)

----Chapter 1---- (MN010)
First things first, you're told to find the Ninja Master, who's in the Dojo.
Leaving Hiro's hut, turn right, and you'll see it straight ahead. As noted, you
can't miss the large bell out in front of it.

Once you arrive, the Ninja Master will greet Hiro, and tell him he still needs
training before he can help his friends. He will then ask you to fetch some
flowers, and force you into your first gathering lesson.

Leave the dojo, and circle it to find all 6 flowers. Return to the Ninja Master
who will explain how you gain experience, and then ask you to fetch his
medallion that a magpie stole.

Leave the dojo and make a left u-turn so you're facing a path that leads back
behind the Dojo. Follow this to the end to find the magpie with the medallion.
When you approach, the magpie will fly away and leave the medal behind. Hiro
will automatically pick it up. You can now simply drop down this ledge, which
leaves you behind the dojo, and return to the Master.

Once you return, the master has finished the potion, a Strong Ginseng Extract.
Drink it, which will unlock your Ki. Speak to the Ninja Master (You may have to
walk away from him, then approach him again to get the option to speak to him
to pop) who will then explain meditation. Once you've recharged your Ki, speak
to the Master again, which will lead to a cut scene

After this, Hiro wants a nap. Head back to his hut. Grab the peach on the table
before you approach his bed. (Fruit and honey is picked up when walked over)

When you approach his bed, another cut scene will begin in which the village is
under attack. Enter the Dojo for yet another scene. You will receive the black
Tengu Feather, and be told to fetch Futo who's on the other side of the river.

Leave the dojo and head for the building straight across from it with the water
mill. When you approach the doors, they will open, allowing you access to the
far side of the river. Head straight towards the home in front of the
watermill, and on the left side, you will find some honey. (Which respawns
after a few seconds, if you wish to hang around and max out your honey supply.)
Turn around, and head right to a dead end to find some Burdock. Turn around
again, and head forward. You'll notice Futo sitting under a tree on a small
hill. Walk past him, and find the Wild Mint Root behind the bush. Follow the
wall left, and behind the hut near Futo is an Anemone.

When you are ready, approach Futo who will then become a playable character.
Click on his face on the touch screen if you wish to play as him. I spent most
of the game on Hiro myself. Go back to where Futo was sitting to grab his
apple, and then head back to the other side of the river.

Once there, follow the worn path to the right. When you reach the large gate,
Futo will break the board holding it closed for you to get through.

Follow the path till you come to a small open area with some ledges. At the
bottom of the area is some Burdock. Go back up, and jump to the ledge where a
brown wall awaits you, with instructions on how to run up a wall. Once up the
wall, jump from that ledge to the next, and walk forward to meet your first

Speak to him, and he will instruct you to go to the alter (Located upon a ledge
to the Tengu's right, your left) and put down the feather.

Directly behind him, you will find a small gap. If you jump at one of the
walls, and press B again, Hiro will jump to the other wall. Repeatedly pressing
B will cause him to climb the gap as such. Going forward from there, you'll
come to a spot where you must run sideways along the wall. Be sure to hold B
when you jump at the wall, or you will simply jump off.

Now that you are at the alter, approach it, and you will be prompted to drop
the feather. Do so, and Hiro will meditate, transforming the feather into a
spell. Now you can return to the master. If you look towards the Tengu from the
alter, you'll see a cave in the distance. Head there. 

Following the path, you'll come to another door which Futo will open. This will
dump you onto the path which you originally took, and taking a left and
following it will lead you back to the dojo.

Speak to the Master, and he will instruct you on how to use your first Kuji
spell, Possession. Activate the spell, and walk over to the cat. This will
start another cut scene

Try to leave the Dojo, and the Ninja Master will stop you to give you a Katana
and some Shuriken. Note that while they can kill, Shuriken aren't really all
that great a weapon. Not unless the enemy is trapped in a spot you can hit them
with them.

Go ahead and meditate really fast, as possessing the cat will have drained you.
If you wish, you can go back to Hiro's hut for another peach, and the tree
where you found Futo for another apple. (Like the honey did, they regenerate
after a few seconds) Then you'll want to head towards the village entrance.

At the bridge, head right, to the path besides the dojo to find the raccoon
sitting near a hole in the wall.

After you exit the hole, you'll see a small scene, and then be given
instructions on how to fight. Kill the Samurai who will turn into an animal,
and then head to the open area with the two levers and the crate. Grab the
Anemone below the high lever, and walk over the crate which has shuriken in it.
The lower lever can simply be attacked to set off the initial traps. The
second, you'll have to throw a shuriken at, by holding X and aiming.

After you've set off both traps, you'll go through a scene with Hiro, Futo and
the Ninja Master. The Ninja Master will tell you you must go and help the
others, and the next day, he and the Tengu will send you off, but not before
giving you your ninja hat, which is very useful.

You will be prompted to save your game (They took long enough didn't they?) and
Chapter 2 will begin.

----Chapter 2----  (MN011)
Chapter 2 drops you in a small village, right in front of the Village Elder.
He'll have a gold ringed symbol above his head. Gold symbols mean quests you
need to do, Blue are essentially side quests. He'll ask you to help retrieve
control of the bridge, which the samurai took over. Before doing that though,
why not take care of a few other needy villagers?

Turn around so your facing the way Hiro and Futo came from, and head to the hut
to the left. A man, Daisuke, asks you to bring him some white flowers that grow
near a cave. Around his hut, you'll find 4 sprigs of Burdock, and what appears
to be a man hiding in a barrel.

Head in the direction the fence around Daisuke's hut allows towards another hut
with a cave behind it. In the cave, you will find 3 Kyushu growing. Pick them,
and head back to Daisuke. On your way, might as well cut through the two small
fenced off fields near the cave and pick the Sage growing there. Return to
Daisuke and give him the flowers. In return, he'll give you a minor healing
potion and some exp.

If you go to the hut behind Daisuke's, you'll find some Anemones growing behind
it, but that's it for up there. Down the hill to the river from there is
another hut, around which grows wild mint root. (One is down the small ledge
near the water)

Following the riverbed past the bridge, you can find Watercress growing. Past
the hut near the bridge and well is a tree with peaches on the ground. The tree
has something written on it, though it's hard to read. I don't believe it has
any significance, but it looks like it said Hiro and Suzume forever. D'aww.

Continue down the riverbed for more watercress, and then cross by either
swimming, or using your hat as a boat near the falls. Climbing the walls around
here will get you some Blade Moss.

When you're done there, the hut on the other side of the river has a cherry
tree growing in front of it, as well as three Anemones.

After that, head towards the bridge to fight the Samurai. Now. Beyond this is
your first time really fighting Samurai, and you'll find that the tutorial
fight covered the basics, which is about all there is to it. Basics. You wont
run into any of the more complicated (And by complicated, I mean they actually
block sometimes, and some are larger) fights yet, and by the time you do,
you'll have probably picked up how to take care of everything.

After defeating them, and before speaking to the Village Elder, head to where
the river ends at some rocks. On the side of the river where the Samurai were,
there is a little ledge you can climb for two Tiger Lily's.

After you get them, head back to the Village Elder. He will give you some exp,
and tell you to find the Tengu hermit who lives in the bamboo forest on the
other side of the bridge.

Head there, and you'll find him shortly in the rather simple area. He requests
you find his 5 idols, the first of which is right near him. The next cuts
across and up the path from the first. (Also, near here in some bushes by a
rock where butterflies are flying about, you can find some Blueberries.)
Continue up on that side of the path and you'll come to the next. Continue
further, and there shall be another. From here, cross the path to the right and
down a bit to a small open area. You'll find one on a small rock, as well as 3
Spears of Ashida around that spot. (Two on the rock, one back in the corner)
After that, head back to the Tengu Hermit.

Speak to the Tengu Hermit to receive exp, and be told that another Ninja went
further into the forest, and you should help him, or tell the Village Elder.
Tell the elder for some bombs first, then head further into the forest. Be
warned. Samurai will be waiting for you this time.

As soon as you get past the spot that used to be barricaded, turn left, and
you'll find your first Tengu Mage. Tengu Mage serve two major purposes. Saving,
and teleporting, though you wont be able to telelport till later in the game.

Go ahead and save, then hop up on the rock near him and grab the Ginseng Roots.
Head to the cabin behind the Tengu mage, and head to the left. You'll find some
Stone Cap growing. After, as you can't enter the cabin yet, head over to the
Samurai camp and fight off the Samurai. (Also note the crate of shuriken in the
Samurai camp)

After defeating the Samurai, and before freeing Tora, there is a tree with some
nuts around it. After picking them up, go break the cage (just bash it with
your katana) and speak with Tora. He will ask you to go see if the villager who
barricaded himself in the cabin has his claws.

Go to the cabin, and speak with Kentaro who has the claws and will give them to
you. Also note that on a table in the cabin is a book of bad poetry. This will
come in handy later. (Yay! This was one of the reasons I decided to write

Head back out to Tora and return his claws, and he will express concern about
the village, and ask Futo to help him, as he is injured. Switch to Futo, who
will pick him up. Futo will then act on his own, and you must follow them back
to the Tengu Hermit, and kill the Samurai who pop up along the way. It's a
slow trek, and don't venture too far ahead, or Futo will stop.

Speak with Tora once you get to the Hermit, and he will ask you to go to the
castle in the Bamboo Forest. You can go back and speak to the Village Elder
after this, but as far as I can tell, there was no exp gain from it.

Continue back to the Samurai camp, and then into a cave. Just past the gate
are some Spears of Ashida, and some more just past the first. Once you exit the
tunnel, you'll find more Spears of Ashida to your left, as well as a Tengu.
He'll just ask you to save his friends who were captured.

Head forward, and soon you'll be accosted by some Samurai to the left of the
path. After killing them, you'll find two cages. One has a pig, the other a
Tengu Crafter. Free both, and speak to the Crafter who will thank you with a
Sacred Lotus. He will then offer to craft potions for you. Right now, you'll
only have the stuff to make 3 of the potions, and likely not enough for some of
those. Make anything you want to (No worries about ingredients beyond the rare
things like the Sacred Lotus. Anything you pick from the ground regenerates
whenever you leave the area.)

To the right of the path from the Crafter, you'll find some Burdock, and
following the wall to the gate and the Samurai are two more. Once you reach the
gate, fight the Samurai.

Free the Tengu, and speak to him, then break the jars around the gate for some

Now it's time for your first trip into the Plane of the Spirits. This is the
only thing I found really required Stylus use. (I just poked the icons with my
nails for everything else I needed) Essentially, these are little puzzles that
you must first set up, then figure out.

Start by using your stylus to go over the 'bold lines' For this one, that's
just the little tent shaped piece, and the ground. Once done properly, a little
spirit representation of Hiro will run on screen and stop in front of the
'house' Now select the knife. Cut at the 'thin lines' to cause the house and
the ground it's on to fall away. It will reveal a moving spirit, and a bold,
dotted line. Use the brush to paint over the bold line, which will cause a
bridge to form. But watch out for the spirit. If he touches 'Hiro' you'll lose
and have to start over. Just time it right.

Once you've succeeded, you can activate the spot where the spirit was. This
will warp you to the other side of the gate.

Now, I recommend that if you haven't been using your Ninja Hat up till now,
that this is a great place to start putting it into practice. There are a
couple spots with archers, and the hat can be really helpful against them.

Now swing right and grab the crates of ammo and Burdock, and free the fox.
Directly up the stairs, you'll fight some Samurai. Head left off the path and
get the two Shitake off the ledge, then turn around and head left past the rock
for some Stone Cap. Keep going straight for some more, then turn right and
climb this wall where some archers will be waiting for you, as well as some
more Stone Cap.

Head back to the path, and as soon as it reaches the top ledge, turn right for
some Stone Cap. Just beyond there is a trapped Tengu Mage.

Approach the gate, and some Samurai will spawn. After killing them, smash the
jars for fruit.

Skip the Spirit for a moment, and keep heading forward from there, where some
Samurai will spawn. After they're dead, free the raccoon and the Tengu and get
the Tiger Lily.

Head back and meditate to head to the Plane of the Spirits once more. Again,
paint the bold lines to reveal the ground and two houses. Again, cut them away.
And once more, draw bridges, timing it so that spirit Hiro isn't touched by an
angry spirit and killed.

Activate the portal and head directly right to free a trapped rabbit. After,
head towards the path, but look for the bamboo with the nuts laying about it.

Head up the path till you come to the Samurai and the trapped Tengu.

Across the path from the Tengu is a waterfall, around which are 2 Blade Moss.
Head back and start up the path and you'll run into some Samurai. After
defeating them, if you hug the right wall, you'll come to a small ledge with
some Ginseng Root on it. Below the ledge are more Samurai, another Ginseng
Root, and a trapped pig.

After, head down to the gate where you'll find another trapped Tengu. Across
the water from him, on both sides of the little piece of land, you'll find two
Oyster Mushrooms. Grab them, then head back to the gate and meditate.

As before, paint the lines until Hiro appears. Now, paint in both bridges.
Next, switch to the wheel tool to turn the gear.

Go through, and then walk to the water. Cross, and walk down, gathering the
Watercress along the way. At the bridge, come back to the other side, grab the
water cress near there and then head for the gate in the distance. Fight the
Samurai, then free the Tengu who will tell you you need orbs to open the gate.

Head back towards the bridge, and go talk to the Tengu Mage. He'll give you one
of the orbs. Grab the 2 Burdock in front of him, as well as the other a bit
further away from him towards the Earth Elemental.

Go speak with the Earth Spirit, who will demand a clay flower. He will then
give you the third orb.

Go put the three orbs in the gate, then open it, put on your hat, and get ready
to go rafting. This is generally straightforward, with nothing much to do but
avoid rocks. However, there is a spot, just after a small drop, where you can
come on land, and a Tengu is there. This is where the Clay Flower is.

Walk back from the Tengu, and you can see a small alcove with a purple flower
in it. However, a rock near this spot hides some Samurai and raspberries. Kill
the Samurai and get the berries. 

Pick the flower, the head left, up a small path. Follow the path to a pit. Jump
the pit, release the chicken, pick the Tiger Lilies, and grab the ammo if 

Head back to the Tengu, and climb the ledge behind him. (Easiest from close to
where the Clay Flower was) Up top, there are four Anemones.

Now back to rafting. At the end of this rafting trip, you will come to a small
island on which 3 Samurai guard a trapped Tengu Mage and an Alter. Kill the
Samurai and free the Mage and speak with him. He'll give you the Orange Tengu
Grab the ammo and Oyster Mushrooms, then meditate at the alter, turning the
feather into the Teleportation spell.

Speak to the Mage, and have him teleport you to the other Mage at Spirit
Valley. You'll notice that the Burdock near the Mage has respawned. This is
also true with any other ingredient/fruit/Samurai.

Head to the Earth Spirit and get ready for your first Plane of Spirits battle.
It's simple really. Paint the lines for the Earth Kanji, and they will form
into a warrior. After that, Hiro will run in. There will be some dashed lines
forming a rectangle in front of him. Quickly trace them to form a block.
When the spirit hits it, his weapon will rebound, stunning him. During this
time, little spirits will form over him. Switch to the hammer tool, and hit the
spirits as fast as you can (6 times causes them to pop) Each time one vanishes,
the spirit takes damage. (Don't switch to a new spirit until one is gone. They
vanish after the Elemental Spirit regains his wits. Repeat until he is out of
HP. A single hit to Hiro however will cause you to have to start all over. They
will wake up faster and faster after each knock out.

After you win, you will be allowed to pass. Follow the path forward, till you
come to a Samurai. After him, go forward again until you come to a couple near
a caged Monkey. Be careful not to fall down into the water, or you'll have to
raft back to the tele-Tengu again. Defeat the Samurai and free the Monkey.

Follow the path until you come to some Spears of Ashida near a path. Kill the
Samurai waiting there, then follow it to some Ammo and a trapped Tengu.

After you come back to the main path, an archer will appear on a ledge. Kill
him, then follow the path till a small bunch of trees with nuts around them.

Keep going till you come to a small clearing off the path where you can find
some Wild Mint Root.

Head towards the bridge, and fight the waiting Samurai, but before crossing, go
left and rescue the chicken. If you continue past the chicken, you'll find a
downward sloping path at the end of which is some more Wild Mint Root.

Head back and cross the Bridge.

Once across, if you double back up the ledge nearby, you'll find some Spears of
Ashida. Up ahead from there is a Tengu Mage who will warn you of a massive
Samurai. Near him you'll find some Wild Parsley, and just across the path from
him is some more Parsley, and some Wild Mint Root.

Follow the path and you'll come across some 2 Spears of Ashida, shortly before
a gate guarded by Samurai.

Before going through the gate, there is a box of Ammo. On the the other side of
the gate are two jars, one with fruit, one with honey. There is also more ammo
and some Spears of Ashida.

Go forward and you'll shortly see the massive Samurai. In my opinion, while
Futo takes no less damage, he does in fact kill these guys faster. I'd switch
to him were I you. And remember. Dying doesn't actually mean crap in this game.
Heck. The enemies even keep their damage
After defeating the massive Samurai, he'll drop an orb (And sometimes they drop
potions.) Run back and grab the Stone Caps, and then head to the gate, which
will take you into the Earth Castle.

Earth Castle (MN011C)
Kill the Samurai waiting for you. If you need bombs or shuriken,
there is some ammo to the left. If not, head right. Follow the path, killing
the Samurai on the way, until you come to a small alcove that you can use to
jump up the wall.
Drop in the water, and row to the small island just past the bridge on which
two crates of ammo sit. One is just shuriken, but one contains your first super

Head back to to the corner of the water to come up a slope that goes up to the
bridge. Cross the bridge and head for the inner court.

Turn left before the bridge and head for the bushes in the distance in which
hide some Samurai. After you defeat them, free the Tengu Crafter, and if you
want, craft some potions. After, continue down this side of the water, towards
the back of the castle.

When you come to the archery practice area, kill the Samurai, grab the ammo if
needed, then head in the direction of the castle In an alcove, you'll find some
Samurai guarding a trapped Tengu. Speaking to him will tell you how to enter
the castle. To the left is a jar with some Honey. Now head back to the gate.
Feel free to cut through the water. It's shallow and you can run up the wall to
get out again.

From the bridge, facing the main entrance, head right. Along the right wall,
you'll find a trapped Tengu Mage. Speaking to him will show you the path you
must take to enter the castle.

Continue to the back of the castle to find another trapped Tengu. He will
reward you with your second Sacred Lotus flower. At this point, you will still
be lacking enough Tiger Lilies to make the only Sacred Lotus using potion you
can this early in the game, so head up the bridge for now.

After defeating the Samurai on the bridge and breaking the pots around the door
for fruit, go right. (Note that if you go left, you'll find a similar path to
the right, but the door in is only on the right. Left will simply land you a
few extra Samurai and some ammo) There is a path leading to the back of the
castle. It consists of a bunch of ledges with blades swinging. Time your jumps.
If you are hit by a blade, you will take damage. Falling off a ledge will land
you in a small alcove you can use to jump back up.

At the end is another alcove you can use to hop up where a Samurai will be
waiting. You can now either jump down off the landing into a small open area
where you'll fight some Samurai, including a massive one, (And find some super
shuriken) or turn back in the direction you just came from and head for the

Once you enter the room, you have a choice. You can either drop down and fight
the Samurai for some extra exp, or go ahead and start across the beams to get
upstairs. If you choose to drop, you'll fight some Samurai, then climb some
stairs to fight some more. There will be another set of stairs leading back to
the beams.

Starting at where you enter, go onto the beam, being careful to avoid the
spikes popping out. Just time it. There are two paths. A short and long. The
long path allows you to avoid the second set of spikes, and is right, third
left, second left, right. The short path is, right, left, second right (watch
the spikes) left.

Once on the fourth floor, you can head left to the spirit. If you wish however,
on the far side from where you came up, there are a couple jars with fruit.

For this Plane of Spirits, as usual, brush the bold lines. Choose the knife and
cut the square. Spirit Hiro will enter the square of paper. Now choose the Wind
option. Literally gently blow on the paper. (Hard blowing wont work) Try to
time it so you don't blow him into the spirit.

Activate to get to the upper ledge of the castle. Go either way, and head
towards the back of the Castle. I recommend putting on your hat if you aren't
already wearing it. Archers await you here. Which is a great place for shuriken
use. It will take 6 hits to kill an archer. Don't forget that you can target
multiple at once with the shuriken.

After you kill them, head across and grab the ammo and break the jar for some
fruit. Head up the other ramp to find the last Tengu of the Earth Wilderness.
As thanks for freeing enough of them, he will remove the seal holding the doors
shut and give you exp. If you speak to the Tengu Mage again, he will give you
a hint on how to defeat Lumbering Fool. Now you can head in. You will be
prompted to save your game, and you will find all your hearts and Ki restored
if you hadn't leveled from freeing the Tengu.

Lumbering Fool: (MN009LF)
When you're on the ground floor, Lumbering Fool will do a wave attack. Use the
pillars to avoid the shockwaves. He will also approach and swing his sword at
you if you're down long enough. In the upper left of the area, there are stairs
leading to a second floor. When there, Lumbering Fool will launch projectiles
from a canon on his back (Which are blockable, and can also be avoided by
hiding behind pillars) and swing his sword at you (Not blockable) Throw
shuriken at his head until he becomes dazed and falls down. (The best time to
do this is when he begins to approach you to swing his sword at you. As long
as you hold L so you're facing him, you can just rapidly press X to release a
bunch of Shuriken that will hit his head. When he's launching projectiles, you
have to watch out for those, and if the shuriken hit his canon, they just
bounce.) His armor will open, revealing a glowing orb. Quickly run up and
attack it. After a few seconds, he'll snap out of it and close his armor. Rinse
and repeat until he's down. There are ammo crates and jars scattered around the
field if necessary.

After you defeat Lumbering Fool, he will turn into a Panda holding a Red Tengu
Feather. The Panda will give you the feather, and you will go through a cut
scene back in the Earth Wilderness Village, which leads into Chapter 3.

----Chapter 3---- (MN012)
From your starting point, head right to find a trapped Tengu Mage guarded by
some Samurai. Free him and then I recommend using his teleport spell to head
back to a shrine. The only one you can currently get to is in the Mountain
Gorge in the Earth Wilderness. However, it's one to keep in mind, cause it's
the easiest as well. Note that there will be Samurai waiting for you there.
Meditate and get the Fireball Kuji spell, which is really nifty against far off
Samurai (More so than Shuriken) To select the spell, click the spell tab on the
touch screen. (Small square below the item icon on the touch screen. Shows
currently selected spell) and then touch the spell you want to use.) Go ahead
and grab the respawned ammo and potion ingredients on the little island, then
head back to the Night Wilderness.

Head straight ahead skipping the turn and fight the Samurai along this small
back path. You should come out to some Burdock. Nearby is a tree with some nuts
below it, and a man, Denisu, standing in a small niche with a quest. Speak with
him and grab the Burdock near him.

Go left to find some Samurai and Burdock in a clearing. Continue left till you
come to a small clearing. Head left into a small area where some Samurai wait
with a trapped raccoon. Head back to the clearing, and head left to some
Anemones. The Samurai down the path on the left will likely attack you, but
don't head there yet. Instead, go straight across the clearing to another
small path where you'll find Samurai guarding another trapped Tengu. Behind and
in front of him is some Wild Parsley.

Back into the clearing, head left until you run into more Samurai. After, that
should be the last of them. Head back to Denisu who will tell you of the way
out of the forest. You will receive exp for this.

Head to the area you skipped before, and you'll find a fox sitting in front of
a bush under which are raspberries. Grab them and the Anemone, then possess the
fox to head through the tunnel.

On the other side, you will be joined by Suzume. Suzume can't use Kuji, but she
can use ranged. You'll notice a rabbit waiting near the cave for you to posses
should you wish to go back. Behind the rabbit are a couple sprigs of Burdock.
Following the Burdock, you'll come to some Wild Mint Root and some Watercress
near the river. Head back to fight the Samurai. After that, jump in the river
with your hat on.

There are a couple spots along the way where archers will try to hit you. You
can't fight them, so just watch out and move on.

As you come out of a narrow waterway surrounded by a cliff and dense forest,
you'll be able to go on land. There will be a bunch of Samurai waiting for you
here. Fight them On the island you'll find 3 Wild Mint Roots and 3 Oyster
Mushrooms, and some fruit and ammo behind the trapped Tengu who has a quest,
and on the beach area is a woman, Miina, whom also has a quest. The Tengu asks
you to deliver a letter to his friend, and Miina asks you to free a fox the
Samurai captured, which is on the island. Free the fox and speak to Miina who
will give you two apples and some exp.

Put your hat back on and head back into the water. Drift down until you come
to an open area. There are three small islands, and a large one. The small one
on the left has 2 Watercress. The one behind it has one. On the other side of
the large island, there is a small one with Samurai and some ammo, as well as
some Watercress.

Head to the big island, and pick the three Anemones, then speak to Otto. Behind
him is some wild mint root. Head right to fight the big samurai who stole his
wife's sushi and retrieve it.

You have a choice after this. You can either go forward until you run into
Tsuma, Otto's wife, and return the sushi to her, then speak to her husband for
EXP from both, or you can talk to Otto who will eat the sushi, then his wife.
Either way, both give you EXP. If you give Otto the sushi, you'll have to
return to tell him his wife will be waiting for him at home however, before you
can move on.

Whichever you choose, head left to find a Tengu Mage in a cage. Free him, and
speak to him, and he will thank you for saving his friend. Grab the Oyster
Mushroom, and head forward, where you will find some Tiger Lilies and archers,
and shortly, Tsuma, Otto's wife.

On the right side of the ledge where Tsuma is, you'll find some Oyster
Mushroom, and behind her, further in the cave, is some Blade Moss and ammo.
Head through the gate, and a ways into the tunnel you'll find another Blade
Moss. The cave lets out near the top of a waterfall where you can find a
Shitake and some Archers.

Once defeated, and you have the Shitake, walk off the ledge close to where the
rock goes out further with the falls, to land on a ledge with some ammo and
more shitake. After that, head into the water and make for the nearby land.

Before the tunnel, you'll find some more Oyster Mushrooms, and just inside is a
man, Kikkawa, with a quest. Head back out to the little peninsula to fight the
archers giving Kikkawa a hard time, then return to him for 5 sleeping darts for

Continue forward to some more Oyster Mushrooms, and 3 ginseng roots. You'll
then come to the Night Village which just so happens to be plagued by ghosts.
Ghosts are pests, as they drain Ki. You can do nothing about them. Yet.

Grab the burdock around the first two huts, then go speak with the Village
Elder in front of the well. (They really like wells huh?) He will ask you to
help, and give you a silver Tengu feather.

Around town you can find some Wild Mint Root, Sage, and Burdock. Towards the
back of the village, in a small cave, you'll find a Tengu Mage. Left of the
Tengu mage is a gate, protected by one of the orb locked gates. Open it, and
head through.

Once past the gate, the ghosts will stop following. Meditate so you can sprint
again, and head for the alter. It's a straightforward path with a few jumps and
some Archers waiting towards the end of it.

Once you enter a small clearing, you'll find a large samurai guarding a caged
Tengu. Free him and get the two Tiger Lilies near him.

After head back so you're facing the path you came from, and you'll notice a
lever up high. Use a shuriken to activate it, then head through the gate where
you will be promptly attacked by some Samurai. The last samurai should leave
you by the alter, so go ahead and meditate for the Exorcism spell.

After that, grab the blueberries under the bush to the right of the alter.
There's some ammo on the broken off bit of bridge, and a Blue Petal on the far
side of the clearing, After this, head back through the chasm to town.

Once you reach town, switch to the exorcism spell, and approach a ghost. (They
move to much to easily hit them from a distance) Launch a spell, and if needed,
recharge your Ki. (If you are having trouble doing so, walk outside of the
town. They will stop following you.) There are four ghosts to exorcise.

After, speak with the Village Elder who will give you the key to the cemetery
which is behind the hut, behind the elder.

Along the path to the cemetery, you'll find some blade moss. Grab that, then
head down the final set of stairs and up to the ghost and exorcise him.
After, speak with Aniki, who will ask you to send his brothers spirit on.
Across the path from Aniki, is a grave with fireflies hovering over it.
The grave behind that one has the option to speak to it. Do so, and exorcise
Aniki's brother. After, speak to Aniki who will give you a major healing
potion and some exp.

To the right of Aniki, and left of the stairs, there is a bush with some
blueberries under it. To the left under a tree is some Blade Moss. Follow the
wall from there to find a Tengu Crafter. Make any potions you wish, and know
that you should now have everything needed for the Supreme Spirit potion, which
increases Ki regeneration.

Behind the 'shrine' where you exorcised the ghost who had been in the graveyard
(Not Aniki's brother) in a bush is some Ginseng root. On the shrine side of the
fence is some more ginseng. In a bush on the downward slope from the shrine are
some blueberries. From the stairs, to the far left, there is a Tiger Lily, and
on your way back to the stairs, another bush has more blueberries.

Head back to town. Once there, head to the Night Spirit in the corner of town.
He'll want a fight. As with the fight against the Spirit of Earth, it's simply
painting a block for him to break his weapon on, then hitting the spirit

After defeating him, press forward to get to the Night Castle. 

Night Castle: (MN012C)
Approach the bridge where you'll be accosted by some archers you can't get to.
Fireball them, and meditate at the spirit.

As usual, paint the lines, then cut out the indicated rectangle. This is
another that's all about timing.

Once across, head right and activate the lever. Head back through the gate and
hang right. Defeat the Samurai, then free the Tengu Mage. In front of the mage
are a couple jars with fruit and behind the little building are some boxes of

Go forward, and, in a bush, you'll find Jide who will give you a Ninja Doll.
This will be used in a later quest. Continue forward until you come to a pit
of glowing green ooze which explodes up occasionally, trying to hit you as
your make your way past.

Fireball the archer who will be waiting on the other side for you, and shuriken
the lever on the wall. I also recommend using shuriken to free the rabbit. The
ledge is too small, and you will likely fall off if you hop over.

After you get to the main path and kill the samurai, hop the small wall to you
right to find some ammo and a Tengu with a quest. Give him the ninja doll for
some exp, and continue onward.

When you enter the gate up ahead, you will fight some samurai. After, if you
turn back to where you entered, you'll find the gate flanked by jars. Continue
through the next gate, and in a bush to your right you'll find some ammo.

Head straight forward and kill all the Samurai. There will be archers on a roof
as you move forward. Hop up on the lowest building, and continue making you way
back, following the curve of the buildings until you come to a gap between
buildings. Some Samurai wait across the gap. Fireball them (Which may cause an
archer to appear on the low building you used to get up here, whom you can
fireball as well) then walk off the left side of the roof so you land on the
low wall. Walk across to the ledge of the far building, and use it to get to
where the samurai had been waiting. 

Go around the corner to find a switch. Hit it, then go back, and use the ledge
to fall back onto the path and walk back into the the path between the
buildings to free the Tengu Mage.

Defeat the Samurai that will have spawned, and head back towards the gate
into the area. Head right to find more samurai have spawned. Defeat them, and
grab the ammo crate in the bush if needed. Continue through the next set of
gates. Again, there are jars flanking the gate you enter through.

There is a short path before another gate here where you will fight some
Samurai. There is a trapped pig and chicken, and ammo hidden in both bushes
flanking the gate.

Go through the gate and head up the stairs where some Samurai will be waiting.
One will spawn on the stairs behind you as you defeat them. To the left of the
stairs is a jar, and a bush hiding more ammo.

Heading right from the stairs, you'll find another acid pit. There's an archer
and another Samurai somewhat behind him on ledges that you should fireball.
After, drop off the ledge to the trapped Tengu and release him.

Run along the wall till you get to the ledge behind the one the archer had been
on. Acid flares wont hit you. On this ledge, you'll find a trapped frog.
Release him, then wall run to the ledge with the trapped Tengu Crafter. Time it
with the blade, which will knock you into the acid if hit.

The archers pacing the ledge and steps before the boss wont notice you, which
is actually sorta annoying, because they're hard to fireball while moving.
It's easier to jump to the ledge before the steps, kill that archer, which will
alert the others if they're pacing forward, and fireball them. Don't forget
your hat.

Up the stairs will be a spirit. Meditate and head to the Plane of the Spirits.
Paint the lines, then cut the square out. Choose wind, and blow, then use the
wheel. Be fast though. The spirit will get to Hiro if you don't do all of this
fast enough.

Head through the gate where you'll be greeted by two large, and one massive
Samurai. Luckily, you can sorta pull them off to fight separately. The bushes
in this little courtyard will have ammo in them, The wall to the right of the
portal you came through has jars, and jars line the walls on the small path to
the bosses door.

Free the Tengu Mage who will open the door for you. Speak to him again if you
wish to learn a hint about how to defeat the next boss, Windy Pants.

Windy Pants: (MN009WP)
Windy Pants seems to be a warthog with gastrointestinal problems. If you
approach him, he'll swat you with his fans. Fruit jars appear in each corner.
Windy Pants is pretty simple. Avoid him, and eventually, he'll relieve himself,
then fan the fumes at you. At this point, the DS will prompt you to blow.
Blowing will send his fumes back at him, damaging him. A single blow wont do
either. Blow until each cloud is going back at Windy Pants. Overwhelmed by his
own stench, he'll become dazed for a moment (as well as take some damage) Run
in and hit him. When he pulls himself back together, if you're too close, he'll
swat you with his fans. Every once in a while, returning his fumes wont knock
him out. Just keep trying. Sometimes, he will also do a charge attack, in which
he launches himself across the room at you. So keep an eye on him so you can
get out of the way. If you manage to get out of the way, he'll slam into a wall
and daze himself, giving you another opportunity to destroy him. He also has a
wave attack where he sends out rings of gas, which is easy to avoid.

When defeated, He will turn into a Warthog with a Blue Tengu Feather, which he
will give you. You will have a short scene in the Night Village, and then be
sent to the Water Village in the Water Wilderness, beginning Chapter 4.

----Chapter 4---- (MN013)
Head to the hut behind the koi pond to find the Village Elder and speak with
him. You'll notice all the villagers have gold quest symbols above their head,
but it's for the same quest the village elder sends you on.

Starting at the entrance to the village and going right, you will find two
Anemones behind a small pond behind a hut. By the pond to the left of that
pond is some Wild Mint Root. Left from there, besides the hut where the Village
Elder is, is some more Wild Mint Root, as well as behind the hut. Growing up
against the back of the hut are a couple sprigs of Burdock. Straight from
there, past the next pond is a tree with some Apples around it. Following the
curve of the wall from there, just before the village entrance is some more

After getting everything, head behind the hut by the village elder, and head
down that path. Turn right through the small crack in the gate. Grab the bag of
rice, and continue through the other gate. Fight the samurai, then grab the two
bags of rice to the right.

On the second shelf of the rice fields, there are two Ginseng Roots, one on
each side. Grab those, and head for the third shelf, where Samurai wait, though
they may come for you on the second shelf.

After the samurai are defeated, speak to the villager on the third shelf, who
will gladly accept a bag of rice. Free the Tengu. Grab the bag of rice, and
head back out of the right rice field, into the left.

Once again, just inside the first gate you'll find a bag of rice, and some
samurai inside the second gate, and a bag of rice to the right. On the bottom
shelf of the rice field, you'll find two wild mint roots right by each other.
Some archers will spawn on the third shelf. Take them out.

On the far left of the third shelf are two ammo crates. Speak to the villager
to give him some rice, and grab the two bags to the right of the villager.
Speak with the villager on the second shelf, then head back outside the gates.

Once outside, possess the chicken and head through the tunnel. Once on the
other side you'll be confronted by Samurai. There is a bag of rice to the right
when you exit the tunnel. There are two on a small outcropping to the left, and
at the dead end of the path behind the two bags of rice are some ammo crates.

At the very end of the path is a trapped Tengu Mage and fox. You can choose to
use the Mage to transport you to the alter in the Earth Wilderness Mountain
Gorge, or wait, as there is an alter somewhat close. However, the blue feather
becomes what I consider to be the most useful spell in the game. The Energy
Shield. The shield cost a small amount of Ki to cast, and has no perpetuation
cost. Instead of taking heart damage, damage will subtract from Ki until it
runs out. (Mana shield!) However, you cannot use other spells while energy
shield is active. (Also, whether the hat would have deflected an arrow or not
doesn't matter. You will still lose Ki when an arrow hits the shield.) You can
not meditate while it's active. (Exception being when meditating to communicate
with spirits, which will restore Ki oddly enough.) Also note that you'll slide
around a lot when this is active. The Samurai who circle you will be pushing
you around it seems.

Now jump off the end of the cliff to land in the water below. Head left to a
small path you can take up. Along the way, there are 3 Blue Petals, a bag of
rice hidden in a bush just after the 3 Blue Petals, 2 Oyster Mushrooms, and 2
Tiger Lilies. This spot can be stressful due to certain spots that are hard to
get up/past. The wall after the rice is just the right height that Hiro will
ofter run up a tiny bit of it then jump off. My recommendation is to simply
jump, then push up right in front of the wall. Then, the last gap that leads to
the ledge to get back up on the cliff is a bit wide and hard to jump. Note that
you can also wall run here however,

Once done, possess the frog, and head back to the village. Speak to the
villager behind the hut by the apple tree, and the one near the entrance to
give them rice. Speak to the Village Elder who will thank you for bring all the
rice, and open the gates blocking the path behind a small pond.

Along the tunnel path, there are 3 Spears of Ashida. The path ends in an open
chasm with shelves along the outside that you can use to get down. Along the
shelves, you will find an ammo crate and a Shitake Mushroom. At the bottom of
the shelves, just past the tunnel entrance, there is a Stone Cap.

Entering the tunnel, you'll find two more Stone Cap just before some water. Put
on your hat, and get rowing.

Eventually, you'll come to a small island just before a spot you can't get
past. The Water Spirit is blocking the path, and wont let you through
without a fight. So meditate, and start the fight with him. Like all the
others, simply draw the block and hammer the spirit clouds to win.

Once done, head back into the water and you'll shortly come to a dead end with
two bits of Watercress, and something that looks similar to an already
activated spirit portal. Use it to end up in a room with 3 Spears of Ashida.

You'll come out into another deep hole with shelves. This time, archers are
waiting. If you're using the energy shield at all, I recommend dropping it,
donning your hat, and fireballing these guys.

To the right, where one of the archers were is a Blade Moss. After that, turn
around, and head up the shelves to the top. There's some Blade Moss up there as
well just before the tunnel exit. Within the tunnel are 2 Stone Caps.

The tunnel exits to the other side of the chasm where you got the rice before.
Some Samurai will be waiting, and to the left of the tunnel exit and back a
bit, there are two trapped raccoons. Head forward from the tunnel exit to find
5 Burdock, a Wild Mint Root, and an alter. If you haven't already gotten your
Energy Shield spell, do so now. A bush to the left of the alter, near a free
Tengu Crafter has raspberries below it.

Head up the open path to find some Burdock and Wild Mint Root near a woman,
Mayumi, who has a quest, which you've already fulfilled by freeing the 
raccoons. Grab the Burdock behind her and keep going.

You'll find 4 Spears of Ashida and an Anemone down the path before you come to
some Samurai and a trapped rabbit.

From there, you'll come to deep water. Put on your hat, and take the path off
the right first. Down this path, you'll find some Blade Moss. Soon you'll come
to an open area with some Samurai. Up here you'll find a Wild Parsley, as well
as two Spears of Ashida. 

At the end of the area, is a man, Kasu, who has a quest which is the "Yuki's
husband" quest. Yuki will now be in the Night Village. The Yuki's Husband quest
is covered in the Side Quests section. You can choose to start it or move on.

Standing by Kasu, and facing the way you came, approach the last pillar on the
right. The side facing the water has a lever on it. Activate it, then drop into
the water, and row to the nearest submerged home that you can climb. On it's
roof you'll find 2 Stone Caps.

Head to the next submerged home to the left, and kill the two archers and free
the Tengu Mage. Head to the little bit of land near the submerged home for 2
sprigs of Watercress, Then follow the left wall to the stone structure near the
waterfall where some Samurai wait for you.

Around the base of the structure, in 3 niches, one on each side, you'll find
some Ginseng Root. In an extra niche in the back, there is also an Oyster
Mushroom. There is a Samurai waiting near the back.

Once you've gotten those, climb the ledge on the bottom right corner of the
stone structure. Continue climbing the structure to the top.

On the second to top ledge, you'll find a switch in a niche. Activate it, then
use the niche to wall jump to the top. There you will find 2 ammo crates, 2
Oyster Mushrooms, and a trapped Tengu.

Now head to the large gates where a massive Samurai will confront you. After
you defeat him, head up to the gate, which Futo will open in a cut scene. You
will then be prompted to save, and enter the Water Castle.

Water Castle: (MN013C)
You start on a ledge above a deep pond. Hop in and row to the left where some
archers will appear at the bottom of a massive staircase. Between each set of
stairs and the base of the statue is a crevice. At the back of the each one is
a jar.

Head up either set of stairs where Archers wait by the feet of the statue, as
well as 3 crates of ammo. Continue up, again, either set of stairs. There are
samurai on both sides.

In the room at the end of the stairs, fight the Samurai, then use the niche in
the wall to wall jump up. Head right from the door, then right again to find a
Tengu Mage. Back at the door, head left, then take another left to find three
ammo crates, and a woman, Rikku. Speak with her for some shuriken.

From this ledge of the building, jump across the the rocky ledge and head for
the bridge with the spike wheels. Time your jumps, and cross.

Head right and through the doors and follow the hall until you come to a room
with a shallow pit of water. Directly to your left is a jar. Right, and between
some pillars is Kurisu, and in the corner is a crate of ammo. On the other side
of the shallow pit, there is ammo and a jar in the same places as on the side
you came in on, and a Tengu Mage between some pillars.

Enter the hall on this side and follow it to an open room with a platform where
two archers and a massive Samurai wait. You can't reach the platform from here
however, and the archers are trouble, so just run through. If you want, stop
for the jars in the far corners from the platform, and the boxes of ammo
flanking the stream of water.

Follow the hall, skipping the left turn, and go till you can turn right. Turn
right again, and follow the hall till you come back to the open room with the
platform. Fireball the archers from in the hall (Or shuriken if you're using
the energy shield.) Run onto the platform and grab the key. This can be done
without actually killing the massive Samurai. Note that he wont follow you into
the hall, and that he cannot be fireballed. (Unless it takes over 28 uses. I
got bored trying.) He can swing a ways into the hall, but not very far.

After you get the key, follow the hall, and turn left. Go the the room I had
you skip before, and as you have the key, the cell doors will now open. Free
the Tengu Crafter who will reward you with two Blue Petals.

After, head back towards the spot where the massive Samurai was, but turn left.
Take the next left, and speak the the Tengu in the cell.

Meditate, and go to the Plane of the Spirits, and, as per usual, paint the
lines. After, select the hammer, and quickly break the three blocks before the
spirit gets to you.

Before heading through the now active portal, head back out of the cell and to
the left, and follow the hall till you're back outside. Some Samurai will
attack you. After you defeat them, hop back on the ledge of the building you
originally came through, and go speak to Rikku. She will reward you for telling
her about the tunnel with exp and a Sacred Lotus flower.

Head back to the escape tunnel, and talk to the Tengu who will reward you for
telling Rikku with a weak ginseng extract. Now head through the tunnel

Follow the tunnel til it forks, and head left to fight some samurai and find a
trapped Tengu. Head the other way until you fall down a small ledge to some
Samurai. Continue forward till you come to 2 ammo crates and a spirit.

Meditate to the Plane of Spirits and draw the lines. Like the other, there are
blocks to be broken, but this time it's 4, and another angry spirit waits on
the other side of the fourth block. Time breaking it so Hiro doesn't run into

Activate the portal, and you'll be dropped in a room with 2 caged Tengu. Free
them, and exit the room into a tunnel with two ammo crates and some Samurai.
The tunnel comes out in to a cliff overlooking some water. Falling off this
cliff will kill you. To your left will be 2 archers, and another samurai will
be to the right, and will come to you if you go for the archers first.

Follow the cliff to an open area where a massive Samurai waits as well as an
archer. In the small clearing where the massive Samurai had been are 2 ammo
crates and a trapped Tengu Mage. Free him, and he'll activate the large lever
in the clearing that will grant you entrance to Timid Swimmers lair. Use the
Tengu Mage to teleport to the heart of the castle. Speak to Kurisu who will
give you some exp and 30 shuriken. Now you can go fight Timid Swimmer.

Timid Swimmer: (MN009TS)
Touching the water Timid Swimmer spews into the room will automatically kill
you, so be weary of that. To the left of the door there is a large valve. Hit
it to drain the water from the room. When it drains, Timid Swimmer will return
to the water pit and begin to drink. Run to the back of the room, to the left
or right of the stairs to the water pit, and go through the hall. Follow it
back, and you'll come to a niche you can use to wall jump up to the area where
Timid Swimmer is drinking. Hit him until he gets tired of you hitting him and
leaves. He'll then fill the room with his poisonous water again. You'll notice
that you can either head left or right from here, and be on a platform above
the room. There are a couple jars of fruit up here, as well as a couple crates
of ammo. Use the ledge to head back towards the front of the room where the
first lever is and drop down. I recommend the right path, as it drops you right
by the lever, and he will begin to guard them. After you hit the lever again,
the water wont fully drain. This time, another lever down a path near the first
lever will be revealed. Timid Swimmer will stand by it, swinging his polearm.
Time it so you run by, hit the lever, and run back before he hits you. Once you
do, and the water has drained, make your way back to the water platform. Repeat
the previous process, but a new lever has been added to the mix. Head to the
left side of the platform you came in on, and run across the raised ground to
the far back lever. Careful, as the ground is broken, and you can accidentally
fall in the water. Also, really watch the timing on the jump to the final
lever. If Timid Swimmer hits you while you're jumping, you'll fall in the water
and die. After this round, the lever order will be the same. Although the lever
on the way to the third is up, you can not hit it. If you try, you will touch
the water and die. Hit the far lever, the return to the middle lever to hit it.
That should be the final round. If not, repeat until he's down.

After you defeat Timid Swimmer, he'll turn into a frog holding a Green Tengu
feather. After, you'll see a scene with Lord Ashida, and then a scene back in
the Water Village with Kunoich before being sent to the Snow Wilderness.

----Chapter 5---- (MN014)
After a short scene, you'll find some cherries, honey and a peach by the
campfire, as well as 2 crates of ammo. Off the ledge where Hiro and friends
had set up camp will be some Samurai, as well as 4 Anemones. (You also might
note that your hat is gone. Don't worry. You'll get it back shortly.)

Head to the forest, and go right where you'll come to a dead end with some
Tiger Lilies. Go down the other path, and head right again where you'll find a
Blue Petal, and Dayamaka. Go straight from there until you come to a dead end
with 4 Burdock. Coming out from there, go left to a dead end with a caged
rabbit and monkey. A couple of Samurai will spawn when you come down here.
Free the animals and head back.

Turn left, then left again, and you'll come to an area with a tree with nuts
under it, and a small ledge with a Wild Berry on it. Pick it up. Continue
forward, and head right, where you'll find some Wild Parsley, a trapped Tengu
and some Samurai. Free the Tengu, then head back.

Going straight from there, you'll pass 3 sprigs of Wild Mint Root and some

Follow the path into a Samurai camp.

In the middle of the camp, you will find a man, Kunitto, in a cage. Free him.
(Every time you warp back to the area he will be caged again. You think he'd
leave.) Behind the tent behind him, you'll find some cloth. Behind one of the
tents to the left of him are 3 ammo crates. On top of stumps near the ammo, are
3 apples and a mortar. By a wagon behind the archery targets near the fenced
area where a massive Samurai will spawn is some wood.

By the large door in the wall is a Tiger Lily and some nuts under a tree.
Follow the wall back towards the camp, and you'll find a large tunnel with a
Burdock and Sage growing there. To the right is a small clearing with 3
Burdock. To the left is Nyaki, another potential boyfriend for Yuki.

Leave the cave and go right, continuing to follow the wall till you come to a
caged panda. Free it and follow the wall till the niche with the fireflies.
Use this to wall jump up the cliff. Grab the sage, and the go forward. At the
large gap, wall run to the other side. Follow the ledge till the next gap, and
wall run again. (The angle of this one can be annoying) Once across, grab the 2
Blue Petals, and head forward to Shun.

Speak with him until he speaks of a tailor who could make you a warm cloak,
whom is Kunitto. Drop to the ground by Shun (Anywhere else is too high and will
cause damage) and head back to the Samurai camp.

Speak with Kunitto who will say he can make it, but lacks the material. He'll
mention that the cloth you have is very nice and send you off to find the rest
of the items he needs.

In a niche in the wall before the Samurai camp is Nideru. He'll take the wood
and make you Needles.

Head back to the forest and Dayamaka. She'll take the Wild Berry and the Mortar
and make you some Blue Dye.

Head back to Kunitto who will kindly tell you to wait in a corner. Give him
about a minute, then speak to him again to receive your brand new cape and some
exp (Which is now there in place of your hat, which you wear with the cape.)
You can't fight in the cape, but it will prevent damage taken in areas where
it's freely snowing.

Head back to Shun and speak to him while wearing the cape. He wont prevent you
from passing now.

Grab the three Anemones just past him, and, if you wish to do so now, speak to
the Tengu Mage to go to the Earth Wilderness Alter and get your new Tornado
spell. It's quite powerful (Though I still mostly stuck to using energy

Drop down the hole by the Tengu mage and grab the Wild Parsley. To one side is
a dead end with a portal. If you choose to take it, it leads to 3 Anemones up
on a cliff above Nideru. However, if you fall (And with the weird camera angle
and slightly large gap, there's a good chance of it) you will have to climb up
all over again.

Go forward, and grab the Wild Parsley on the way. Put on your cape before you
enter the snowy area and head for the bridge. Note that the snow stops on the
bridge, which is good because a couple Samurai will be waiting to greet you.
(There are very few areas where a Samurai will attack you when it's snowing)

Continue down the bridge where more Samurai will spawn, including a massive
Samurai. At the end is a spirit.

Meditate to the Plane of Spirits and, again, paint the lines. Break the left
smaller breakable block, then the large, causing Hiro to climb on the roof.
Break the small one, but time it so you don't fling him into the spirit.

Go through the portal, and grab the ammo to the right if needed. Follow the
bridge till the Samurai spawn. After you defeat them, put on your cloak and
move forward.

When you come out of the tunnel, take off your cloak and fight the Samurai
waiting for you. To your left are two ammo crates and a trapped fox, and near
the huge gate waits a free Tengu Crafter and a couple burdock.

Head forward from the Crafter till you come to a chasm. Along it are 3 Ginseng
Roots and some Samurai.

When you come to the dead end, climb the low ledge, and continue up the ledges.
Grab the 2 Wild Mint Root as you do.

At the top, you'll find Sumi who wants you to free a snow monkey.

Follow the path till you come to a large clearing around a rock formation where
Samurai will spawn. To the left is a tree, to whom you can speak. He is related
to the Yuki quest. He wont speak to you till it's active.

Continuing along this wall, around a sharp bend and a trapped Tengu Mage. A bit
to the right of him is a Spirit Stone. Pick it up, then cross right over the
dirt path to another Spirit Stone. Head left again over the dirt path to the
alter and another Spirit Stone. (If you didn't already get Tornado, do so now.)
Under a tree by the spirit stone are some nuts.

Follow the path till you come to a short brick wall. On the ground in front of
it is a Spirit Stone, and around the wall are 3 Wild Mint Roots. Follow the
chasm to another Wild Mint Root, and carefully walk off the edge here. You'll
land on a small ledge along which are the last two Spirit Stones. Grab them,
then head back to where you dropped and climb out.

Right in front of you should be a trapped monkey. Free it, then continue
forward till you come to a Tengu with a quest marker. Speak with him twice to
give him the Spirit Stones, and receive a Sacred Lotus as reward. Grab the
Stone Caps in the icy patch then head back towards Sumi. She'll reward you.
Head back to the clearing.

Head straight, and curve left around the rock formation towards the wall again,
put on your cloak, and head down that path now.

Once you come to the fork in the path where it stops snowing, head left. He's
hard to see, but to your right along this path is a caged Tengu. Free him, then
continue forward to the dead end. Climb the wall, grab the ice Lotus, and
continue climbing.

Continue forward, and you'll intersect the trail had you gone straight. Head
right till the drop and grab the 3 Ginseng Roots. Left from the last one,
under a tree are some nuts.

Go back and continue to follow the path till the dead end. Climb the wall
forward until it seems you must curve left. Instead, turn right where you'll
find a Stone Cap on a small, unnoticeable path. Continue forward, grabbing the
Stone Caps (4 total) and then speak with Furosuto who will take the Ice Lotus,
and reward you with some Barkskin, which you can't make until the Fire

Go forward now until you come to the Snow Spirit. Meditate, and he will tell
you he senses bad spirits nearby. Drop down to the bottom of the trail, and 2
of the female assassin-like Samurai, and one of the most annoying Samurai in
the game will be waiting. The annoying one has a long range attack, and will
spin away when you aproach. He's hard to hit until he gets dizzy from spinning.
But usually one dizzy spell isn't enough to take him out. Throwing shuriken at
him will cause him to spin away without the constant chasing, allowing him to
get dizzy with you doing less work.

After you defeat them, head back to the Snow Spirit who will thank you for
chasing the Samurai off, and then fight you. Same fight. Draw the lines, draw
a block, hit him while dazed.

After you beat him, he'll let you through into a tunnel system haunted by
ghosts. If you wish to get everything in the area before heading to the snow
castle, go right, and then take two lefts. Just as you take the second left,
there's some Blade Moss. Continue down that path for 2 Shitake and a Tengu
Mage. Head out of that dead end, and go left till you come to a fork with 3
Stone Caps. Take two rights to come to another dead end with some Blade Moss.
Head back out and go straight. Take a left, then a right. In this dead end,
you'll find 2 Blade Moss. Leave the dead end, and go left, right, then left,
and you'll be prompted to save, and zone into the Snow Castle.

Snow Castle: (MN014C)
Follow the path forward and you'll be accosted by Samurai. Once you get to the
trees past the red arch, there will be a Tengu Mage by the froze pond.

Shortly past him you'll come to a Samurai camp. By the middle tent are a couple
ammo crates and behind the third along the wall are 3 jars.

A small way from the Samurai camp, you'll need your cloak, and run into one of
those rare instances of a Samurai appearing where it's snowing. I recommend
just blowing past, because by the time you're out of range of the snow, the
Samurai stops following.

Follow the path till you come to a large gate that wont open. To the right of
it are a few fruit jars and to the left is a Tengu Crafter. Something to note
here is that you now have the ability to make a second Supreme Ki potion if
you wish. Personally, I held onto my Sacred Lotus until I got to the Fire
Wilderness and was able to make a Supreme Stamina Potion.

Before you head up the ramp that the Crafter is standing on, drop to the ground
and follow the tunnel back. There you will find Nagini whose looking for her
husband. (See; Nagini and Ikaru NM019)

Now head up the ramp until you come to the second impassible gate. To the left
will be a caged Tengu Mage. Free him, then turn around and head up the right 

You'll come to a large open area that looks like it should be full of water,
and bridges. There's nothing of interest in the bottom of the area but for a
couple crates of ammo near the first island.

Cross the bridges, and head towards the next impassable gate. Some Samurai will
spawn. Kill them, and behind where they spawned are two fruit jars.

Head to the gate to find a trapped Tengu. Free him.

Now head back to the bridge area, but now drop down into the waterless area. To
the right of where you dropped down, the ground is sloped, and you can climb up
there. Now this is the way to get to the bridge, but first things first, go to
the far left, and drop down. You'll land on a ledge where Lozaki is standing.
Speak with him, then head back up to the bridges over the empty pit. 4 Samurai
will spawn. Kill them and you'll get a key.

Now jump down into the waterless area again, and go up the path, but this time,
head to the right. You'll notice a ledge near the bridge. Wall run to the
ledge. (Have your shield up if you don't already to reduce a LOT of damage if
you miss. Also, if you miss, I recommend using Suzume to run back. She is much
faster than Hiro.) (Another speed tip, is save at the Tengu whose location on
the map is "Exterior Fortifications". If you fall, just pause, quit, and load.
The run gets HIGHLY tedius if you have problems with wall running)

Before you cross the bridge, put on your cloak. It is bizarrely snowing on this
covered bridge. A Samurai will be waiting on the bridge, but just pass her.

Once past the bridge, remove your cloak and head forward. Through a gate, you
come to a bonfire where two Ninja, and one of those annoying barrel-headed
mages are waiting.

To the left of the bonfire, on a weak spot of the wall, you'll find a spirit.
Meditate and head to the Plane of the Spirits.

Paint the lines. When the spirit and breakable blocks appear, first paint in
the block closest to the spirit. Break the tall ones, and Spirit Hiro will run
forward, but not into the spirit. Use the knife to cut out the box, and Hiro
will run into it. Time it so as not to fly into the spirit released from the
cut, and blow Hiro up to the ledge.

Activate the portal, and on your right will be a free Tengu Mage.

Head to back, skipping the stairs. After you defeat the large Samurai, if you
need ammo, there are two crates on the other side of the building. If not, hop
over to the roof of the building where another Samurai awaits you. (You can
always fireball the Samurai first) There will be another building you need to
hop to past there which also has a Samurai waiting on it. (It's quite the jump.
Start from the  left eave, and get a running start.) (There is nothing
downstairs, though for some reason, some Samurai will kill themselves trying to
get through the wall to you. And you still gain exp for it.)

Drop down, and defeat the Samurai (including a mage) and then head for the
outcropping wall to the left. Behind it are 3 ammo crates.

Head for the house to the right to find Atsui. Speak to him if you wish, you
can't do anything for him till you've been to the Fire Wilderness.

Put your cloak on, and head forward. Take off your cloak as soon as you can,
for some Samurai will attack.

To the far left of the gate, near some trees are some raspberries.

Head through the gate, and follow the tunnel to the courtyard before the boss.
You'll have to fight a couple waves of Samurai, including a mage, and a massive

Unless you need some ammo, there's no need to go left (There's some by the
gate) If not, head right.

After all the Samurai are defeated, free the last Tengu Mage. Head through the
gate where you will be prompted to save, and get ready for the boss, Screeching

Screeching Owl: (MN009SO)
This one is pretty straight forward. Follow him to whichever perch he lands on.
(Upper level is reached by wall jump niches on the left and right side of the
tower) When he lands, jump and swing at him. (If you are far from him when he
lands, his projectiles are blockable) Do this until he returns to the main
platform, where you can damage him till he flies off again.

Once defeated, Screeching Owl turns into a chicken who leaves behind a Purple
Tengu Feather.

----Chapter 6---- (MN015)
After defeating Screeching Owl, you'll be dumped immediately into the Fire
Wilderness. Which is a little snowy right at first. Follow the path till you
come through a gate. To the right is a Tengu Crafter, and the left, a Tengu
Mage. (Before doing the next step, read ahead regarding the Supreme Health
Potion and the Hermits Caps. If you wish, you can do all that before
approaching the bridge to keep from making the Samurai spawn again)

Head to the bridge and fight the Samurai, then go to the middle and speak to
Hasu who will express fear in cross the bridge. Switch to Futo who will carry
him across. As thank you, he will give you 2 Hermits Cap Mushrooms. You're now
3 Sage short of making a Supreme Health Potion. As the nearest alter is far and
difficult to find, I recommend going back to the Earth Wilderness to get the
spell from the feather, and to the Earth Village for some Sage.

If you do so, the Purple Tengu Feather becomes the Kuji Disruptor spell. It
automatically changes large and massive Samurai back into animals. It takes a
lot of Ki though, and doesn't affect normal Samurai.

If you also went and grabbed the Sage, you can now get your Supreme Health
potion from the crafter and gain an extra big heart.

Back to the task at hand, cross the bridge to find 2 Burdock and a spirit.

Meditate to the Plane of the Spirits and paint the bold lines. Smash the small
block first, then the medium, which will leave Hiro out of harms way for the
moment. Take the knife, and cut around the solid brick in the middle of the
mechanism. Use the wheel to turn let Hiro through, but time it so you don't
walk into the spirit.

Activate the portal to end up in a cave. To your left and right are some
Shitake mushrooms. Follow the path downstairs, being careful not to let the
Samurai knock you off. (Knocking them off is fun though) You'll find some Stone
Cap and Spears of Ashida on the way down.

At the bottom you'll find two Spears of Ashida and a Ginseng Root, as well as
fruit jars flanking the door and a man, Usagi. Speak with him for a jar of
Barkskin potion, and then meditate to the next spirit.

Draw the lines, and after Hiro appears, draw the lines of the missing block.
Now quickly break all the blocks that were already there, then use the wheel
to activate the mechanism. Break the final block when it's safe for Hiro to

Activate the portal, and then hop rocks over to the far ledge. Now for some
really bizarre reason, Hiro is semi immune to Lava. Particularly with the
shield up. If you happen to fall, just hop your way over to the low ledge to
the right of where you were headed.

Head right, and grab the Mountain Fire then continue forward till you come to a
pit with some archers on the other side. Fireball them, then wall run to the
other side of the pit. Free the cat, and then go back.

Head down the other path now, and turn on the first right to grab a Mountain
Fire and speak with Leeli, who will ask you to free the cat. Speak to her again
and she'll ask you to punish the Samurai for capturing the cat. Specifically,
she refers to the archers who were guarding the cat. Who you already defeated.
Try talking to her again, if that doesn't work for you either, either leave the
area now, or wait until you've done so later (So everything respawns) kill the
archers, and speak with her again. She'll reward you with 2 Blue Petals and
some exp.

Head right from Leeli and fight the Samurai along the way. You'll come to a
spot where you have to jump, and try to avoid getting hit by the lava bursts.
It wont kill you if you are hit however. In fact, if you have the shield on,
you can walk on the lava where the bursts are coming from for a moment.
(Standing still hurts faster)

Head straight from there, and at the end of the land near the massive lava
lake, you'll find some more Mountain Fire. Head right from there to fight some

At a fork caused by a small lava pit, turn right, and speak with Yamamoto who
is a potential boyfriend for Yuki. If you wish, you can now begin the whole
process of setting Yuki up. I'll detail that in a separate section though.

Continue onward, collecting the 3 Mountain Fire and killing all the Samurai. At
the end of a small land bridge, before another lava river, there are two Spears
of Ashida.

Hop the fall and head left for 3 fruit jars, a Mountain Fire, and a trapped
Tengu Mage.

Now go to the spirit, grab the Mountain Fire, and meditate.

This one is a very simple timing one. Draw the line, and then draw bridges when
it wont get Spirit Hiro killed.

Activate the portal, and turn left to fight a Samurai. Continue left to a caged
Tengu. Free him, then turn around and you might notice a couple Samurai just
standing around waiting to be fireballed.

Head back and take a left. Note more Samurai standing around waiting to be
fireballed on the other side of a lava pit. Head left from there and grab the
Mountain fire.

If you wish, head right along the path that takes you under the lavafall, and
head to the open area to fight some Samurai and a mage and grab 2 Mountain

Head back and go straight to the wall where you'll notice a wall jump niche.
Follow the path, and take a left to find some Samurai, Mountain Fire, and
further along, Stone Caps. If you continue past the gate, you'll find an alter
room haunted by ghosts. In the alter area you'll find 2 Blade Moss, 2 Mountain
Fire and a Stone Cap.

Head back out, and back in the main area, grab the Mountain Fire, then head
left. When you come to the bridge, there's some Stone Cap. Now you can cross.
(Odd note here. If you drop off the bridge at the first pillar you come to,
you'll land on it's base, which has an ammo crate and a fruit jar. However, the
only way off that base is to fall into the lava and die.)

After defeating the Samurai and crossing, there will be some Mountain Fire to
your left. Continue left till you come to Toshimi. Speak with him. He will give
you a Golden Tengu Feather.  Head back to the alter and drop the feather to get
the Meteor spell. Go back and speak with Toshimi twice more. He'll reward you
with exp and a Sacred Lotus Flower.

Head straight from Toshimi till you're attacked by Samurai. Just before them is
another Mountain Fire.

At the next lava river you must cross, an archer waits across the way. Firebell
him, which will cause some more Samurai to spawn. Fireball them as well, then
cross at the stepping stone.

Once across, head forward and left. You'll come to a spirit by a crack.
Meditate to the Plane of the Spirits.

Paint the lines, break the blocks. It's a simple one. Activate the portal.

If you need ammo (dart variety) head to the far right. If not, head left. Cross
the lava river, and the use the rock sticking out of the lava to head up the
the ledge past the lava pit. Up here is a wall jumping niche, however, to the
right, off the ledge, is a Tengu Mage, a Spears of Ashida, and a Mountain Fire.
He's not caged, but for some reason, he thanks you and gives you a minor
healing potion. (Sometimes, I wonder if my cartridge is glitched.) To get back
to the upper ledge, you can either use the mage to warp to the closest mage, or
put on your energy shield, and hop through the lava to the right till you come
to that rock sticking out of the lava. Note that when running through lava, if
you keep moving and jumping, there should be little to no instances of Hiro
hopping in place.)

Use the wall jump niche to hop up. (I believe Samurai will be waiting there,
but I lollygagged typing down below and they came to me)

Head left past the two Lava Rivers to get a Mountain Fire, a Ginseng Root, and
to speak with Samui. As he mentions, he knows Atsui, and would like you to ask
if he can stay over for a few days. Because of area jumping, I'll cove him in
the side quests section.

Head back past the lava rivers until you come to a lava river just before a
cave entrance. Hop it and grab the Mountain Fire, then speak with Gosu, who
asks you to find him some Fire Lotus.

Head into the cave where a Samurai mage waits, as well as some Mountain Fire.
Further down the path you'll find some Ginseng Root and Spears of Ashida, along
with more Samurai.

At the dead end, behind each pillar is a fruit jar, and then there is a trapped
fox and rabbit. Now. Free the bunny and the fox, and then walk back a bit so
you're standing a ways away from the pillar and the bunny. Activate your Jikoku
attack, and aim at the Samurai. You will likely need to adjust to get one into
sight so Hiro will rush up to the ledge at them. (Thank you very much to Jay
for pointing this out! That hole in the wall and the fox and rabbit are scape

On this ledge you will find multiple samurai to kill, including a large one.
Kill them, and be careful not to fall down.

Around the Samurai camp you will find a balde moss, two mountain fire and a
burdoch. There are also 3 ammo crates. Release the Tengu, then go behind the
camp to find Ikaru. Speak to him, and he will ask you to deliever a potion to
his wife in the Snow Wilderness.

After speaking with Ikaru, walk back from him towards the way up the cliff, and
you'll come to a spirit. Meditate. Paint the lines, and simply time breaking
the four blocks so as not to let Hiro run into the spirit.

Activate the portal, and you will be on a small ledge where you will find a
Fire Lotus. (Note that if you walk off the ledge here, you will end up just
before the Fire Spirit who blocks the way to the Fire Castle. You can skip the
Samurai up to this point as a result, but you still need to take Gosu the Fire
Lotus, and that's exp you're skipping (And one NPC interaction, though her's is
admittedly pointless. Either read the next few paragraphs for details or skip
to the Fire Spirit.) so if you wish to go back to Gosu right now, go back
through the portal.)

After speaking with Gosu, he will reward you with a Strong Ginsing Extract.

As there is no reason for it now, go ahead and posses either the bunny or the
fox and head through the hole into the open area past the wall.

To the left are two spears of Ashida, and to the right, the cliff camp.

Head back to the tent and behind it, speak with Fuu. She'll ask for a Minor
Healing Potion, a Weak Ginseng Extract, and some Mountain Fire. Give her about
a minute, and she'll make you some soup with it. She'll reward you with exp and
a Strange Brew. Note that if you speak with her again, she'll repeat the
process. After that, she'll stop accepting them. (Until you've left the area
and returned)

Just behind her are two Burdock, as well as one to the right near the ledge the
Samurai are on. On the other side of the pillar behind the first two Burdock is
a Ginseng Root. On the other side of that pillar is a Stone Cap.

Head for the next tunnel, and grab the 2 Stone Caps just before there. In the
tunnel you'll find another Stone Cap.

Follow the path around the lava pit along which you'll find a Mountain Fire, 2
Spears of Ashida, and some Samurai.

At the next tunnel, you'll find some Mountain Fire. Continue forward till the
open area with Samurai. Defeat them, then head left into the next tunnel, where
you'll find 2 Spears of Ashida.

At the end of the Tunnel is the Fire Spirit. Turn right and grab the Mountain
Fire, then go past the Fire Spirit. There are two Mountain Fires along the
path, as well as some Samurai. At the end of it, there is a trapped Tengu Mage.
To the left of the Tengu Mage are 2 Mountain Fires.

Go back from the Tengu Mage and climb the rock off to the left with the two
Mountain Fire on it. Hop on the ledge where you'll be confronted by a Samurai
mage. After you defeat him, another will spawn along with a large Samurai.
Defeat them.

Grab the three Mountain Fire, then activate the three switches. One is easily
triggered with your katana from the ledge where it meets the wall. The other
two are each on the far wall, one on each side of the lavafall. Use shuriken on

Head back to the Fire Spirit now, and confront him. Same story. Paint his
Kanji, paint a block, hit him while he's dazed. However, he will demand a
rematch after the first win.

Deafeat him twice them move on the the Fire Castle.

Fire Castle: (MN015C)

Boss: Living Tower (MN009LT)
This area starts off with a boss that you'll need Futo for. Run forward, and
the building in the distance will come to life, using the bridge as a sword.
Right in front of you is a catapult, and down the paths on the left and right
are boulders. Down each path is a bit of an indent in the rocks. Use those to
protect Futo when the Tower is swinging the bridge along there. (Being hit will
not cause Futo to drop his boulder) Once you grab a boulder, take it back to
the catapult, and drop it in. You'll have a mini scene of Futo doing so, and
the boulder hitting the tower. You can skip the scene thankfully. After the
first boulder toss, the Tower will begin to fitfully launch flaming arrows at
you. After each boulder, it'll shoot them more often. It takes 6 boulders to
defeat the tower.

After you defeat him, head to his base, which is the entrance to the castle.
There's nothing to be found in the area, so you can head straight in.

In front of you and to your left will be 3 Mountain Fire. Continue left to the
caged Tengu Mage. Free him, then head through the door to the left of the Mage.

In the first room are three spiked blocks. Just time it to not get hit and head
for the next room. You'll be hit by a couple waves of Samurai. The last wave
has a Samurai mage in it. There are three fruit jars in the back right of the

Head through the doors to find a hall. Either side has a small open area with
moving spike boxes. The left side is the easiest one to pass without incurring
damage. Head right at the back of the room, then take a left into the hall.

Go left, right, right and then left into the hall with the spike boxes.
(Samurai will appear down the halls) As it is stupid difficult, if not
impossible to get past the boxes without damage, I recommend the energy shield
if you aren't already using it.

Head right from the box hall. If you need ammo, head left. If not, go right
from here.

In this room, you'll find a caged Tengu Crafter, 3 fruit jars, a switch, and a
couple waves of Samurai. Activate the switch and free the crafter. Now, if you
haven't already, you can make a bottle of Supreme Stamina.

Leave the room, and a massive Samurai will spawn at the other end of the
hallway. He will follow you. 

As if coming from the room with the crafter, take a left, then a right. At the
dead end will be a caged chicken, and a large cage with 3 rabbits. Free them
then possess a rabbit. The rabbits are unaffected by the boxes, so it's a safe
quick way out of the room. The directions are right, right, left, left, right,
right, left, left, right, straight.

Back in the entryway, head to the door to the right of the Tengu Mage. Follow
the hall till a room with a few spaced floor pieces over an open lava pit.
You'll notice a small ledge with a trapped raccoon and some ammo. Unless you
REALLY need some ammo, I advise freeing the raccoon with shuriken, because the
camera angles and small ledges make it very difficult to get back from there.

When you're on the second to last raised floor piece, you can jump to the
guarded edge of floor, then run in and hit the archers that will be waiting.

Follow the hall to the next lava room. In here, the floor has spikes. The Tengu
has nothing useful to say, so feel free to shuriken him to freedom.

Jump to the spiked floor when they're down, then quickly make for the small
board the connects it with the next hall. From there, you can fireball the
Samurai waiting in the hall who will not follow you out here. After they die,
more Samurai will spawn.

After all the Samurai are gone, move forward. Now we come to the fun wall run
of doom. Time it, and run the wall. If you're hit by the blades, you will fall
in the lava and die. Similar but worse waits for you up ahead.

Past the second wall run of pain, you will come to a room whose paths are
blocked by spiked boxes moving about. Use a shuriken to activate the lever,
then wall run to the ledge in the back left of the room to free a caged bunny.
Wall run towards the next hall, and then enter.

Here you will find 3 Samurai waiting on a thin path to a lever behind a steel
grate. They wont follow you past the grate, so meteroring them works. After,
activate the lever and break the fruit jars around it.

Head back the way you came.

Once back in the entryway, take the door to your immediate left. Follow the
hall back and defeat all the Samurai. There are three fruit jars at the very
end of the room.

Starting from the end of the hall, take your fourth left. In the room is a
trapped dog on a ledge, 3 fruit jars along a ledge to your right, and a switch.
If you fall in here, you can wall climb out. Jump to the ledge with the dog and
free it. Shuriken the switch and break the jars then head back in the hall.

Head right, then take your third right. Fight the Samurai and activate the
switch and free the trapped Tengu.

Head out, and take a left, then take your second left. In this room, you can
wall run to the ledge with the ammo and switch, or just shuriken the switch and

Head right, and take another right from here to enter the final room. Inside
are 3 Samurai, a trapped rabbit, and 3 fruit jars. Defeat the Samurai, break
the jars, then free and possess the rabbit, and use it to go through the hole
at the back of the room. In this room you'll find a trapped Tengu Mage and a
trapped fox. Free both. Possess the fox and leave the hall back to the entry

Head for the left and final door. Follow the hall to the back room which is a
lovely area with lava bursting about and Samurai waiting to play with you.
There are 5 fruit jars spread about the room, and falling in this lava will
insta-kill you. In the back corner, to the right of the large door is a trapped
Tengu Mage. And now you can fight the final boss! Yay!

Lord Ashida: (MN009LA)

And now for the final battle. Lord Ashida has a simple enough strategy. The
problem is, it's annoying as hell.

When you enter, Lord Ashida is flanked by two Minions (Night Wilderness
strength) He will cause the 8 beads of his necklace to grow large and float in
front of each pillar in the room.

If both Samurai are up (Neither in animal form) Ashida will begin to use a
long range electrical attack that moves out in a wave. If you approach Ashida,
he will slap you around a bit, but will never leave his platform. There are,
thank goodness, crates of shuriken that constantly respawn. You will need them
unless you are way luckier/better at this/patient than I.

The samurai serve one annoying purpose. Shuriken bait. As I mentioned in the
control explanation, and as I'm sure you've noticed by now, if a Samurai is
anywhere within sight range when you throw a shuriken, it will automatically go
for him. And that is their job here. Decoys from hell.
What you do, is try to knock out both Samurai, and get in front of one of the
beads. (They will glow red when Ashida changes one of the animals back into a
Samurai) Throw a shuriken at Ashida, and he will reflect it. Jump with the
right timing (They're homing) and it will hit the bead instead of you,

After all 8 beads have been destroyed, run up and wail on Ashida while you have
the chance. He will shortly regain his composure and send out the beads again.
This time the Samurai minions are Water Wilderness strong.

Repeat the process of destroying his beads and then hitting him, and you will
get a brief scene where he decides he's tired of playing with you and goes
super saiyan. Keep hitting him after the scene is over though. He should still
be weakened for a moment.

After this, the process must be repeated again. You'll notice he's starting to
get faster about reviving the Samurai whom are now Snow Wilderness in strength.

After the beads have been destroyed and he starts up what should be his last
round, he will start making Fire Wilderness strength Samurai, and CONSTANTLY.
What's worse, is they tend to block a lot, making it take even longer to kill
them. It's not to say the battle is hard. It's just ANNOYING.

Back on topic here, continue doing this until you defeat him.

And then YAY! You is the winner!

Enjoy the final cutscene and the knowledge that you won! If you start up the
same save file again, you will simply appear at your last save. There is
nothing special for beating Ashida beyond the final cutscene.

And now, for the extra stuff!

----Side Quests---- (MN016)

Here you'll find the side quests and extra bits that were a bit cumbersome to
simply put in the extensive part of the guide.

----Yuki's Husband----  (MN017)
Head to the Night Village after you've completed the Night Wilderness. Outside
the hut near the broken bridge will now be Mukoe and Koyuki. Yuki's parents.
Yuki is standing on the broken bit of Bridge. Speak with Yuki who will request
that you introduce her to some boys. The following are potential husbands.

Yotaro - Earth Wilderness
Kasu - Water Wilderness
Keiichi - Night Wilderness
Nyaki - Snow Wilderness
Yammato - Fire Wilderness

All but Yammato will request your help in some way to woo Yuki.

Yotaro - Tell him of at least 3 Epic battles. (Must have beaten 3 bosses.)

Kasu - Wants a Tiger Lily

Keiichi - Like Yuki, he only appears after everything has been taken care of in
the Night Wilderness. He's in the small clearing with the Tengu just before the
Alter behind the town. He wants to write a poem and needs inspiration. Warp to
the Earth Wilderness in the Bamboo Forest, and head into the hut where Kentaro
resides. Read the book of bad poetry to the right of Kentaro, and you will
receive a Poem. Take it back to Keiichi.

Nyaki - Wants some wood from the Thousand Year Old Tree to make an instrument
that's sure to woo Yuki. Use the Tengu Mage to teleport to the Snowy Peaks,
which is in the Snowy Wilderness as well. Just left of him is a tree. Speak to
it, and it will allow you to take some of it's wood. Take it back to Nyaki.

Yammato - Yammato simply wants you to confirm the rumors that Yuki is looking
for a husband. Speak to him again, and he'll declare himself the most handsome
boy, saying he doesn't need to try to woo her, because she'll choose him no
matter what.

After you've done as everyone has asked, return to Yuki, who requires, at
minimum, three of the 5 boys to be introduced to her. (If someone wants to
confirm that, go for it. In my previous playthrough, I didn't manage to get
the poems for Keiichi, but I had everyone else lined up for her. I heard you
only need three though) She will then say that she needs time before she can
decide. Give her about a minute, and then she'll make her decision.

I am unsure what affects what, but the outcome can change. In my first play
through, when I missed the poem book, she chose Yammato. This time she chose
Nyaki. This could also use confirmation to know if it's random, or if
completion of each request effects her descision.

Now Yuki will request you to deliver the happy news to Nyaki.

Go speak with Yotaro again, who will thank you for your stories with some exp.

Speak with Kasu who will reward you for your help with exp.

Yammato will claim that Yuki must be possessed the poor thing, and reward you
with some exp for helping.

Go speak with Yuki again who will give you a major healing potion.

Also needing confirmation. I'm pretty sure when she chose Yammato, I was given
a villager doll as a reward. But I'm not positive that was where I got it.
(Err. Maybe I just didn't notice being given it this time. I just found it in
my possession -.-; Pretty sure that's where it comes from. Like, 80% positive.
Confirmation guys?)

----Atsui and Samui---- (MN018)
Atsui lives in the Snow Castle, in a hut not far from the tunnel into the
courtyard of the final boss. He's tired of being cold, and is jealous of his
brother who lives somewhere warm. Samui is at the top of the mountain with the
lava rivers to be jumped in a back corner, just before the cave to get into the
mountain, and is tired of being hot.

Speak with Atsui first on your way through the Snow Wilderness. When you speak
with Samui on your trip to the Fire Wilderness, he will ask you to ask his
brother if he can stay for a few days. Head back to Atsui who will say they
should just switch houses. Return to Samui who will love the idea. Return to
Atsui's house to find Samui in his place. He'll thank you with a jar of
Barkskin. Return to the place Samui had been to find Atsui who will reward you
with a jar of Strange Brew.

----Nagini and Ikaru---- (MN019)
Nagini is in the Snow Wilderness (Down a path near the first impassible gate)
and is looking for her husband, Ikaru. As it turns out, Ikaru was caught in a
landslide that landed him in the Fire Wilderness. (By the cliffside Samurai
Camp) He asks you to deliver a potion to Nagini to put her at ease. Return to
Nagini, and give her the potion. She will give you two Water Flute in return.

----Collectible Dolls---- (MN020)
A Tengu in the Night Castle is collecting dolls, and wants your help finding 4
of them.

The Tengu can be found behind a low wall just pass the firs acid pit in the
Night Castle.

Ninja Doll - Gotten from Jide in the Night Castle

Villager Doll - Gotten for completing the Yuki's Husband side quest.

Ninja Master Doll - Gotten as reward for beating the 8th wave of Tamago's
Samurai challenge. (See Castle Dwellers)

As of the moment, I'm unsure where the last doll is. Feel free to contact me if
you know.

----Castle Dwellers---- (MN021)
In each of the castles where you fought the bosses, if you return, there will
be someone there with a quest for you.

Earth Castle - Bado the Beastmaster
With him, it seems that you have to release a certain amount of caged animals.
When you finally release enough animals (It's approximately the amount of every
caged animal in the game plus going through a zone or so again.) he will reward
you with some exp and 5 Super Shuriken.

Night Castle - Kake
His is a very bizarre guessing game. He thinks of a jar, and you break it. The
first appears to be in the courtyard just outside Windy Pants' lair, however,
I don't know if there is a pattern or not. If you know, feel free to contact
me. Also, because of this, I'm not sure if there's a reward beyond the bit of
exp he gives for finding the first jar. (Have yet to find a second jar. Then
again, I can't think of the last time I talked to him.)

Water Castle - Keiko
She wants to make perfume, and will ask for Anemones. Every 3 you give her, she
will give you exp. There is no limit to the times you can do this as far as I'm

Water Castle - Yoshiko
Yoshiko wants 3 Sage to make flower arrangements. She too rewards in exp, and
it can be repeated.

Water Castle - Akiko
Akiko wants Shitake to make soup. She'll take 3 for exp. Also repeatable.

Snow Castle - Kage
Kage is annoying. That's all there is to it. Hearing you beat Screeching Owl,
he wants to challenge you, for surely you're stronger than he. His challenge is
that you must find him 5 times in a row, with 15 seconds to find him each time.
He will appear in one of 9 places, being each corner of the top of the tower,
each corner of the bottom of the tower, and on the perch in the middle, where
you went to attack Screeching Owl. If you fail, he'll tell you to come back
later when you're stronger, and you must leave and then come back, go back to
where he was last, and speak to him for him to reset to his original spot. A
few tips for if you do this. Use Suzume, she runs faster than Hiro. He doesn't
often go to the perch, but he does. Otherwise, it's a lot of luck and hair
pulling. If you catch him, he'll reward you with a bit of exp. A tiny bit of
exp. I'm not sure if further victories get extra rewards. I was too furious
with him to try.

Fire Castle - Living Tower base - Tamago
Tamago is by far the easiest and most rewarding. He wishes to pit you against 8
waves of Samurai. A wave consists of a main group of three, followed by a
fourth who will spawn holding a flag. The most difficult of these waves
consists of two mage Samurai, and one that includes a massive Samurai and two
of the assassin lady Samurai. After defeating a wave, speak to Tamago for your
reward. You will have to zone before you can fight another wave.

Rewards by wave:
1. Experience
2. Experience
3. Experience
4. Experience
5. Experience and a Strong Ginseng Extract
6. Experience and 2 Sacred Lotus
7. Experience and a White Tengu Feather
8. Experience and a Master Ninja Doll

----Plane of Spirits---- (MN022)
While the answers for these are in the guide, for anyone who simply wants to
quickly find the answers to a toughie, I'll put the answers back here as well.
I'm simply doing this part of it from the main menu, so they'll be labeled by
scroll. Can't really think of a way to identify them for you otherwise. I will
denote the elemental spirits as such instead of scrolls to help identify which
you're looking for.

Eraser: Erase excess lines which will prevent the game from recognizing correct

Brush: Use this to trace thick, dull black lines. When done, the environment
will form. (If it's not recognizing the lines, use the eraser tool in the upper
right corner.)

Knife: Cut along the thin, light gray lines to cut away paper. Spirits will
usually be hiding behind the paper.

Wheel: Spin the stylus over gears to get mechanisms to move.

Wind: Blow gently on the DS mic to blow pieces of paper around. Blowing hard
will not work.

Hammer: Break cracked blocks blocking the path.

Scroll 1: Paint the lines of the ground and the house. Use the knife to cut
away the house. Use the brush over the dotted line to paint a bridge. Time it
so Hiro doesn't run into the spirit.

Scroll 2: Paint the lines of the ground and the two houses. Use the knife to
cut away both houses. Use the pen on the dotted lines to make the bridges. I
recommend making the first bridge, then the second, to make sure the timing is
right that Hiro doesn't run into a spirit.

Scroll 3: Paint the lines of the bits of ground and the mechanism. Paint both
bridges on the dotted lines, then use the wheel to turn the gear.

Earth Spirit: Paint the lines of the Kanji. After the body has formed, and you
can paint again, paint the dotted lines to make a block. When the elemental
spirit hits the block, it will break, and the spirits weapon will rebound,
dazing it. Hit the spirits that appear over it's body six times (Stick to one
spirit at a time) and they will vanish, doing damage to the elemental spirit.
Once it gets back up, quickly draw another block. Repeat until you defeat it.

Scroll 5: Paint the lines to make the ground. Use the knife to cut along the
thing gray lines. After Hiro runs onto the paper, pick wind, and gently blow on
the mic to blow the paper up the ledge. Time it so you don't blow him into the

Night Spirit: Paint the lines of the Kanji. After the body has formed, and you
can paint again, paint the dotted lines to make a block. When the elemental
spirit hits the block, it will break, and the spirits weapon will rebound,
dazing it. Hit the spirits that appear over it's body six times (Stick to one
spirit at a time) and they will vanish, doing damage to the elemental spirit.
Once it gets back up, quickly draw another block. Repeat until you defeat it.

Scroll 7: Paint the lines of the buildings and ground. Use the knife to cut the
rectangle between them. Paint the dotted lines to form bridges. Time it so Hiro
doesn't run into the spirit.

Scroll 8: Paint the lines of the ground and mechanism. Use the knife to cut the
square out, then use wing to blow it. It will blow over and fill the gap. As
it's starting to settle, switch to the wheel and turn the gear. If you are not
fast enough, Hiro will get touched by the spirit.

Water Spirit: Paint the lines of the Kanji. After the body has formed, and you
can paint again, paint the dotted lines to make a block. When the elemental
spirit hits the block, it will break, and the spirits weapon will rebound,
dazing it. Hit the spirits that appear over it's body six times (Stick to one
spirit at a time) and they will vanish, doing damage to the elemental spirit.
Once it gets back up, quickly draw another block. Repeat until you defeat it.

Scroll 10: Paint the lines of the ceiling, ground and blocks. Use the hammer to
quickly smash the blocks before the spirit gets to Hiro.

Scroll 11: Paint the lines of the ceiling, ground and blocks. Break the first
three, and time breaking the fourth so that Hiro doesn't run into the spirit
waiting on the other side of the blocks.

Scroll 12: Paint the lines of the ground, roof, and blocks. Select the hammer,
and break the block in the middle. Now break the block blocking Hiro's path. 
After he climbs on the roof, break the final block. Time it so you don't fling
Hiro into the spirit.

Snow Spirit: Paint the lines of the Kanji. After the body has formed, and you
can paint again, paint the dotted lines to make a block. When the elemental
spirit hits the block, it will break, and the spirits weapon will rebound,
dazing it. Hit the spirits that appear over it's body six times (Stick to one
spirit at a time) and they will vanish, doing damage to the elemental spirit.
Once it gets back up, quickly draw another block. Repeat until you defeat it.

Scroll 14: Paint the lines of the ground and the raised block. Paint the dotted
line closes to the spirit. Break the two large blocks, then choose the knife
and cut out the square. When Hiro gets in, use the wind and blow in the mic,
timing it so you don't blow Hiro into the spirit.

Scroll 15: Draw the lines of the floor, block, and mechanism. Use the hammer to
break the small block holing the mechanism up. Now break the large block
blocking Hiro. (Be fast, the spirit will get him if you aren't. Use the knife
to cut out the solid block Use the wheel to activate the mechanism. Watch your
timing or Hiro will run into the second spirit.

Scroll 16: Draw the lines of the floor, block and mechanism. Break all the
breakable blocks, then paint the dotted line to make a breakable block under
the mechanism. Use the wheel to activate it. Break the block to time it so Hiro
doesn't walk into the spirit. (4 hits breaks a block. If you hit it 3 times,
you can just hit it once when the timing is right.)

Scroll 17: Use the brush to paint the the bits of ground. Use it to paint the
dotted lines and make bridges, timing it so Hiro doesn't run into a spirit.

Scroll 18: Paint the ceiling, ground and blocks. Break the blocks before the
Spirit gets Hiro.

Scroll 12: Paint the cieling, ground and blocks. Break the blocks. Be fast
enough that the first spirit doesn't catch Hiro, but time the last break so as
to not let Hiro run right into the second spirit.

Fire Spirit: Paint the lines of the Kanji. After the body has formed, and you
can paint again, paint the dotted lines to make a block. When the elemental
spirit hits the block, it will break, and the spirits weapon will rebound,
dazing it. Hit the spirits that appear over it's body six times (Stick to one
spirit at a time) and they will vanish, doing damage to the elemental spirit.
Once it gets back up, quickly draw another block. Repeat until you defeat it.
The Fire Spirit will demand a rematch.

----Things I can't figure out---- (MN023)
Feel free to contact me if you know the answer

Which gate the Bridge Key opens.
Missing Kuji spell.
Where the other Doll for the Tengu is.

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----Credits---- (MN025)
Can't believe I forgot credits -.-
-Brad: For forcing me to write this and post it, and showing me how.
-Jay: Provided the information about using the Jikoku attack to get on the
ledge leading to the Samurai Camp on the cliff in the Fire Wilderness. This led
to the 19th plane of spirits scroll, the Fire Lotus, and the Water Flute.

----Version Update Info---- (MN026)
-Added permission for requested websites.
-Added credits
-Was able to update information reguarding the missing Water Flute ingredient,
missing Fire Lotus, and Nagini's husband thanks to Jay.